K92bn forensic report not ready: Malawi AG says only ‘audit query’ analysis

A forensic audit report expected to unravel the  K92 billion (US$206.7 million) Cashgate which was reportedly mismanaged during the first Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is not ready , Auditor General has said confirming what President Peter Mutharika told a news conference last week.

President Mutharika:  Just an audit query

President Mutharika: Just an audit query

Mutharika told journalists that there is an “audit query” involving the K92 billion.

The President, however, explained that the said report to be released should not be confused with issues revolving the cashgate scandal.

“I understand that this was an audit query so let’s not confuse this with cashgate situation”, said Mutharika.

On Monday, a statement from National Audit Office (NAO) signed by Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa, there is no forensic audit report but the data analysis results.

Kamphasa said the results of the data analysis are only the first step towards a full forensic investigation and does not in any way mention anyone let alone implicating them.

“The data analysis in not a forensic audit, rather it is the first stage of such audit which needs to be looked into and will be followed by forensic investigations.” Kamphasa said.

“ From the data analysis alone, it is not possible to establish exact amounts or causes of the discrepancies nor how many of these funds were misappropriated. Therefore, at this stage, no loss of money has been determined nor the names of those behind it,” reads part of the statement by the Auditor General seen by Nyasa Times.

As a next step, the NAO, with support from German government, intends to conduct and finalise further investigations into the causes, individuals and companies involved and the amount of money concerned within a time frame of around 10 months.

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60 thoughts on “K92bn forensic report not ready: Malawi AG says only ‘audit query’ analysis”

  1. Roots says:

    I think the Auditor General should eb entirely blamed for misleading the country. You recall he mentioned of the MK92 billion as a counter to cashgate under PP. He was politicall and i wonder why you still keep him in the office. The AG was unproffessional and remain so. I can assure the country that he will find it difficult to convince the people that MK92 billion was cashgate.

    He used PP to attack DPP now he is changing everything and statements. I will reveal to you later what was contained in the MK92 billion audit query and not cash gate as insinuated by the unethical and unproffessional Kamphasa

  2. Memo says:

    Mr Auditor General can you explain in simple terms what happened to the MK92b so that every Malawan who leaves on less than a dollar a day understands. Where does the trail lead to ???????

  3. SO WHO is fooling who? THE contract was to Audit AND not WHAT YOU WANT to cheat us. Fossil. Very soon the contract will be posted in THE social media. That’s the end of Dpp.

  4. Edmund says:

    I appeal to the German government to help Malawians not just in funding the Audit exercise but provide the technical support and supervision in the whole exercise so that at least the truth can be known whether we lost MK92B or not.

    As Malawians we are a very weak race (endangered species) we can not riot against a corrupt government that is why politicians have always taken us for a ride right from the days of Bakili Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce Banda. Believe me these noise will soon die away and no action will be taken against the offenders. That is why I call upon the donor community to help us find a way to hold these corrupt leaders accountable. On our own we cannot. I beg you help us punish the offenders.

  5. kenkkk says:

    The important thing is the trail of evidence and where this trail passes through who and to whom it eventually ends.Of course names spice up the report.

    But names or no names it doesn’t matter you dpp stupid heads or those clamouring for names. Peter’s name may not be there or may be removed but the trail of evidence could end up at his feet and therefore get nabbed. Do you get it auditor general? There is therefore no need for you the AG to defend or try to protect anyone here mentioned or not.

  6. Douglas Ndindi says:

    This is indeed Malawi. One day we hear of “audit report”, the next day we are told it’s an “audit query”. All these coming from people who are professionals in the field of auditing. Are these two different things, or maybe the difference is in how these “professionals” interpret one and the same thing? Inu ma auditor musatizunguze mitu, mwamva? Can you agree on one thing and tell us what exactly it is? And don’t forget to tell us the difference too!! Iyaah!

  7. Mhesha says:

    The major challenge amongst Malawians is PHUMA! This lack of patience erodes their ability to listen and understand the true shape of any issue. These auditors, PWC, are internationally recognized professionals and it is even much better because in this task, they are being funded by donors in the name of the Germany Government, and not DPP government, as this would have been another issue to cause a lot of noise from many Malawians. Right from the onset, PWC stated that they will carry out the task in 19 months. As of now, we still have 10 months to go, so how can you expect to have the full audit report? Take your time to understand.

  8. Thomas says:

    Y this morning Mr President saying is not ready this after noon Mr speaker he got it what kind of government is this tell me guys

  9. sipokosi says:

    I thought Price Water house has already finalised the audit/investigation? Why do we need another investigation by NAO? NAO have already taken too long to finalise this query. How sure are we that this time around they will do the needful. How independent is the auditor General? How can we force Price Water House to submit their report to Parliament?

  10. Tione says:

    Patrick Phiri ndiwe mbuzi. Umadziwa kuti wamisala adaona nkhondo? Iwe sizikukuwawa eti? Amakugawira? A Malawi ndinu anthu osatheka ndipo simudzathekanso. Zoona mtchona azitibera ife nkumasekerera zopusazi kwinaku tikuvutika? Mxiii!

  11. Kamuna says:

    Koma diz politicians forget quickly dat that dey r voted to represent us and do inline wit us. 2019 is a retaliation yr. Sure no salary increment? Wasalawasala.

  12. Alungwana says:

    What did the German government ask you to do? Despite the process being sponsored by the German government but Malawians deserve to know the truth as to who plundered their taxes. I therefore urge the DPP government to handle the voters with great care

  13. mwahana says:


  14. Polofesa says:

    Kupepera basi. Tulutsanitu inuyo report tilione. Ngakhale German envoy watsimikiza kuti boma lake so far lachita data analysis. Zinazo akuti mukudziwa ndinu.

  15. jomasiyo says:

    athu awa sazathekatso chifukwa ndi athu akuba kwambiri alowa boma kuti apitilize pamene anasiira pokuba 92b.komatu thawi ikudza imene kudzakhale kukukuta mano kwa athu awa kumphatikiza APM

  16. mulopwana says:


  17. Patrick Phiri says:

    Where did lunatic Ntata get his information from?

  18. jcholomandenga says:

    What, there is no audit report yet?, eish , i give up , e few weeks ago someone said , the audit report was ready, Let us get a comment from the Germans, after all they are the ones responsible .

  19. Mbuyankhoma says:

    A good move indeed! Shame to those MPs who wanted to get hold of a budget for a ransom. Pass the budget forthwith, so that i can have a last laugh.

    1. Thakolamphemvu says:

      Last laugh? Do you really think passing the budget will mean the end of everything? Do you think the Germans can waste their taxpayers money for nothing? Ngati afinya azungu anzawo aku Greece ndiye akati m’frica waku Malawi?

      It is not a matter of ‘if’ the report will be released; but ‘when’. Germany (this is the correct spelling of the country, bwana AG) can not be party to a cover up. The truth will come out, kaya mufune, kaya musafune.

      A DPP mumaziyesa mashasha, koma chaka chino chokha muona mfolo, kuba too much

  20. Tiona Mall says:

    That means the country will stand still without the budget hence musova

  21. PIMBIRITON says:

    kodi Kamphasayu akudzilumaluma bwanji……..It seems to me he is up to something…….wagulidwatu ameneyu. This guy is a mockery of the the Auditor General’s Office…..kaya JB anamutola kutinso kaya -matolatola, mxii

  22. Khosomola says:

    Kodi a Malawi mutipusisa mpaka liti??? Muzingotitembenuza uku ndi uko!!! This forensic audit is supposed to be out. Lawrence Chinkhunda confirmedthat PWC finalized and handed the report relevant authorities – The MPs demanded that the report be handed to the speaker’s office. The MPs pressed that the report should be discussed first before the budget – Now you tell the country that the report is not teady???? Is it because Ntata said APM is implicated??? Do you want to doctor the report to your favour first??? A Malawi we can not accept this non sence. We demand to know the truth. A German sie habben uns schoen geholft. Sie habben schoen Mk9.76bn gebraucht um diesser report. Warum mussen wir nicht die richtiger wissen??? Bitte helfen sie uns noch einmbitschien weiter. MPs we have hope that you will not accept this to pass. Malawians we must what is in the report before any changes are made to it. It is our right to know. A ZODIAK ma programs anu nanunso ndi a fegi???? Tiwuzeni ZOONA!!!!

  23. ichoicho says:

    Forensic Report first!! Budget second!!! nnnnnnnnnn ??????? hunger for ????????????????????

  24. Yemwe Uja says:

    Pena pake sitikuuzana chilungamo. So the German government funded the data analysis exercise and this is the job my good friends at PWC did.

  25. dolo says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, tiuzeni zoona baba. 92 bita yathu itulutseni basi!!! Mbava inu!!!!

  26. One Loves says:

    Indeed this is an audit query and full report will be ready in 2020……Mxiiiiii and stinking. Only babies are ready to digest this folly.

  27. mulopwana says:

    in the first instant i don’t understand why we a body by the name of National Audit Office or Auditor General.What have they so far done since yrs back.All these cashgates and the other frauds are being done under their nose and yet we pay them.Now they are on the side of the rulling Govt.Moto Sufuka popanda kanthu.Audit Report ilipo and this stupid Gvt wants to shield it.

  28. Mlauzi says:

    Mwayambapo kunama. The truth will always prevail

  29. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Bodza lenileni.

  30. Joseph says:

    Tangotulusani inu basi,,,why are you being so defensive? Let the Malawians make their own judgements, despite what you politicians might think of us, we can think for ourselves, you know.

  31. henz says:

    Thus not true. You are fraid to be ashamed.

  32. ujeni says:

    Why was a statement released that PriceWaterHouse has completed the Audit on the K92bn cashgate? Now that people are speculating you have made a u-turn just as you have done on many occassions and say it is only data analysis, who is fooling who? Can we have PriceWaterHouse Statement, we dont trust this corrupt thug party

  33. mwachembolo says:

    stupid AG and stupid presido

  34. Bob says:


  35. Malawiana says:

    Typical of Malawi. This report will never be ready till doomsday!

  36. john says:

    In his press release the auditor general says he has submitted a data analysis to Parliament now I fail to understand as an auditor myself how a data analysis can be sent to Parliament as Data analysis is a preparatory stage of an audit so what was Price Waterhouse doing all this time?is kamphasa trying to protect his job?

    1. peter says:

      Me surprised as well!

  37. Nachipanti says:

    A President do you know what an audit query means. An audit query means there was a finding and you have to respond to that query. Not the data analysis you are talking about.

  38. Chipalamandule says:

    Mwayamba kale mwayamba kale ku njenjemerara njenjenje!!!

  39. Ethurama says:

    Changing Tunes…So The Germans’ Money Is Gone…The NAO is another swindler which needs to be Audited…Dubious & Dirty Work For Malawians

  40. shaaaa! says:

    takumana tokhatokha adyera aaaaaaaaa!mapeto ake asowa omanga nzake.kkkkkkkkkk

  41. i kachere says:

    Iziii nde zabodza-zabodza

  42. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Zoona Germany can fund the whole amount without fire tell the truth now Ntata was right you are the beneficiry of the —————————God will judge you

  43. truth be told says:

    DPP is playing with poor malawians, How could peter say such nosense? That is not cashgate, my foot? opposition and NGO’s please do us favour. DPP must dance the same music. PP just inherited the bomb that was about to burst. The disigners and source of cashgate is DPP. Let them pay back the money. Ntata was right that APM is also implicated, that is why the delays!!!!!!

  44. Kenkkk says:

    92bn as just an Audit query is what we were told when dpp govt took over last year, even before the Germans announced the funding of the forensic investigations. Is this audit query report the one produced by the nao before dpp came to power and is now being presented to parliament or is it another audit query report produced by the German funded pricewater house investigations and being submitted to parliament?

    The impression am getting is that the foreign auditors didn’t investigate the Nao audit query report but are starting now and will provide the forensic report in ten months time based on the nao audit query repiort. Meanwhile it is the nao audit query report that is being submitted to parliament.

    I need clarification here as to when did the foreign auditors start their investigations? Are they starting from scratch or they are using the nao audit query report?

  45. Mpoto says:

    I knew that there would be a twist to these stories. What Malawians do not know are the following facts:

    i. A thief is a very good lier, and is at most times the accuser of brothers to instigate confusion and incite violence,

    ii. A woman given to whoredom is lier and lover of money. They can do anything sinful to get their hands on money,

    iii. The love of money is the source of all evil. These people see lying as normal in our daily living.

    All these facts point to one thing, that these people you have trusted with your government are crooks.

    If they can cheat on votes, do you think the MK92 bn is something that can hinder them?
    And if they can lie about the death of the president, do you think it can be difficult lying about money?
    The disaster money went into their pockets and people were perishing due to lack of basic needs, if they don’t care about life of the vulnerable what do you think would be important to them?

    The best way to deal with these people is anarchy. Give me one year, I am set to rid these people off from the government.

    “Chaona Bingu chapita mawa chili pa Peter”

  46. Precious chipeta says:

    Peter muthalika was involved? That time was not a president, ndiye panopa azingotapa

  47. james says:

    Playing with jargon. Lucky enough we have a high literacy of financial management in Parliament and a whole body of an institution of accountants who should unpack it and tell the people of this country what is the meaning of all this! Data analysis? No missing of funds? Just an audit query?It will take 10 months? Cry my beloved Mother Malawi!!!

  48. Masoambeta says:

    Tulutsani report munthu wakuba Peter.

  49. bongozozo says:

    The audit query is the skeleton of the audit report. What the full report will do is to fill in the flesh. The height and shape of the skeleton will surely remain the same with the same. The president has a reason to start getting worried. The 92Bn Audit Report has taken shape here.

  50. Khamani!! says:

    Dameti!!!! One year , Mk9 billion doing an audit query ? You really think we are fools !! Ma German … Can you please release the bloody report ? Mmxxiii!!!!

  51. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Please don’t confuse the nation , APM himself did mention to the press that there are a number of his ministers and opposition members who once served under DPP who are involved .

    Don’t try to escape from what he had told the nation. Malawians will not rest until the truth is known about the MK92bn .

  52. TIT FOR TAT IS..... says:

    Nthawi ya JB report poyamba linabwera monga mukuneneramu koma inu a DPP ndi a MCP mudakana report limenero inu lero zakhala bwanji kutulutsa report lopanda maina ? PWC akuti iwo zonse anamaliza koma a DPP ndizoonadi mphika wa cashgate ndinudi munayambitsa. MANYAZI tulutsani lenileni report mwayamba kuthwathawa .

  53. The captain says:

    Cashgate uja wasintha dzina akuti ndi quary kkkkk amounting to 92billion coz its DPP…. What a significant amount

  54. A M says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto dala


  55. Christian life says:

    What a drama in Malawi! So didn’t the honorables know of this. How then do you Malawian trust your honorable MPs let alone leaders of the house, shame!

  56. Kachindamoto says:

    You can call it whatever you want. It is what it is MK92B went missing during “Daniel Phiri”s era. Give us the Audit report ASAP.

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