Kabwila says DPP administration must fall: ‘Malawi govt riddled with gates scams ‘

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator has asked the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government to resign.

Kabwila: DPP is a government of gates scams

The Salima north west MP said the Peter Mutharika administration has failed Malawians with the way it handled the procurement of maize from Zambia.

She said this as the parliamentarians made contributions to a parliamentary inquiry report on maizegate.

“This is a party that steals maize instead of giving maize to the people. You are now a party of maize theft,” said Kabwila in parliament looking directly at the government front bench which sits senior ruling Democratic Progressive Party officials who are also cabinet ministers.

She mocked them, saying since the DPP came to power, it has been registering public funds and property thefts called gates more than the number of cabinet ministers.

“We are an agrarian country therefore it is unfair for the government to be protecting a person who stole the livelihood of people,” she said.

Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire said apart from Chaponda, Agriculture secretary Erica Maganga, Transglobe’s director of Operations Tayub should be charged with perjury for lying.

He said these people peddled a lot of lies to the committee.

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DPP will not fall don’t forget that everyone has his own party to vote, like you kabwila you have MCP even though MCP killed more people and no one will convince you because its your party the same thing with DPP those who love It will vote for it even though DPP is full of thieves as you said.

Binnwell Kachikopa
Kapsa and truth theres no way you can separate Chaponda and DPP, that is now leaving the hood without the engine. This man is the engine of dpp and no one can talk of dpp leaving this man untouchable. If you are cadets chonde dziwani ndipo takhala tikunena MULUNGU SIMUNTHU, SI DPP koma dpp ndiyosamva why? It never learnt a lesson in how Daniel Phiri died. Dpp ndiye Chapondayo and Chaponda ndiye dpp yo. Dont separate them because zinthu zadapo apa zikanakhala kubweretsa makobidi ndiye mukadati zinthuzi ndizimodzi? Just wait, more sorrow is following unless dpp repents and move away… Read more »
Let us get this clear. The MCP in the Multiparty Democracy MCP is not a killer. Who have they killed? Compare MCP with DPP since 1993. Under DPP rule, Chasowa, Njauju, Bakuwa, just to mention a few, were mercilessly murdered. Now, who is a murderer? You can not isolate Chapond’s actions from DPP; not as long as he is a Government minister. Kabwila is absolutely correct. DPP have failed Malawi as their agenda, led by Matchona Mutharika, Chaponda, and Goodal, has been to ruthlessly and shamelessly plunder as much as possible from poor Malawians.It is in this light that Kabwila,… Read more »
Dum Magulajena.

Mulungu ndioopsya kwambiri, timaziwa bwino kwambiri kuti deal amapanga a Chaponda idachokela kwa president paja campaign yayandikira. ACB ndi galu wawo osaka anali ndi mphamvu yonse yomulesa kuti asamufufuze Chapondayo koma koma Mulunguwawonesa ukulu wake kuti mau aja oti tsoka likalimba amakuluma ndi galu wako yemwe!!


chaponda is not DPP ,he committed the crime as chaponda not as DPP .kabwila must draw a line btwn this.if we say MCP is killer party,i dont need to mention the people the Party coz everyone knows.does that mean every one in the MCP is a killer.Kabwila leave DPP aside and concentrate on chaponda only,otherwise Kabwila you are also KILLER coz your killed millions.


i dont know if kabwira was there when there was sec.65. it just made dpp popular. chaponda is not guilty, let coults determine. mcp is a foult finder not a policy supoter, after this u wil find onother foult. dont judge ur judgement is coming. when the tembo spirit is out(acusing spirit) mcp wil rule.

“Chaponda’s cashgate” is significant in a number of ways. First and foremost it has shattered the myth of DPP as a clean party. From June 2014 up to now, APM has been very vocal in condemning JB’s cashgate and claiming that there is no proof about DPP’s own cashgate. He can no longer make that claim…everywhere you went today, the story was about Chaponda and DPP’s thieving ways. There is now no difference between JB’s PP and APM’s DPP. Second, every DPP person who has been looting, and there are hundreds of them, will be saying to themselves “If they… Read more »
Dipipi wa Yudiefu

I can now believe what a lot of people were saying that cash gate which was blamed on Joyce Banda was started by DPP. Joyce Banda simply came at wrong time.


That’s true. You shouldn’t doubt that. JB can best be described as a victim of circumstances. Here are the architects of the whole saga. Typical of the convicted guys. Its high time this has to be put to a halt.

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