Kaliati, DPP ‘village idiots’ attack Chakwera, Dulani

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) outspoken director of women Patricia Kaliati and other party orators took turns at a political rally President Peter Mutharika addressed on Sunday in stronghold Thyolo district to give verbal attack on leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera.

Kaliati: Dulani must stop misleading Malawians with his bogus reseach

Kaliati: Dulani must stop misleading Malawians with his bogus reseach

Kaliati, who is also Minister of Gender, was unleashed by President Mutharika as one of  the DPP ‘village idiots’ at the rally who includedTraditional Authority (T/A) Mphuka, Thyolo Central member of Parliament (MP) Gabu Bob Khamisa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and DPP vice-president (South) George Chaponda and DPP Southern Region governor Ben Chidyaonga.

A village idiot (chitsiru cha m’mudzi) is character who speaks whatever comes to mind with very little attention to decorum.

They took turns to blast, slander and demonise Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president.

The DPP gurus accused Chakwera of abandoning God for politics.

Chakwera, a reverend, was head of the Assemblies of Church God and resigned to contest for presidency under the MCP banner.

MCP claims he won the elections but Mutharika fraudulently found himself being in power.

The DPP officials claimed Chakwera through the way he has conducted his leadership has consistently minimised his chances of becoming State President and that the only good thing about him is that he has a good flare of English language and speaks well in American accent.

During the rally, DPP speakers also criticised University of Malawi (Unima) political science professor Boniface Dulani over a research Chancellor College recently conducted.

Dulani had said Mutharika has so far failed to demonstrate he is that elusive transformation leader.

He observed that the instead of dealing with the core political issues that can potentially transform the country towards a prosperous future, the leadership is “constantly attending to peripheral matters that only satisfy individual egos and pockets.”

But Kaliati visibly charged said Dulani should stop “misleading Malawians” with his claims that Mutharika has not made any notable decisions, especially on the economic front, that suggest he has a vision or agenda for transforming the country.

President Mutharika also discredited Dulani, saying he never made any research as claimed.

Did he come here to ask you any questions? May be he went to beer hall where he found people drinking and asked them whether they like the President or not?

“I know they did not come. That is the group of Zomba based people, they opposed government during Bingu era and they also oppose me. So, it is a vendetta and I know that. No matter what I do, they are going to oppose. It doesn’t matter what I do, they will oppose,” Mutharika said.

Dulani argued that within a few days of entering State House, Mutharika quickly resorted to the “default settlement” that the majority of existing crop of politicians is most accustomed to.

He is on record saying Mutharika has so far failed to demonstrate that he has the personality or skills to be that elusive transformation leader that Malawi has been seeking.

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77 thoughts on “Kaliati, DPP ‘village idiots’ attack Chakwera, Dulani”

  1. Joseph Moyo says:

    Amalawi!mumaonekela nsanje zanu patali!ndani adalamula Dziko chaka chokha nkusintha chilichonse?kumawi kuno kulibe ena mukukanika kuyendesa maanja anu omwe ndye boma ndlophweka?Mulibe manyazi ndarama mujazabeledwa ndi pp mukuyembekeza kuti zitheka posachedwapa?Nanua economics mukulephera kuwaziwisa amalawi kut cash ikhala ndi negative impact pa chuma pa malawi muzatokota zikatha zonse.paja ma degree apa malawi satha kuchita translate theory into practice nchifukwa ngakhale graduate wa bizines samatha kupanga busnes koma alembedwe ndiena bas

  2. Mtoloboy says:

    Politicians aku Malawi ena kumati profesa koma opanda zeru ndale zopusa tipita nazo kuti a Malawi…..kjkkkkkkkk

  3. Rat says:

    Next election vote for the president with the tittle (“Mr/A”) not (“Dr”/Pr).Stop sleeping my fellow Malawians

  4. MalTUNN says:

    Dpp leave our taxes pleaze. You are stealing too much. Mpaka kuba k577,000,000,000?

  5. Alright we understand all what has been said. So who is the right person to be the president apart from this Mutharika?

  6. Peter Chilulu says:

    20 july must do the work b4 DPP plant their roots deep .

  7. kaka boy says:

    Does Mutharika mean that those who drink beer do not think properly? Then he and his ministers are the same because they also take beer. May be that’s why they are failures.

  8. josey says:

    Devils driving the nation to hell

  9. A C Matewe says:

    It’s Just Unfortunate That We Malawians We Alwalys Look Down To Each Other.Why Too Much Nsanje.Lets Behave Ourserves.

  10. phiriwaphiri says:


  11. Bianca Supuni says:

    Koma ya zilikoliko ku Malawi!!!

  12. nick says:

    Dulani must be right! If the whole Malawi government, from President down to political brawlers like Kaliati are howling against him, he must be touching a raw nerve in DPP.
    He does not need AfroBarometer statistics to prove that Mutharika (Mark 2) is more of the same brand of politics as the old Mutharika Mark 1: authoritarian; resistant to change; over-sensitive to criticism; over-reliant on old-style politicians like Kaliati who place loyalty to the leader above any other value, including rationality.
    If Mutharika Mark 2 wishes to show that he is the “transformational leader” which Dulani and the rest of Malawi urgently call-for, and he promised to be, he has a very long way to go! He does not convince me! Keep up the good work you Zomba-based critics! There are so few of you left.

  13. DRC says:

    My Nephue spent five years for a four year degree programme at Chancellor College, my wife spent three years for a two year mature entry programme ; all because some minister of education at that time did not know the meaning of Academic Freedom. That minister is back as Chancellor of UNIMA Attacking Dulani seems to resonate around inciting another ACADEMIC FREEDOM SAGA. Please advise your hoodlums to let professionalism alone for the development of INTELLECT in Malawi.

  14. DRC says:

    If Chakwera abandoned God for politics I would like to suggest that the DPP top brass should counter the move by Chakwera and ABANDON POLITICS FOR GOD. May be by doing so this country can go back to sanity.

  15. This country is being ruled by idiots

  16. Blessings williams says:

    Zoti tili ndi president sizikudziwika. Muli busy kulimbana ndi CHAKWERA. You better change before 2019. Shame on you dpp town monger.

  17. Lomwe says:

    If you are saying chakwera abandoned God and joined politics you mean you are un Godly idotsa? Out of whatyou have said what peaople will beneft? Last time you said the intellectals should be conducting researches now the research have been made you are saying Dulan should stop what he is doing what do you want mr you town mongers.

  18. Mkonda Malawi says:

    Kaliati is dull and do not deserve that position.She is there because she is a Lomwe,a bootlicking person for the wamutharika and nepotism.She is an attention seeker in every gathering with her heavily bleached face.Mayiyu amatitopetsa enafe.Dpp has failed Malawians.Leave the handsome Chakwera alone.He is not on a steering wheel.Zakukanikani ndikubera mavoti kwanuko.Amalawi akufuna chitukuko osati kuyankhula zopusa.

  19. Ern says:

    the best of malawian political K.I.D.Z never growing up always attacking each other, what happens, at last nothing changes, Mr president do as a father not as a kid, many promises you people make that you will fulfill when you get in power but once you are given a saddle you change coarse, i think you people should just resign mwatikwana after all you should retain to the US may be they can teach you developmental politics and not what you are doing.

  20. Chimani. Game says:

    Peter is a village idiot.after 30 years in the USA but still talks like a n old Lowe man who has ever been to school.your English mr president is pathetic

  21. gogo wako. says:

    Let’s pray for our country

  22. NGONGOLIWA says:

    SIR #36 JOSE

  23. Thanduxolo says:

    A Chibanja. “…he will lost”? Were you in a hurry?

  24. Naphili says:

    It is a typical case of people with no education at all attacking intelligent people. I am sure Chakwera is laughing How can a contry be ruled by such idiots? Malawi, even by African standards is a laughing stock.

  25. masa masina says:

    The truth hurts and yet it is the truth that heals. DPP should deal with the fact that a good percentage of people from Thyolo do not trust the president. The president should therefore work very hard to regain the lost trust before 2019.

  26. Dr Mbewe says:

    Dpp ikudziwilatu kuti idakhala pompando chifukwa cha Mr Mendela. Kuba mpando koma kukanika kuyendetsa dziko. Mbava, simudzawinansi 2019, Mulungu sadzalolanso zakuba

  27. Nganga says:

    Mid-night 6. I thought she learnt. Musayiwale mlandu siuola!!

  28. zathu says:

    So shameful to the so called Patricia,chikwera is more wiser than you, time will tell you will cry

  29. Chibanja tv says:

    Same people writing again and again just to show that they have capacity to castigate DPP led government than others on trivial matters. I once attended an MCP political rally but what was spoken there, I mean all the speakers had a castigation field day only that it was not covered live on either media out let. Now here is the state president of the republic of Malawi, you mean he should not organise or covered live any of his political rallies? are you serious? your speaker of parliament had an accident last week friday while speeding to conduct political rallies to his northern base using government resources, we know this. He had been conducting meetings in the northern region for 2019 elections who came out to stop him? Let me I tell you and keep it in your hearts whereever you will be that come 2019 it will be the year that Lazarus Chakwera will resign from politics and return back to his church, he will lost miserably mark my words,

  30. Uchindami says:

    Kuti mutsimikize kuti a Kaliati ndi olongola komanso olankhula zoduka mutu mvelani izi: Mudali mu 2009 pomwe mayiwa adameza ntchentche pa Liwonde paulendo wopita kochita kampeni ku Machinga South East. Kumeneko kudali chisankho chachibweleza cha phungu wa ku nyumba yamalamulo (parliamentary bye-election) chifukwa amene adapambana adalandidwa mpando atapezeka wolakwa ndi bwalo lamilandu chifukwa chomenya ndi kuvulaza munthu. Amenewo ndi olemekezeka a nduna a Gender, Disability, Children and Social Welfare!

  31. Solo says:

    Nde muziti Dulani akunama chonco? what proof other that the way APM and his party conducted themselves at this “development” do we need o see to justify that indeed APM is not a transformational leader? Is there any transform in the presidents reaction to issues? Kudana ndi chiungamo bwanji amangwetu? Peter is a sleeping president, a day dreamer basi,lets just accept it!

  32. some of you here your are northerners( atumbuka) u can not say something good

  33. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Kaliati is not as stupid as people think. I agree with those who say she is a politician first. But work wise at Capital Hill, she is OK.

  34. Keyboard Speaker says:

    Ayi, apongozi mwawonjeza.

  35. A Kaliati mkamalalata ndipomwe nkhope yanu yimapitirira kunyasa. Uzichita manazi. Tatopa ndi makhalidwe ako wonyasa.

  36. ndadabwa says:

    ii Kaliati; lilime ngati njoka ya njala. kikikiki

  37. ndadabwa says:

    geo stream – No. 18, you are right, APM is the best idiot amongst presidential candidates

  38. wawaruh says:

    Malawi Politics Everywhere And In Everything!

  39. First offender says:

    No.5 iweyo umaziwa kuyankhula bwanji anthu sadakuvotere kuti ukhale president?

  40. Jose' says:

    Pena pake a Malawi timamuonjeza mtsogoleri wa dziko. I can testify that Malwi is probably the least unpatriotic country of all the many countries I have travelled. The president chose to conduct his politics without making noise – he was looked as as being a fool. He responds to those stupid remarks, he is castigatory. What do we want?
    Chakwera is another fool of a person who thinks castigating the poresidency can win him any votes – forget. It is also a fact that he abondoned God’s work for politics. Tatiyeni tiyiwale politics tithandizane kutukula dzikoli. At the end of the day, we will all win

  41. Mlakho says:

    Instead of addressing a development meeting dpp was occupied castigating Chakwera and MCP. So this what dpp call development. No wonder this country will never develop under such leaders. Zitsiru za mmudzi.

  42. john says:

    Pena it’s better APM should maintain his approach of not addressing rallies as he will avoid such embarrassing statements from party zealots. APM was doing a good and clean politics but izi zayambiranso za pa zana paja ie politics of castigation

  43. Kau says:

    Village Idiots. Hehehehe

  44. Omex70 says:

    Kaliati is the most foolish person in DPP. Seconded by Nankhumwa thing.

  45. Uchindami says:

    Zomwe idalankhula ndunayi zikuonetsera poyera kuti mavuto omvetsetsa zinthu tiri nawo mdziko muno. Imavani izi: mu nthawi ya MCP inflation idali 36; inflation rate idali 36%. Mu nthawi ya PP inflation idali 24%. Kungofika ife ili pa 18%. Amayiwa sadatiuze kuti mu nthawi ya UDF zidali bwanji. Adalumpha. MCP idakhala mmboma kwa zaka 31. Kodi inflation rate idali 36% mzaka zonsezo? Apo bakati bamba kung’ung’uta mulongizgi it was more of the same. That’s what we are blessed with!

  46. Balamanthu says:

    Kaliati supporting a guy who says”mpira wa mapazi”-meaning football.Indeed she is the typical MEGA village idiot who does not speak sense but churns garbage.Kutha kwa chipani kumayamba choncho.

  47. ndatero ine says:

    Chitsiru change mmudzidi
    Kaliati can you compare yourself and chakwera or dulani?

  48. Ngongoliwa says:


  49. The real Ujeni says:

    When you visit some other African countries you feel the mood of civilisation and development, when you come back to Malawi you are greeted with an atmosphere of trash and backwardness like village idiot Patricia Kaliati, so disheartening.

  50. Eye Witness says:

    When Kaliati Starts her outbursts just know there is trouble with the Party…the southerners are out of DPP….let the Lomwes lift it up if alone you can manage it….voted by the majority of southerners butbenjoyed by the Lomwrs only. Our eyes are now open….Muthalika Sucks

  51. Greencardless Malawian says:


  52. Mc wabwino says:

    Nganganga pa mbuyo pa DPP

  53. The real Ujeni says:

    As long as we have idiots like Kaliati masquerading as leaders, the country will continue to be poor and full of foolish people.

  54. tsetsefly says:

    Is Kaliati a hole worthy listening to? I doubt very much. She is amongst politicians that have misshaped Malawi by glorifying,boot living and hand clapping foolish politicians including the current Mr Clueless. One day we shall have true patriots ruling this country. We are fed up with these armed robbers and pangs knife brandished.

  55. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Kaliati akakwera pa chulu chonchi, mungoziwa kuti DPP is beginning to panic. Nde mwachiona chitsiru china cha m’mudzi chachimuna behind Kaliati in the photo?

  56. Stanley says:

    Dulani is respected researcher just correct the wrong and move on, DPP can’t loss

  57. wakukaya says:


  58. geo stream says:

    Unfortunately, APM is still the best among the presidential candidates he contested against. Unless you give me another leader, APM is still the best.

  59. pat says:

    I would just like to urge my fellow commentators that its dangerous to comment on somebody’s life, due to their age or health. Neither of these qualify somebody’s death because God is the only author of life. There were some critics/commentators who wrote about the same(someone’s early death due to age), but they went earlier than the said old men. So be careful. Start watching 1000 ways to die, then you will open up

  60. Khwethemu says:

    Mbuzi ya mzimai this Kaliati thing. Anything that comes out of her mouth is trash and divisive. Mulimbane ndi munthu wozitsata Dulani za nkutu. Kupusa a malawi they were cheering zopusazo.

  61. KAMBUKU says:

    Kaliati is one of the individuals that are benefiting directly from them DPP led government, no wonder she can’t admit Dulani’s research is right.
    These DPP gurus need to stop raising such childish arguments and get a better strategy to counter-attack their opponents. We are not behind Chakwera for his
    “good flare of English Language and American Accent”. Incase you haven’t noticed, Chakwera says the right things at the right time.

  62. Dr.prof.nyada says:

    Uncle too much smafuna cgakwerayo ndibdulsni prpani amsyi dulsni ndibmwans mumusempha

  63. Chilungamo chathu says:

    The down fall.

  64. Patriot says:

    Village Idiots….kkkkkkk I like that.
    And then spoke the Champion village idiot himself. Akuti azawina ndi landslide victory kkkkk
    Azakuwinise Mbendera? Kapena mukatenganso injuction ku Court?
    Rubbish party
    Malo mogula chimanga uko bize kusokosa basi.
    This is why God is not happy with us, mliri sikutha, taonani ma refugees aku mozambique azanso, CHIMANGA IFE TIRIBE. Uyu akuononga chuma chathu mma phwando ndi misonkhano yoputsa mxiew.

  65. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  66. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Qs.: Who is the best politician in Malawi when it comes to motivating the grass root
    supporters? And who is currently the best retail politician in this country?
    A. : Akweni Kaliati baasi (no question).
    She’s the best when it comes to rousing the bees; and that comes natural to her. Those who think she does this with hatred, do NOT really know her. It’s all politics: she breathes politics even when sleeping. To the chagrin of many pretenders.
    She’s a major weapon in the DPP arsenal, to be sure. And other parties, like MCP, envy DPP for this. No body comes even close to Akweni, as a motivator and an asset, combined.
    In rich countries, she would be making big money, as an invited speaker; as a motivator/ speaker; as a party guru. But she is happy serving her party. Admirable.

  67. JB says:

    This woman isnt Minister material she is shallow and plain stupid she has no substance thats why shes is used for insulting others. God removed Bingu watch him remove Peter

  68. Hitler says:

    Nankhumwa is very quite for now because he has realised that he was only exposing his stupidity each time he uttered his words, now we have this harlot called Kaliati. She doesn’t think first before she says something. By now, DPP should know that they are losing popularity more especially in the southern region. People want to see hospitals which are functioning. People want to see roads everywhere, Malawians want to hear from government on how we can work together and tolerate each other as Malawians not this tendency of nepotism, tribalism and corruption. No wonder people pour all sort of insults on this so called president because he is indeed like a headless chicken who doesn’t behave like a leader.

  69. MAN KENYA says:

    Lip service, accusations and counteraccusations is not in the interest of the public. Chakwera should not keep revisiting the bygone election affairs. Learn to live past it. Equally, Kaliati should play it slowly bearing in mind that nothing lasts forever. It just takes an election for the opposition to become the govt and viceversa. African politics is full of self-seeking interests. Its really pathetic.

  70. dreamteam says:

    Whilst I may not like Kalua ti, but is it ok for Nyasatimes and it’s journalists to include their opinions of Kaliati and others in their opinion. To call Kaliati and others “village idiots” is in below standards reporting. No wonder there are other people who think these online publications are sponsored by other political parties.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Truth to that.
      The writer’s “commentary” is despicable; and unbecoming of any website. Owerenga anachenjera masiku ano (Most readers see right thru this attempt to influence by quasi-editorializing).

  71. Vizier says:

    Chakwera has ‘abandoned’ God for politics?

    Is politics not a worthy profession for a God-fearing man to pursue?

    Are you implicitly admitting, Ms. Kaliati, that your profession is a messy, corrupt, horrible, sinful thieving way of life?

    The only good thing about him is he ‘speaks well’ and in an ‘American accent’?

    Maybe that seems like a threat to you because your own president is such a terrible public speaker, in English, Chichewa or any other language – despite having been a so-called ‘distinguished’ professor in the USA for so many years.

    Is not one of the critical qualities for a teacher, president and politician to be a good public speaker, so they can inspire people and win votes? Is that also not needed to succeed as a priest or pastor?

    For the record, I think all politicians everywhere are corrupt, and do not favour Chakwera, Mutharika, Joyce Banda, or anyone else.

  72. hisbolla says:


  73. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Once Patricia Kaliati speaks high like this, know that her side is losing base

  74. ambewe says:

    Kodi Mesa Dulani yomweyo munkati he is a respected researcher ndi afro barometer yomweyi? I can see now that Dulani is straight forward and un biased researcher. Ndi amene analengezela kuti muwina inu nkusekelera lero mwasintha mukuti ndi wabodza

  75. KANDAWE says:


Comments are closed.

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