Kafoteka backs Malawi coaches, hits out at players

Former Flames vice-captain Elvis Kafoteka has attributed the team’s poor performance to lack of commitment of the players rather than the coaches fault.

Kafoteka:  Players to blame

Kafoteka: Players to blame

Kafoteka claimed that the current crop of players lack commitment to serve the nation better.

“The players lack commitment to die for the cause of the team. They are not serious. This explains the reasons why their performance is not consistent,” Kafoteka said.

“We keep on winning or losing games and it’s difficult to assess the team.”

He defended the coaches Young Chimodzi and his assistant Jack Chamangwana who have been released following the team’s 2-1 loss to Zimbabwe in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

“I don’t think the coaches are entirely to blame for this. What should a coach do in a case whereby the team is leading with a few seconds to go ending up conceding a goal,” he said.

“Even if we bring in best coaches in the world as long as players lack commitment the team will not do well.”

Flames legend Peterkins Kayira also questioned the decision to sack the coaches saying they were not to blame.

There has been a divided opinion over Malawi’s poor performance with some apportioning it to the coaches tactical deficiencies while others feel that the players lack winning spirit and mentally.

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25 thoughts on “Kafoteka backs Malawi coaches, hits out at players”

  1. True, himself Kafoteka lost concentration when we were playing Chadi.

  2. eatson maluye says:

    Our players hold themselves in high esteem yet they are not up there, just look at the incident where the captain of the whole team refuses to be substituted yet he is not playing well. What has the so called FAM do to this useless good for nothing player, all we here is we are investigating the issue and the case is dead and buried. That is why our team lacks discipline because we accommodate it. That player needs to be disciplined because we don’t even know what could have happened if he had gone out, what if this substitute was the key to a great and better performance, nobody knows

  3. Munthu - The Citizen says:

    There is clear lack of patriotism among our players but its understood. I mean, how do you expect a primary school drop-out without a clear understanding of Malawi as a country to be patriotic? It’s not easy. These immature players think they are merely representing their families and not the nation. Manfred Hoener, the Germmany who produced the likes of Andrew Chikhosi and Chikondi Banda observed that Malawian footballers simply play to pliz their girlfriends in the stands.

    The players need to be injected with a strong sense of patriotism if they are to play as a time. This patriotism should also be extended to supporters who support their clubs in the team; national team coaches who feature their previous club players in the team; FAM officials who have personal interest in the team; and the ordinary folk who see the team from a tribal or regional perspective. Once we break these barriers, we will be back to winning ways. There were times when losing in national colours was tantamount to treason but such is not the case today.

  4. mbava says:

    Surely the loss was not due coaches. The two own goals during Cosafa was that due to poor coaching??

  5. mbani says:

    Yes ur right we can’t compare young and jack with the two idiots u ve just appointed.Kafotaker don’t forget u even failed

  6. Aliyawo says:

    Kafoteka should have said both the players and the coaches are to blame. In the coaches,there were tactical deficiencies and favouritism. Chimodzi was alligned to a certain team and wanted to ensure he featured its players despite their performance. That costed us the games. It amazes me to hear people talking about winning the Cosafa plate and claiming that was the best team. I beg to disagree. I think most of the players in our national team do not deserve even a call up. They are thought not to be serious as Kafoteka is claiming,but they aren’t just worth it. That’s the best they can do. Its time our coaches closed their eyes to their personal hatred of some clubs if we are to propel Flames to greater heights. Its also time players plying their trade outside fought for a place in the team. Apart from Gerald,I haven’t been impressed by the rest. Our defenders leave a lot to be desired. Look at the way they performed during Cosafa. That’s exactly they did during the Zimbabwe game. This explains why Kafoteka says they are to blame,but seriously they aren’t. They simply do not deserve a place in the National team,but the coach for some reasons featured them. This is why we needed them out. If you are to believe this,check Mtawali’s selection shortly. Some of those that Chimodzi treated as stars won’t even be called up…

  7. learnedmi says:


  8. nyambiton says:

    Axe ukunama.if its 3 min to go coach must substitute.just to kill time.mpila wake uti axe.

  9. Dimingu says:

    It’s high time we accepted that we don’t have football talent in Malawi. Look at the Queens, the talent just flows in the players. Zinazi osamazikakamiza

  10. Agibo says:

    #15 ! do U follow soccer,especially Malawian (FRAMES)? When ever a team looses blame to coaches,but a win they(fans) say bravo players .What does it mean? Even I , dont know why. Apa pali game ya ichi changa ,icho chako OR zakomera mbuzi pogunda galu OR KUKALOWA MBEWA NKUMBA NDEKHA, KUKALOWA NJOKA AKUMBE AWO.sizabwino koma. Ok! Do coaches select players on their own or wth some oficials? WHAT is the first 11 for Frames? Luck of Cosincetencey in player selection is a Major problem. REMEMBER that even in England, Liverpool was gud last season luk at them ths year! The same coach brought them up then they inturn say pack and go! Who managed to come up with a Plate in S.Africa ,just afta a week wafwifwa? Kkkkkkkk

  11. wordsmith says:

    Ma coach akumalawi chinyengo. How can a coach leave a player and due to so called nation demand get him, if they really dropped a player on good faith, why not justfy his decision as why the player was dropped. We have talent in malawi but it’s reasons as such that our nation is lacking consistency. To date malawi has not had a good striker like the Gastine simkonda guy but they chose to continue dropping him…… Nde kafoteka usatiuze zimenezo. For me it’s a very deserved sack. I just heard essau kanyenda comment on zodiac station, very interesting and good insight….. We need a coach who can watch games from which he will track players………

  12. Youn says:

    Lets impeach the FAM president and the entire executive first.

  13. ZZ Junior says:

    Right on Kafoteka but also sometimes I genuinely believe there is some sort of player featuring interference from FAM officials. Every coach has his own players but why is it that in spite of changes in coaching staff, aged players like Kamwendo, Kanyenda keep being featured when its obvious that these guys are past their prime.

  14. Lifeyo says:

    I agree with former captain yes players. Would’ve done something batter that that

  15. mphatso says:

    its also high time you start taking players who are at secondary school form 4,or college mbutumazi zimatichititsa manyazi poor thinking and english yomvetsa chisoni not tv standard

  16. kanyimbi says:

    Anyamatawa chakumwa ndi mahule too much. Nanga munthu waphwisilidwa ndi mkazi usiku ndiye muyembekeze kuti angachinye? Ngati kuli kuchinya sindiye kuti achinyira ku golo kwake? amangwetu.

  17. west says:

    Ma player ndiye vuto

  18. tionenso says:

    Coaches don’t play ball. They make a choice of who should represent. Good player – choice is what defines a good coach. That said, I will leave the conclusion to you!

  19. Vincent kammanya says:

    Please please start with improving domestic football. Otherwise we will talk and talk but nothing is going to change.

  20. Stevie says:

    I agree with Kafoteka’s sentiments. I think our players arent so serious to bleed-out and die for the cause they are called to perform which is to “win”. How could they ‘sleep/doze’ when the game is in play only to wake up after they scored into their own net??? Blunder? Yes it happens, Once, we can understand. But netting in our own goal post twice is so questionable indeed. Sometimes i wish we could ban this national soccer team and concentrate in sponsoring the ladies/queens and give them our hard-earned little monies coz they live up to the billing. Eish. Ndinalekanso kuonera or kumvera mpira wa flames kuopa kudwala.

  21. I 100% agree with Kafoteka. Did the coach tell the players to score at their own goal??????? Commitment is lacking. It’s not just about the coach. You fired Kinnah he ended up doing extremely well at Free State Stars, saving the team from religation. So can we say that Kinnah is a bad coach???? The answer is NO!

  22. chishuli says:

    I have commented absolutely nothing

  23. nyavizwazwa says:

    I previously asked the FAM that how many coaches are you going to fire? Even if you hire Morinhio there is no way Flames can win because players themselves have no ambition.

    I even tried to tell them to asked the Kinnah’s, the Chamangwana’s the Lule’s the Sinalo’s etc that how were they doing? the answer will be we were committed. we did not want to put our nation to shame. That is all.

    I said a player knows very well that I am going to enter into a pitch yet take some packets of rider, do expect that player to perform? no way.

    Let the players be comitted its when you will see that coaches are doing their job.

  24. Muhilima says:

    Vuto ndi maplayer kuzimva kwambiri ma coach mwawalakwila palibe coach angakonde team yake kuluza ma player kuzimva kwambiri

  25. Bwande says:

    True. Mbuzi za ma player

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