Kabwila arrested: Malawi Police may arrest more ‘WhatsApp coup plotters’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has been arrested and charged with sedition over a conversation on WhatsApp that purportedly talks about how President Peter Mutharika could be toppled, police said on Monday.

Members of Parliament trying to remove the police vehicle. Police mounted a roadblock before arresting Kabwila

Members of Parliament trying to remove the police vehicle. Police mounted a roadblock before arresting Kabwila

Kabwila: Arrested after attending parliament

Kabwila: Arrested after attending parliament

Kabwila and MCP legal advisor Lewis Chakhwantha could not be found on Sunday when police arrested another MCP member Ulemu Msungama on similar charges.

However, the two were at the Parliament chamber on Monday afternoon at the start of mid-term budget review.

Actually Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati commented on when she  imparted words of wisdom to Kabwila: “Osamaopa (don’t be afraid), be strong.”

After the day’s adjournment, Police arrested Kabwila – contrary to laws that an MP should not be arrested when coming from or going to parliament.

They dragged her to Kanengo police station for questioning .

National Police Spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa has confirmed the arrest of Kabwila that she faces sedition charges contrary to Section 51 of the Penal Code.

They were also looking for Chankwantha to be arrested on similar charges.

He asked other suspects he could not name to hand themselves over for questioning in relation to their ongoing investigations into a WhatsApp discussion, which they claim is linked a plot to overthrow the government.

Police say the MCP members discussed how to conduct an insurrection similar to Egyptian revolt that brought down Hosni Mubarak after nearly three decades in power.

“If the investigations lead us into new avenues we will arrest more,”  Gondwa said.

Kabwila is MP for Salima North West while  Chakwantha is legislator for Lilongwe Rural South West.

MCP  has rejected accusations by police that its members were part of a plan to topple the government by violent means.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka said the arrests might be an attempt to destabilise the MCP and the the opposition.

“No one would deny they want a better Malawi,” Mkaka said.

He said it’s a big leap to say MCP members discussing about Malawi woes they’re planning to make a serious threat against anyone.

“The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Mkaka said the arrests are clearly being driven by a political agenda to “instil fear in people.”

MCP called the arrest and sedition charges as “outrageous .”

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ndimuyankhe abwana kaya ndi adona afunsa funso loti Mulungu sangalole kuti anthi awiri sangafe ndi nthenda imodzi , ndinawonapo ine anthu 4 abanja limodzi kumwalira ndi bp , ndikukumbuira bwino bwino ine zaka zapitazo anthu analosela kuti mziko muno tizakhala ndi maliro pa 5 April , sizinachitike? kodi kugwa kuja sichiyambi

Moses Naphingo

The arrest of the opposition party leaders by the DPP government is an act of authoritarianism. Under the democratic principles, the government seems to be way off the mark.

When people voted for multiparty they wanted to do away with what this government is doing. Inu aboma and all your sympathizers, are you serious you can trust whatsapp conversation. Dausi with his NIB guys can do that to implicate mcp. A Malawi tachangamukani. I tell you palibe mlandu apa ndipo boma pamapeto pake lidzaononga ndalama kuwalipira. Mlandu wa treason ndi omwe anapanga peter ndi anzake kufuna kulepheretsa JB kukhala pampando. Dziko lakukanikani and we need you to bring solutions. But you want to divert peoples attention. Bakili anthu ankamunena kuti should step down, same with Bingu, nde pano tisalankhule.… Read more »
suspect zero37

amangeni ana ausiru

If indeed MCP has been planning to bring chaos to the country following the Egyptian Framework, there are a number of questions that need to be answered: Is the information that the Government is claiming to have against the accused accurate? If the information is indeed accurate, does it constitute sedition or any criminal offense worthy the name? If correct, does MCP think that such a method is good for Malawi? Was MCP willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent Malawians just to be in power? Is Egypt better to day than it was before? Are we really sure that… Read more »
Peter will not die until the will of God. Obwebweta ndi amene mukufuna kuti Peter afe becareful mukhoza kuyamba ndinu. kodi mungamve bwanji anthu akufuna abambo anu andi amau afe? musaiwale peter is a father he has children and a wife. do you think God can allow two people of the same family to die of the same issue , disease, thing. then that’s not God whom I know. God loves everybody even peter Muntharika he loves him very much. Amalawi this is end time mpakana anthu kumapanga mapulani omuchotsa president pampando the way Egypt did to Mubarak. Lets woke… Read more »

Zodiak TV can you please rebroadcast the clip in which opposition MP’s confronted the Police and the police had to speed off in the Landcruiser seen in the picture, it was spectacular but most viewers must have missed it.

kasungu boy

Andale zanu ndi zimodzi ,apa akungopatsa matama kabwila, 2019 kuli ntchito

byosy louis asende

when death is roaming at state house, violence increases upon Malawians. Its just a matter of time this country will be free again. Don’t panic because of muntharika, his days are very much numbered and if you are to be arrested, be assured that the news of the death of muntharika will find u even in prison. Fear not Chilima will soon take over.

Mpunga Woviika.....

Boma ndi Boma mukukhala ngati simukudziwa bwanji akupangani intercept anzanu a MCP womwewu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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