Kaliati fury with brutal death of Lilongwe woman: Hubby killed her for delaying to open door for him

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati, has described as shocking and uncalled for the death of 34-year-old Lilongwe woman, Christina Rodwell, who was allegedly killed by her husband for delaying to open door for him.

Kaliati: Let the man face the jazz of justice

Kaliati: Let the man face the jazz of justice

Rodwell died at the hands of her husband, Rodwell Mtifunsire, at Matawale Village, Traditional Authority Mtema in Lilongwe on Monday when she delayed to open the door for her husband who was reportedly coming from visiting a second wife, according to police.

The man was seen by people in the community dragging the body of his wife into the house and when confronted, he feigned that he had gone to practice witchcraft with his wife and that they had been involved in an accident hence the condition of his wife.

The matter was immediately reported to Kanengo police who took Rodwell into custody and his wife’s body to Kamuzu Central Hospital for postmortem where it transpired that she had died of internal bleeding.

Kanengo Police Spokesperson, Esther Mkwanda, said upon second interrogation Mtifunsire, 41, who hails from Kamanga Village, T/A Kabudula, Lilongwe, confessed that he had hit Christina hard before she died.

“He said the woman had delayed to open the door for him when he returned from a second wife and this infuriated him,” explained Mkwanda. “When she opened the door, Mtifunsire banged her hard against the wall in anger.”

But reacting to the news, Kaliati expressed shock and said her ministry would not relent until Mtifunsire face justice.

“This is extremely shocking and uncalled for in our society,” said Kaliati in an interview. “In the first place it should be appreciated that wives are not guards employed to keep watch round the clock.

“It’s very sad that a life is carelessly lost like that when the matter could be sorted out amicably: this is extremely sad and gender-based violence of highest order.”

The minister commended the police for intervening and the media for laying bare such gender-based violence and she further urged the media to publicize the legal frameworks that government enacted to curb such practices and maximum sentences involved when one is found guilty.

Meanwhile, Mtifunsire is on remand at Maula Prison pending court appearance soon after the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) scrutinizes his file, according to Kanengo police spokesperson, Mkwanda.

Murder charge is contrary to Section 209 of the Penal Code and attracts a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment with Hard Labour if one is found guilty by the court of law.

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59 thoughts on “Kaliati fury with brutal death of Lilongwe woman: Hubby killed her for delaying to open door for him”

  1. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Mxieeew to Mkupa.

  2. JB says:

    Castrate this idiot and lock him up for good. Together with all the idiots who are supporting this wild animal. Agalu inu

  3. Mkupa says:

    Gender @ large, manyumbamu azibambo tikuzuzidwa tisalandire phon mafuso pwilikiti,usafike 20 hrs walakwa ukhale panyumba kuti ucheze nawo wawonongaso,nanji nanji kuchipinda kuti uchinde ndiye kunyozedwa avekere ndatopa ine usandinyase ine,kodi tipangenji amunafe?

  4. MPHULITSI says:

    Mmmmmmmmm some people are wild animals indeed,kuchedwa kutsekula mpaka mkazi kusowa,nanga akanati sanatsegule sukanapha aliyense anali nyumbamoo ndee poti Malawi police timuona mkulu ameneyu ali yaviyavi kumwa zibonga

  5. fkr says:

    Kaliati your biggest problem is that you always open your mouth too early. when this man is found Guilty then as a minister can open her mouth. Otherwise she is at risk of putting government in a position where he could sue the Malawi government for slander if he is found not guilty. please kaliati think before speaking.don’t let your lack out education show too much

  6. apundi says says:


  7. mulomo says:

    The guy had two wives , meaning he had wide range of choice to where he could sleep.if the first one denied to open the door he could have just gone to another house, and get whatever he wanted from the latter.ubulutu basi

  8. YOLANDA says:

    iwe number 37,ameneyo si mchristu koma wa mpingo wa aron(chipembedzo cha nyauuuuuuuuuu nikulikita,bwera bweraaa! nyau si bweza chenji.kikikikiki

  9. ndadabwa says:

    Mpate Ndlovu you are very stupid. if your wife is your slave dont comment on this page. ndiwe galu ndipo mkazako ndi mbizi umangomuzunza momwe ukufunira. ndiwe nkhumba

  10. Roots says:

    Kkkkkkkk koma munthu ameneyu watinyozesa ife achewa ndithu. onani wanthu akutinyoza kuti ndife akudambwe chifukwa mkuluyi wapha mzimayi kkkkkkk. Guys not all chewas are like him kkkk sorry. May her soul rest in peace

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Foolish man. He should have just returned back to the other woman. moreover he was already tired of sex.

  12. Mpwesiwa says:

    The problem is that men are not being included in the gender education and initiatives. So they are behind and frustrated. In villages, women are being incentivised more than men. And all activities of the Ministry of Gender are aimed at resourcing and empowering women. Do you therefore expect men to be well rehabilitated and informed about gender this way? Instead of advancing gender equality, all you are doing is promoting feminism. Remember, men are not daft, and they are watching all these. You want to educate the girl child only and you are ignoring the plight of the boy-child. What kind of husband shall the ignored boy-child be?

    Akakhala Achewawa asiyeni choncho, kupha ndikhalidwe lawo. Munthu odzola manyi ndimunthunso?

  13. Bambo weniweni says:

    Azibambo mkazi sitipanda.Mankhwala amkazi ndikumukwapulila chida ndipo salongololanso amangogona fwakalala.Azibambo amtundu wanji osazindikira mpaka lero?Akweni knows well.We don’t beat women.Zonse zimathera mubalangete.

  14. Mweneeee says:

    Several factors to be considered
    1 It is obvious he came atachinda MG 2 and was satisfied to the brim to the point that MG 1was not into his mind at that time
    2 it is likely he came home late and MG 1 was furious threatening not to open for him and that he should go back to where he was
    3 being his house, the guy bashed the door prising it open and MG 1 started showering insurts at him and he got furious and compressed her against the wall then she passed out, simple . In this case, considering that MG 1 new about MG 2, the guy is considered not girty, simple. I rest my case

  15. Eddie Kumwenda says:

    To others is a brutal murder but of those brothers in Mzuzu were thieves and died in vain. God is watching you.

  16. NKHAMANGA says:

    Much as painfully pricks my heart and upright consciousness, let us not put a blind eye towards the untold social, physical and conjugal inflictments arrowed at MEN by chauvinistic red lipped women rights agitators.

  17. RANGO says:

    Quite bad

  18. reality and punshment which comes first? follow up the story first and then u can c who is wrong not only looking for the dead body but the root so Patricia wach out your tongue

  19. reality and punshment which comes first? follow up the story first and then u can c who is wrong not only looking for the dead body but the root so Patricia wach your tongue

  20. Aaron Nsena says:

    Azimayi achichewa akafuna kulalata alibe nzawo, sapumila. Rember spokeswoman wa MCP?, achimwene anga anachita kuthawa okha anaopa zimenezi. Chonde tingowasiya ochewawa azingokhala mbeta basi,kungowavula basi

  21. akilen says:

    Kodi Akhristu mwayambanso mitala?

  22. che mkope says:

    zovesa chisoni

  23. Pewani Joza says:

    Mother fucker why beating a wife. You would just used your penis to fuck her, just like Kaliati said, and the matter would be resolved. Boy, you have penises, the only weapon you can use to fuck and not to beat wives. If you know you are cruel do not get married, just die under the pussies of prostitutes. Fuck you MF bitch

  24. shocker says:

    Atumbuka muli ndi mwayi. Akanakhala mtumbuka wachita zimenezi bwenji patatukanidwa apa. Mwayi wachita zimenezi ndi Mmalawi.

  25. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword!

  26. Zanimuwone says:

    Gentlemen let us love our wives. See what role they have in our homes.

  27. Wisdom says:

    Women its time u opened ur eyes really wide. Amuna kukuzunzani koma basi osachoka. My sister is in the same situation but does not see anything wrong with the abuse she gets. I just hope and pray that one day azatseguka mmaso bola alamu wo asazamuphe.

  28. Denguzman. says:

    Naturally i hate viazimuna vamitala. No mercy for this one wakupha aphedwe basi.

  29. womenslib says:

    Malawian men are behind in women’s liberation issues. They disrespect women’s clothing choices, they solicit you even if you have a husband and they know it, the corrupt young girls, they push past women without saying excuse me and never let a woman go first. They sit down on a seat when a pregnant woman is standing. They beat their wives while cheating on them on the side. They eat at drinking holes while their kids are starving. Is anyone really surprised at this incident? We will continue to be a backward country if men do not love and respect their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. The man may be the head of the family but the woman is the neck.

  30. Namagaitsa says:

    Ah marubbish! Azimayi mwano kwambiri. Mpaka kufika size yomuuza mamuna kuti ukabwera itapitilira nthawi yakuti sindikutsegulira?

    Azibambo tikuvutika kwambiri mmakomomu chifukwa cha azimayi. Mutati mufufuze mupeza kuti poyambilira amalalata mkazi ameneyu kuti bwelera komwe unali!

  31. dalitso says:

    Sad that in these centuries, some people can go as far as doing these violence and think that women are door mat. laws of protecting women should be put ib place and please NGO’s sensitise communities that women are as good as anyone and deserve respect.anthuofunika aphunzitsidwe kuti adziwe zomwe anauzidwa kale ndi makolo zotenga azimayi ngati objects zinali zolakwika kwambiri.

  32. Ingwenyama. says:

    Mitala achewa siyanu iyayi koma angoni moti umaganiza kuti muli mwamuna wina mnyumbamo. Inuyo muzingo vina nyau basi.

  33. Munthu akangopha munthu mnzake,the moment wapha munthuyo nde kuti iye wasinthta kukhala chilombo,nde moti tidziwira kut zilombo zakupha sizikhala mmudzi koma kuthengo iyeyonse ayenera kuchotsedwa m’mudzimo kupititsidwa kuja.inde kumeneko for ever & ever more osabweleranso padziko pano.

  34. Kamano says:

    Mtundu wa umve ngati uwu sindinauone.They laugh mzawo akamadutsa atadzola matope onunkha mmenemo ali maliseche.Achewa pamenepo mtima mbeee.Mudzazione ngakhale ziphunzire mavalidwe kumathangira ku nyau nyau eeh!!Kudulana manja ndi kuphana ndie ndi izii.Mufunilanji umboni wina kuti ochewa mvilombo.MVILOMBODI vinthuvi vayamba kupha owaphikira msima.

  35. Mkolekeni bomba ameneyo!!

  36. Akatswiri says:

    Why you man,can you say that it is the work of the devil,one day the devil will deny this.

  37. nganga says:

    Kungomuotcha ndi tyre basi file yachaninso

  38. Lee Kachoka says:

    Aaaaah!zomwezi?Zogwetsa ulesi.

  39. Tengupenya says:

    maximum sentence for murder is death by hanging. this wife killer deserved nothing short of this maximum sentence.

  40. lucy mtelera says:

    mmmmmmm…..its thats brutal….masikudi otsirza chikondi chikutha @ mtundu ndi mtundu kuwukirana

  41. lucy says:

    mmmmm…..its too much masikudi otsiliza chikondi chachibadwidwe chikutha & mtundu ndi mtundu kuukirana

  42. i love prostitutes says:

    kumatsegula mwa changu chitseko ok??

  43. Youn says:

    Ngati pali media house yomwe idzayambitse tribal war ngati zinaoneka ku Rwanda ndiye ndi Nyasa. Mumalekerera ma tribalistic coment a anthu omwe mitu yao siiyenda bwino. You will one day be responsible for this. Musadzati sindinakuchenjezeni!

  44. Chilombo says:

    Azibambo tikumadulidwa maliseche ndi azimayi koma kukumakhala ziiii!

  45. This man deserves stiffer punishment because the innocent woman allowed him to marry a second wife he should have been appreciative.

  46. Jast kill him olso

  47. Victor Jumbo says:

    Tame this beast. Make sure he doesn’t walk on our streets ever again. Killing an innocent person let alone your own wife is beyond me. Killing is the worst thing someone would choose to do especially that each one of us has got only one precious life and all of us would want to live it to the fullest and to be cut short like this is not only cruel but uncalled for, disgusting and unacceptable. This bullish beast should be made to feel the weight of the law. He should be punished and shown as deterant to would be bullies and murders in the future.
    Victor Jumbo, UK

  48. Babalu says:

    Taganizani abale, ophedwayu ali sister,aunt, name the relation mungamve bwanji? Ochewa ndi ankhanzadi.Hon. kaliati dont relent aphedwe nayenso.

  49. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ndakuooona ndakuoona eeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,apolice khululukani achewa nivilombo.



  51. nazimbiri says:

    mutomudura nkhumbwanazo,asiye kunyenga azimayi ena,nanga siwatopha acha kazi acheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!koma nkhaza zinazi abaleee!kodi munatomwa magazi awanthu?iyaaaaaaaaa! mwatoonjeza achewa akudambweeeeeeee!

  52. Beloved says:

    Komatu izi ndi nkhanza zoopsya zedi ameneyu osamutulutsa mpakana chilunga cha bwalo chioneke basi asa!

  53. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Kamuzu used to call women ‘mbumba zanaga,’ and they safe regardless of whether the woman was wa m’boma or wa m’chipani. Atsogoleri a lero amati amai a m’boma kapena a m’chipani, meaning those outside the ring ali m’madzi! Musomva!

    1. arkmm says:

      za ziiiiii!!!!!

  54. Abiti says:

    Ma albino onse aphedwa Malawi muno aphedwa kuti

  55. Igweeee says:

    Vilombo va kwa ochiuzira dala….vapha okadzi.

  56. Nyirongo says:

    Nyau.com. Check murder stories from Dowa too. Ochewa ndi o Chakwera, nkhanza lekani, Nyau lekani. I wonder why tikamanena kuti MCP njankhanza enanu mumatsutsa. Umboni siuwu? Nyau party ife toto.

  57. JB says:

    Komatu achewa mwaonjeza very angry tribe beating women killing women nchani chavuta?

    1. Mkupa says:

      Gender @ large, manyumbamu azibambo tikuzuzidwa tisalandire phon mafuso pwilikiti,usafike 20 hrs walakwa ukhale panyumba kuti ucheze nawo wawonongaso,nanji nanji kuchipinda kuti uchinde ndiye kunyozedwa avekere ndatopa ine usandinyase ine,kodi tipangenji amunafe?

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