Kaliati mobilizes Malawi women to form professional networks

The Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare is mobilizing women in Civil Service Commission to form professional networks in their fields to, among others, consolidate women economic empowerment and participation in decision making and elimination of harmful cultural, structural and social practices and traditions.

Kaliati: Let professional women form networks

Kaliati: Let professional women form networks

According to Minister of Gender, Patricia Kaliati, the professional women networks will also mobilize women professionals to take direct roles and responsibilities in empowering women and girls to take part in the social and economic development of Malawi and Africa as a whole.

This is also in line with the African Union (AU) declaration that 2015 is the year of Empowerment of Women Towards Africa’s Agenda.

“Women in Africa constitutes 52% of the population. The composition is not different at each individual Member States. For Africa to achieve the Agenda 2063, there is need to deliberately empower and mainstream the 52% of the women population into its development agenda.

“Africa and its individual Member States will not develop if women are left behind, bearing in mind that Agenda 2063 is goal to bridge to the gap at all levels,” explained Kaliati during interactive meeting with women professionals in Blantyre on Thursday.

The outspoken Minister further therefore said the networks will contribute to the attainment of the goals and aspirations of the MGDS II, Vision 2020 and the vision of the administration under President Peter Mutharika.

She said government focuses on human development for export oriented economy and a reformed efficient and effective public service.

“The professional women networks will are role models for young girls and catalysts for increased women educational attainment, professional training, assertiveness and confident building in all areas and taking up leadership responsibilities.

“My Ministry is implementing a number of programmes aimed at empowering women, young girls and vulnerable population groups of both males and females at all the levels,” said Kaliati.

Programmes being implemented in collaboration with various stakeholders include Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE); Social Cash Transfer; Early Childhood Development; National Adult Literacy; Community Mobilisation and Capacity Building; Home Management and Nutrition; Empowerment of Elderly Persons; Empowerment and Mainstreaming of Persons with Disabilities; Women Economic Empowerment; and National Action Plan to Combat Gender Based Violence.

“Through this women will contribute to the attainment of the country’s development and Africa Agenda 2063.

“Remember that women elsewhere such as Kenya own banks, hotels and infrastructure. If they have done it we can also do it. Let us strengthen our networks professionally with hard work, no stealing and unity of purpose. Let us have strong economic, social and professionally sound networks built on patriotism as the fourth cornerstone which His Excellency requested Malawians to follow for a developed and better Malawi,” appealed Kaliati.

The meeting attracted women from different ministries and departments.

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Keen Observer

Overdose ya make up. Hybrid women. Why can’t you be original?????? Be smart but original.


This is fu….k first class. Mboli zanu. Ndiposo mukununkha nyini


Nkhope igwatu kaliyati/chiliyati.
Professional women network nayambitsa kale ine, usabele https://www.facebook.com/groups/1534750556793969/


@ Bwangazi, your comment seems personal. And its serious. Yooh! That is bad.


Kaliati the devil herself


I hope she is not doing it for show. Kaliati as I know is the most cruel person I have ever met in my life. I have witnessed several incidences where many women have suffered in kaliatis hands for just real chicken reason. This woman is evil I can go on and on but personally she is doing this to just to pay her bills and put food on her table not really out of passion. Shame this devil.


We dont have proffessional women in country!!!! This country is full of educated bitches!!! They are busy fucking bosses in offices!!!! Stupid stupid!!! Mahule achabechabe!! Pa thako panu!!! You dont even support each other!!! Ya mbuzi za anthu!!!! You pulled down ur fellow wom from the presidential seat and ur busy barking , forsake ananyongo inu!!! Kaliati pathako pako wamva!!!! Kutumbo !!!

White Rabbit

All I see is Jabba The Hutt

Khuth'upa o'Machemba
Akweni: I tip my hat for you, out of respect and your for championing the advancement for advancement of women and girls in our country. You have certainly found your calling; and APM has placed you in the right position. No question. I have always hoped that young girls will notice your efforts, and take the opportunity to change not only their mentality; but also of the mentality of their brothers and boyfriends. I, for one, will continue to encourage my daughter to see herself as worthy as any man. So far, so good. Thanks, in part, to your efforts.… Read more »
White Rabbit

What this so called ‘woman’ should do is get a real plastic surgeon…not a veterinarian to perform her face lifts.
My oh my I feel sorry for her hubby. I presume he has a supply of head sized brown paper bags by their bedside.

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