Kabwila receives death threats

Member of Parliament for Salima North West, Dr Jessie Kabwila has received numerous death threats after being critical of the Peter Mutharika administration and signing a petition for Speaker to act on United Democratic Front (UDF) MPs who have relocated to government benches in Parliament.THREATS

Kabwila:  Death threatened

Kabwila: Death threatened

Kabwila, who is also spokeswoman of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), has been the subject of vicious name-calling and death threats on Parliamentary Forum.

In one post on Parliamentary Forum, bearing the number +26588879231 on Monday, bearing the name Mubarak, reads: “MCP wish UDF MPs out of Parliament, Kabwila kwanu adya sadaka pompano.”

However one of the renowned Sheikh Hashim Osman Muhammad said the statement means anything danger can happen to Kabwila.

“The statement is very dangerous anything danger can happen to Kabwila,” said Sheikh Osman.

When contacted Kabwila confirmed having been told about the post in what MCP is treating as a death threat.

“Some friends told me about the post although I haven’t seen it myself,” said Kabwila.

Apparently, suspected gangs have been following Kabwila and acting suspicious.

She confirmed that she is facing “strangers” now and again who are trailing her movements.

MCP believes that these threats cannot be taken lightly.

Kabwila petitioned office of the Speaker to invoke anti-defection law on UDF MPs.

“I don’t have any personal grudges against the UDF MPs but Malawi voted for democracy which requires total constitutional order,” she said.

Kabwila said there is no way the single party can belong to both opposition and Government.

The constitution bars members of parliament from crossing the floor in parliament by joining the party that is different from that which ushered them into parliament.

UDF claims they have not joined DPP but only in a working alliance.

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104 thoughts on “Kabwila receives death threats”

  1. Yamico Ndau says:

    Thats what u asked for Malawians.

  2. Youn says:

    The more they threaten MCP MPs the more I get closer to the Party (MCP). I will never vote for DPP again chifukwa ndaona kuti siidzasinthanso. 2019 Chakwera basi….

  3. markc says:

    iphani!iphani muzaona polekera!

  4. this z ruthless govnt we already know

  5. Taelo says:

    She talks too much but this makes alot of sense. Indeed one day Gods time she will rule Malawi. She is intelligent and talks sense. Gods time is the best time indeed. Amai Olimba mtima kwambiritu awa. She is only doing her work she was voted for. Let her express za mkati mwankati mwake. God look after us all.

  6. Waziyamba dala limbanazo zakozimenezo sadaka tizadya ukafa

  7. Chindindindi says:

    Chipani cha kuba ,kupha ndikuononga. muisova

  8. Mumafuna muzitiona kupusa chani?phanani ife koma zisatikhunze mukuti nambala mwayipeza osayimba bwa?nde mukutiwuza ife kuti titani nazo its tOo much

  9. makwinjaishmael says:

    Tonse mphuno zinaloza pansi ndipo matupi athu ali ndi ngongole ndi nthaka.Ndikutha kuona maliro akusaka maliro.Hiding your ids for insults ndi ochifwamba!!.Zonse ndi zotsala.Kill her inu mukhale ndimoyo ochuluka.

  10. Zisatikhunze mwayambana tikuchiziwa ife sawusiru

  11. Pata phiri says:

    Lucky she is still alive

  12. Mr Phade says:

    Waona kut wasala 1bar kut ufe ndiye ufuna umupachike munthu pathako pako

  13. chatonda says:

    Never worry Dr Kabwira, Nothing will happen to you. Do not even worry about UDF moving to DPP. The UDF has dug its own grave where they will be burried like Aford under Chakufwa Chihana. They will receive a huge price of their movement to DPP in 2019. God bless you dear Jessey. The university of Malawi especially Chanco know and support the fight for democracy you are advancing to the fools in parliament.

  14. That’s politics my dear lady what’s strange there? IfThe Mighy MCP eliminated it’s enemies in the name Gadama, Matenje, Sangala, Mkwapatira Muhango just to mention a few so what’s surprising that you can be erased????? Politics in Africa is business & who ever tries to be in the way of the ruling elite always meet resistance in the name of death or otherwise. Honestly it’s not a good thing to take human life but that’s politics for you. So if I were you Kabwila I could have watched my mouth in the first place then my move. There are seasoned politicians who have been in this game far too long learn from the likes of John Tembo. It’s survival of the fittest in politics. But we will pray for your safety, a lot of people lost their lives in mysterious car accidents. Think of Mr Lunguzi……. Ndangodutsomo sindinatchole Mnkhwani.

  15. Really I don’t see anyone going through all the trouble plotting to kill a small time politician like JESE

  16. agnes wanzeru says:

    Atupere is useless. He had similar relationship with pp. He is not that wise as he would want people to believe. Ung’ono ung’ono wausiru.

  17. LOgu says:

    Mmmmm Politics ya pa malawi eish

  18. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Those of u who are contemplating killing this ugly, noisy and eccentric lunatic should be ashamed of yourselves.

  19. yooo says:

    Where is my countly going?

  20. Nachika says:

    Akunama Jessie Phodo yakula ndi Jealous. Iyeyu ndi mmodzi mwa anzako aku Parliament amene samachita contribute ngati iweyo. Yawo ndi yomweyi yonyoza mobisala pamene iwe ndi straight talk. Bravo Jessie Kabwira. I am not a politician and I don’t even envy to be, ndine munthu wamba. I rest my case.

  21. phodo says:

    Who can dare to kill you Kabwila? You made bigger noise during academic freedom up to the extent of looking solidarity in Germany. That time you used to get a lot of money through projects and some benefits when you were at UNIMA. This time you are just very poor. I wish you wish you could have written a book to show the relationship between be education and politics.Your presentation in a parliament is just a bad example.I thought people who went to school would set a good example in parliament with neutral manner. But alas educated people are more foolish in August House than those non educated.

    My dear nobody will dare to kill you. First you are just ugly ( u are not material for marriage even by Mr plumber, you are talkative who contributes nothing in parliament.If there was time for D.P.P would think of terminating your life it would be during academic freedom war not today. what have you done to warrant death? remember you are below the level for A.P.M to say anything against you. You are not his type at all.Think twice before considering yourself worth to be hunted by Dausi.You are nothing you Mr Jessie.

  22. decent citizen says:

    That the job of spy Dausi.Take care Kabwira.That how Chasowa died under these bloodthirsty dpp thugs.

  23. mary says:

    The other comment “kkkkkk” is Hon Aisha Mambo Adams on 0999512221. The other posting the Phalombe petition banner is Hon Ryhino Chiphiko on number 0998123444. Just to givre you a head start on ur intel.

  24. pamsundu says:

    Kabwira ngopenga

  25. pamsundu says:

    Ndi Galu kabwira asatinyase

  26. pamsundu says:

    Pathako pake kabwira

  27. mulopwana says:

    Tinakuuzani ife kuti anthu aku mwera awa si anthu…za umoyo wa munthu or wawo alibe nazo ntchito………………..umakolola zomwe wa dzala………….we told you you kuti a DPP abera tiyeni tikane inu phwii….lero ndi izo..

  28. Nyikaland says:

    Abanduleni Makape a udf anaishosha Okha.muyisova.

  29. Check Dausi on this one, the threat are serious, watch out.

  30. umziya says:

    DPP chipani cha zikwanje chayambapo. Yesani kupanga mukufunazo wina apitanso ndi za Cardiak zomwe zija

  31. Ife Wa MCP sitidzalola mbuzi ina isokoneze ufulu wanthu . vivaa JK ….we love you

  32. kesterchipala says:

    Akambwila zisingatheke olo pang’ono zinakanika nthaw ya Bingu.muja amat section 65 first budget second zinapindula Chan.mwapangire anthu zaphindu kudera kwanu kut mp wanu uzapitirire paja ndinu alendo Ku Ku parliament osamaiwala.

  33. It will be treated as first shot that triggered civil strife. Just try, anything yellow or blue in Central Region will be treated as enemy target.

  34. Hungerman says:

    Where is freedom of expression, is it a mere talk? Never do that coz life is precious.

  35. Jose' says:

    Kuliza yoliralira. kikikiki hehehehede! If anyone out there thinks or nurses any ideas of killing an alredy dead woman, then they are out of their brains. Who can want kabwira dead when we know her life is just being prolonged by these drugs. Musiyeni afa yekha uyu.
    By the way, if somebody really wanted to kill this lass, then I do not see any reason for a death threat. A threat would only make your sinister plan difficult to execute. If she really was being targeted for death, then there wouldn’t have been any threats but action. Look at all those people who were killed for political reasons, they hardly received death threats. Those who ever did, they never got killed but died of cardiac arrest – or kadya kalista

  36. shaaaa! says:

    Jessy akunena zoona ,chipani cha magazi ichi.munapha anthu pa 20 july paja ,kenako mbwiyache anthu anatomupemphelera ku bunda phiri kuja,isa mpaka wayalula mphasa napita.

    kodi inu a diesel petrol pangali mutofunanso moyo wa Jessy chifukwa ninji?titomatchanso ngati pa 20 paja.kungobera mavoti ,koma si mmene mbava zalusira.utsogoleri wa bwino umazdiwika ndi zipatso zake.atsogoleri akakhala akuba,mudziko mumakhalanso mbava zoopyeza ndi mfuti dzuwa likuswa mtengo.zosadabwitsa mmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiixxxxxxx

  37. shonai says:

    Osalira udzakolola chimene wabdzala.Afumse Khiliwe Mkandawire.

  38. MJ boy says:

    mbalame yankamwa sinona,angalimbane ndi munthu opanda pake ngati ameneyi ndani.koma ali pa banja ameneyi?

  39. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    Kodi mchiyani Amalawi? Why do you want to silence the voices of “prophets”… When our Mackracker is gone, and Jesse is gone, Mtambo is gone, Kapito is gone, Rafik Hajat is gone; etc; what shall remain of us? So, we have become experts in terminating others lives and can spread and broadcast death threats? Wasting your time… Coz as they say, the TRUTH ALWAYS STANDS THE TEST OF TIME!

  40. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Death threats cannot just be trashed like that. Those who do are part of the thugs who move around with phanga knives. We know you DPP cadets. Stop it

  41. Mmihavani says:

    Akubwira spare us your crab. Everybody knows you are an insane woman. Who can think of killing you or let alone proposing to you?? No sane person can see you as a threat.

  42. Nzavias says:

    Mayi chiponda ndiwe mbuzi nkumene uchoka shut up .ndiye muyesere dala kuti afe ! munya muona ! musaganize a silikali tonse ndife a dpp! muona!

  43. saweruzika says:

    U D F ingotulukamo mu parliament coz akutengera zeru za anthu akuba omwe sakulifunira zabwino dziko lathu kodi pamenepa mukuwaganizira anthu omwe anakuvoterani? Mitu yanu inayima musiyeni Kabwira mukamupha dziwani kuti wafera anthu omwe anakuvoterani

  44. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Kabwila fights for the voiceless. People who hate the reality cannot like her.

  45. Nyabinghi says:

    Koma nde titopa nazo JB amanena zomwezi.

  46. Pacharo says:


  47. mcp says:

    kabwira angotaya nthawi kulimbana ndi DPP pangani campaign ya bwino kuti 2019 mudzalowe m’boma . angakuphe iwe ndindani kodi ??

  48. Agalu ndinu says:

    Koma kumeneko mu

  49. Chambachalero says:

    Si izi pamene munamva kuti 13Billion yasowa m’mbowa si phokoso lake a mitundu inu ndi ana anu omwe pamodzi ndi agaru anu cash gate cash gate. Pano 577 Billion inasowa simukungoti DYO ngati mwaononga mphepo pagulu. Takhuwanitu atambwali inu.

  50. ZZ Junior says:

    @ number 2 (Madzi ndi Moyo) JKB is a learnt person and she should know what crossing the floor means. Coalition government or some say government of national unity whatever term you use does not necessarily means one has abandoned his party and join another party. Two or three parties can form a government without losing party identities ask Israelis or Japanese. Jessie is behaving like Lucias Banda yet being a Dr. we expected her to know better.

  51. Kabwila Ukufuna Naweso Utchuke Ndiuchitsiru Ngati Allan Ntata Eti? Tamangodyani Ma Alawance Anuwo Anthu Anu Akulira. Chipani Chopanda Tsogolo

  52. Girl Lady says:

    Go MCP Goooooooo Diphiphi Ng’oooooo imeneyi ndi MCP uvetsa unaba mavote Mulungu si James waonatu zaululuka zapadzala ehemuuuu

  53. chindele says:

    We will pray for u jessie nothing will happen to you. Continue with ur good work

  54. Nyabinghi says:

    Anali a big awa ali activist and now she cannot believe it that she is down as a common politician without any salt. Come on Kabwila get real Mr President does not need your services to do his job unlike the time of Bingu when you could manage to give him headaches. That time is gone Jessie forever for you.

  55. Za muntima nza wekha says:

    I agree with Kabwila when she said “there is no way the single party can belong to both opposition and Government.”

    Atupele should be taught that you cant be hot and cold at the same time.

  56. Polofesa says:

    Wakula uziona

  57. mphatso says:

    uyu simunthu womaya naye nthawi kumamulonda.iyeyo ndi amene amalonda londa anthu more especially amuna.mfunseni mariatl status yake munthu wamkulu ngati ameneyu akuuzani kuti sali pa banja koma akufuna adzitiuza nzeru

  58. 007 says:

    Only cowards will think of taking kabwilas life. What has she done wrong to warrant these threats? She is only trying to bring sanity in the August house where some conmen disguising themselves as MP’s are turning the house into a laughing stock. Keep on fighting for justice Dr Kabwila and nothing will harm u. K577BN is haunting u big time and u want to look smart here? Shame on you and the arm of the law will soon catch up with u. U have failed to control this ship and u want to vent your anger on an innocent woman. mxiew

  59. chisombezi likhunya says:

    Dpp and udf you know these are parties of thieves and plunderers. The country can never develop with these thieves in front. What udf is interested is stealing government money. Sect 65 should apply to remove these stupid thieves from doing further damage to Malawi economy

  60. Noxy says:

    Kukweza galu muntengo mmalo mokamba nkhani zenizeni basi kutaya nthawi kumakamba za sitting plan ya mu Parliament,zitithandiza chani izi ife a Malawi.Nthawi zonse kulimbikila nkhani za ziii.Shame!

  61. kanyimbi says:

    In UK parties form coalitions with the party in government. Kapasula has grudges with government starting at a time she was a lecture at CHANCO.


    Perhaps Jesse Kabwira should indeed slow down, as should Billy Mayaya. You know, all Malawians are disappointed with the current administration but they are not as vocal as these two. Let these two not take matters of national concern personally. Sizapanyumba pathu izi. Don’t lose your precious life over silly things like these.
    As the Sheikh says, these threats are very serious. This is a country where even a president can suffer a mysterious witchcraft-related death (according to Nankhumwa). Witchcraft is real, as is Satanism; but they are so cunning that they escape any rational scrutiny.
    Strangely enough, according to Dr Shara, the departed master Ralphel Tenthani (MHRIP) received similar threats prior to his death.
    So, there you have it; mayi wathu Jesse Kabwira and Billy Mayaya, SLOW DOWN.

  63. Charombanthu says:

    Death threats will not take this nation anywhere. Malawians fought for pluralism because we had been gagged for too long and we will not allow anyone taking our right to speak our minds away by threats. The situation in which UDF MPs are is their own making; they never listened and learned from the past or from Hon Lucius Banda, MP. We all saw it coming and it is not Kabwila’s fault. If you can’t take criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing….

  64. Ngongoliwa says:

    Nkhani iri yapa ndi dyera basi ku UDF, working alliance ndiye kuti chiani? Chasintha ku bomaku ndi chani ndi working alliance yanuyo? Koma aka ndi kachipani ka banja basi. Viva Lucius Banda inu ndi soldier weniweni. You diii f yathera ku Parliament, rest in pieces

  65. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Let them try to kill Kabwila,aone njuchi zakezo

  66. poooooo says:

    kkkk buying sympathy kkkkk.

  67. Gule Wamkulu says:

    ndiye ndichifukwa chiani kabwila akunyengana ndi Sipika?

  68. Richard Mbalani says:

    Kabwira keep the fire burning.Adazolowera agalu amenewa kuphwanya malamulo adziko lino.Angowuwa awa sangakuphe pachilungamo.anthu adyera awa.

  69. Nachika says:

    Ngati pali mzimayi woyankhula za nzeru ku MCP nde ameneyu, brains bambo, no fear at all. Mungoyerekeza kumupha muona, Malawi isokonekera and that will be the downfall of opanda mano mmkamwa Peter Mutharika.

  70. mzimwale says:

    Iiii koma Kabwira yekhayo chonde tilekereni. If you touch her mukanthidwa nonse.

  71. Zadziwika says:

    Ng’oma yolira kwambiri imaphulika msanga

  72. BONDO says:

    Musatiphere gati Chasowa, the July 20 – 20, Matafale, Sheik Bughdad, Stambuli, anthu inu bwanji?

  73. George M says:

    Kodi akati Kabwira ndiye kuti chiyani. Her intention is just to make a name. Ali ndi chiyani kuti azimulondalonda.

  74. ntopwito says:

    muelekeze muone kabwila asafe ask What hapened to mashal the dukes or zimba of kasungu mukutiputila dalatu ife tili phee

  75. mahopu says:

    Try to kill her & see how we will deal with u Peter & Atupere. Just dare touch her! Is she wrong in bringing sanity in the delapidated democracy of Malawi? U think we are happy with ur stupid politics? Atupere what did ur father do apart from killing matafale & destroying our economy? Peter what did ur brother do apart from killing Chasowa & stealing our money. Touch kabwira & i deal with all of u, ur ministers & ur children. We are tired of ur doings without involving mental proence.

  76. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Jessie don’t forget you are dealing with ISIS brothers. Take these threats seriously.
    Achawa and Lhomwes are very primitive people.

  77. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Ayelekeze awone Malawi igawana zida

  78. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Where has she reported. We are tired of noise makers.

  79. OMalindi says:

    Wabodza Uyu!

  80. Kwateni bolosa says:

    Hule ngati ameneyu, chitanda Chithurst angqfune Kuchipha ndindani? Passant pambuyake ndithu.Ngati akugonana kufa amwene termec.

  81. White Rabbit says:

    Death threats! Don’t make me laugh! Lol!!!

    We who have gotten death threats, people / thugs following, weapons attacked at us, been drugged / poisoned, and all those silly games from dpp and udf…we EAT death threats for breakfast.

    Jessie is much too powerful for threats. She only gets more powerful the more silly games these fools try.

    Threats derive from those who are scared, those who know that they have done wrong, those who are afraid of what they have done and how soon they will be exposed.

    Keep on threatening…that means we are onto you, that we have done our job.

    Death threats…hahaha! Lol!

  82. Mhesha says:

    Kulira basi…that’s what you know best?!

  83. geo stream says:

    She is seeking attention. Kunama uyu.

  84. clement says:

    Useless and bullshit Kabwila. I understand, you thought Peter will propose you for your silly speeches. He can’t waste time with zombie like you.lnstead of bringing constructive issues in parliament always doing opposite. Ndiwe ndani iwe?? Mau-doctor apa window muzitinyasa nao Ife? Nalema nawe imwe next

  85. nyayo says:

    Zofuna, the more you attack someone the more enemies you create. It something obvious that UDF or DPP fanatics will not smile at kabwila. If kabwira is a real fighter then she shouldn’t be scared coz she ought to have foreseen this hostility and prepare for any eventuality. We are merely spectators and there is nothing we can do about it. After all MCP is full of expert in this field, I know she will find safe haven otherwise accept fate.

  86. Kenkkk says:

    Death threats, nkhani zake zomwedzi of udf crossing or not crossing the floor?

  87. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi politics

  88. nyopssy says:

    munyanya mwano mayi iwe usova

  89. The Binoculars says:

    Iyi nkhani yaipa kwambiri.My advice to my lovely and beautiful sister just employ two surveillance body guards who will be following or monitoring your movements at a distance of about 50m to 100m,of course they must be armed with guns and digital video camera for this special assignment.You can hire these guys for 6months or so just to thwart what the political savages are plotting against you.If you have big money,you also buy a bullet proof vest and metal helmet for use especially at night.You also get details of any suspicious car/s that you see following you behind three or four corners in a roll with occupants in thick and dark goggles and some head dress;then know those are vigawenga(assassins).You also mount a cctv gadgets at your home and train everybody at home how to monitor the same.You also avoid partying and drinking any drinks in public places,as you risk getting poisoned my sister.I wished I was in Malawi I could have done the surveillance for you free of charge.Believe you me I was going to catch to those savages.

  90. Patriot says:

    Am not surprised.
    Izi ndi zipani ziwiri zimene zinabweretsa umbanda ndi uchifwamba mdziko muno (UDF Young Democrats were ABOVE Police and DPP Cadets were even worse).
    Remember that each and everyone of you signed the “not to cross the floor document” with PAC. You have crossed the floor and so you should BE KICKED OUT OF PARLIAMENT (section 65).

  91. captain says:

    A party cannot belong to opposition and ruling at the same time.i don’t hate udf but costitution order must be protected. Wat a wise word from the iron lady. U are safe Kabwila Don’t worry

  92. swakansweke says:

    Opanda pake? Kabwirayu? Or kwanu aliko wachangamu or very intelligent lady like this one ? She is right, don’t threaten her. She will one day rule this country, mark my words

  93. Kukhuta BONYA kapena CHINGAMBWE ? Kaya zanu izo ….sizidati mukwekwesana mpakana wina avala nyakula basi..

  94. tuvitwana says:


  95. Comred Brigadier says:

    Mama boma sitilimbana nalo remember Gadama, Matenje and our friend Robert Chasowa mmm zili pati pano take note that pali ana amakunyadirani akamakuonani… Zachabechabe zonsezi akutero malemba

  96. Aliyawo says:

    Hahaha!! Death threats? Come on! Don’t waste our time…..

  97. Mashall says:







  98. Just kill her you will c how your president will die.Have forgotten about bingu?

  99. Vehtekhu says:

    Zomayenda ndi amuna aainyakezi zosatira zake ndi zimenezo..kukula kukamwa ngati ku mpheto..xiiiii! Kodi ku paliamentiko mzimayi ndiwe wekha!

  100. Akilly2 Kandiero says:

    No Care No Fear

  101. zakale says:

    Alephera a UDF/DPP ndamodzi.. Ayelekeze awone Amalawi ngati Njuchi or Mabvu

  102. Madzi ndimoyo says:

    I fully agree with Her. She is right. DPP stay on your own and UDF stay on your own. These two parties are bringing problems. Or declare that UDF yantha and it is part of DPP. Atupele, I thought you are educated enough to know this? It is your father who destroyed Malawi. A vendor could not run a country. I do not think so. You are making MCP look good. What is your educational back ground Atupele? Shame on you.

  103. Kapasula Mayi Chiponda says:

    Akufuna apeze potchukirapo awa ,ndani angataye thawi yake nkumalonda munthu wopanda pake ngati uyu

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