Kabwila faces arrest for ‘treason’ over Whatsapp discussion: Malawi opposition aide accused of inciting ‘regime change’

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Publicity Secretary, Dr Jessie Kabwira has gone into hiding after receiving warnings last night that she is marked for an arrest and that attack by regime thugs following her vociferous call of President Peter Muthrika to resign.

Kabwila: Marked for arrest and attack

Kabwila: Marked for arrest and attack

Kabwila has also been marked for arrest as state intelligence officers have a secret Whatsapp group conversations reportedly discussing changing Malawi government.

MCP spokesman told Nyasa Times on Sunday that she was “in hiding.”

“Yes I can confirm that I am in hiding. What happened was that I received a phone call that a group of people are on their way to attack me last night so I quickly moved out from my home,” said Kabwira.

Kabwira alongside MCP legal adviser Louis Chakhwantha, Ulemu Msungama and others faces arrest following the leakage of that Whatsapp conversation which reportedly was plotting insurrection for regime change.

The discussion allegedly centred on inciting protest actions and work stoppages.

“What are we doing as MCP to deal with this stupid DPP administration and its President?  In the last DPP regime, things were bad but we made Malawians to fight back,” reads one of the messages on the group.

Another contributor said Mutharika can be taken down, just using ‘The Mubarak Egypt style’.

But in an interview, Kabwira said she stand by what she said that the DPP led government has failed Malawians.

“I am ready to be arrested even now for standing with the people. I will continue standing with the people despite intimidations even threats to my life,” said Kabwira.

Kabwira said during the late Bingu wa Mutharika regime, she had three warrants of arrest and numerous death threats.

“I had three warrants of arrest during the late Bingu wa Mutharika leadership so no one can intimidate me,” said Kabwira.

Police spokesman refused to comment on the impending arrest but stated that any discussion of trying to overthrow the government is treasonous.

But Kabwira insisted that MCP members have a right of speaking their mind.

Kabwila is reportedly also accused of using services of a Mzuzu University grouping that they have christened the Mzuzu Youth Association to stage anti government protests.

According to instructions given o the Mzuni students, they should demonstrate at any cost demanding answers on what they call the country’s food shortage crisis.

Kabwila herself a former academician told the students to ensure that they demand answers from the authorities through their demonstrations on Monday.

Mzuni Students’ Union President Wazamazama Katatu said at the body received an invitation from the organizers but they had reservations in taking part because the protests’ agenda was not clear.

“We told them off because apart from the fact that the agenda is not clear, we are preoccupied with making sure that our library that was razed down by fire recently is back functioning, hence we cannot find time to be on the streets,” said Katatu.

“We are therefore not part of the impending demonstrations organized by government critics,” stressed Katatu.

Malawi has in recent years lurched from one political and economic crisis to the next.

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76 thoughts on “Kabwila faces arrest for ‘treason’ over Whatsapp discussion: Malawi opposition aide accused of inciting ‘regime change’”

  1. Gumede Njolinjo says:

    Kabwira nanga bwanji amachita makani ngati ali ndi machende pomwe kwake nkomyatara. Ngati ali kafa nikhale osakhala poonekera bwanji kuti a munjate- akuthawiranji? – khwangala wa mkazi. zimachita kudziwikiratu kuti phokoso lomwe amachita lija nilosonyeza kuti ali pa heat, ndiyeno zikati zisayende, mafrastraions kumangobwebwetano. A mmange basi adziwe kuti boma ndi chanji – she is abusing her freedom of expression. How can you plan topple the government knowing very well we shall have elections in 2019, why not wait and plan you campaign when time comes? While I agree with those people who have faulted government for going too far to cook up the reasons for their arrest, you at the same time that every government has a moral responsibility to protect its citizens from any thing that it may deem to have posed threat to peace and stability.Politicians must learn to be responsible otherwise their actions defeat the very purpose of leadership. The government may not not necessary want to open a case again MCP members, but simply to show that it has the teach and it can bite. I would like to appeal to Clerk of parliament that Kabwila nd her colleagues must not be paid their full allowances, till the day they report for Prliement, otherwise that will be another cash gate. They should only be paid the allowances from the day they report to Parliament.

  2. Achair says:

    Chigumula mukuoneka kuti ndinu.munthu oziwa malembo komano what u can add on ur comment is we are in.the lastdays this things have to happen. Dont point fingures to anybody. kodi bible silinakambe abt the signs of the time drought, wars, kusowa chikondi and so on. so u want this things to happen rt? kodi Mulungu anayamba wanamapo? let me tell u this, you cant prevent this stuation u dnt ve any power and no one has. let the prophecy be fullfilled u cant fix this problem . tiyeni tipemphere kwambili Ambuye akonze myoyo yathu that nomatter hw big problems but we shld stand . pliz dont point fingures to anyone brother muchedwa nazo izi.

  3. Dikisan says:

    A couch omwe anatengere timu ku Angola, anachotsedwa atalephera ku builder team. Lero wina awanena maganizo ake, mwati mangani. Ndiye mumnga anthu angati kuti anthu apezechimanga chakudya, apeze mankhwala ku zipatala. Inflation muthane nayo Zamanyazi. Osangovovemera kuti zanivuta wina andilandire kuti tikafike. Mangani enawo muike dziko pamoto. Mukuona ngati kuti amaene tidakuvoterani, ulamulilo wanu tikukondwera nawo Ata! Makolo athu akuvutika chifukwa cha inu Mumangenso ena lero mawanso mumangenso ena mawa. Muone Malawi walero. Mmene ife ti chete muganiza kuti zikutisangalalatsa. Pepani!

  4. Dr Analyst says:

    Qwq O Kabwira Onjate ophunzire kupereka ulemu kotsogoleri odziko osamayese kuyendetsa dziko kuti nkofanana nkoimbira vilombo va gule wa mkulu monga omakanja, obamba ndo okang’wing’wi

  5. chigumula says:

    A Peter dzanja lalemba. Tinkanena kuti you can rig and lie to the whole world that you are a God chosen king. It has just been a matter of time. You cant rule because the grace and anointing of God is not on you. God never appointed you. You were a self-imposed leader.

    God does not bless thieves, liars and cheaters. you guys stole during the Bingu era. Heaven still has those records. You guys killed so many including robert chasowa. You think heaven has forgotten. With your right hand you go to USA to get money to promote sodomy. Then with your left hand you hold the Bible and ask God to give us rains and guide this leadership. Which God is this. The same one who rained fire on sodom!

    Your time is up. Don’t waste time arresting maize vendors and your critics. Your brother went to the extent of killing his critics! But Gods will overtook him! Be careful lest the same judgment may befall on you!

    King Soul wasted him time chasing and trying to kill David instead of repenting and making it well with his God! When God’s grace and anointing for leadership has left you, no amount of force will help you to stay in power. The tumbles as dominoes. You can’t hold them once one has started falling off!

  6. Chitapata Boys says:


  7. kate says:


  8. Majoti says:

    How contradicting! You are not afraid of arrest and at the same time you are hiding? Why? I thought you are running away from arrest??? Anyway, munthu ndichoncho but such obvious contradictions ought to be avoided if people are to take you seriously.

    Now turning to insinuating the public. You need to be reminded that as long as you are an interested party, people will take your calls with some reservations. Why don’t you let the Civil Society identify the problem (and mobilise for national wide unrest) just as it happened in 2011? Your direct involvement in this is indeed questionable because I see that you are up for some personal benefits…. I can assure not to expect anything big from your plot. You went to PAC meeting just to disorganize and detract focus of the meeting. Did you note how powerful and impactful the 2012 PAC resolutions against Bingu were? All because interested parties (political parties) took a passive role. Malawians knew that whatever recommendations were made weren’t sheer malice and greedy for power, for none of the delegates was close to be considered for the country’s leadership given the success of the overthrow. So, that was a national agenda, not aimed at enriching/empowering some power hungry individual who would sacrifice innocent blood (from the unrest) to gain power!!!! In your case, if we successfully unseat the current regime, don’t you expect to get the seat yourself? Such greed will never go unrewarded, that I assure you.


    Some weeks ago someone wrote an article about the PAC meeting, its agenda, the involvement of Virginia palmer, chakwera’s funded trip to America and the proposed ouster of the president and my comment was he was it was one of the DPP cadets. Now this reveals it all the very same names mentioned on that article are championing this.

    Don’t you know Mr chakwera that God time is the best? you were once a man of Yahweh and this philosophy I am sure still remains in your mind, but why? david refused to lay his hand on saul the king even though he was annointed king in the making he waited for the right time. Gods time…… Yes God’s time is the best nothing else.

  10. Daniel Likuta says:

    What about those who comment on social media such as Nyasatimes? How many will be arrested? Zayambika!

  11. popapo says:

    APM what did you learn in Exile that you can offer Malawi. Ndale zomwezija za kongress, palibe cha nyuani, what is wrong with us ?

  12. Mbuya says:

    kkkkkkk a Kabwila nanutso mumaopa kumagidwa kkkkkiest

  13. dennis chimbolo says:

    pitala usakakamile pampando dziko silamako uchoke mutu ngati chulu.nanuso apolisi osaphuzira machende anu treason ndiye kuti chani.ndani anamangidwapo pamulandu wa treason boma ndi kuwina mulanduwo??? Mukulephera kumanga oba chimanga ku admarc mukulimbana ndimuthu mmodzi cholinga musangalatse zitsiru zolamulazo shame,,,

  14. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Now dpp is started persecution of oppositions to silence them. Dictator is coming. Keep up kabwila they are giving you more muscles and publicity.

  15. xyz says:

    ; Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.2Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.3For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:4For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.5Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. Rom 13:1-5

  16. jona pwele says:

    Apo ayi osakazipereka mmanja a police bwa?mpakana kuthawa abale inu.politics is like a game of chase,duty and unfair. Only vote takes someone out otherwise you fighting a losing battle mayi kabwira. If anything start campaigning now so that you ligtimatly takeover the government in 2019. 0ver 95% of governments in the world are ligitment, so which part of the world you want to belong mayi? I knw its painful to be outside government when your party was second in election results. My one cent advice; pilirani mayi imeneyo nde democracy amakana kamuzu ija. Its so painful koma palibe ungapangepo anthu adamuvotera munthuyo. He is the president atleast for now mpakana 2019.

  17. Tengupenya says:

    New heroes and heroines are being confirmed. Populists politicians are in a class of their own. Public reaction to oppression or suppression of their political heroes and heroines has always prevailed over previous tyranny of those in government administration of the territory. The colonial government learnt this very quickly. The post colonial administrations have used parliament and the police to shrewdly muffle the voices of the poor people needing welfare security. The people have watched over this and will one day crack into counter action to protect their heroes and heroines and reclaim respect of their social welfare.

  18. EMCYM says:

    zoopsezana zinapita… nafenso we be friends targeting dpp’s senior officials… lets not be afraid “tit fot tat” kozani zacimanga not arresting pipo. hint. :nyumba, mwana, shop, car, gunshot! in three days…

  19. Advisory Committee says:

    Although our committee support Dr kabwira she must improve on her appearance she gets lots of money as salary and allowances as an .mp azipitako ku ma saloon ndi ku zovala awafunse akweni otherwise sizili boo

  20. John ngwira says:

    The guilty is always afraid as the saying goes…why is hon respected Kabwira goes to hiding a law maker and so called educated .These are future leaders to lead malawi one day ….if she did not commit any crime why hiding…The Police do your work per the laws of this great country…… Jessie Kabwira you have disppoint and lost trust in you…sorry

  21. NDIZOWONA says:

    T Kipamdula Musisipala you lost two wifes who talks about your status , that’s your private life ? To divorce has nothing to do with politics , your comment are very silly comments mosy of the time.

  22. tan'gatan'ga says:

    The Mubarak removal was not illegal. People simply protested without arms. So what is the big deal. You will definitely go the Mubarak way, it is just a matter of time before the flood gates open and there will be no going back. MARK MY WORDS!

  23. Mbola Pitala says:

    Pitala please take a break mukuononga dziko. Dziko kutha ngati katani mmmmmmmh zinkani bwana muchitazi zatitopetsa. Your brother was way better than you. I never thought I would be praising Dyoyisi Banda but you are worse than Dyoyisi. Zinkani mbwiye tapota nanu mwatikwana. Yanu yikhale yodzala Mitengo yomweyo basi mutha kukapitiliza kuthyoloko mukapanga resign. I DONT BLAME JESSIE KABWILA AND MSUNGAMA for critising your bullshit. Thank you

  24. Kangaroo_Court says:

    Hahahahahahaahaaaaaa! so childish,so pathetic,so low mindset claims!!! how could someone claim of hiding yet people are able to talk to her?where is hiding there?Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!nanunso atolankhani kumalimbikira kufuns zopusazooo?she is hiding and you are talkng to her,dont you think there are phones and some gadgets that can identfy where a particular chap is,and you think government cant have such gadgets?All what you want is to seek people’s sympathy,I see mbuli zophunziraa!Thats not on!!!she is not hiding,she wants to buy silly people’s attention and sympathy!!!!!She talks rubbish ofcourse,she deserve an arrest,ndipo amayenera kumangidwa kale zedi!!!!

  25. BigMan says:

    Akuti “i am standing with the people”. Which People, you mean your fellow MCP opposition politicians? Even if there was regime change, what exactly would MCP do better? You cant even stop from fighting among yourselves. Useless politicians, if you do not think what you said was treasonous then the courts will set you free.

    Rights come with Responsibilities.

  26. Aroma says:

    Kuno kuli Malema amatukwana Zuma mupariament koma sudzaona police ikubwera kuti imumangei chifukwa alindi ufulu odzudzura boma ngati silikuenda bwino, kwathuko malamulo athu sindikudziwa kuti amakhalabwanji ukamudzudzura president kuti akulakwa udziwe kuti ndi treason.

    1. dr tonde says:

      You are really smart, “Aroma”: But we are talking here about plans to overthrow the government, not criticisms. Get that through your thick skull!

  27. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    So, there is substantive and collaborative evidence about these “kids” planning to overthrow the government? Like evidence about attempts to rope in Mzuzu students! The instigators thought that because Mzuni is in the north, and Kabwila-Kapasula was dolo wa Kachenjede, the students’ support was guaranteed: Mwagwa nazo.
    Smart students!

    The current government was elected democratically; and it has not committed violations of human rights, by conventional definition. So, what’s the fuss?
    The public is watching; and with this kind of behavior MCP should expect to be in opposition for a long time. The public now confirms that the Party does not stand fr democracy. Unless their leader, oChakwera, comes out in public and denounces these ignorant would-be zigawenga (rebels).
    Kabwila-Kapasula apparently is proud to say she’s in hiding! What a joker. The authorities can easily locate her if they want – she’s using a phone after all!!!!!
    Choyamba ukapese sisi, iwe Kabwila-Kapasula, wanva! And pretty, you are NOT.

  28. kumangoni says:

    President do not deal with people focus on problems. If you are much ready to go for the people very soon dpp will fade up.

  29. getrude wantalika says:

    wolemekezeka mayi Jessie Kabwila ndi international figure tamumangeni muwone momwe atakufinyileni azungu. tamumangani muwone mmene muyalukile. kodi iwe petulo wasowa chochita? ukamanga Jessie ndiye chimanga chipezeka mma admarc anthu ndiye adya ndende ya Jessie haaa kufa mutu basi, ngati umamva kusavuka nkumeneku

  30. malawian man says:


  31. Patriots says:

    Autocratic leadership tramples on freedom of expression and this is merely a conspiracy theory to shift attention from a failed admistration where our economy continues crash.

  32. Mbulizophunzira Banda says:

    Dr Tonde, Phyuta, Musisipala and u Concerend citizen, u r agents of this failed government. Why are you insulting Kabwila that way? Inu simukuona kuti anthu mdziko muno akuvutika chifukwa choti boma lanu likulephera kuwasamalira a malawi. Mwalandira ndalama zingati kuti mulembe zomunyoza Kabwira. Amuna opanda nzeru ngati inu sindinawaonepo. Leave Kabwila alone. Apapa even ndikanakhala ine I would have gone for hiding. This failed government has no reason to arrest Kabiwla. Your brains are rotten nonse mukumutukwana Kabwila. Ali ndi ufulu wolankhula zakukhosi kwake mopanda kutukwanidwa ndi mbuzi ngati inu. Mbuli za anthu,Boma lanu mmalo mokonza mavuto alipowa, atanganidwa nkumanga anthu thinking they will instill fear in us. Muwauze akunama and sitingasiye kudandaula ngati zinthu sizikuyenda bwino. Ngati muli ndi nzeru muuzane kuti apa ndie mwatenga wrong direction and mugwa nazo pansi if you are not careful. Anthutu akakwiya saopa mfuti and its not the MCP or Kabwila that will send them to streets ai, ndi mavuto amene akukumana nao amene adzawapangitse kuti apite pa nseu akapange ma demo oti wina achoke pa udindo. konzani mavuto alipowa, people3 will keep quiet, osati kumanga anthu ai.

  33. Chipapwiche says:

    She is ready to be arrested or die yet she goes into hiding… Za mkutu basi!

  34. VOICELESS says:


  35. B Manda says:

    Munthu osalakwa sathawa tsono kuthawako it means ukuziwa comwe walakwa. Ameneyo mummange kumene akuthawa ciani ?

  36. Bololo says:

    Ndili ndi ma sniper 47,

  37. Galu waboma says:

    almost every thing in gov is now a mess. God is punishing malawi because of the evil leader we have. indeed God punishes children because of the father. mr president and all your evil servants, watch out for God is never asleep. tilangeni , koma dziwani kuti si inu oyamba kulanga mtundu wa anthu, anzanuso analipo ndipo MULUNGU wa mphamvu zonse anawakantha. iweso wasala pan’gono kuti Mulengi akugonjese. watch out mr president …

  38. Galu waboma says:

    Nonsense government,the failed administration

  39. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    I would celebrate madly to see the sick government of APM fall by whatever means sooner than later. Am with Kabwira in that agitation. However am bemused in the way she wants to ride on others backs to achieve the goal. Sprinting to hide into bushy graveyard is a shameful act not befitting a freedom fighter. Typical of chewas not wanting to be at the forefront. With due respect to your Nyau tradition, Jesse, you cannot fight government from the graveyard where you are hiding.

  40. Akungolonje says:

    A President apatu ndiye zativutatu basi, tiyeni tingovomereza ndi kuyalulapo mphasa kuti tione zomwe ena angachite. Dziko lili pamoto, no longer the warm but hotter heart of Africa with you Bwana.

  41. Tolonto says:

    mabodza anuwo osandibowa nawo apa..mwasowa nkhani..leave kabwira a lone pliz…Go to hell with yo no sense..

  42. musisipala says:

    Sorry Kabwila girl. If you were married I would have support for you but a divorceee

  43. Concerned citizen says:

    Ma message ose ndawawerenga koma chindikhudza kwambiri nchakuti kabwila amachita kunena kuti pofunika kuti agwiritse ntchito anthu wamba pazipolowe ,,chonde a Mw tiyeni tichenjere,MCP is still killing us …even if we are ordinary people,we also deserve to live and enjoy the freedom.

  44. phyuta says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk Kabwila is afraid of her own shadow. It’s true that this bitch is psychologically ill. Gonorrhoea did her harm.

  45. dr tonde says:

    Horny kabwira needs someone to give her a massive orgasm to calm her nerves. She has signs of a female dog on heat! Horny bitch!

  46. KAMUNA says:


  47. The Analyst says:

    Kabwira needs to grow and mature . . .
    Such sensitive sentiments as these, need not be discussed on whatsapp but a physical round table, particulary now when tempers are high and the guilty are afraid.

    The people whose freedom or welfare you think you are concerned about hence fighting for, will mourn and discuss you only for 2 or 3 days and thereafter forget and go about their business.
    And is it not paradoxical for you to claim that you are not afraid of death but quickly goes into hiding upon hearing that some people are coming to your place? And why didnt you call for help so as to trap and round up these people? So you were afraid of people who even never came or exited, right?

    You see . . .
    So many flowers . . . each wanting to grow the tallest, bloom the brightest; then one by one, sooner or later they all get plucked. It is necessary sometimes to not want to be the tallest or the brighest. but only to remain in the garden, until your time comes when the sun withers you away and return you to your Maker.
    You may think that you are not willing to wait until 2019 to constitutionally contest for power, but you will be surprised what you shall be willig to do if you see life slowly leaving or being taken away from you by the monsterous and merciless agents. An entity called governement, kills!

    This . . . is an advice from a friend!

  48. KaDausi Sikangandiopsyeze says:

    A MCP vuto ndi limodzi. You take too long to react – typical Chewa style, Chewa mentality. Kamba kakuchedwa kotero ma pulani anu amapezeka kuti achina kaDausi awatulukira. You got to be quick and decisive. Otherwise mumpweteketsa Kabwira.

    I remember Gwanda in alliance with late Aleke managed to mobilise the masses mwakachetechete during certificate presentation ceremony in Blantyre. A thing that shook the entire UDF at the time. Why can’t you use such techniques.

    Chinanso nchakuti mumayenera kudziwa kuti WhatsApp siili-secure kwambiri pankhani za serious ngati zimenizi, bwanji osayuza ma messaging apps ena monga Telegram pomwe mungathe ku konza mapulani anu ofuna kugwetsa boma la Malawi mosavuta konse.

  49. Please leave kabwira alone, kumeneko sikuzimitsa moto koma kuyatsa. You are now prompting public anger. We will not torrent this act of arresting innocent pipo, this isn’t Uganda, and in the street we ‘ll meet

  50. Buyelekhaya says:

    Dunderheads will always rush to discuss looks of a source. That’s how mediocre some of us are! The issue here is about treason accusations being leveled against Dr. Kabwila not her looks. When l have no substantive comment to make, l keep quiet. Somebody is using a rat brain.

  51. So tinene kuti mu democracy zimakhala choncho tabwerera ku chipani chimodzi ndiye mugwireniso chinsinga yemwe anati munapezeka pa mpando mwangozi

  52. Mbewe says:

    Am ready to be arrested. Ndabisala what a fuss. You other peoples children to die inorder to achieve your personal egos. Mubisaliranji ngati muli serious Leave students to learn and earn accolades to develop tjis country kwanu kwatha basi. Politics usnot the same as standing in a class cheating or teaching students. Needs maturity yo convuice people. Bwera poyera and die for the people other than inciting others to for you. Shows you dont have good cause for the country. You are only interested in your achievements.

  53. Buyelekhaya says:

    It sounds like a sting operation. I hope you’ve gathered concrete evidence upon which you’ll build a water-tight case against her. Let’s wait and see!

  54. Achi says:

    I don’t think that calling for the resignation of a president amounts to treason! Or since when did the act of organising demonstrations against the ills rocking Malawi become an act of treason?

    We wanted democracy and demos are part of democracy. Demos can never take place without someone organising.

    Our president, be strong. The people calling for ur head are far better than those closer to u. For once the Kabwiras are telling u the truth about the direction the ship u’re captaining is heading to, while ur close aides continue to pull the curtains so that u fall into the pit.

    The Kabwiras are but a messenger to ur govt. Don’t kill the messenger Mr President unless doing so will guarantee an economic turn around

  55. drogba says:

    I don’t think that calling for the resignation of a president amounts to treason! Or since when did the act of organising demonstrations against the ills rocking Malawi become an act of treason?

    We wanted democracy and demos are part of democracy. Demos can never take place without someone organising.

    Our president, be strong. The people calling for ur head are far better than those closer to u. For once the Kabwiras are telling u the truth about the direction the ship u’re captaining is heading to, while ur close aides continue to pull the curtains so that u fall into the pit.

    The Kabwiras are but a messenger to ur govt. Don’t kill the messenger Mr President unless doing so will guarantee an economic turn around

  56. mbewe says:

    Am ready to be arrested. Koma ndikubisala what a dramma. Why not accepting arrests than hiding. Be serious Mama going to University inciting violence iwo akafe inu mupeze zokamba inorder to get political mirage over tge death of other people c
    hildren. What a fuss. Asiye ana nawo aphunzire adzadyerere ngati inuyo.

  57. Mbola says:

    pano ndiye kabwira akuoneka nkhwanga bwanji

  58. drogba says:

    We are not in a political crisis. We are facing an economic shock and food insecurity. Let us not drag ourselves into other problems because of some people with selfish ambitions. May Allah grant us understanding and protection.

  59. drogba says:

    The truth is APM needs to resign. This is the way to go.

  60. chenicheni says:

    amangidwe basi njala is one of the signs of last days the bible says mesa PAC ndi commitee azibusa nde sakudziwa wht the bible say ?dont blame muthalika coz sakuchititsa kusitha kwa nyengo mwanva agalu inu inuyo nde aneneri onyenya enieni black fucken

  61. Kodi iwe Kabwila ukufuna chani? Bwanji ongokhala chete .zingokuvutapo apa kunali anzako oziwa kuyankhula iwe ndiye ndani chitsiru ungofapotu apa

  62. kkkkkk says:

    Palibe chifukwa chomumangira apa kodi mumati asayankhule mmene zinthu zilirimu?she z acitzen of mw.try to arrest her u will se what shedded agunea foul.

  63. ZALEWA says:

    ALONE ??,


  64. Mlangeni nyoni says:

    Dr jK simuli nokha ntcheu yonse, motsogozedwa ndi Mlangeni nyoni tili pambuo panu! Kwachaaaa! Tatopa nazo izi

  65. Kkkkk says:

    There Z No tagible reasons t arrest kabwira coz she haz aright t express her ideaz if things r nt going on well.ilira itambika.

  66. Mlangeni nyoni says:

    Tili pambuyo panu Dr Jk ifenso kuno kuntcheu tatopa. Musaope simuli nokha

  67. Phwado says:

    Yeselani muone anamachende inu kumumanga kapena attack!Panya panu

  68. anita says:

    she is too much talkative and she deserve to jail

  69. Mofolo says:

    she is too much talkative and she deserve to jail

  70. 2016 welcome says:

    We are in multiparty dispensation and threats to arrest people for expressing their views is a sign of tyranny. In fact what Kabwira et al. were saying is true. DPP has failed Malawi

  71. ri says:

    Malawi should be ruled by a whiteman,we are tired of these thieves,Malawi with her leaders shall never transform…

  72. Talibo says:

    This Woman Is Devil

  73. Truck says:


  74. NDIZOWONA says:


  75. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    hahahahaha a way to intimidate opposition. DPP has completely failed. let them pack their belongings and go, We Malawians are tired of them!!!!!

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