Kaliati hints govt will regulate social media: Malawians abusing Facebook

Information minister Patricia Kaliati has hinted the government will regulated the social media, saying it has now become a gossip and rumour mongering platform thereby defaming or hurting many innocent people.

Kaliati: Social media is for networking and productive matters and not monger mill or insults platform

Kaliati: Social media is for networking and productive matters and not monger mill or insults platform

Kaliat said this on Thursday when she visited private owned  Zodiak  Broadcasting Services offices in Lilongwe.

“It is sad that some people use the social media to spread false rumours. Imagine, some people even spread rumours of death, that someone has died which is not true,” said Kaliati.

She did not however go into detail o how the social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be regulated.

Kaliati assured Zodiak staff that the government would guarantee freedom of opinion and expression as well as freedom of broadcasting but reminded the staff that all freedoms are not absolute.

She said there was need for the media to be responsible as well by avoiding sensational reporting that would just alarm people.

In his speech, the managing director of Zodiak,  Gospel Kazako asked President Peter Mutharika to be open even to local media houses.

He said on several occasions, the President had turned away reporters from Zodiak on the pretext that he was busy.

Zodiak boss also bemoaned that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)cadres sometimes harasses journalists from the media house, saying they are sometimes beaten up and their car was set up ablaze by regime thugs.

Kazako also told the minister that Malawi is not moving economically and socially as many women continue to die of diseases that can be prevented and education standards in public schools have completely gone down.

He also said the hunger situation is still dire as some people cannot afford a meal a day.

“We will ensure that we make your government accountable, we will make sure that we make your government transparent. Our obligation is to the people of Malawi not to politicians. We have seen governments come and go, we have seen your government going and coming back but Malawians have always been there,” he said.

Kaliati, in her response to issues raised by Kazako, said the government would look into all the matters raised.

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36 thoughts on “Kaliati hints govt will regulate social media: Malawians abusing Facebook”

  1. LUHANA Z says:

    Malawians, comments made so far on regulating the social media are not fair coz it has nothing to do with where APM was . Stop this no sense! Look it has been observed that we tend to abuse the media and use fake names coz its a shame. Let us comment objectively.

    Developed nations like China have regulated the social media in order to avoid injuring each other psychologically and eroding of morals among the youth. In the same vein, I urge govt to consult massively on this to come up with a law that would help build the country than gag or threaten innocent malawians.
    We can not develop meaningfully if sweep our responsiblity under the carpet.
    Our network providers, TNM, AIRTEL Etc pls start the sim card registration system so that authentic names and other details are captured.

  2. Enock says:

    BLESSED HOPE ISULU letter to Citizens is very impressive and a good idea

  3. eugene says:

    Fodya eti – mwaiwala 577 billion ija?

  4. Apao says:

    Fodya eti kkkkkkk….stop bleaching your skin please inu Midnight Six

  5. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    let her and DPP go and hang themselves. Malawi is not a place for idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Begin of end! . People fought this democracy with their blood. Peter was in USA then. What a Shame!

  7. Dwambazi says:

    I want to see how you are going to that. Free speech is my birth right

  8. JD says:

    We don’t use government airtime and there is no basis to we Malawians are abusing Facebook

  9. You Kaliati are sick, Malawians have been complaining of MBC’s biasness and yet your gafment does nothing about it and you rush to regulate the social media. Does facebook, twitter and the like belong to DPP??? Tell MBC to start conducting itself as a public broadcaster not as a dpp mouth piece. Ukagwere.

  10. kk says:

    Kaliyati ndi Kazako amene walankhula zonveka ndikuonetsa mphavu ndi Kazako kikkkkkkkkkkkk, koma Bakili anatilakwitsa kobasi, ndithu kuthilidwa doom mmaso mpaka kutenga Mlhomwe ndithu mkumati akahale Pule? hahahahahahahah!!!!! taonani tsopano zichitikazi?
    Koma abale sititopa dikilabe zimene wanena Kazako kuti boma liti chani sinanga uthenga wanveka bwino ndipo Kazako watuma Kaliyati kikkkkkkkkk!!

  11. John K Black says:

    This government does not support our constitutional right of freedom of expression. The President swore to uphold and defend the constitution. He needs to reign in Kaliati, with her attack on free speech.

  12. Phillips Chisambo says:

    Kaliat! you can never win this one. Malawians are very intelligent,ask MCP people will tell you. if we prevailed under the fierce leadership of late KAMUZU BANDA,who are you with your racist DPP to regulate social media? you can do that to your Lhomwe people only who are stupid and cheap minded.

  13. Bongololo says:

    Kaliati is one attention seeking … Now go ahead and legislate that.

  14. Zilani says:

    Why is govt so fast in considering to regulate social media communications before enacting the Access To Public Information law?

    Seriously, this govt is sick. I hope it’s only Kaliati’s wishful thinking. Where on earth?

  15. Unending says:

    Facebook and social media do not belong to DPP government. If Mathanyula and hîs DPP government do what they are supposed to do then people would have no reason to resort to Facebook and embarrass them

  16. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Mr Kazako being political, no less. Ambushing Akweni with questions MCP gave Kazako to ask her, when he knew the subject at hand was potential regulation of part of the social medium.

    Bro., you should know that just as Governments come and go, so do businesses, like yours.
    Someone has to remind you of this, really?
    Another reminder: It’s a privilege, not a right, to be licensed to run a medium “house”. How quickly they forget, the nouveau riche Malawian oligarchs forget?

  17. Ken says:

    A kaliati mwaswera bwanji munasowatu mayi mwabweraso ? fikani bwino a Malawi anzanufe umphawi utivuta ndiye pepani musadabwe kwambiri tikamalalata sichina mavuto achuluka ana anufe .

  18. Very patriotic says:

    Don’t insult people’s intelligence Hon minister. What regulations???? We are in a democracy WAKE UP!!!!! FREEDOM of speech is part of context not suppression of truth. We are living in a global village where views & opinions are cherished. Constructive criticism is very necessary just like Democrats & republicans share different perspective where apologetics sets standard of expression. Agitation exist when things don’t add up period leave social media alone.

  19. VYOTO says:

    Talk of issues that are of subsatance Madam Kaliati or else go back to your primary school teaching days? What will regulation of social media benefit DPP led Government?

  20. Funzo says:

    While not wanting to be abusive, this does make Kaliati a laughing stock.

  21. vavlov says:

    Kaliati instead of regulating social media the government should urgently deal with the pressing issues in the country. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill health are rife in Malawi. You are such a scare-claw, in appearance and deeds. The social media will continue to expose ffailures of DPP

  22. lulomo says:

    regulate social media.ife ana ako chani?u think you are running a secondary school or what?.osamatitola amalawi

  23. mtuvituvi says:

    this lady is sick, she want us to be on MBC TV ? Facebook is the voice for voiceless keep MBC to your self madam.

  24. silence says:

    what will regulating social media going to benefit the 80% of malawians who are struggling in need of basic stuff? tackle the day to day of the people first all this social media it jus for leisure

  25. Oki says:

    Odi uko! mungakwanise kupanga regulate social media inu when you are even failing to feed the country and build roads 50years after independence. tazingodyani ndalama za boma ife tizinka nakutukwanani pa nyasatimes, Facebook ndi twitter

  26. samuel lwara says:

    Gospel, thanks for your reaction to kaliati. She is the most bent politician of the century and an enemy to open media. Because of her, I have faced tough times with the government( DPP) is serving as a minister. Since 2009 when she closed mzimba community radio station, I was jailed and imprisoned for three months for reasons best known to her. Arrested and detained by mzimba police for more than 30 times and survived three shooting attempts at my house at mzimba boma. Next time don’t open your doors for her she is dirty. Her coming to your offices symbolizes and justifies numereous failed evil attempts to your life my good brother. Her weakness is that does not know what made his former boss collapse and die in office. She is short sited and undermines strength of those of contrary views to government.

  27. Tozer Tsono says:

    What a waste, that government would have resources to regulate what citizens have engaged in throughout from generation to generation all the way back to their ancestors.
    Doesn’t Kaliati hear about witchcraft murders or rumors of who bewitched who?
    Yes, the behaviour that leads to murders or defamation is reprehensible. But it is not caused by social media. Enforce the laws like defamation, slander, etc. Along with that, have a police dog sniff for dead albino bones when parliament is sitting, at police road blocks , on public transportation, and government offices. Do something about lives that are being sacrificed for nothing but superstition, gossip, and witchcraft. Everyone knows, poor people do not have $175,000 to spare on another persons human remains, Creepy! Rich disgusting people do!

  28. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Chimenecho ndiye chambacho. Why can’t you come up with your own FB or Whatsapp? Akumangani eni ake.

  29. ndondwa says:

    kulankhula kwa munthu wopanda mantha kumeneko thumbs up kazako sizomanjenjemera kuti apa pali akweni ndiye ndisayankhule kuopa PITALA ai.

  30. john phiri says:

    Kaliati go and tell Peter to regulate the economy first, then secondly he should regulate hospitals and thirdly regulate food shortage then regulate education. After regulating all these you will discover there will be no need to regulate social media. Konzani cholakwikacho osati Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Fuck off

  31. Optic Computer says:

    Well trusted sources say that names for police recruits have been released through letters via post offices contrary to the interests of the participants who are being sent back at police stations that they just have to wait for the confirmation letters, and cannot be shown the list. Two people I know have been picked, but they did not even attend both written and oral interviews that were conducted on separate days.

    The two got through through influential DPP officials. Malawians see what is happening, and perhaps that is one reason they have lost confidence in the MPS.

  32. Mkuluzikaoneka says:

    Kazako, it is a collective responsibility to deal with such problems Malawi is facing. Also go and tell Chakwera that he also has a role to play amid food shortages, diseases and killings of albinos. Where is he? Has he gone into hibernation, only to re-surface during campaign period?

  33. nyamayasauka says:

    Kulankhula kumeneko Dr. Kazako, osaopa ayi. Auzeni zoona basi, ndizosiilana izi. Komanso amalawi tikuononga tokha ufulu basi kumatukwana pa media lekani akweni alikunena zoona apa but must remember that this is a hill you climb and one day will go down.

  34. I will always have problems with Mr Gospel Kazako more so when he is pro-opposition MCP. He is telling the Minister there are diseases, no food bla bla bla. Is Kazako here not political? Why can’t Mr Kazako join politics eeeeeeee? Wailesi ya Zodiak dzulo simamveka, inkangoti chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ku m’mamawaku. Ndale muwasiyire a ndale!

  35. Kwesi says:

    Thumbs up Gospel. You really talked like a patriot and telling these thugs the real truth

Comments are closed.

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