K92bn Cashgate: DPP accused as Malawi Parley demands action

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been accused by Malawi Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee of fuelling the plundering and looting of public resources christened as ‘Cashgate’.

According to the Committee, the effects of cashgate would have been minimized had it been that DPP paid attention to an ‘interim report’ of Auditor General’s audit on central payment system, when the party was in power previously.

Committee chairperson Alekeni Wodala Menyani  when presented a report to Parliament on Tuesday September 30 on its review and analysis of the previous committee’s investigations into Cashgate, pointed out that inaction by the previous PP administration led to the Cashgate of 2013.

Menyani: “K92 billion” was stolen between 2009 and 2012 under DPP rule

Menyani: “K92 billion” was stolen between 2009 and 2012 under DPP rule

“The laxity by the Secretary to the Treasury to promptly act on the report played a bigger role in paving way to the cashgate we are all complaining about,”  said Menyani .

“The committee believes that had it been that the report was given the necessary attention it deserved, the enormity of the Cashgate could have been greatly reduced. But a million dollar question is: why was the report not presented to the Public Accounts Committee after its production? What was there to hide?”

After further scrutiny, the interim report found that the actual amount lost was K87 985 808 616.82.

Menyani further said that some departments were not audited during the exercise which was abandoned in the middle.

Among the ministries and departments that were not audited include Office of President and Cabinet, National Assembly, Office of Vice President, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Department of Human Resources and Development and Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

He said the committee has resolved to summon both the Accountant General and Chief Secretary to Government to get updates and progress reports on the actions taken against the culprits in the misappropriation.

Meanwhile the committee says it maintains the stand by the previous committee to have cashgate names in the Baker Tilly forensic audit report made public.

Members of Parliament are expected to debate the report of the committee on Thursday.

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43 thoughts on “K92bn Cashgate: DPP accused as Malawi Parley demands action”

  1. Carlos s says:

    A Malawi! donors pliz dont giv out any donation to our gvt. nuff crisis. its nt only the central gvt who hv plundered funds, audit district assemblies u’ll be shocked,lots of resources hv bn greatly plundered. panya pathu ndithu a malawife!

  2. Mphatso mbewe says:

    Cashgate issues tatopa nazo,dpp,pp, akuba okha okha we fight 4 fedaral government kuti tione adzabanso bwanji?

  3. Shimwitwa says:

    Amalawi we are very good at talking and not action. Prove me wrong this matter will be dragged to the other election as most of the people in the report are big people.

  4. If we are serious to stop corruption those auditors from UK should investigate from 2009–2013 because it does not make sense we lost about 88 billion from 2009-2012 then 13 bilion from 2012-2013 I think there is something wrong here it means this is a rottern country

  5. Matako says:

    Malawians lets continue to let the donors know the truth. This government is as corrupt as Bingu was. Please donors do not give any assistance to this corrupt government unless they are held accountable for the MK62 billion they stole from poor Malawians. This government is so corrupt that they will not even accept the responsibility that the looting of state resources happened during their watch. What ever you give to this country will only end up in foreign bank accounts. It is a government that is not accountable and transparent. Please do not give any assistance I would rather see assistance going through NGOs other than these corrupt people. Let them bring back all the hidden loot in foreign bank accounts before you assist Malawi.

  6. BigMan says:

    Barking, barking, barking and barking some more…. for nothing!

  7. Mac says:


  8. Nachanza says:

    Pa Malawi palibe chipani cholongosoka MCP,DPP,PP mbava zokhazokha.

  9. Kodi ma bus osowa mwini aja alikuti ndikuwafuna ine

  10. godobaman says:

    iwe Godfly makamwa ponunkhapo wamva chitsiru

  11. malawian says:

    probing must start with jet gate then maizegate then jbgate munthu wakuba mfiti ya mai .she must be netted by now together with these uneducated tumbukas

    1. chinsinsi says:

      shame on u full of hate

  12. mr me says:

    peter azingoba muwonaso amalawi kufa kulipo anthu otamba awa afiti osati pang’ono wachiona chinyau kaliat changoti mbuuu!mnaye petera kukamwa kosasekako afiti okhaokha cahoponda naye mbava kumango ponda basi zimenizi, wamuona dausi sokonombwe wa chabechabe, nde enanu anthu ngati Gondwe kuma pisisidwa winaso ndiwe amati vuwa Kaunda, kunyengerera ma fumu kumango wunda choonadi agalu inu…

  13. Abiti Mtila says:

    Kodi ndi a DPP angati anamangidwa Joyce akulamulira? Nanga ndi a PP angati anamangidwa Joyce ali President? Kodi PP ikanasiya wa DPP ndikumanga wa PP? Nonsense

  14. Jelbin mk says:

    We will not leave these thugs escort free for squandering our hardly earned revenues

  15. Nkhondomukaya says:

    These are big thieves and Bingu stole alot of cash.These thugs even stole our votes.Shame!Ndalama sizilimba muboma.

  16. Asiyeni a Boma angwire ntchito yao yomwe Mulungu akufuna kuti atipangile ife Amalawi tonse; mwa chifuniro cha Yehova Mulungu.

  17. Onasiwelo says:

    Na mwana mulopwana pa ndalama simungathe, firstly it was Friday Jumbe Lomwe destroying Admarc buy stealing while in UDF then came the lomwe rule of big kahuna Daniel Phiri may his soul rest in hell stealing like it was nobody’s business accumulating a lot of money, they stole a lot of money than what is on the paper, ask Lolyd Muhala, Mwanamveka and the company how they used to seal during the zero budget and then and then when amai came with khumbo continued the plunder and it was everyone to help himself, if the justice is to be done it has to start from 2004, other wise some will go un punished and even the current president has benefited from the cash gate funds yes I mean it, he has. The river will not pass through the forest without uprooting some big and important trees let us see the justice. more to come may everybody who took part in stealing the funds and or benefited from the same cash gate funds die see how many will survive.

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The Auditors General office is stupid and not professional, why keep saying audit query for many years. When will they get a answers from the officers.

    Civil servants you are stupid and unpatroitic people.
    You are stupid, silly, brainless, lazy, easy goers, witches and wizards, unproductive citizens. You think you can fool all the people, all the time.

    Your Saulosi Chilima, SPC, Directors and PSs are all lazy and full of excuses.

    Salary increment of 24% is just too much for you.You deserve 5%. Your Trade Unions are rubbish.Full of junk people and gossipers

    In short you are not result oriented and time conscous.


  20. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    It is now 4 month since DPP was given the mandate to govern amidst the unsettled challenge of clearing the country’s bad image over fraud and corruption. Apparently the government has only succeeded in getting itself entangled into the politics of switching Chief Executives arround and earning a regionalistic tag in the process. With the passing of the Zero Aid Budget, all eyes are on the government to shift its attention to the cashget issues ( Mk92B, Mk13 B etc) . These issues have the potential of strangling the country economically as most of the donors and investors have an ear and eye fixed on our ability to restore our image over these critical matters. The sooner the better otherwise we might be getting empty pledges.

  21. MBULI says:

    DPP is the builder & carpenter of Cashgate the Malawi MEDIA balooned JB casggate becoz they did not want her. Calculate DPP cashgate was 18 billion per year 6 billion more than the current cashgate. Shame on DPP. U add Peter’s MHC housegate saga then DPP is the worst monster in Sheep Skin. Pin them down PAC.

  22. Amman Mussa says:

    Wabwino ndani….????

  23. Sidix says:

    APM has deliberately fired heads of departments, replaced them with his cousins and uncles so that he could moneygate as well. He has fired the CEO of Malawi housing Cooperation and his deputy, replaced by the former who facilitated the stealing of houses at the MHC so that he(APM) could housegate extra houses. Alomwe akatamuka pa South. KODI MA TRACTORS OLIMIRA AJA BOMA LINAGULA NTHAWI YA BINGU NDI ZIGAYO ZA MPUNGA ZILI KU NDATA KAPENA KU ZIMBABWE??? ALOMWE, MWAKATAMUKA. IFE PA CENTRAL TINGOTUWA NDI ANEIBOUR PAMPOTO.

  24. pearson sadala says:


  25. Fukulani says:

    Dpp woyeeee kuba ndalama woyeeee kuba ma voti woyeeeee Ndata Woyeeee

  26. kalumo says:

    Also State President Peter Mutharika bought MHC houses at cheaper price than Marked Price…Therefore action must be taken on this bad gesture as well,Peter Mutharika needs to show good example to Malawi and the International Community by returning back those Houses to MHC…

  27. nsapato wa gondola says:

    Cash Gate started in 2005 when DPP was in Power during Bingu wa Mutharika’s Regime…2010 was the maximum boiling point of Looting and plundering of Public Resorces! Bingu wa Mutharika did nothing to stop cash gate when he was told by the Researve Bank Governor that there is Cash Gate in the treasurly.

    DPP and Mulli Brothers Limited are at the Centre of K92b Cash Gate and. DPP was issuing death threats to Former State President Dr Joyce Banda and her family to stop her from prosecutions of Cash Gate…

  28. Think Tank says:

    @ 10, Zangazanga, that line of thought is no longer valid. Read the article again. The Accounts Committee has concluded that money was STOLEN from 2009-12. Using tinniest brains will conclude that the 13billion is a continuity of a theft process started in 2009(?). or is it 2005? Using big brains will tell you the cashgate started when banks were ordered to honour any gvt check without querries. let us get tuned to zodiak today for names

  29. Dzukani a Malawi nonse says:

    Ntchito yiliko mukangotulutsa maina a cashgate ya K13 bn azaulurana zakumbuyo koma a DPP musathamangile zanzanu nanuso tulutsani ya K92 billion.Kapena muchite hire campany ya Baker Tilly yifufuzeso za K92 billion tione wolungama pakati panu.

  30. za nosense ayi says:

    Tiye naoni akuba amenewa kwambiri,angoshalika ndikunena zanzawo kumadumpha zawo

  31. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    Audit query is not synonymous to cashgate.

    1. United Party says:

      In Cashgate, we are querying payments that were made without delivering the goods or services. The audit query being referred to above, among other things also queries payments made without delivering the service, missing payments vouchers or no supporting documents of payments made whether deliberately or not, and more importantly missing or stolen cheques which were eventually cashed. Do you still remember an Accounts Clerk who was arrested during Bingu’s rule with hundreds of millions in his accounts? Do you not believe that if the government was serious and dug deeper would have found the rot that was being swept under the carpet? The question to ask is, who was the DPP government shielding? Your guess is as good as mine.

      1. Calling a spade says:

        But an Audit query of such a magnitude should have been a cause of concern to any Government unless some big fishes were involved in the scam. So as is the practice let Parliament handle this query and tell the nation the results. Thumbs up Public Accounts Committee

  32. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    All those connected to this looting MUST die in prisons. Old or young, black or white, dead or alive. Mwasaukitsa dziko.

  33. josephy mapira says:

    Now tell me why Ambassador Dr John Chikago was recalled before the expiry of his mission to Japan and got arrested for doing his work? He has been out of job for ten years because of the accusation. Why did Bingu ill-treat him when he was busy stealing public funds?

  34. Dunstan Phiri says:

    Dpp mbava no.1 ndi kubera mavoti omwe kuti abeso ma billion enanso.I cry my beloved country !! Voting blindly,what a shame.God rescue us from monsters.

  35. jp says:

    At least there is a light at the end of tunnel, money stolen must be recovered and given back into government,
    God will punish them.

  36. MAKOLO says:


  37. Think Tank says:

    So 13billion is a child of 87 billion? What a country Malawi is. Next is a question,what is going to happen now. Is Tilly going to work on 87 billions? Or let by gone be by gones as with treason case?

  38. basikolo says:

    Now do you expect this cartoon of government to fight corruption and get down to the root of cashgate. We are being governed by a group of thugs masquerading as politicians.

  39. Vyachalo says:

    A malawi! Pamene Bingu amafa ,kodi ndi ndalama zingati zinali munyumba yake. Ma dollars ndi ma pounds mu masaka amasamusidwa. Ma bank amapeleka ndalama ku ma account a Bingu

  40. John says:

    It’s so gratifying to have waited for so long, but finally to get satifaction. Now DPP will get what they really deserve. Thieves masquerading as poor people’s torch bearers. All the money that Bingu accumulated during his rule, from having millions to ending up with 62 Billion at death, WHERE DID IT COME FROM? And even more important is the question, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? The construction of Ndata, how was it financed as the records show it did not make a dent in BINGU’s pockets! And why the “beep” were these other ministries spared from audits? Now you DPP people who have been defending akubawa that the 92 billion does not exist, muti cha? Musati phwiiiii apa, lakhulani timve!!!!! President kumaziwunjikila chuma muma suitcase n’nyumba ndi overseas anthu akufa ndi njala, mankhwala nzipatala mulibe, mafuta muma filling station atatha, aphunzitsi otsalipilidwa. No wonder mukufa infa zowawa!

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