Kaliati tells North Malawi that federal system proponents are frustrated politicians

Minister of Information, Communication, Technology and Civic Education, Patricia Kaliati says people advocating for the federal system of government are bent on disrupting the peace, unity and tranquility prevailing in the country.

Kaliati: Trashes calls for federal system in Malawi

Kaliati: Trashes calls for federal system in Malawi

She made the remarks when she held a rally at Chitipa Boma this week.

There have been calls from some quarters in the North for the adoption of a federal system of government, claiming it would be the surest way for the region to have equal share of the national cake.

But Kaliati rubbished such calls describing them as baseless, especially now when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government is displaying determination to spread development across the country, including the North.

To drive the point home, the minister catalogued a number of development projects to be implemented in the region such as Mombela University in Mzimba, a teachers training college in Rumphi, rehabilitation of Karonga-Songwe Road, construction of Njakwa-Livingstonia–Chitimba Road, Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road, and Jenda- Edingeni, Rumphi- Chitipa Road, among many others.

She said also reminded people of completed projects such as the Reserve Bank of Malawi (Mzuzu Branch), Bingu High Way and Nkhata Bay District Hospital, which she said have changed the face of Northern Region, serving as a clear indication that the region is not discriminated against in resource distribution by government.

“Advocates for federal government system are frustrated politicians salivating to plant seeds of disunity and confusion among peace loving Malawians,” she observed.

She explained that proponents of federal government are nursing an agenda under the carpet, wondering that no one made such a call during former president Joyce Banda’s regime and other previous governments.

She asked people to take extra caution in adopting systems of government to avoid torturing innocent Malawians.

She reminded people of the North about the ordeal when teachers, especially those from the north, were forced to work in their home region by the MCP led government out of trivia.

Kaliati then particularly thanked people of Chitipa and Karonga for naming Chitipa-Karonga Road Bingu High Way.

“The decision made serves as a great honour to the late president who implementation the long awaited and life line road,” said Kaliati.

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14 thoughts on “Kaliati tells North Malawi that federal system proponents are frustrated politicians”

  1. abinte says:

    Kkkkkkkkk koma eeeeeeeh.what is wrong with the northerners?you people from the north are not good people.Mrs kaliati is advocating for piece and you are I’ll treating her .what is it that you want?mind you this country will never ever be divided. Whether someone wants it or not.palibe kugawana.if you feel like you are tired of being a Malawian just go to zambia or zimbabwe period.when kamuzu banda took power 80percent cabinet ministers were from the north and nobody said anything until kamuzu realised that you were fools.kamuzu was very interegent and he knew you very well thats why he had to send you back home and teach your fellow vitsiru.do you want every minister to come from the north?every ambasador?every ceo?if you think malawi wil ever allow you idiots to rule this then you are dreaming.i thank God chihana never made it to presidency.he was arolling stone.muluzi played around with him.anali hule.dpp osamayiyamba dala

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    In advanced world,it could be an insult to call you a Minister of Information,Technology,Civic Education and Communications.Afterall,what do you know about the inside of each of these highly placed institutions? It seems to me you are less informed about the North and that you have a ruthless instinct against the Northerners who bitterly and patriotically fought for the independence of our country and most recently,for multiparty democracy which has swept you and others of your shallow intelligence onto prominent government positions of which you could have not achieved in real world,to say the least.Let you be informed that Chitipa-Karonga Road was thought of by Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza,the brightest economic wizard before you and your bedfellow Bingu were still asleep,when Dunduzu was appointed by who later became his killer Hastings Banda in 1962,September at Nthondwe Bridge,as Deputy Minister of Finance with colourable and admirable sense of commitment.It is foolhardy to believe that Kaliati thinks that the proponents of the Federal system of government are nursing an agenda under the carpet.This is a hell of stupidity in the sense that the Northerners have nothing to hide,we are acting openly and sensibly due to treatment we receive from the governments’ of the two evil Muthalikas and Hastings Banda. In actual fact,Bakili Muluzi and Joice Banda treated the Northerners as Malawians and not as foreigners.So Kaliati,you are speaking on behalf of who? It means what the Northerners are facing in this country never affects you?If you were in our shoes,you could acknowledge this fact which has been there for 52 years.Comeon you fool,Wakeup.

  3. JohnZ says:

    Really? Peace and tranquility in Malawi? While pastors are bring stabbed for against DPP! Thats insensitive! Please shut you hole Kaliati and dont speak fod us!

  4. Jimmy Kaunda says:

    There is something you dont get Kaliati. DPP government hates the north period. if you can kill 20 innocent people without any shame, would you call that loving the north? Understand that If we get our federal government, we will develop the north at fastest pace you would never imagine. What you have mentioned as development is actually nothing. Give us our federal Government and you will see.

  5. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six in action kkkkk

  6. john says:

    Kaliati, if you want just mention Nkhatabay hospital and Reserve bank as well as karonga chitipa rd. Don’t dare mention Mzuzu-NB hospital, mombela university, livingstonia – Njakwa rd because all these developments have not yet started. There is nothing on the ground worthy showing. So just shut up!!

  7. Malani says:

    Kaliati are do not fool the people. There is nothing that your DDP government has addressed so far as raised by the Feds proponents. That is not the main reason as to why people need federalism. Do not cheat the people that this system is going to divide Malawi..Its your government which is tearing the country apart.

    if you don’t know the country is already divided, at first on regional line but your D.D.P. is advancing in promoting tribal lines. Whether you do want to believe it or not, this is enemy number one and is the reason why Malawi is retarding in development. Just check the comments and you will be reassured of what is really on the ground, how hatred is being propagated in the comments. Talk real issues.Its your on gov.which is 100% shaken to the tail with federal system direction. if you do deny tell your government to adopt it. Tell the people the truth.

    1. john says:

      People are fed up with nepotism when appointing people into public positions. Tell us who has been appointed in other regions in high positions since Peter Mutharika took over power and compare those numbers with those from south, especially Thyolo and Mulanje.

      We have eyes and we are seeing all that.

      As for Karonga-Chitipa road, munazimangira nokha mseu, I thought you also used it when you travelled to Chitipa to campaign. Mathanyula wanuyo akanayenda kuti?

  8. Dr Tambala says:

    These selfish northerners should be asking for cessation not federalism. For cessation Ife tiwalola adzipita. Kantundu kodzikonda aka eish

    1. Mtchona says:

      Uchitsilu basi inu school inakukanikani kuti muphunzire kuchita kukokera olephera zitsilu.Tigawanepo basi. Mulungu akapereka palibe angatenge. Ndiye tili ndi nzeru kafunse a John Tembo ngati akumpotofe timabera mayeso akukuuza chitsiluwe mmene Mulungu anatidalitsila ndipo ufunsenso a Malawi tili kunjafe ndi mtundu uti umene ukuchita bwino kunjako?

      1. Dr Tambala says:

        Hahahaha mzeru zake ziti Galu iwe mukamauzirana Mayeso mumati ndi inu a nzeru. Kunja kwake you mean kutchetcha kapinga kwa mabunu pa jonipa? Dr Tambala akuchita bwino aise. Take your dead north and ask for cessation not the stupid federation! Cessation yes federation no!

  9. The Patriot says:

    Madam Kaliati please be informed of the following:
    1. Its not the “frustrated politicians” from the North that want Federal system of government but the majority of Northerners who want the federal system of government. Put this issue to a vote where only bonafide Northerners will vote and you will see what am saying.
    2. Northerners may never rule this country but we are not stupid, we know how the DPP government hates us. That is why it is this time that we are asking for a Federal system of government. Memories are still fresh when the kate Bingu said he introduced Quota system because Northerners cheat in exams at Mzuzu corner.
    3. The same trivia which was used to expel Northerners from teaching posts in other regions was quoted as the reasons for reintroducing the quota system.
    4. As Northerners we are always accused of being udzikonda, onyada etc by other tribes. Our question is if we are all that bad, then why not let us have our own state? We can be very happy to leave Blantyre and Lilongwe and go back to Mzuzu where we can live osanyozedwa! Zimatiwawa kumanenedwa mdziko lathu lomwe!!!

  10. Mndambala says:

    D.P.P where did you get the money to built Karonga Chitipa Road?
    where did you get the money to built Nkhata-Bay hospital?
    Where did you get money to built Reserve Bank in Mzuzu?
    Those developments here we call them National Development NOT party development.
    Kotero kuti ndi cholowa chawo anthu akumpoto kukhala ndi zinthu zimenezo ngati aMalawi.
    Party development ndikugula zinthu ngati uniform mwavalayo,kukhala ndimagalimoto, kukhala ndi ma office ndi zina zotero.
    Koma osati chitukuko cha dziko chipanga ndi chipani umenewo ndio umbuliwo mwanva?

    1. International Observer says:

      You are refuting something yourself is smearing on you forehead for everyone to see. What you are saying is exactly what Kaliati is alluding to. What is wrong and not true when she catalogues the DPP development projects in your region yet other parties failed to do the same? Government has the mandate to source funds for the entire country and projects are identified based on the money budgeted for. All she is saying is that those very projects you are refusing to embrace could have been constructed anywhere else but the government chose to spread development across the country, but unfortunately some people are choosing to ignore that just because of sheer malice. What you have just posted, is it not the same matter the minister is insinuating? If you don’t want to belong to Malawi then just cross borders after denouncing your citizenship and nobody will plead with you.

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