Kaliati says ‘stop foul comments’ on Nyasa Times, Malawi media

Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education, Patricia Kaliati has appealed to Malawians to stop writing insulting comments on leading interactive online publication Nyasa Times, saying citizens  should  desist from insulting their political leaders.

Kaliati: Let Malawians be civil t

Kaliati: Nice photos and good comments to  reflect warm hearted Malawian spirit

Kaliati made the appeal during the Times Radio phone-in discussion program hosted by Brian Banda on Tuesday to mark World Press Freedom Day, the day the United Nations set aside to reflect on challenges and successes in the media.

She was joined during the program via telephone by Editorial Director of Nyasa Times, Thom Chiumia who informed that this year the online publication is celebrating a milestone after a decade of existence serving Malawians and the world at large as a reliable news output.

The Minister while commending Nyasa Times said there was room for improvement and cited the comments section on stories, that it sometimes has insulting discussions.

“I urge you to make sure the comments that   making incendiary remarks about women and their appearance and those that are insulting leaders should not be posted,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati urges Malawians to desist from insulting their political leaders and treat them with decorum and respect.

She said insulting comments or media use of degrading photos are retrogressive and also decays the morale fibre of the country.

“Insulting comments does not reflect the nature of warm hearted Malawians,” she said.

In his remarks, Chiumia said Nyasa Times will ensure to moderate comments  to  give a  stonewall to the insulting comments but will continue to allow people to express themselves freely by giving constructive criticism.

Kaliati said the government of President Peter Mutharika supports press freedom  and reiterated his commitment that “no journalist will be arrested or stopped from professionally doing his or her job during this administration.”

“We believe that the media can only participate meaningfully in supporting development if they are given press freedom,” Kaliati pointed out.

In celebrating media freedom, Kaliati reminded the journalist to exercise their freedom with responsibility and professionalism.

She said President Mutharika is a friend of the media and wishes the media to continue serving Malawi with a sense of patriotism, high integrity and the dedication of national duty.

According to press reports,  commentators such as Boniface Dulani, a political and social analyst, based at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director John Kapito and Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) executive director Dalitso Kubalasa have given the Malawi media the thumbs.

Dulani told The Nation that Malawi private media is “ vibrant” with  “great effort to balance stories and to get independent commentary” but that  the public media gets a ‘poor’ rating for what he called poor quality and bias .

While Kubalasa said local media houses need to “up their game” in ensuring that professional gaps are closed urgently.


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Wee kaliate weee, are you serious? You are the one with bad comments, muzimay wotukwana ndiweyo


Komabe thumbs up Thom Chiumia. Nyasatimes has sobered up nowadays. Same with ZBS. Constructive criticism ndiyofunika but not sensational reporting.


I think it would be better to respect vendors than the so called political leaders, it is this belief that they are leaders that make them arrogant and thieves. To hell with the so called political leaders. Kaliati find something else to say, you are a joker, and the most foul-mouth woman in SADC. How do you feel having a fake PhD?

Lazarus Chataika

kaliati who do u think u r?Chifukwa chakuti muli mboma nde anthu asiye kulankhula zaku khosi .Mwayiwala kuti muli kunja mukatukwana kwambiri.munya muwona simunati.

Gold Ruyondo

if you are tired of the heat get out the kitchen

Chief Kapoloma

Bullets 5 Sable 1


Who actually can take Kaliati seriously when she is the one who is using foul language every day of the week. Simunati ndipo muwona. Sizinati. Agalu inu.Ana a njoka inu.This government should just step down honourably.


I hav never taken what kaliyati says seriously. I dont even find capacity in her that can influence any positive change in the minds of malawias. She is subjective to her president and should remain so. Alibe mfundo amai awa


Zimenezo ndiye zokanikazo, kaliati waziwa liti kuti zimenezo ndizolakwika? Iyeyo amalankhula motumbwa pamisonkhano, ndi pa MBC kumanyoza a opposition lero zisamuwawe. As long as Pitala & his government are not doing the right things tili pano kutokota mpaka wina asanze isaaa mumafuna muzingodya ndalama zathu za misonkho koma ntchito yomwe mukugwira osaoneka, iyaaaa.

When our so called leaders rape and pillage our country, waste our tax money, steal government coffers, have failed in everything they do (education, electricity, water, roads, hospitals, public services, traffic systems) and people have a chance to say what they really feel inside them (freedom of expression) then you can expect explicit comments to be made. What our so called leaders need to do is start doing the job that they were employed to do with honesty and character and make the changes that will move this country forward. Kaliyati herself draws a lot of critics because she is… Read more »

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