Kaliati says ‘stop foul comments’ on Nyasa Times, Malawi media

Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education, Patricia Kaliati has appealed to Malawians to stop writing insulting comments on leading interactive online publication Nyasa Times, saying citizens  should  desist from insulting their political leaders.

Kaliati: Let Malawians be civil t

Kaliati: Nice photos and good comments to  reflect warm hearted Malawian spirit

Kaliati made the appeal during the Times Radio phone-in discussion program hosted by Brian Banda on Tuesday to mark World Press Freedom Day, the day the United Nations set aside to reflect on challenges and successes in the media.

She was joined during the program via telephone by Editorial Director of Nyasa Times, Thom Chiumia who informed that this year the online publication is celebrating a milestone after a decade of existence serving Malawians and the world at large as a reliable news output.

The Minister while commending Nyasa Times said there was room for improvement and cited the comments section on stories, that it sometimes has insulting discussions.

“I urge you to make sure the comments that   making incendiary remarks about women and their appearance and those that are insulting leaders should not be posted,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati urges Malawians to desist from insulting their political leaders and treat them with decorum and respect.

She said insulting comments or media use of degrading photos are retrogressive and also decays the morale fibre of the country.

“Insulting comments does not reflect the nature of warm hearted Malawians,” she said.

In his remarks, Chiumia said Nyasa Times will ensure to moderate comments  to  give a  stonewall to the insulting comments but will continue to allow people to express themselves freely by giving constructive criticism.

Kaliati said the government of President Peter Mutharika supports press freedom  and reiterated his commitment that “no journalist will be arrested or stopped from professionally doing his or her job during this administration.”

“We believe that the media can only participate meaningfully in supporting development if they are given press freedom,” Kaliati pointed out.

In celebrating media freedom, Kaliati reminded the journalist to exercise their freedom with responsibility and professionalism.

She said President Mutharika is a friend of the media and wishes the media to continue serving Malawi with a sense of patriotism, high integrity and the dedication of national duty.

According to press reports,  commentators such as Boniface Dulani, a political and social analyst, based at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director John Kapito and Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) executive director Dalitso Kubalasa have given the Malawi media the thumbs.

Dulani told The Nation that Malawi private media is “ vibrant” with  “great effort to balance stories and to get independent commentary” but that  the public media gets a ‘poor’ rating for what he called poor quality and bias .

While Kubalasa said local media houses need to “up their game” in ensuring that professional gaps are closed urgently.


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62 thoughts on “Kaliati says ‘stop foul comments’ on Nyasa Times, Malawi media”

  1. Wanakabaghe says:

    Wee kaliate weee, are you serious? You are the one with bad comments, muzimay wotukwana ndiweyo

  2. hedo says:

    Komabe thumbs up Thom Chiumia. Nyasatimes has sobered up nowadays. Same with ZBS. Constructive criticism ndiyofunika but not sensational reporting.

  3. vavlov says:

    I think it would be better to respect vendors than the so called political leaders, it is this belief that they are leaders that make them arrogant and thieves. To hell with the so called political leaders. Kaliati find something else to say, you are a joker, and the most foul-mouth woman in SADC. How do you feel having a fake PhD?

  4. kaliati who do u think u r?Chifukwa chakuti muli mboma nde anthu asiye kulankhula zaku khosi .Mwayiwala kuti muli kunja mukatukwana kwambiri.munya muwona simunati.

  5. Gold Ruyondo says:

    if you are tired of the heat get out the kitchen

  6. Chief Kapoloma says:

    Bullets 5 Sable 1

  7. Bwabwalala says:

    Who actually can take Kaliati seriously when she is the one who is using foul language every day of the week. Simunati ndipo muwona. Sizinati. Agalu inu.Ana a njoka inu.This government should just step down honourably.

  8. Kartosis says:

    I hav never taken what kaliyati says seriously. I dont even find capacity in her that can influence any positive change in the minds of malawias. She is subjective to her president and should remain so. Alibe mfundo amai awa

  9. ndondwa says:

    Zimenezo ndiye zokanikazo, kaliati waziwa liti kuti zimenezo ndizolakwika? Iyeyo amalankhula motumbwa pamisonkhano, ndi pa MBC kumanyoza a opposition lero zisamuwawe. As long as Pitala & his government are not doing the right things tili pano kutokota mpaka wina asanze isaaa mumafuna muzingodya ndalama zathu za misonkho koma ntchito yomwe mukugwira osaoneka, iyaaaa.

  10. FKR says:

    When our so called leaders rape and pillage our country, waste our tax money, steal government coffers, have failed in everything they do (education, electricity, water, roads, hospitals, public services, traffic systems) and people have a chance to say what they really feel inside them (freedom of expression) then you can expect explicit comments to be made. What our so called leaders need to do is start doing the job that they were employed to do with honesty and character and make the changes that will move this country forward. Kaliyati herself draws a lot of critics because she is wasting her time and tax payers money, not tackling problems from root cause. This is a challenge to all our leaders, its not the problem of critics being vocal.

  11. Ted the Toddler says:

    Patricia Carrier Tea. …hehe

  12. Dwambazi says:

    I’m sooooooo glad that you read our comments, I’m delighted, more fire now!

  13. Ujeni says:

    Look who is talking!

  14. Kenkkk says:

    She forgot to remind also their dpp sub-standard Malawi voice which is also abusing the opposition and any one not supporting this failing dpp govt.

  15. The Partriot says:

    Amene sananyozepo anthu ena ayambe kugenda miyala Nyasayimes! The way some of these ministers use MBC to castigate the opposition, who are they to advise us to stop calling a spade a spade?
    More fire Nyasatimes, News yodziwika ndi BOMA!

  16. naphili says:

    The powder on this face is enough for five people or more! Kodi as a minister ,can she not find somebody in Malawi who knows how to apply makeup? Please do something about this.You look awful!

  17. Makopa says:

    This lady is wasting taxi payer’s money, reading Nyasa comments instead working. No wander you are there to protect Peter’s late brother. But time will come when the truth will prevail Jezebel and your gang you will not run away or hide. The truth tear your hearts.

  18. Makopa says:

    Shut your mouth lady that is freedom l write what I like what I like is not what you like that’s democracy if you don’t know that please its my right to point out or voice out my feeling. I don’t worry when you put fake Indian hair on your head that red stuff on your lips.

  19. Mofolo says:

    it has to start with them politicians when it comes to change. Just imagine the disgusting words she herself says in public. If you are real leaders then live exemplary too.

  20. DOBO says:

    Kutukwana sikunyoza ndipo kunyoza sikutukwana. Kufotokoza zoipa za munthu sikutukwana Kapena kunyoza. Kulalata ndikwina.Ndiye wina akanena zithu zina zake zimene sitinagwirizane nazo timati watukwana Kapena kunyoza,.Mwachitsazo kunena kuti President samva za zake. Ma supporters a DPP akati kunyoza Kapena kutukwana.


    ichi ndye chamba cho, freedom of speech2 sunagere????

  22. Balamanthu says:

    Ndikuulula Kaliyati zimene umapanga zija. Just shut up.Kapena ukufuna azizdiwe a MP-amuna ako?

  23. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Akokota nanu kupepela bwanji ngati munadyako kaliyatiyu? Mmene mukubela m’bomamu mkukusiyani? Titokota simunati munya mpaka mutazindikila kutumikila osauka!

  24. Bwampini Wanjala says:

    Zaziii zopanda ndi soda yemwe. Inu mai mmene mumatukwanira anzanu muja! Musolva azungu nkhope….

  25. Peeping lizard says:


  26. true patriot says:

    Politicians will never seize to amaze – they are not only contradictory but also pathetically hypocritical! Kaliati sees that there is nothing wrong with her shouting all sorts of profanity against government’s perceived enemies on government controlled media but she reckons it is unfair when others counter criticise!

    Kaliati, tongue-in-cheekpronounces APM’s friendliness to the media, what kind of rubbish is this? Is she talking about the same APM who declared at a rally in Lilongwe that he has stopped reading local newspapers? Kaliati definitely didn’t have anything relevant to say on this press day – whoever invited her to the round table discussion just wasted Brian Banfa’a time…

  27. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    People are deliberately misunderstanding minister Kaliati here. She is against insulting or “kutukwana zankabudula/siketi” comments which suprisingly after the so called “moderation” appears on Nyasa Times. I dont know why we Malawians use “f” words with reckless abandon be it at stadiums, markets, bus stations, minibuses…etc. Please Mrs Kaliati if you happen to read this introduce laws which makes it an offence to spew explicitives in public just as people a fined when found urinating or fatting in public places.

  28. trevor manyi says:

    waiwala Midnight Six eti?

  29. Zimenezo says:

    It is only DPP stooges and supporters who enjoy watching MBC. It very disgusting. DPP with its past terrible history under dictator Bingu wa Mutharika is back messing up the economy. A lean cabinet that has produced unbelievable dismal economic performance since May 2014. It is not true that DPP likes free press. Look at what it has done to the Access to Information bill.

  30. Myao says:

    Mwana akasintha khalidwe loyipa makolo amasiya kumukalipira!

  31. make reo mpulura says:

    kani mumawelenganso? y dont u change after all the critisism?koma mayi amkuphodani choncho ngati chidole ndindani? nayenso amajambula chipongwe kkk kuchita kukuzoomulani choncho? chonde mama mukamaphonda muzizisiyanitsa ndichidole………..plizzzzzzzzzzzzz????????????

  32. TS says:

    mwalankhula tanva

  33. ayambe wakachosesta misala yake yotukwana ku chipatala cha a misala ku zomba apo a chotsedwe chiwanda chomangotukwana ndi kumayankhura ngati wasuta chamba

  34. jafali says:

    i think kaliat you are out of mind and you dont deserve to be respected. begin to respect yourself so that we may apply to you the same. dont look upon the negative comments of others before correcting your on madam.

  35. Mzozodo says:

    Kutukwana si kwabwino, that’s what everyone needs to know, whether its a politician or ordinary citizenry. lets try to build a proper image for the nation, and this message goes to Kaliati herself.

  36. Kennedy says:

    This woman is indeed insane, let’s ignore her. Rubbish kaliati

  37. Anaphiri says:

    First sort out your makeup and wardrobe

  38. Wanabe says:

    Iwe Kaliati kiwe ndi amene umatukwana kwambiri, khala chete!

  39. Chimayo Sauti says:

    Tell Sumbuleta aka Innocent Mawaya to first stop writing bad about others on the very social media including nyasatimes.

  40. Dolica Chibwanya says:

    Kaliati you are really an airhead! why don’t you look at why are stupid politicians being insulted first than blaming commenters? you demand respect where you don’t deserve it. First bring sanity to political arena and love your country, the country will love you back. Honestly some of you politicians you are still alive today because its just illegal to shoot you… that’s the only reason, don’t think that people love you!

  41. gender says:

    Kaliati yemweyu amatukwana a opposition mma radio ndiponso mu Chichewa kuti onse amve. Akakhala pa msonkhano wa Gender, iyeyu ndi PS wa Gender amalankhula zolaula kwambiri ngati kuti ndi madolo a sex. She should shut up.

  42. Omex70 says:

    Start with mbc

  43. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Brethren, I think we are missing a/her point here. All what she/Hon Minister is trying to elude is that tileke kulankhula zinthu zonyoza atsogoleri athu moonjeza kapena kutukwana.
    Inu, do you want to tell me that munthu kutukwana mnzake ndi ufulu wa munthu? Nanga otukwanidwayo mu ufulu wake akabwezera what will be the end result?

    Freedom has limitations/boundaries. We don’t criticise government ndi kutukwana boma ndi atsogoleri ake ayi. Let’s come up with constructive criticisms aimed at building our nation not dviding it. Nanga kunyozana mitundu kapena chikhalidwe ndi ufulunso nanga zimenezo zingapititse patsogolo dziko?

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!

  44. Ine says:

    it is a proof kuti mumawerenga ma comments athuwa. tili pano kutokota basi

  45. Mapeto a Zinthu says:

    Osayamba iyeyo bwanji kumapanga zolongosoka. Nanga make-up imeneyo is it serving us any true picture of who she is? Watuluka liti kuchinamwali iwe Kaliati? Anthu si anatengera iwe kulankhula kotero; lero ndiye ukuti chani? Galu amabeleka mphaka ngati?

  46. Namata wa Cashgate says:

    The higher you go, the more you expose your nakedness. So you think we should be claping hands for your stupidness? Over my dead body! The more you steal our tax money, the more we criticise you.

  47. ANALYST says:

    A Kokota nanunso mulibe ulesi bwanji!!! Basi kutaya nthawi kumanena zimene mwalemba pa comment yanuyi?????/ Hahahahahah to hell with your cashgating leaders

  48. This minister fails to instruct MBC to give Malawians nation building news and loses her sleep with Nyasa Times. Go and tell MBC to change and start serving Malawians and not DPP. Zautsiru basi.

  49. kk says:

    Komaso sitikufuna tizionapo nkhope zipindika ngati imeneyoyo oh paja mwati ayi zimenezi kikkklkkkkkkkk

  50. Kokota says:

    usatinyasepo apa wayamba liti kuganiza za nzeru poti kaliyati timuziwa ife mmutu mwake nunangozaza mamina basi olo kuthandiza amake saziwa keep quite n sit down

  51. Fyonfyonfyo says:

    We will not stop commenting on matters affecting our nation, more espcially if political leaders behave in a stupid manner, be it from ruling to opposition. How can a minister urge hospitals to start farming?

  52. Kokota says:


  53. Jelbin Mk says:

    Honestly there are some comments really that are not supposed to appear on this platform such as racial and tribalistic comments such as “mutumbuka,a hinyahinya, alomwe, amulakho, ayao, anyawu and the like. Such comments are supposed to disappear from this platform because they are dividing us day by day. As as for Kaliati as a minister, she should tell MBC to accommodate all citizens because it is run by tax payers money as such it should publish all views from all political parties alike as is the case with SABC of South Africa which professionally covers opposition rallies without editing the content. If MBC does not change i will personally approach the courts to hault its broadcasting because it does not the public’s interest because the public is not a ruling party if we have to fairly define it.

  54. Kadakwiza says:

    I agree with madam minister Hon. Patricia Kaliati to stop foul comments on Nyasa Times. But the problem we Malawians are still crying because we are jobless, we are hungry and when we go to public hospitals we are only offered a paper by the clinical offer to go to the pharmaceutical shops and buy our own medicine because our hospitals have no drugs. When we go around Mzuzu, Lilongwe, or Blantyre looking for jobs we end up going to immigration offices to apply for passports so that we go and try out of Malawi because in our country there is no jobs. If your government Madam Minister Hon. Patricia Kaliati can fix these problems definitely Malawians will stop foul comments on Nyasa Times. Insulting elders or leaders is not Malawian. Malawians born and grow up with respect. That is why our country is called a Warm Heart of Africa.

  55. chisyuli says:


  56. Greencardless Malawian says:


  57. chisyuli says:

    watilila mpeeeeeeeee…….

  58. anguye kwaswere says:

    minister what you say here is unfair we voted for freedom then we have the right to know everything what is happening in our country, not just because u are a minister then you job is to silence other people’s mind and opinions.stop that you are not the first one to be at that position and you are not the last leave the malawians to say anything on tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook and even on what’s app provided their minds has been delivered,

  59. Kells says:

    Really madam Kaliati????

  60. Phillips Chisambo says:

    when on earth did Kaliat say something constructive to build a nation? she is just a useless spent canon only getting positions because she a Lhomwe and coming from where Mutharikas are coming from. what a useless cabinet Minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. C Banda says:

    Let us all pay attention with the deepest respect to what the Minister of Cosmetic Affairs has to say here.

    With regard to Chiumia’s remarks about comment moderation, this is almost non-existent. Nyasa Times cheerfully publishes hate-filled comments about gays, and death threats against them. Such comments would never appear on a properly moderated website. Why does NT publish such comments, because they do fall outwith the boundaries of constructive criticism which Chiumia claims which it allows?

  62. Ze Roberto says:

    Patricia Kaliyati,
    You should first of all tell MBC to stop broadcasting falsehood which is a constant insult to the intelligence of well meaning Malawians. Nyasatimes and other private media outlets are the only avenues Malawians express their anger. In fact insults don’t just start they follow irritation being occasioned on citizens by irresponsible leadership .

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