Kaliati spits fire at Chakwera, Uladi: Says Malawi opposition leaders are ‘empty headed’

Owen Khamula –Nyasa Times

Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati has spit fire at opposition leaders for tearing apart President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address.

Kaliati: Opposition leaders empty headed

Kaliati: Opposition leaders empty headed

In an interview, Kaliati described Malawi Congress Party(MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera and Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa as empty headed.

“The opposition have nothing to offer to Malawians. All they know is attack the President for nothing…they do not even have academic qualifications, ask them to show you, they will never show you,” she said.

She said the President delivered the best ever state of the nation address that the country has ever seen.

Chakwera said on Friday the President’s speech was empty.

“All I see is the description of ailments in this country but there is little prescription,” he said.

Mussa described the Sona as flat, saying the President had failed to articulate how his administration would deal decisively with persistent food shortages and the continued dwindling of tobacco prices.

But Kaliati said the two party leaders were just “frustrated individuals.”

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9 thoughts on “Kaliati spits fire at Chakwera, Uladi: Says Malawi opposition leaders are ‘empty headed’”


    DDP led government is full of thieves. Malawi will NEVER prosper because the entire DPP regime is useless. Come to Education, some of us have better points but because of tribalism we are not considered. Year in Year out, we pay K8000+(K8000+ 1000 for passport size photos+ K4000 for transport+K8000 for postage) with hope that we will be considered for University Selection but our money goes into the drain. Myself have 16 POINTS but someone from “LOMWE Country”(Mulanje&Thyolo) with 24 POINTS is selected for University Education. God will NEVER spare this Nation because our leaders are THIEVES. Just imagine a poor boy like myself who comes from a very poor family paying for students who come from KALIATI, CHAPONDA, PRESIDENT A. PETER MUTHARIKA Constituencies. This Nation will continue to suffer because the leadership steals money from the poor.
    There is need to refund the money spent so that ONLY those selected MUST PAY. We should expect calamities, says the Lord, because of the way we treat people from other tribes in our country. How you get the one with 24 POINTS LEAVING OUT THE ONE WITH 16 POINTS BUT SAME COURSE. SHAME THE ENTIRE DPP GOVERNMENT.

  2. Empty head says:

    Kaliat, everyone was bored with an empty speech thats why they slept. Even my son knew the speech was useless. You are also an empty woman with too mucg make up covering your true colors. Go brush your teeth

  3. john says:


    tizilankhula za zomba jail chitakali road pano!

  4. Matako says:

    kALIATI,KALIATI!When will you learn to pick your battles? You must have been asleep also like Dr Mponda etal. The speech was not only empty but also boring and uninspiring. Why do you think your fellow ministers were sleeping? That should explain what was going on. Admit it APM is hopeless, his mumering can not be understood by any one. Why dont you buy him some teeth? Nkhlamba yopanda manu kkkkk

  5. Chembe says:

    Kaliati comment couldn’t be far from the truth that the two gentlemen are frustrated losers. Very right Kaliati so too are millions of other Malawians frustrated

  6. Che Nyowa says:

    I totally agree with two leaders from opposition side. State of nation address (SONA) was empty, even leader of house George Chaponda was sleeping, this shows that the speech was empty and boring.

  7. Joseph Banda says:

    If the two gentlemen did not celebrate that government has introduced Program Based Budgeting of which the major benefit is that it provides a stronger framework for political leaders to come to agreements on budgets; and reduces budgeting time frames and partisan tensions. If the esteemed Leaders failed to see this, then Madamme Kaliati maybe right that the heats are empty, good at making noises similar to empty buckets.

  8. The Patriot says:

    Look who is talking about academic qualifications! Sometimes its better to avoid certain topics , especially when those topics are your Achille’s heel! When an empty head calls other heads empty, does that make ones head full?
    Akweni, chabwino o Chakwera alibe ma “academic ” qualifications.Chabwino inuyo Akweni ndi ophunzira kuposa Ochakwera ati?? O Chakwera sanakuonetsini ma degree awo, chabwino! Chabwino inuyo ndinu Dr Kaliati, PhD si choncho?
    Inuyo tionetseni ma academic qualifications anutu?
    Last time I checked Patricia Kaliati was a primary school teacher with an academic qualification of PhD in kunyoza!!!!
    Why cant our leaders discuss facts and not people???

  9. Petre Mathanyula says:

    Iwe kaliati, ask Chaponda, he was sleeping while Mr. Ibu was delivering his speech. This signified that the speech was boring and empty. Za ziiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

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