Kaliati tells women to be self-reliant for Malawi to develop

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati has asked women to be self-reliant for Malawi to develop.

Kaliati: LBe self-reliant

Kaliati: LBe self-reliant

She said this on Friday at Mitundu in Lilongwe during joint commemoration of World Rural Women’s Day and Year of Women Empowerment.

Said Kaliati: “Many women, especially in rural areas, die before attaining the age of 50. It is my appeal to women in the country to go for HIV testing so that they know their status.”

She urged them to challenge any abuse from men.

United Nations (UN) resident coordinator Mia Seppo expressed satisfaction that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that have just been adopted by the United Nations, include issues of women and girls.

“What we need to do as Malawi is to be alert so that by 2030, which is the year of target, all SDGs are fulfilled without excuses as was the case with the just-ended Millennium Development Goals [MDGs],” said Seppo.

Chairperson of Women Caucus in Parliament, Jessie Kabwila, said for Malawi to develop, women should not be left behind.

This year’s joint commemoration, which was set aside by the United Nations in 2007, was commemorated under the theme: Women Empowerment: A Drive For Social-Economic Empowerment.

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15 thoughts on “Kaliati tells women to be self-reliant for Malawi to develop”

  1. MLOMWE says:

    Munali kuti nthawi ya JB?Kaliati ndi munthu oyipa kwambiri mwa iye muli sanje,ufiti ndi nkhaza

  2. The Analyst says:

    To those who are married, ngati mwayambana m’banja and are not talking to each other, let this fight not concern the dick and his friend coz they are innocent n more often than not, still want to be friends with each other.

    Otherwise since lust is madness, people find it to be a justifiable excuse for cheating. And most of these people are always ready to cheat but only lack justification n opportunity.

    Ngati mwayambana you can still play the game but under protest; kungokhala ngati wafa basi osasuntha not even a centimeteri (if you are a lady), and osadzukai or kungopanga ka half basi (if you are a man). As days go by, njala izakula then tizaona kuti zayamba kutheka.

    Otherwise, going to courts on these matters is utter nonsense! You lose dignity, if you have some. Our ears can still hear the stories for Grace Chinga Moffat! Disgusting they simply are! The scars live with you forever!

  3. Self reliance says:

    traditionally men provide and women support. Even very educated women. In-fact the more the educated woman the are more traditional she is . This agenda to empower women has one goal. To create a non- existent war among men and women. When nature shows men and women are not at competition but complement each other. Women’s lib is a foreign animal started by western women to fight a battle against oppression . Apparently they also had their era of being brutalized by their men. Which oppression Marriage and child bearing. When you look at this closely you will find that it is in line with the Destruction of the normal family life where a woman thinks she doesn’t need a man and create senseless competitions in the economy. I am not saying that women should suffer abuse in family under the guise of marriage No.. Women are have value in that they are mothers, and mostly teachers and Trustees of our culture. So self reliant means you as a female should contribute to your family’s success. Observe cultures in The west USA, and others it seems there is high divorce rates no family values, depression due to this Feminist agenda . But then again to each his own.

  4. Hardworker says:

    Self reliant with no education or skills to equip them.?No wonder you finds loads of them begging beers from men in drinking places dressed in a scantily manner.Just a word of “self reliant ” alone will not change things probably the govt should provide them with small loans to start their own businesses.Doing that they will probably stop begging from men or taking men as mobile ATM.

  5. Mavipatako says:

    Men let’s not tolarate this nonsense, what’s so special with women.In fact no woman has risen to top positions without support from a man, either by seeking favours or selling their bodies,very very few have not but the rest its fucking from front or behind, chain ? Self reliance wachani, shupit.

  6. peeping lizard says:


  7. sapitwa says:

    This is a big challenge Minister. Lack of education is a contributing factor. Girls become pregnant as young as 12 and by 13, they are mothers to the detriment of contracting Fistula! By the age of 21, they have already 5 children and looking like they are 42 .Do you expect such a woman who goes through so many hardships to fend for her children and kachatso drinking husband to live beyond 50? Even if you can try to involve them in schemes that bring some financial help, they still deteriorate and nothing seems to improve their lives. Educated women are not easily manipulated by men, they are mostly knowledgeable about the world around them. They also understand what is good for their health and with this, they mostly look younger than their age.

  8. womenslib says:

    But how in this economy?

  9. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    How can they become self reliant while you are just using them (azikuvinilani) m’misonkhano yanu just for K50 while you Kaliati and your fellow stupid politicians pocket hefty allowances after those women whom you claim they should be self reliant after they had shown you their dancing antics? Bushiiiiiite!!!!!!!!!!

  10. zon says:

    A Kaliati ndi chiyani cha development mutoziwa inu choposa kuzilemba kunkhope

  11. Kau says:

    Yes Madam Minister. Azimayi inu kupempha / kudalira too much. This is the sole major reason you are abused by men. You need to change this mindset that men are your autoteller machines.

  12. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Behind the fall of every man is a woman.

    These creatures should be left in the kitchen. They should leave big business to men. For 51 years women have been carried on board but Malawi has miserably failed to develop.

    This is not time to appease women. Men let’s wake up! Without women in offices, men will deliver a lot. Productivity will increase.

    I will not for now expound more on why women must be left out.

  13. Nabanda says:

    You are right Patricia Kaliati

  14. chimanyisko says:

    Easy to say

  15. The Analyst says:

    You have all along gotten it wrong to assume that GBV is a result of dissatisfaction at Sundiata Keita and Sumanguru’s battle of Kirina – in war of twos – sex battles. As such you have previously preoccupied yourself so much telling these women how to become sex-experts, even at occasions not befiting the nasty talk. This message you now preach is commendable! However . . .

    Every woman (as with everybody) wishes to attain self-realiance. Few women know the how-part of becoming self-realiant. Sadly, even fewer have the capacity to become self-realiant. Your messeage therefore should have been how the women can attain the self-reliance i.e. it is by abandoning their marriages and going back to school? Or going back to school while in marriage? Or is it by engaging themselves in some entrepreneurical training? Or starting up a business? If its starting up a business, how to get capital! Is it by forming ma bungwe or borrowing? From where? Such nitty-gritties!

    Otherwise it doesn’t help anyone just to tell them what they already wish; and hide from them the how-part of fulfilling the wishes as you have done here.

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