Kaliati fury over Malawi SDA Pastor arrested for sexual assault

Malawi Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare has vowed to take to task a Seventh Day Adventist Executive Secretary for Central Region Conference, Harrison Juwa, 50, for allegedly defiling his 13-year-old niece.

Minister of GenderHon.Patricia Kaliati and the National Child Protection OfficerInspector Alexander Ngwala speaks during the Press briefing - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Minister of GenderHon.Patricia Kaliati and the National Child Protection OfficerInspector Alexander Ngwala speaks during the Press briefing – Pic by Stanley Makuti

During a newsconference in Lilongwe, the Minister responsible Patricia Kaliati expressed concerned over the pastor’s conduct which she described as barbaric and disgusting.

“I am deeply shocked to learn that a pastor has been defiling his late brother’s daughter since 2011. As a ministry we are going to ask the court and the police not grant the suspect bail,” she said, adding, “we have the legislation Act with us that the maximum penalty for the offense committed is 14 years in jail.”

Kaliati further noted the suspect impregnated the girl and has a two months old baby.

“The sad news is that the mother knew about this and kept it a secret, this is bad and we are taking an action against the parent for others to learn a lesson,” the minister explained.

Meanwhile, Juwa is under police custody at Lilongwe Police Station.

National Child Protection Officer in the Malawi Police Service Inspector Alex Ngwala, confirmed the arrest of Juwa.

Ngwala said the child was being taken care of the suspect after the demise of her father. Since 2011 Juwa has been defiling the girl at the expense of being responsible for her welfare at home.

“The case is in the court and we cannot say much on it,” Ngwala explained.

He said the suspect was staying in Area 25 in the City of Lilongwe, he hails from Mkutumula 2, in Ntcheu.

It is believed that the girl was in standard seven at Kalambo Primary School in Lilongwe before she got pregnant.

She said in a related development, a disabled (albinos) girl was abducted for K3 million by a business person in Machinga early this month.

“I would like to inform the nation that my ministry is now geared to conduct a legislation week organised to purposely hunt and arrest people involved in rape and defilement cases,” said Kaliati.

The minister has since appealed to the public to be alert and report each time cases such as rape and defilement take place in their neighborhoods.

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129 thoughts on “Kaliati fury over Malawi SDA Pastor arrested for sexual assault”

  1. Mphongo says:

    Tsiku la chiweruzo Mulungu sadzasonkhanitsa anthu mogwirizana ndi mpingo wawo. Don’t waste your time castigating other denominations. Welamukani chifukwa nthawi yatha

  2. Ajuju says:

    This is what we call investigative judgement. God has revealed the secret. If its a true story he must stay out of the church of God this chutes is not his.

  3. zion says:

    He has been granted bail.

  4. mbewa says:

    So am told akachimwa ayenra kubatizidwanso. Can you please arrange ubatizo wina abusa amenewa before he gets convicted.

  5. Obsever says:

    God is in the business of sieving His church! To remove the Leodicians!

  6. Kanyimbi says:

    Mulungu ndi wa mkulu. Mumagwetsa anthu mtchalitchi oti machimo awo analapa kale. Lero Mulungu wayankha. Chinyawu chawonetsa mwendo.

  7. Liberal Christian says:

    This is incest and should be condemned in strongest terms possible. Stories that SDA President Pastor Kuyama sent staff to apply for bail of Juwa is only but regrettable. As a church leader Kuyama should be condemning this though Juwa is related to him through marriage. What more is happening in this church? Kuyama should know that this is a test of his leadership and should not attempt to please the accused but save the face of the church that has been damaged. No wonder there are numerous stories in this church of adultery that go un punished, and you are quick to condemn alcohol. Exodus 20 where ten commandments are written, adultery is mentioned as sin, but no where have read beer drinking as sin. Wake up SDA, revisit your selection process of church leaders that has allowed such chidyamakanda to penetrate through the ranks.

  8. Mndondo says:

    “Forgive us our tresspasses….” All of us (laity, pastors, bishops, politicians) are individually accountable in God’s judgment. God’s Ten Commandment law is the basis of His judgment. This law prohibits committing adultery in as much as it commands Sabbath keeping. The gospel message calls us at individual and personal level to examine our actions against this mirror of God’s law and seek for forgiveness and cleansing in Christ Jesus. This is God’s redemptive formula for fallen mankind. As we comment on this issue, let us bear in mind that this is our greatest individual responsibility for our salvation for sin, has spared no man or woman. The difference is in our response to God’s dedemptive formula illustrated in the story of the two theives at the cross! David, Judas Iscariot, etc. Finally let us pray for one another as the battle before us is against powers and principalities in high places and can only be won by committing our lives in the hands of Christ our compassionate Saviour!

  9. nangozo says:

    uwu nde mpesa omwe ndimaudziwa ine, palibe nzibambo wa mpingo uwu yemwe alibe chibwenzi. kodi mukamaswera ku mpesa saturday mmapatsanako chani? mmakanika kuugwila mtima ndi abusa omwe . buladi fokolo

  10. Dandrax jere says:

    Wanyazisa mbiri ya SDA church nde akuyenera alangidwe pastor ameney

  11. BRO COS says:

    Vutonso ndi ana akaziwa kuvala mopusa kuminula 2much nde mumati pastor atani?pepho kwa azimayi mmakomomu onesesani kuti atsikanawa akuvala molongosoka.

  12. iphani mudye says:

    ambuye atithandize

  13. Chitumbuwa says:

    Pastor ameneyu alangidwe basi. Ufiti usapose apa. Akweni gwirani ntchito apa.

  14. ine says:

    Ine sinnaoneko mzibambo wa mpingo uwu opanda Chibwenzi, muli chani mugonero wanu? Gondolosi kapena? Very sad

  15. ine says:

    Ine sinnaoneko mzibambo wa mpingo uwu opanda Chibwenzi, muli chani mugonero wanu? Gondolosi kapena?

  16. musisipala says:

    The wolrd is turning upside down because we have 4goten God. Maufulu omwe abwela ndi democracy akusokoneza anthu. Mavalidwe anyanya kuwonongeka. Tizilimbikila kupemphela kuti tisapezeke mayesero.

  17. Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka says:

    A pastor amene zoona?

  18. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    Phere ndi dilu,osati nyasi xoterozo.Special bear woye.

  19. Reading some comments above,I hv seen no one seem to be a Muslim badmouthing,talking shit or kutukwa the pastor,,,,,this pastor has done an evil and shameful act,,Had it been it was a Sheikh some Schizophrenic and il-gotten xstians could hv gone cray,,,

  20. mavi ya mbewa says:

    who are we to judge !!!! Men of God please leave these things to pagans. I have heard many people say we spend our time drinking to keep ourselves away from home let alone nudes.

  21. hoitty says:

    ku seventh day tchimo ndi kupemphera sunday, kumwa mowa basi. Zigololo nde kudya kwawo, bola osadyana lasabata basi tchimo lachepa

  22. mbuya says:


  23. Judah says:

    He that said,

    ‘He that is without SIN let him cast the first stone,’

    also said,

    ‘Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more’.

  24. fathi slshehaab says:

    mlw lipo must alliw rule of law prevail not nduna or anybofy komatu iwowa asawibeke nga mother teleza bwanji akusankha pali even mps amene akuphwanya children rights what is she going ti di about zat.hon win now 4yrs sakusamala aba ake or fees or zobvala panopa answo kusungidwa ndu a church ku moz…. Anduna funsani nkhanizu zili nskoti ndipo kotizo zinagogamula kutha jsa ukwato isansne kysanslaans angokuls okhs nfa mbuzi..ndikuti nfi Honourable mzawo mu nstionsl sssemblymo.. ndiye mwamutola juwa why….nkhani ndiyaku khothi osato psmsonkhano press confe ayi…

  25. nsanje port says:

    Abusa a mpingo wanji??

  26. Katalo says:

    Paja anzathu a Seventh Day zawo ndizimezi

  27. likoswe john says:

    Issues like this will be everywhere in the last days and the worst thing is that even the chosen will be involved. Let everyone learn from this and guard their own lives from the evil one.

  28. SDA Tsopano. This gathering has alot of crooks.

  29. Mpandamphanga says:

    SDA church is known for such issues. They like fornication in the name of AY camps and the amumpesa promotion belief that solely aims at internal fornication. Come to Thyolo especially Makwasa, Molele and Thekerani, you will be sorry of such ungodly acts in the Church of God. Shame on them!

  30. Vincent Ng'ambi says:

    Nyali ikazima wina aliyense amadziwa kuti mdima wafika. ndichifukwa chake ma SDA amatchuka kwambiri pa nkhaniyi koma kwnakunso Chigololo Chilipo. Samalani za chipulumutso chanu ndi kupemphererana wina ndi mnzake kuti mngayesedwe.

  31. Mpandamphanga says:

    A SDA khalidwe lawo ndi limeneli, muwone mmene a Adventist Youth(AY) amanyengana mu dzina la camp komanso nthawi ya misasa kumakhala thebwe lonyengana. Amangonamizira a mumpesa uku akumanyengana mumpingo! Shiiti

  32. Nsanje Lalanje says:

    Mipingo yonse ili ndi ukadaulo wawo . For example :
    Katolika : Uchidakwa .
    CCAP : Ufiti .
    SDA : Zigololo .

  33. Busy Brains says:

    Most members of this church are witches! They pretend to be holy, while in essence they are athakati. Their reasoning & teachings are based on the day and not what the bible says. Tsiku silikapulumutsa munthu, koma mtima through ntchito zako!!

  34. Busy Brains says:

    What interests me about these 7th day guys is that, to them, a day is more important than committing a sin. To them, it’s better to commit a sin in whatever form than not to keep the 7th day holy!! Poor reasoning indeed!!!!

  35. Taxina says:

    Kuti mufufuze m’taunimu , mahule ambiri achi zibambo ndi a seven . Kaya nchifukwa chiyani kaya?

  36. Mateyo Oyera says:

    Koma azimai a Dorika si momwe amakomelamo . Mayi, mayi, mayi!

  37. Masharubu says:

    Nde SDA imeneyo . Ma “captain” ena a SDA pa nkhani zimenezi ndi achina Michael Usi, Nkungula, Mayi Modecai Msisha, A. Kumbatira, B. Malopa and others too numerous to mention . Kwa iwowo, chi khristu ndi kusunga sabata basi .

  38. Angozo says:

    The minister’s comment is not wrong because she is the minister responsible for gender and the protection of women and girls. She has not directed the court but she has just expressed her views.

  39. chilungamo says:

    Mulungu, mwini nkhani ndi victim akudziwa zoona zenizeni za nkhaniyi.Ndife ndani kuti tiweruze? Ngakhale andunao ndindani? Akuperekeratu chigamulo chifukwa ciani? He is innocent ’till proven so by the courts. Komanso ma court nthawi zina amazemba choonadi. Only that God can’t come down and testify. Only HIM is a just judge. Ndikuopa.

  40. moyenda maulidi says:

    why why why man of god shameee!!!

  41. kamowa says:

    mbusayo aweluzidwe ngati munthu..osati zowonjedzera zo…inu ndi oyera ngati?

  42. Phiri says:

    If we consider an early church setting of Jesus and His disciples you will find that there was a bad apple even at executive level named Judas but this did not make Jesus’ ministry a ministry of thieves. Labeling SDA as a promiscuous church because of Juwa and others is wrong because is not part of his job description neither as pastor nor executive secretary. He was not sent by the church to defile the niece in the same way as Judas was not sent by Jesus to misappropriate ministry funds.

    1. Phiri says:

      Rather “…it is not part of of his job description…”

    2. Mirella K says:

      Yet u r NOT this wise wen u label all Muslims ‘terrorists’ wen u know for sure they very peaceful people save for the very very few ‘bad apples’…You hypocrites!!!

  43. Pichi says:

    Abale mpaka mwati a Catholic adasitha sabata. Kodi simumamwa nao madzi akatolika eti. Inu osangobwezeretsa sabatalo bwanji. Nkhaniyi ikukhudzana ndi Catholic and the sabbath. Noo chonde abale iyayi.

    1. Achisale Kumangoni says:

      Malawians education is key to success. Just study the beliefs of SDAs and you will discover that they follow exactly all Jewish customs than Christian beliefs. SDAs are entitled to call themselves Jews and not Christians.

  44. sothini says:

    SDA member!!! quarterly mmene imatokotera, osh

  45. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Ine ndusowa ondikwata.

  46. Lekani says:

    The devil at its work while children of God are sleeping. Be alert for you know not the day and hour of the coming of the Lorld.Lets pray for one another. Amen.

  47. Liberalist says:

    Bwanji Mpesa yaikulu kuphwanya lamulo la number 7 pamene ndinu a 7. You are cursed. Mpake ana abusa ambiri amakhala osokonokera chifukwa makolo awo amaba zopereka za anthu. The problem here is SDA is the light of the world thus why people including Kaliati is furious because the devil takes such evils as best opportunies to discredit the whole church based on an individual sin. The man of God has been used by the devil to drug into mud the already soiled reputation of the church.

  48. Nyapapi says:

    Anthu a Seventh Day ali ngati atumbuka, kukonda kukwata kwabasi!

    1. Chisoso Mmaso says:

      Paja Bingu anafa akutani ndi nkazi wa mwini?

  49. BalakaGuy says:

    Ndiye ma adventists amenewo kani simawadziwa amapanga zimenezotu,remember the malswich chief executive,ana a napanga porn.aku lilongwe aja,kaya Funny uyu wa ku bangwe uja kukhala ngati ndi SDA ameneyu,ndi zimene amapangatu.Ati iwowo chikhristu koma kusunga sabata,mbuzi zimenezi,ndiye zimachinda,seventh day woyeeeeeeeeeeee

  50. Ijeku says:

    It is clearly wrong what the pastor did but for the minister to command how the courts and the police should handle the case is equally wrong as the country has laws already in place which should guide the two intitutions on the matter.One can not be an activist and a minister at the same time,it is advisable for the people in such high positions to keep level headed at all times.

  51. tuntufye says:

    What a shame on the whole congregation,this is really the end of times

  52. chikiuj says:

    kodi inu a SDA amakuphuzisani chigololo ku church. even ku school u are number one.

  53. Girls are like mangoes,while you are still waiting for them to ripe,others are busy eating them with salt- African Proverb

  54. Druz says:

    Its not SDA pple only. We need to be praying for one another. No human is immune to temptations. We need to pray for the will power. This sexual sin is destroying families and Church families. The devil is trying hard fighting the people of God. Prayer is the answer to shame the devil. Let us not judge this man. Though fallen God still loves him not less. He remains a child of God. I hope he will find strength and not feel condemned to go back to God and repent. God is full of mercy.

    1. Ngakha says:

      You are right. We are all sinners.

  55. Mr Ibu says:

    your own hubby is busy fucking and impregnating ladies around. What if you start with him?

  56. Tuyuni says:

    Chimene chachitika, tingonena chimene chachitikacho kusiyana ndikunena zambiri. Mpingo uli onse machimo alimo tsono a Seventh Day Adventist akanena kuti Katolika ndi amene anasintha Sabata, silingakhale bodza lero chifukwa choti wina mu adventist wachimwa iyayi. Ndiponso sangasiye kulalikira choonadi chifukwa choti m’modzi wawo walakwa iyayi.Ndiponso sibwino kutseka makutu ku uthenga wa Mulungu chifukwa cha tchimo la munthu wina.


  58. mona says:

    Kaliati paja naweso umagwililira driver wako mpaka unampatsa edzi waiwala? Iweso ufunika ndende galu wa munthu

    1. george says:

      Atabwera Naye mayi Wogwidwa Ndi chigolo Yesu anafunsa amene sanachimwepo kuti ayambe kumponya mwala. Aliyense atakumbukira tchimo lake anataya mwala nachokapo.

  59. Jimmy says:

    This is not a political matter let the police do their job,it doesnt matter whether Kaliati fall under the concerned ministry but there is police.If a man is arrested for stealing a chicken in the village.I have never heard a village man speaking,how many years that man must spend in jail,it is the court responsible according to the weight of a crime not even the ministry of livestock.

  60. Youngman says:

    Very shame indeed, leaving your wife and busy with a primary pupil. Zomvetsa chisoni kwambiri.

    1. Mirella K says:

      Not just a primary pupil but an ORPHAN…not Just an orphan…but a a daughter to ur LATE BROTHER…blood brother…

  61. Jalonga says:

    Hope the ministry of Gender have funds to take care of the child whilst the father is saving his 14 yrs jail sentence.

  62. nambewe says:

    kusunga sabata nde number one

  63. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    The prime role of Kaliati’s ministry is advocacy to rights and well being of children, women and the disabled. The Government can’t just keep quiet on matters like this while knowing that a police docket could disappear for a price of Mk2000, or that incompetent police could rock up in court with incomplete investigations.

    Kaliati could be a buffoon but this time she got it right

  64. mbuya says:


  65. mmbolosa says:

    Pambali pot. Sindikusapota apats. Abusazo’ zikundimvetsa Chisoni Maka kuti Abusawo Ndimawadziwa. Komanso akaliyati alibe umunthu wodzudzulira Izi. Nawo amagona Ndi mdzukulu wa munawo its The something.

  66. boko harram says:

    Christian!! Christian how many times must I call you, you doing this in the name of your Jesus, mix Satanic demon in the name of Jesus? Most of those who does these are from Christian group, I’m proud to be a Muslim, Anglican roman catholic evangelical apostolic Zionist baptism sevith days the members of this churches are worse than pigs.

  67. azibambo inu mabodza ngati akazi.ndiangati a inu amene simunyenga? kaya ndi mbusa kaya munthu wamba matupiwa ndiofanana zimangofunika kulimba mtima.komanso azimai mwaloweza uhule olo muli pa banja timakuonani ndipo mukakhala kuti muli nawowo siamunanu akunyumba timadziwanso.mma lodgemu ngati tikupanga ndalama ndi za short time.palibe olungama basi tingotelo in general


  69. alukosyo says:

    Anduna kulankhula ngati judge ndi Iwo bwanji? Let relevant authorities handle the case inu Khalani busy ndikuziphoda kaye. Koma chinanchina mwayenjeza nkhope kupakidwa crackfiller mpaka 1kg.

  70. kwangu says:

    Mu munda wa mpesa, these guys are machines, Aluki

  71. $[=]@¢fi¢( says:

    do not say masiku omaliza nthawh ya loti nowa abraham ndi yesu kaya muhamad timati nthawi yomaliza mpaka pano patha zaka 1500 chichokereni muhamad ndiye zoti last days last days zitheretu zamasiku omaliza akuziwa ndi MULUNGU WAMKULU BASI

  72. Achimidzimidzi says:

    He is just Executive Secretary and not spiritual leader. SDA shouldn’t be mentioned because alot of men loose self control.

    But your minister of gender is funny and completely out of her mind. She actually a complainant, lawyer, and a judge at the same time. Finally she a prison warder for fourteen years. When did she quit her ministrial post?

  73. simighe says:

    That’s why I left that church.i chose to be a satanic member with tb Joshua.with satanic everything is possible.abussa inu kundinamiza kuti bwera ndikubatize mukufuna mundigone!!!!ndakutulukani ndili ku sstanic kaye.satamic wyeeeeee

  74. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    What is it that makes most SDA people , both men and women , to be sexual deviants? Can someone do a study please?

  75. Boko Haram says:

    Mipesa kukonda mowa wakumusi……chigololo too much.3/4 ya ma sex scandals pa Malawi pano amakhala ma member anu…komanso mumazitamilira kuti mumayenda chifupi ndi mulungu…Shame on you!!!!shame on you!!!!shame on you!!!!

  76. gift says:

    Don’t judge a denomination by few people who hav derailed!

  77. Concerned Christian says:

    Anthu amene mumadzitenga ngati a Mulungu inu chonde siyani kuchititsa manyazi dzina la Mulungu kupewa chilango chirinkudza. To the SDA Church humble yourselves and repent for you to enter heaven, do not only concentrate on keeping the sabbath while you make horrible sins and expect to enter heaven. Shame to the Pastor. Ambuye Mukozeni munthu uyu kuti adziwe inu kuti zoterezi asadzachitenso, Amen.

  78. cristiano says:

    Why is it that SDA is always caught in adultery n defiling kids mpingo umenewo uthe basi ngwa ziwanda

  79. sayin it like it is says:

    that face is being violated with too much make up surely…look at the difference between her hands and face?hahaha koma yaaaa chaka chosanduka nzungu chino akweni woyeee

  80. Israel2013 says:

    The albino issue is a totally different issue from the Pastor’s one. There it is not a related development. ATOLANKHANI INU TAMALEMBANI ZOMVEKA bwino plz.

  81. GOGO says:

    Aaaaa pamenepa malamulo khumi aswedwa maka lamulo 7 komaso 6 usachite chigololo usaphe abusa bwanji adikonesi wa dorika kulibe kumeneko shame to my denomination

  82. Patriot says:

    Sex, Drugs, Alcohol
    Koma akayamba kunyoza mipingo ya anzawo ngati kuti iwo ali holy.
    Senza mtanda

  83. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Evn a pastor is a man, not a church!

  84. Yankees says:

    A kaliati tidziti mukulimbikira! inu ndia Court kodi kapena aPolice? Asiileni amalizitsa eni ake or mukufuna mukakhale mboni, if so ndiye eh mama, simugwila ntchito zinatu, ma Pastor a malilime abodza oloweza, a personal gainz, mipingo yayo nsanje ndimipingo ina yomwe ili ndi a Khristu ambilimbili, Catholic, CCAP to mention afew, mumaitukwana now taonani mtsogoleriyu, ndiye mawa mupita ku church osangopita pa mowa bwanji? Zitsilu inu ndimunthu wanu wanyereyo, ma Babie osewa ama engine abwinowa kumakakwela mwana mbuzi iwe.

  85. Here ure now ati amalamulo amenewo.Anthu awa amaziona ngati oyela chifukwa amaopana okhaokha not God. Amachita kumakasumilana kumpingo.Ulaliki wao ntchitn kulimbana ndi mipingo ina basi maka a catholic.Simunati muyaluka.

  86. Dowa says:

    Ntchito koma tiyeni tisadye nkhumba..tiyeni tisadye milamba kkkk,,kumbaliku mukuchita zimenezi..pathetic!

  87. Nkhani yonyansadi although ndili mu mpingo omwewu

  88. Nkhombokombo says:

    The stress should not be put on “abusa”, for he too is human. He should face the arm of the law as Juwa. People of this calibre mess up the fame and mames of the churches. Shame on them! Kubvulira maliseche mwana wako! Kutha kwa dziko.

  89. Dzombe says:

    Mwatichtitsa manyaz ife a SDA,,,,rot in jail pastor,,,asatuluke ameneyo,,mbuzzzzz

    1. Mwanawane says:

      Not strange for SDA,that’s what they are well known for: mbuzi za anthu!

  90. Alufeyo says:

    Iwe Chigumbuli you are useless Kaliati is right why do old men sleep with kids when many old women are craving for sex. SDA chigololo ngati anyani why. Surely if a pastor is this totten is there any hope for Malawi? The same church has serious cashgaters now child molesters. Mabvuto kwambiri. Azimayi a SDA chonde nanunso mudzibvala ma panti kumangoti dzimatako gwedegwede. Mpingo wanji umenewu kodi?

  91. Cos says:

    holy SDA busy judging other denominations, shaaa, inu maphukusi athubulo mthumba mbiri zanu ndi zomwezo kunyenga akazi anzanu, how holy r u?

  92. tuvitwana says:

    Nanga kusunga sabata zithandiza MACHIMO THOO!! Church chonama ichi, too much hypocricy. Nthawi ya Yesu, I wud compare u pipo with PHARISEES

  93. GANGAMFUNO says:

    Akaliati Inu Unduna Sumakukhalani Ndipo Mutu Wanu Sugwila A Police Ndi Atola Nkhani Ndi Ntcito Yao Koma Iwe Bwanji Nthawiso Ya Bingu Umangolankhula Zilizose Kumamuipisa Ndipo Peter Kaya Ankakusankhila Chani Mphuzisiwe Amangidwe Akapezeka Wolakwa Iwe Ntchito Yako Simeneyo Kufiila Kosakukhalako Galu

  94. Rambos says:

    Babylon men in last days wl b vry evil evn to little ones. Loot in Jail

  95. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    The Politicians always want to gain political mileage over occurrences. The behavior of the pastor us deplorable yes but let us ask the competent authority (courts) to handle this.

  96. zazing'ono says:

    Ambiri a inu mu mpingo uwu ntchito kufufuza machimo a mpingo wa Katolika ndi mipingo ina instead of focusing on salvation gospel, chonsecho abusa anu akugwilirira ana (paedophiles), you play a lot of sainthood (holier than thou) attitude ngati zenizeni. Matukutuku too much. Phunzirani kudzichepetsa, osakhala ngati aja opha anzawo mudzina lachipembedzo.

    1. are you sure there are no peadophiles in catholic church?there are always bad apples in every setup on earth.you are being shallow minded here

  97. AT NGABU ANOTHER SDA FOUND doiing it , is IT TRUE?

  98. Chigumbuli says:

    Tikamanena kuti musamazikundira nokha chuma muziyang’anaso amphawi nkhawa zanthu zimakhala zimenezi. Tikamati akuluakulu tiyeni titukule dziko ili inu a zanthu a ndale ntchito yanu yimakhala kutibera. Pano muli patsogolo kulalata. Zomvetsa chisoni kwabasi. In fact what Kaliati is doing is just to earn herself reputation instead of resolving real problems deep rooted in our society especially in rural areas. Speaking about an event at Area 25, in Lilongwe which is just close to her office to me does not add any value.
    Her job is to motivate and lead everyone in her ministries and supervise on what they are doing. Political noise doesn’t solve problems at all. Nanga zotere zitati zachitka daily ndiye kuti everyday mukhala ndi press conference?

    1. nkhedu says:

      I wonder…kungofuna ma allowance tiziti anduna akugwira ntchito za ziiii


  100. Teachers says:

    Not all saying Jesus! Jesus! Jesus ! will enter heaven. They are many, these are the last days, even the minister herself ,Kaliati is doing the same, but law enforces are silent. Let such whitewashed hearts be smoked out in the name of Jesus out! out! out! out! out! ………….

  101. ndondocha says:

    another sda pastor kwa ngabu anagwidwa akuchinda nkazi wa church treasurer pa nsonkhano wa misasa. pa sabata? eya?

  102. chims says:

    adad a Morgan,momwe mumasokela muja inu ndi ampesa?mnnnnh!they are one in a million.once they are kot, they are highly published for the other issues to be subdued. kodi amagonedwa ngati mpingo?mnnnnh!zikuchitikita mnmanyumbamu ZANU adzanena ndi a nzanu.

  103. Makiu says:

    just allow polygamy because men have big appetite for sex

  104. hahaha…mipesa ndi thambi zake

  105. Mr. B says:

    Chemwali, mukukwana pantchito yanu. I salute and support you khaulitsani a pastor amenewa just isolate him from our community, we don’t need such pastor. He is evil and satanic. I had a chance to visit your office at city centre Gemini House and the way you handled their matters i realized that you are very capable in dealing with different people and their issues. Keep it up Akweni!

  106. Mswachi says:

    Abusanso mpaka pamenepa? Nanga alondelere njira mzake ndi ndani?

  107. ndyomba says:

    Zochititsa manyazi kooopysa. Onse awiri abusa nda kazawo. Jele bas

  108. apastor mmalo mokhala chitsazo chabwino chambuye pano mwakhala chitsazo chabwino cogwililira pano musamutaye kapoli ameneu alidziww dziko shit zake. koma pa nyasaland ndiye pawawasa eesh

  109. Greencardless Malawian says:

    He is a killer, he deserves the death sentence. What do you say you seventh day hollier than thouz?

  110. Ndiwopusa kwambili,mulandu yoteleyi azipasidwa zilango zokhwima osamawanyengelera.

  111. Google says:

    Mpingo wanga, mbusa wanga,

    Tikati tilibe uchimo tizingenga tokha mwa ife mulibe choonadi.

  112. hoitty says:

    Mipesa kukonda chigololo. Koma pamaso nde lasabata lasabata

  113. Barny says:

    Mpesa ndi nthambi zake

  114. Chichi says:

    So bad.

  115. Mthanda says:

    This is too bad. A Pastor doing such a thing and to his own late brothers daughter? Which bible does this man uses if indeed he is a pastor? Oh! God help this pastor to come to his senses and realise what he is there for. Taking Gods work for granted. Ambuye chonde anthu oyipa ngati awa, onamizira Kukhala mtumiki wanu, kumbali akuchita zoipa chomchi muzongowachotseratu. If you know you are also like this pastor, engaging yourself doing such a bad thing, UZAFA IMFA YOWAWA.

  116. de' Morgan says:

    mpesa.com, mafana odziwa kusoka, makina opangira makina a mzake. Mwananga pamaliro anga ukadzawona patulukira anthu a SDA, chonde dzathawitse mai ako, chifukwa anthu amenewa sawumira mkabudula kikikikikikikikiest!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Apa ndiye mipesa fe titukwanidwa bwanji? Koma maka dziko likupita kuti. Cry my beloved Church SDA.

    All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!!

  118. warrior says:

    Such A shame to our name

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