Kabwila petitions Malawi Speaker to kick out UDF MPs

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Salima North West Dr Jessie Kabwila has petitioned office of the Speaker of the National Assembly, asking it to kick out the 11 United Democratic Front members of Parliament who recently moved to government benches.

Kabwila:  Petitions Speaker of Malawi Parliament to crack thw Sec 65 whip on UDF MPs in government benches

Kabwila: Petitions Speaker of Malawi Parliament to crack thw Sec 65 whip on UDF MPs in government benches

Kabwila said on Friday that she has decided to join human rights defender and a social commentator   Billy Mayaya who recently petitioned the same office on the same matter.

“I don’t have any personal grudges against the UDF MPs but Malawi voted for democracy which requires total constitutional order,” Kabwila told Nyasa Times on Friday.

Kabwila, who is also MCP spokeswoman, said there is no way the single party can belong to both opposition and government.

“Where have you heard one party belonging to two sides- opposition and then the government? Even in America or Britain that cannot happen; this is completely disorder in the house of law.

“There is an identity crisis here, how should we identify the two camps,” queried Kabwila.

Human rights activist Billy Mayaya, wrote the Speaker asking him to bring orderliness in the august House by kicking the eleven MPs out of the House.7

But Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale urged Speaker Richard Msowoya not to unleash the whip on UDF MPs, he saying he was not convinced UDF MPs crossed the floor.

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) secretary Khumbo Soko said the decision whether or not to declare a seat vacant is “exclusively for the Speaker’s and not for any other authority or office.”

The constitution bars members of parliament from crossing the floor in parliament by joining the party that is different from that which ushered them into parliament.

UDF argues that its MPs remain in the party and have not joined DPP but they two parties were having a parliamentary alliance.

Eleven of UDF’s 14 MPs moved to the government benches to cement their party’s working relationship with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in whose Cabinet UDF president Atupele Muluzi is serving as Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Former UDF leader in Parliament Lucius Banda, Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya and Muluzi were not affected by the movement.

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81 thoughts on “Kabwila petitions Malawi Speaker to kick out UDF MPs”

  1. CHOKO says:

    Kabwira is intelligent who can compare with in govt of thieves. She is correct sanity is important in August house and those threatening Kabwila should try deal with Kabwila will move out of this city.

  2. Moni says:

    When one is blinded with hate, he/she fails to understand reason and blames anybody on the contrary view, including misunderstanding meanings of laws as well as advisor. Mr. Kaphale is being censored by MCP’s UDF haters for doing his role of advising the speaker. The law of the land puts Attorney General as an adviser of Parliament, and the office of the Attorney General is responsible for any litigation towards parliament. In other words, the Attorney General, is Parliament’s lawyer. As a lawyer of that house, the attorney office advised the head of parliament regarding some laws, and MCP people are up in arms faulting the Attorney’s office for advising the Speaker of The National Assembly. All this unreasonable fault findings is because they’re blinded by their vehement hate of the UDF party. They just don’t want to see anything associated with UDF in and outside parliament. This shows how MCP would crash at other parties if it happens to be ruling Malawi. They haven’t changed and they will bring us back to one party rule if God ever allow them to govern Malawi.

  3. Chingaipe says:

    Kaphale is definately acting ultra vires. If his role is to advise the Speaker, then it is not his role to usurp the Speakers role by making proncouncements on his behalf, or indeed preempting what the Speaker’s considered constitutionally vested opinion should be. What now stops Kaphale from making parliamentary rulings on behalf of the speaker. Stop this abuse of power you people!

  4. CASH MBALA says:

    In any democracy that has parliamentary system of government there are two sides, Left wing having the opposition and right wing having the party with most MPs after parliamentary elections. At the beginning of their term the ruling party negotiates with other parties to sit together to form a majority in their side to ease pressure from the left wing during debates and voting. Movement of the MPs from either side after earlier decision is deemed “crossing the floor”. In Malawi we tolerate MPs to move at any convenient time available depending on which side of bed they slept the previous night. This is wrong. Parties are supposed to make decisions once and for all at the beginning of parliament soon after elections. Thereafter, Section 65 is supposed to take charge. UDF started with being in opposition. Later they trecked to Government side leaving their leader in parliament in opposition. This is insanity at its best. How can the same party be in Government as well as opposition? And Malawians tolerate this. My Foot! This is total madness. I think the speaker should be impeached.

  5. mapwiya says:

    Did u vote for Atupele …uko ku lilongwe answer No…., Did u add acoun to his campaign …No, What was ur reaction to TUPEX CANDIDACY Aaaa ndi baby wachepa…Now HE has decided to support gvt in abit to sail through his plans and nomwenu mukuti walakwisa.Zakumachende eti !!.He used his money and let him recover all his costs and he owes no one including u hule Kabwira ..Kapena umakhala pamwamba ukamagona ndi amunako pa mnyero wako….Mnyero ndithu ukhale kwa iwe lero ndi kunthawi zosatha…pamnyero pako

  6. mapwiya says:

    So u r the one behind Mayaya kkkkkkkkkk..Mcp will never rule Malawi again….

  7. Moni says:

    Why can’t she petition/sue the Speaker himself for consenting to the UDF’s request of its MP’s to sit on the other side? UDF asked if it’s permissible in the house to sit on the government side, and the Hon. Speaker granted that request “after wide consultation” (as he did put it) when permitting UDF to sit on that side it is today. When today we see MCP people including a NEC member petitioning, for the issue which was granted by the Speaker of Parliament, who’s also the party’s Vice President, one is inclined to wonder if the Speaker’s permission to UDF’s request was in good faith. If Kabwira had an issue with the movement, she would’ve first censored her party’s Vice President Hon. Msowoya for failing to uphold the said section 65. Why did the speaker permit the UDF party to break the law in the house? Did he do that with a hidden agenda discussed at the MCP NEC meeting? By the way, what interest does MCP have in the affairs of UDF party? What grievance does Kabwira have concerning UDF’s MPs movements? Did she vote any of those MPs that she would feel betrayed or she just wish ill of UDF as a party? But anyway, they MCP are banking at a wrong section of Malawi’s constitution in their bad motive. They should read deeper, maybe they might come across a section which bars parties working together with government. Timadziwa kuti kumbuyo kwa a Mayaya, alipo akukhwiyizira. Pepani mwalemba m’madzi ndithu, zokhumba zanu nzosatheka.


    Masasa Masina, I have liked your question. bird s of the of the same feathers flock together. one question we should ask ourselves is why move physically? Right now UDF HAS NO Leadership position in all parliamentary committees, they can not respond to Presidential address because they are on the govt`s side . This speaks volume. On who should petition the speaker to invoke section65,? the standing orders clearly say a member of parliament shall move the speaker and probably any member who feels betrayed. So KABWILA IS RIGHT . Malawians, lets not expose our ignorance.

  9. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Would UDF MPS attend DPP National convention? Would they seek positions during the DPP conventions. These MPs have not joined another party. They have just decided to work with DPP but are still UDF. They have not crossed any floor.
    MCP needs to be serious on these matters. This is the same issue that made Tembo unpopular when he ganged against DPP when Bingu was in power.
    Let PP fight their own fights against DPP and UDF.

  10. masa masina says:

    Political prostitution. Is UDF sharing a bed with DPP or sleeping with DPP?. UDF is finished as a political party.

  11. Noise Kasito says:

    Jesse Kabwira,
    do you know the difference between “support” & “join”?
    UDF mps are just supporting & working together with the current govt & they have not join the govt.
    So, cant you see the difference here?
    What drawn & talk of sec. 65?
    shame on you with your fithy decisions!!!

  12. Pharula says:

    Amene anamputsisa Mayaya wabwera poyera tsopano.Shame M c p .You mean the whole chipani is failing to understand the saying of section 65? Shame to the government in waiting. Please remember what Ngwazi said get new blood who are bright to make the party tick.Komanso Spokesperson ndikugomera Amayiwa? it’s not late correct the situation by choosing the right person. Spokesperson for a party has to a genius. If you are looking for 2019,don’t work with a misfit.

  13. Neba says:

    Out of all MCP mp its only you who accepted. Useless mp.

  14. peter mshali says:

    kabwira jersey til now u dont know that its ilegal for an mp to petition speaker to decrare afellow mp seat vacant,which school did u atend mbuli za ku chanco eti,that rests with the speaker only not even billy mayaya thats why john kapito a makuposani,udf mps hav not left udf party but moved physically from one seat to another seat in parliament,not crossing floor,dpp,mcp,udf,pp,etc floors are intact,akazi a mcp watch out ur bad mouth remember loveness gondwe she strive hard to be always negative with dpp she never came back,dpp lives inside malawians u can not see it hav brind eye to see it remember 2009,2014 elections,

  15. ARICHO says:

    UDF MPs actions show that they have joined DPP

  16. NYAKWAWA says:

    The Attorney says, “he is not convinced.”

    Does this mean Sec 65 shall be put into effect at a time when the Attorney is “convinced?”
    hahahahahahaha, this is quite laughable and it will never cease to amaze me as to why and how the AG is a front runner in the Speaker’s office who happens to be the head of the Legislature just like President and Chief Justice (not AG) who head the Executive and the Judiciary respectively.

    In view of all this, how come that the most junior person from one arm of Govt is gagging the most Senior Person (the Head) of another arm of Govt?

    Should we say that the AG is above the Speaker?

    In my opinion, the powers of the AG are more or less like those of Cabinet ministers, let alone the nature of appointment.

    Wake up my dear Country.

  17. Hestings says:

    Kuputsa kwanu aUDF

  18. Akuti sect 65 says of crossing the floor by joining the party and tiyeni tione apa kodi ma Mp a UDF alowa kuchipani cha DPP? Odziwa malamulo tatiuzeni zeni zeze tiphunzire.

  19. Munnyabu says:

    Usova! Wht was wrong UDF supporting govnt on the side they were alocated? Did they win elections by switching their side? Myopic lawyers cheated them usove!

  20. Educated savages, section 65 talks of crossing the floor by joining another party in parliament other than the one an MP elected on. It’s a waste of time to be barking for nothing. Has UDF joined DPP? No have the formed an alliance? Yes. An alliance doesn’t mean join another party cos an alliance can end anytime. So don’t talk nonsense cos most of the Malawians are ignorant then you just make useless noise.

  21. tuvitwana says:


  22. Prescott says:

    Mind your own business Jessie! Leave UDF alone. You speak for MCP not UDF. The party you joined will never bounce back into Government, hence you will never become Minister of Information, let alone heading the Gender Ministry

  23. misheck jasi says:

    koma zilipolipo tiyenazoni

  24. Love your neighbour as yourself!! says:

    2 points Jessei! Mbuzi zimenezi …………….!!

  25. Kennedy says:

    I doubt if the Law will be fulfilled in accord.

  26. Kasungu says:

    Jesse even if it mean demonstrating we are with u. Even in the bible is written that u can’t save two masters definitely u will hate the other and love the other so in this case UDF yalowa virus basi. Luscious what a craver MP

    1. KHO says:


  27. Sathankamwa says:

    United Democratic Front members of parliament have crossed the floor but not joined DPP, its a 50,50 situation and the way I understand the situation our constitution does not vividly explain it in this situation.This can be sorted out in court. Mr speaker sir show them the exit door. There is nobody who can interpret the situation as true apart from the court.

  28. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Kabwila you arejust wasting your time and paper. Nothing will happen to UDFMPs. Nobody elected them to be in opposition but were elected to be UDF MPs .So Kabwila just shut your mouth and concentrate on how to build MCP

  29. George M says:

    Kabwira wabwira mchenga. Zimenezo sizingatheke.

  30. The former leader of UDF in parliament,who is current?!!

  31. Myao says:

    JUNE or January: Read the clause in the constitution yourself, it adds that associating with a member or group that is political in nature is tantamount to crossing the floor.
    Chonde Chonde tisakhale half baked ngati tidakali mu nthawi ya Chair (nthawi ya remote control ijayi)

  32. Akamachuluka olilalila chonchi nde ndalezo,let me tell you all mcp supporters about politics, inu munaputsitsidwa ndikamuzu nthawi yaitali komaso kutenga boma si chinthu chamasewela , mulungu ngoona komaso ngodziwa, amalawi anazunzidwa ndikamuzu for over 30years including azibusa ndi ma shekh mu nthawi imeneyoyo ndepano anthu sadayiwale zose ankachita a mcp , muzidikila npaka mulungu azafune kuti mulamuleso, komaso a Mayaya deal yomwe anapatsidwa ndalama kuti azapeleke petition yalepheleka ndemwaona kuti mumuyaluseno Kabwila kuti iyeyo ndiochenjela ophunzila kwambili , atulutse mpaliament anthu 11 osalakwa nde iyeyo atsale momwemo, mmmhh mukayionetsetsa imeneyo ndiyogwila abale sikumpweteketsa mwana wa nkazi kumeneko, bwino nazoti pofuna kuziyamba zinthu kumayamba kaye kuona kutsogolo chifukwa zoti ma Mp 11 atulutsidwe mu chamber pomwe iwo sanatuluke udf kulowa kulowa dpp koma Kabwila akufuna kutchuka, tiyeni naoni mutchukadi zenizeni atulutseni ma Mp 11 tikudikila mupange zomwe akutumanizo

  33. A MPINGO says:



    We are watching closely

  34. VYOTO says:

    (ii) Movement of MPs which has to be avoided

  35. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Where was Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula hibernating all this time? Just wondering, as the halo of her ego, or the field of ego she portrays all the time was becoming porous, and was fading.
    Ms. K-K is being disingenuous when she claims no personal grudges: That is her M.O. It is almost invariably the basis of her every argument.
    Her petition has ZERO chance of succeeding; as she will be maneuvered by smart lawyers, who are students of the Constitution. She might want to go back to school and study Law. And may I suggest, Washington U., where APM was a tenured professor?

  36. Wapsa tonola says:

    JK u alwez right in decision making kp it up


    If I were an ardent DPP supporter I would be very worried about Bakili Muluzi. In the deepest recesses of his heart he harbours lofty ambitions for his son. The problem is that he now knows that his UDF is irreversibly damaged, so he dreams about using DPP. He actually dreams that his son will be the DPP’s presidential candidate for 2019.
    But then, again, Atupele’s presidency would almost certainly kill off Mulhakhoism (an abhorent prospect for some). Furthermore, as brilliant as he apparently is, Mr Soulos Klaus Chilima faces formidable challenges. Mulhakhos are suspicious of him & Atupule would rather have Chilima’s presidential aspirations frustrated at all cost.
    So, 2019 will be very interesting, with a long Dead UDF, Atupele vs Chilima for DPP, &, as I understand it, Mulhakhos also want George Chaponda to succeed APM.
    Of note, though, is that Chaponda says he doesn’t need the North and, perhaps, he may then allow a regional referendum for SECESSION.

  38. Bakha Nkhomano says:

    A Kongelesi palibe chomwe muphule apa. Bola petition akanapereka Olipa Chimangeni, koma Jessie Kabwila? Ndani sakudziwa kuti Jessie akunyengana ndi Speaker. Koma thako la Jessie anthu aliseweretsa. Mayaya ndi Chakwantha nawonso anatopa kusosola Kabwila. Koma Azimayo aku Salima kukonda mbolo!

  39. Chemtukanika says:

    JK is another educated savage.Does joining government mean joining a party?There was a time when Aford supported the UDF in parliament and even its presdent,Late Chihana was Second VP.There were also some MCP Mps who at a certain time joined the DPP led GOVERNMENT.I thought the learned lawyer should have known the difference between GOVERNMENT and POLITICAL PARTY before doing what she has done.Any way.that’s democracy at its best.

  40. mbani says:

    Stupid UDF MPs Atupeli and his father Bakili are filling their mouth and u r there clapping hands Achawa kupusa mulomwe f**’ing u ulele idiots fish protein is making u to be dull instead of being wise imbwaa

  41. captain says:

    For people who are saying udf didn’t cross the floor what will happen if MCP and PP write a speaker that they want to stay on government side wat is ur answer? Are we going to hv opposition?

  42. Mayi Opanda Banja Akuti Chani?

  43. Nsena says:

    No need to kick them out. Jessie is just burking like a dog. She is frustrated. Let me school her on uk politics. In fact the liberal demo were working with the govt in order to have a majority in parament and some were given ministirial position. Jessie uzingomwa chikokeyani wamva! It seems most of you needs magnifying glasses in order for you to see clearly and understand the term crossing the floor

    1. kenkkk says:

      Nsena, please don’t be selective on uk politics then. The liberal democrats despite being in coalition govt didn’t see eye to eye with the conservatives. They were bashing Cameron and his party left right and centre. They objected if they didn’t like what the conservatives were planning to do. That is democracy at its best. Is udf doing that?

  44. chandi says:

    So far how have electorates in Mangochi benefited from the DPP/UDF alliance? Am in Mangochi but I can’t see the rationale of it. Atupele dyera. Tsoka lake ma MP ambiri a UDF sukulu ndiyochepa. They cant analyse deccions made by Atupele and his father.

  45. katakwe says:

    Section 65 should apply.

  46. Real Patriot says:

    Atupele is a son of crook,a six pounds thief banged by the no sense Kamuzu.What can u expect from him his useless bunch of bootlickers who cannot make decision of their own?Udf is no longer popular in Malawi,that’s why it went into bed with Pitala.It was only sane people like Lucious who smelled a rat than useless bunch of idiots who are being dragged by Atupele without questioning things.Nthawi yoti mudya bwino chifukwa cha ndale yapita Pano.You have to work your asses like anybody else.

  47. sir bentby says:

    big up jk, you are truelly serving voiceless ones
    DPP yabalalika, mumva ms cabinet reshuffles,
    game uamukulira peter kamasaya

  48. mwini mbumba says:

    Lamulo ligwire ntchito chotsedwedi

  49. Sapitwa says:

    This section MUST just be removed for it is toothless just as toothless was section 64.
    It will take the whole 4 years left and nothing will happen and we are yet to see court injunctions if the Speaker dears to declare the seats of the 11 MPs vacant as was the case with DPP MPs during the time of PP government when Kasambara was defending the Government at the time.

  50. jb azungu amamukonda. munya ndi 92 billion says:

    woza joyce. keep telling the donors about the nyansi in malawi. 92 billion si zibwana. my relatives have died because of lack of medicine. chipanda joyce banda sibwenzi titadziwa chili chonse cha cashgate. i love you joyce.

  51. jb azungu amamukonda. munya ndi 92 billion says:

    woza joyce. keep telling the donors about the nyansi in malawi. 92 billion si zibwana. my relatives have died because of lack of medicine. chipanda joyce banda sibwenzi titadziwa chili chonse cha cashgate. i love you joyce

  52. truth says:

    Udf mps crossed the floor. They are not opposition, except Lucious.

  53. Rodgers Banda says:

    Opposition should remain United in parliament and if they want to form an alliance, not in the parliament but jointly form a government.Truly some women like Mum Kabwila are zealous and gifted.

  54. warhead says:

    Bravo Jessie. This is what we want. Tatopa ndi aphungu achinyengo iyaaaa

  55. Kennedy says:

    The Law fears nor one speaker should follow the Law not party or stupit advisers like attoney general he is rubbish who favours these losers of UDF.

  56. Nzavias says:

    lucias anachoka chipani cha udf kodi kapena bwanji?

  57. Maliroangonapati says:

    Thanks JK for taking this step. DPP takes great pleasure in making the lives of Malawians hell – even those who were misguided enough to vote for them. Just imagine the insane amounts they increased Road Traffic charges by (CoF, etc), and now they are making innocent Malawians queue for days on end for a so-called entity card. And they seem set to bring back all those ‘bad laws’ back.

    MCP should not fear a backlash like the one that happened with Section 65. That time Bingu was trying to bring good things (i.e. during his first term). However, his uninspiring brother is only interested in bringing good things to the DPP top brass. This time MCP is in the right.

    Anything that unsettles DPP and their insanely arrogant Attorney General is good news to me…

  58. kenkkk says:

    The root cause of all this is dpp but most stupid of all are the udf puppet top gurus to Atupele’s political ambitions.

    Nobody would be complaining if say occasionally udf mps at least expressed publically some disagreement with some of the dpp govt stupid behaviours or actions. It is this disgraceful silent udf behaviour that has led to people concluding that they have crossed the floor politically and merged with dpp or completely absorbed into dpp and have become one party.

  59. MASO A GULU says:

    Actions speak louder than words

    These udf mps have crossed the floor

    Give them a whip so it shouldnt happen again in future with other greedy mps

    What history are you guys trying to make in my beautiful country ???.

  60. manunkha says:

    Much as I dont condone the UDF move, however, the law is very clear here. UDF MPs have not crossed the floor. They have only changed their sitting arrangement. Crossing the floor means leaving the party on whose ticket u were elected MP and joining another party with representation in Parliament. Pliz Kabwila and Billy Mayaya, lets not waste energy on this issue. There are more pressing issues out there. The govt is trying to divert our attention so that we dwell on this issue yet we have the K92 billion audit

  61. joshus says:

    They should be whipped they have crossed the floor

  62. chefourpence says:

    the question is; is forming an alliance with a ruling party technically a dissolution of that party in alliance with the ruling party such that its members can be deemed to have joined the ruling party and therefore crossed the floor? Secondly; Does the Malawian constitution bar a party in the opposition from forming a working alliance with the ruling party? It would be interesting how the Speaker is going to answer these questions…..

    1. Hoitty says:

      No is the answer to your questions.
      Other question is leaving a party you were elected in and being absorbed byba party your constituents did not vote for not crossing the floor?
      Is moving from one side of the house that to the other crossing the floor?

  63. Bennet Nyirenda says:

    Muli mmadzi

  64. VYOTO says:

    ‘AGENDA FOR CHANGE” Aayambakutha ngati makatani

  65. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    Kabwila is one of the few malawians that were educated by mistake. That is why also, we do not have a vibrant opposition which can actually offer straight forward alternative where the government fails. Help me also if kabwila is married. If indeed she is married then her husband is in big trouble.

  66. Patriot says:

    Achokocheni amenewa angoti waka waka mchire nsewu akuuwona, azikagwira mbewa ku Machinga kkkkkk

  67. Awathamangitse shame on udf

  68. Claparton says:

    Yes, Kabwila’s views are right. We should not be cheated. NO PARTY CAN TAKE both sides, opposition and government. A Malawi tizakhalebe mbuli mpakana liti kuti ma fake lawyers atipusise. UDF as a whole has crossed the floor and they have openly joined another party, DPP. A Malawi let us be united to defend and uphold the values of our constitution for the benefit of our country.

  69. gregua says:

    “Where have you heard one party belonging to two sides- opposition
    and then the government? Even in America or Britain that cannot
    happen; this is completely disorder in the house of law.

  70. DEMOCRACY says:

    Kabwila, you are a disgrace to the nation. Did it require somebody from outside the parliament to tell you that something is wrong in the house? I thought you could be vocal to instill discipline on your own accord. Shame upon you

  71. 27 says:

    It seems a lot of MPs do not understand that switching a party is not the same as switching floors in parliament. Last time I check there was not a law forbidding two or more parties to form an alliance. The law that is there is one forbidding MPs from being elected on one party ticket and then switching to another party once elected. So I do not see what the fuss is all about in Parliament. It’s ignorance on both sides, UDF did not necessarily have to switch to government benches to support The DPP, they could have done so from the opposition because voting is done by individual MPs not parties and the MCP is not really looking at the law properly and they are making misguided claims. If not let the Judiciary come and interpret the law because that their job to interpret a law that was set by parliament and implemented by the Executive

  72. mamunawantanda says:

    anthu adyera amenewa kick them out auziwe moyo

  73. Aliyawo says:

    Do we really understand this section? What is crossing the floor? Does Jessie imply moving from opposition to government side or viceversa? What if a PP MP joins MCP? Would that be deemed to have crossed the floor in this Jeasie’s explanation? Of the UDF MPs,who has resigned and joined DPP? What is crossing the floor,please!!!

  74. I wonder why many people are still criticising UDF MPs,let them stay there,what we want here is development not what these other people are saying who so called CSO opposition and what what. Dr Kabwila has said that even in America or Britain nobody cannot belong to government benches and opposition,why do we need to copy from other countries? Can’t we start for ourselved? Nthawi zonse osamangothula za mayiko a ku ulaya ifenso titha kuyambisa chinthu iwowo ndikupanga copy from us. Penapake inu nomwe a opposition mumaonongesa zinthu. Chikakhala chili kwa mzako usamangoti……

  75. OBSERVER says:


  76. nganga says:

    Kumalawi kuno spka amakhala opepera nthawi zonse kaya bwanji…ma mp opepera , nawo anthu ovot, opeperanso

  77. I voted for the party which would always fight for justice without fear or favour.Take them head on Kabwila until they are kicked out of parliament so that the one eyed soldier by the name Lucius Banda should stay in the house.To those who are angry with my comment just call 0 888 185 448.

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