Kalonga convicted after pleading ‘guilty’ to K3.7bn cashgate: Implicates Mphwiyo

Former chief tourism officer Leonard Karonga has pleaded guilty to three counts of money laundering related to cashgate scandal and has implicated former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Kalonga: Guilty as charged and convicted

Kalonga: Guilty as charged and convicted

Lilongwe High Court Judge, Justice Fiona Mwale has since convicted him.

In his plea after admitting to defrauding government about K3.7 billion, Kalonga told the court that Mphwiyo told him that the money which was being defrauded from government was for campaign of former president Joyce Banda’s People’s Party.

Initially, Kalonga denied charges of theft and money laundering involving K105.9 million which he allegedly stole from the ministry between July and October 2013.

But private practice lawyer Joseph Kamkwasi, representing Kalonga, said his client had pleaded guilty to this money laundering charge of K3.7 billion “not to waste court’s time.”

Karonga was first arrested on October 17 2013 by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for allegedly conniving with different people to defraud government.

He was charged with money laundering and theft by public servant.

Kalonga told the court that Mphwiyo had told him and others allegedly involved in the cashgate that Banda wanted to use the stolen money for campaign.

He also told the court that convicted cashgate businessperson Oswald Lutepo, in his presence, once assured the former president in a phone conversation that they were going to find money for campaign.

Kalonga said the phone conversation was in such a way that he could hear what was being said between Lutepo and the other person he believed was the former president.

Banda has vehemently denied the accusations as a smear campaign for cashgate convicts to get amnesty by implicating her for political reasons.

Her spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya blamed political enemies for using Lutepo as a political pawn to drag Banda into the muck so as to damage her reputation as a citizen of Malawi, wife, mother, politician and philanthropist.

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109 thoughts on “Kalonga convicted after pleading ‘guilty’ to K3.7bn cashgate: Implicates Mphwiyo”

  1. peter mshali ku salima says:

    i repeat,cashgate defines the injection of funds by govt into private sector to b vibrant in terms of national development,the problem JB anawulula chinsisi cha boma ,results company closed,jobless pple etc,

  2. Kazimvelele says:

    Like Seriously what’s the government doing up to dis tym?? Munadya nawo ndramazo chilungamo sichizapezeka mpaka my 1yr old dota azabala ana anzamke musamatikwanepo…..mbava zopanda kaliya kkk

  3. Telling the Truth says:

    When a person approaches you kuti amwene mukabe ndalama ndipo ine mundipatsa mwakuti inu mutenga zotsalazo ndiye iwe ubvomela ndikukabadi ndiye kuti you are a thief.Kalonga, Lutepo etc are thieves. Ndi akuba basi. For them to say anatumidwa is bulshit. Ine sindingabvomele kuti ndikabe. It is Peter Mutharika’s hatred of JB that is making govt treat these thieves with kid gloves. These are pure thieves. DPP is desperately trying to hide K577bn fraud under the late dictator Bingu wa Mutharika.

  4. nganga says:

    Comment 104 Mr. Okay, you are dull and stupid! Where is MCP mentioned here! If you were shared the loot please dont comment here.

  5. Okay? says:

    Some allude to the fact that MCP can mop up the mess. What a farce? Have you forgotten that Abusa amadya ku State House ndi JB? Why did JB favour Abusa when she new she would nose dive? School ndiyathandiza zedi. Moti enanu simukuona kuti this umbava is cancerous in Malawians? Muwafunse akhristu a Abusawo mmene mbusayo anawombera ma million ali president wa mpingo.

  6. BigMan says:

    Chickens coming home to roost.

  7. Phwado says:

    A Z. Allan Ntata mukumva bwanji mthupi pa za Mphwiyo?Pajatu mumati he is innocent.Kkkkkkkkkkk.

  8. Ndanena says:

    The sentence that is being produced by the Lawyers in our courts that “my client did not waste courts time so please give him/her lenient punishment” doesn’t really the Lawyer himself rather from a High Court Judge after they meet privately and give him the judge CHITHUMBA CHA NDALAMA and there after causing strike ife tikufuna PRADO!!!!!! This is Malawi BABA.

  9. Malawi says:

    Bola Kamuzu timkati ndi wa nkhaza koma amatukula dziko. Those who took over basitu, I think this cashgate started with Muluzi Leadership, Pano zalowa mpikisano kuti ati abe zambiri ndi ndani? But so far DPP is still in the lead when it comes to plundering govt coffers. By 2019 only God know, I predict their cashgate bill to be in Trillions. Ntata you have more research to do now with these allergations. Mphwiyo was playing it smart. Its amazing how the sp called Ndalama za campain zimathela kumanga nyumba. If that was the case how much were these guys stealing. By the time they built their houses , bought buses ,etc kwa JB zimakafika zingati? Puzzled. Malawi is wounded, hope one day this nation will recover.

  10. No one could be rich in two years JB had been a president if they did not start before Banda. If you people look behind you will see that all cash gaters were rich during Bingu some before DDP. Dont forget all these people were in three government UDF, DDP, PP. Banda reviewed that there were theft in DDP and she said she knows. How? She was a VP in PP. When she took over she just took over theft which was there and continue. She also toon all the thieves and that costed her votes. Donors are not stupid. Dont forget they come from very advanced world. They will never be like Malawians. THIEVES. Shame. These people have brought
    Shame to the whole nation. I wonder how they sleep. The goodnes is that they will never be old enough to eat their blood money. They are dying one by one in South African hospitals. Not even they stolen money can save them. God,s punishment. Bingu and his brother stole more than any leader in Malawi. And yet Malawian thinks he is the best they have ever had. Good donors dont.

  11. EJosophat, I like your comment. I too could not waste time and tax payers money these mafias. Now they are blaming JB. A leader can order people to steal moneynfor them but she/he does not get the money cash. It is this time the thieves like this idiot takes advantage to steal. A president can not check. It the followers who was telling JB that they will get moneynfor campagain but never said how they will get the money. Mpywiyo is a big fish and because Banda trusted her she looked as he was helping her instead Mpywiyo used Banda,s trust. Why feeling pity for idiot like Mpywiyo. May be second bullet will give peace for Malawians. Tied of hearing his name. Malawians u missed one thing.MCP could have helped to recover the money and put both APM and PP in jail. Peter feared JB and JB feared PETER. Why did u put thievesto power again????

  12. Alufeyo says:

    How on earth can a graduate like Kalonga believe that it was JB who devised the scheme? Surely would any sane educated person just hand over cash without any record and without meeting JB? Knowing that there was an mou between Treasury and banks to honour all government cheques even if there was no money in the accounts since 2009 why are surprised? The Malawi Police Service had a MK10 billion overdraft with banks why have ae not found out why that happened. According to FIU Mr C Kapalamula who is now Malawi’s deputy ambassador to Brazil is alleged to have stolen MK1 billion but no follow up.In one memo from Perka Ligoya FIU complained that Mr Isaac Norman the number two at Fiscal police continued confirming cheques that he knew where fraudulent yet he is still at Fiscal. The whole exercise is pure bullshit.

  13. wodandaula says:

    ndiye kuti zimakhala bwanji? ndiye kuti kalongayo abwezanso New Mungo Park courtyard along mchinji road?

    ACB tithandizeni kuti mzipatala mupezeke makala. New Mungo Park court anamangitsa ndi ndalama zakuba pogwirits ntchito mburundi Ngoga

  14. Moses Makoko says:

    Koma ma lawyer a pa Malawi ndi madolo, akumangowauza ma suspect Ali vomerani msanga tikanena kuti simunaononge nthawi ya court, munthu wa kundende wapsya iye kulandirapo zakezo nkumakadya ndi ana ake ndi mkazi wake!

    Sukulu ndiyofunikadi, it helps one not only how to find money but also how to make money!!

  15. Brazilian wax says:

    DPP and PP are just like twins littered on the same day and all born with stealing instincts. The only party which would have a RELATIVELY higher moral ground to arrest perpetrators of cashgate is MCP. No any effort can exonerate DPP and PP from cashgate. I also hate some statements by some lawyers like,” …he pleaded guilty and did not waste court’s time hence my client needs leniency” Nonsense! What is at stake is not court’s time but rather the affliction cashgate caused on innocent Malawians . And the ripple effect are still felt today. Even a standard 1 pupil wold know that politicians were behind all this. The likes of Lutepo were conduits to siphon the money because of their business ventures , the likes of Mphwiyo were there to process(institutionalization). Cashgate perpetrators are lucky because this is a country that tolerates mediocrity elsewhere this would warrant death sentence.

  16. Bwanoni says:

    Whether Kalonga has another case to answer or not that’s his own problem, what matters is the money that he store. May be some of you are investigators.

  17. sunderstar says:

    So this on line paper is for Joyce Banda or a mouth piece for PP why not highlighting her name as Karonga has given out that she was behind the whole scandal. Such type of thefts can not function in Government without some one BIG sanctioning it. Now I question the neutrality of NYASATIMES, most of the foreign embassies get lies from this on line paper yet they see that it was Joyce who destroyed the econonmy of Malawi. Last week there was that issue of theft of Documents pertaining to another cash gate thefts Nyasatimes quickly made HEADLINES they made conclusions and convicted Dausi as the thief, while this strong case with witnesses mentioning Joyce Banda is being down played here on Nyasatimes. If you are a credible online paper please highlight strongly without favour the Involvement of PP politicians in the Cash gate rather than accusing some one who is not yet exposed or mentioned by witnesses or the accused. This newspaper was introduced solely to fight DPP and the Mutharika family and will stop at nothing until they destroy their target.

  18. anthu olimba mtima awa,lamulo ligwire ntchito beyond its measure

  19. Nangozo says:

    Most men/women will proclaim every one his own goodness, but a faithful/reliable/trustworthy/steadfast man/woman who can find? (Proverbs 20:6)

  20. Wampwesa says:

    Thanks to God for this revelation, ndiye che Kalonga anthu mumawayikira ndalama ku account aja muwauze abweze, Boma ligule makhwala mzipatala. Inu ku ndendeko kakumane naye mamuna wa mtanda kuti muzikhala ndi chisoni pochita zinthu.

  21. Analyst says:

    For those of you who may not believe what Kalonga is saying, or those who may think it is a smear campaign, remember that this Kalonga guy has another case regarding the 6 buses he bought that were impounded were still at Area 30. Nkhaniyi ikadzalowa ndi pamene muzadziwe zeni zeni kapena kupanga understand the link between cashgate and Amayi or tiziti PP campaign. The buses were to be used during campain and thereafter remain with him as the owner. For sure JB amadziwa zomwe zimachitika. Kungoti zinasokonekera pamene anyamata akewa anayamba kupwetekana kulimbirana ndalama zomwe iye amawatuma kuti aziba mpaka kuyamba kuwomberana. That’s when she was forced to change tune and find a way to distance herself from this deal gone wrong. Inu simungadabwe kuti immediately after the shooting, she said she knew who did that! Doesn’t that ring some bells in your heads? How about her self imposed exile immediately after losing elections! Kalonga jokingly once said akazandifinya ndizaulula way before the elections in 2014 and this is the start. Mphwiyo and Lutepo promised JB that they will source the funds. The Kalongas were the agents but they were getting their cut from it. JB was aware of what was going on then. Read through the lines

  22. Nabanda says:

    Leonard Kalonga was my Biology teacher in form 2 at Chipasula Secondary School way back in 1996. Anali a nzeru komabe u crook somehow. This is just a manifestation. Sorry my Teacher.

  23. chenene says:

    As the journey continues……….!!!!

  24. Kizito says:

    Arrest all idiots who call themselves leaders n yet they r stealing for the ppo that put them into the office…

  25. Bauleni says:

    Akakumanga ife tidzidya mkazi wakoyo galu Kalonga iwe. Udzapeza kuli ana atatu kukadzatuluka.

  26. Zyola Benyanga says:

    If you steal money and share some to your friend, don’t say a friend is also a thief because you didn’t tell him where you got the money. The best way one can do is to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Return all what you stole God will forgive you, rather than wasting time to mention those you shared with out of generosity.

  27. Wawa ochewa says:

    Kodi munthuyu dzina lake lenileni ndi liti? Kalonga Kapena Karonga?

  28. O JERE says:

    Zimaziwikatu izi kodi bwanji anzanu atakupasani boma sanathawe koma inu just two months kuthawa ndiponso simukufunika kuno chifukwa munaba zambiri. mwina simuziwa kuti anthu samakufunani please do not come back here other wise kumaula basi palibenso amene atamve chisoni

  29. Chejumo mai Banda says:

    Vuto ndili ‘ ife mamafiya timalandila Cash .Sitisaina. Olo mutatani it will be difficult to convict JB

    however, if JB is on the run ndiye kuti she is either a coward or she knows were she might be implicated and caught and convicted. Lets not forget it was JB who brought out Cashgate foolishly thinking that it will lick her dirty.

    Lets be honest.
    DPP stole money kuposanso za JB koma it is difficult to arrest only if Peter lets the cat out which He cannot do.
    JB ,PP are losers in cashgate not DPP

    Vote out DPP
    Seal hole where Bingu opened to siphone money. JB used that hole foolishlly that is why he is in trouble.
    U see these are the same ppl who campaigned for multiparty in order to get power and then steal.

  30. Youn says:

    Tiye nazoni. Manganani! Ikatha imeneyi ilowe ya K577 billion. Pang’ono ndi pang’ono Malawi akuyeretsedwa ndipo tizati KWACHA!!!!!!!

  31. citizen says:

    Komanoa defence lawyers wa angowadyera anthuwa ndalama pambuyo pake kuwawuza kuti muvomere, eish. What the advice and for what reason to have the lawyer very interesting

  32. chakhalira says:

    Yes, sin can reduce someone to zero. Izi anena a Kalongazi, nzoti munthu of his status can say? Za ziiiiiiiiii! Nzeru zatha.

    What a sane person should have said is : Ine ndimaba mwakuti and tinapangana kuti ine ndidzitengapo mwakuti zakuti ndipereke kwa JB. Let them tell the Nation how much they actually stole and how they actually shared. Osanama.

    Mbava zothantchito.

  33. Kaka says:

    Pepa mchimwene wanga Kalonga wakundende uwu koma be strong like Sam Mpasu and come back alive then you can restart life. Anthu akhala akuchita nawe nsanje. But receive Christ whilst there and redemption will come you way and you will have true peace

  34. Kaka says:

    Kalonga and Lutepo bring evidence in court to implicate Jb in cashgate cases. As officers it seems you did not know what you were doing when you were in office. Inu zoona simumadziwa kuti mukulakwira. Inu ngati akunyengererani kuti muzichula anthu mwapusatu.

  35. Mugonapamhanya says:

    By the way, congratulations DPP-UDF alliance for scooping 4 out of the 5 wards in the by elections. We agree with the political scientists and expert analysits who predicted that the by-elections were a litmus test for political parties. Nyasatimes, it’s obvious that they cannot give it any publicity because it is not PP or MCP. Work up and smell the coffee.

  36. Bololo says:

    JB just like Bingu and Muluzi stole public funds for campaign. As presidents though there is no easy way of linking them to the stealing, somebody surely got a cut by just making sure they shield and advise these presidents on how to come out clean. Whilst our focus is on the big fish, for now we can make strides by targeting the senior officers that can evidently be prosecuted. If they pay for aiding the stealing then others will think twice in future to do the same.

  37. benjones says:


  38. Congratulations! says:

    KOma a Malawi tilibe chisoni, as poor as the country is ndalama zambiri ngati zimenezi kumalowa mthumba mwa ma individuals. Think of someone in the village with children bare footed, going to govt hospitals kopanda mankhwala nkuwuzidwa kuti akagule ku pharmacy and yet alibe ndalama. Lord have mercy!
    KUmayenda long distances searching for food, water etc, akadya nyama ndi ku maliro komanso maliro ochokera mtauni.

    Ndilibe mau, ayi idyani popeza kwa Mulungu akafuna mtima wanuwo osati wealth.

  39. Truck says:


  40. Wawa Phiri says:

    Do not put words (which have not been spoken) into the mouth of the president. He is not the court. The convict himself told the court how he defrauded gvt. Inuyo ngati munadyanawo ndipo sanakutchuleni ingokhalani chete. Mitima yathu ife ndiyosweka coz dziko lonse likuvutika kamba kanyasi zimenezi.

  41. These cashgate convicts must be hanged to death but giving them two years or just four will not deter anyone from stealing govt money again. If mw is serious about curbing future cashgate these people must die for their sins. Because these idiots have killed people in govt hospitals because money was not there for buying drugs, they have also plunged our economy and these should have answered treason and murder cases on top of money theft if mw is serious. Koma ngati tingofuna kuphimba azungu pakamwa ndiye dziwapatsani tima 3 yearsto. Democracy has not benefited patriotic malawians but rather thieves and mcp under kamuzu was better for mw

  42. Charter says:

    Kazibwelani mayi muli inuko muzalongosole nokha kuno! Too many tributaries are eventually leading to the same main stream!

  43. Chigawaneni says:

    Makobidi onsewa kuba munthu mmodzi, anzanu kunja kuno tikuvutika kugwira ntchito koma timalipiro kumanja ngati tsitsi. Mulungu achitenawo anthu owuma mtima kotere. Zikomo kuti Mphwiyo sanafe, tibavutikira pamodzi.

  44. Telling the Truth says:

    To convict a person of a crime the prosecutor(the state) must adduce evidence that meets or satifies the very high standard of beyond reasonable doubt. No court of law can convict a person of a crime merely on the word of mouth. If the Peter Mutharika govt has only the words of Lutepo and Kalonga kuti amawatuma ndi JB kukaba ndalama za boma there is no way Peter Mutharika will extradite JB. Peter Mutharika does not have evidence to convict JB. In fact Peter Mutharika should be worrying about the K577bn cashgate perpetrated by the late dictator Bingu wa Mutharika and the worsening economic situation with the price of maize going up every month. The Kwacha is losing value thereby causing the price of basic goods to rise. Since Peter Mutharika became president the economy is sinking.

  45. patrick says:

    chonena apa ndiye chikusowa kusolola mpaka ndalama zonsezi? Shaaaaaaaa

  46. KARU UNITED says:

    Probably, Mr Ntata doesn’t know how the treasury functions or he is just a mercenary. The budget director is the one who select’s who to pay, probably with a promise of a bribe @ times.

  47. Alufeyo says:

    I dont want to speak now but later. However JB was not involved in this scam. At the right time i will explain what happened. Kalonga, Lutepo , Mpoola and others were fooled by someone that the money was to be used for PP campaign when in fact that person was keeping the money. Hon Henry Mussa is one of the senior ministers who, if the country wants to know the truth, should be quizzed. He got involved with Mpoola when Bingu was alive. The important question is who funded these monies? I believe the money that was legitimately funded to ministries was not stolen thats why PSs cannot be held to account for funds they never knew existed in the first place. The current system is prone to abuse and is being abused as we are speaking. The system left bu Muluzi was better because you could not go beyong a certain limit through the cca system. In 2009 DPP temoved the limits and instructed banks to honour all govt cheques and this was the genesis of super cashgate. Why did Treasury under Mwanamvekha decide on this course of action. There is more to this.

  48. Chimwemwe Banda says:

    OK, so the man has been convicted. Is he still freely walking about on bail, or was it revoked and he is now in custody? Surely that should be an important part of this report.

  49. Commissioner of Truths says:

    This country is rotting. How does a man who is clearly a lunatic like Kalonga get access to such resources popanda checks. Nkhope ngati Dobberman

  50. captain says:

    I can see Joyce Banda coming out smart , the court needs tangible and credible evidence not bla bla, how can you prove that the president received money? U cant tell a president to sign showing that he or she received the money that is the problem. Joyce knew what she was doing and will come out smart coz u ll not prove that she received the money. Even Bingu funded his campaign using stolen money. We don’t know who will save us

  51. TAWELA SEWO says:

    Musamunamizire JB nenani zanu. This man must be put behind bars soonest. He is a thief and must must be condemned to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour. Akhaule ameneyo anazolowela pa town..

  52. Decent citizen says:

    Who is that beside him?Is that the crying baby Caroline Savala who was shedding bucket of tears cursing Kamudoni’s kids.Timano tili mbee ndi makobili a cashgate.Tikada ndi mgaiwa waku Maula.

  53. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Its time all Malawians woke up from stupid blind loyalty.All this poverty is just by design by the system created by these greedy people.JB is not a saint.She knew what was happening.Chipanda kumuwombera Mphwiyo masagwidi zambiri sitikanizidziwa.Those titles of Joyce being aunt,mother,philanthropist,activist whatever does not stop somebody being a thief,

  54. baggio says:

    greedy mmmhh,all those money bt people in village akusowa jigo,schools maimalawi udzatekaliti

  55. GRM says:

    Who does not know that Cashgate money was meant to be used for PP campaign? Abale tisamuteteze woman on the run. Ndipo tisayambe nkumati smear campaign chilungamo tikuchidziwa. Mabus opanda mwini aja anali a campaign ya PP. This may also explain that ma bus a DPP aja ndi a Cashgate

  56. mr fair comment says:

    Koma where is kalonga now maula or 18 or lumbadzi koma mkazi wako ndadya kale kodi wa ma bus ulowa liiti koma ulimba kalonga

  57. Kalanka says:

    Tingoti pheeee..zikubwela!

  58. Bwantasa says:

    If the money was for JB, why was it in your Bank Account and in your name? Lets say for argument’s sake you indeed gave some money to JB, please tell us the amount you gave? If you had not, when were you planning to give her? How much were you keeping for yourself?

  59. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    In the first place, Kalonga pleaded “not guilty”. Now JB, etc. Which objective court ever entertains doubtful witnesses? Bambo, maTama munkachita pa area 18 b aja, range rover mutapakila pambali, zoos atira zake ndi izi. Mupalasa treadle pump! Malawi has so many hardworking, honest, and patriotic individuals living their lives within the armpits of the law….surviving for that matter. You deserve a stern custodial sentence. Others should learn. Given the now widespread belief among civil servants that abusing taxpayers money is a “norm”, probably this conviction is a “lecture” which will go someway in shifting the kleptomaniac mindset that permeates all levels of capital hill. Unrepentant while heading to jail? PAC and religious leaders, please there is a lot of work. The moral, empathetic, and compassion for the “have nots” in our society and nation at large, has become irrelevant in our beings of a creation of Almighty God.

  60. Show us the truth please,because we are hearing many people which is which?

  61. bwishosho says:

    Sangamangidwe JB bcz amangogayilidwa.Mtengowu tayambila kudula pakati kuti tidule tsinde tigwa tonse kkkkkkkkk

  62. Former JB suppoorter says:

    Waba wekha usalire.
    Musamunamizire JB. She saved us well the whole world knows that too well. Kunalibe zogulitsa ma company aboma mwakabisira, kapena zomakaba information kwa akazembe.

    Our kwacha never traded at K850 to a sterling in JB’s time.

  63. £1 was K853.19 Today says:

    Inu munaba nokha musalire ndipo musamunamizire JB. If she were sending you to do what you believed was wrong, why did you not refuse and resign from serving in her government.

    You liars. Actually Malawians have every reason to be grateful to JB, because of her we now have come to know what Malawi civil service has been good at since the dawn of multiparty: theft. You have been thieving government money you lazy bigfoot idiots and bitches.

  64. £1 was K853.19 Today says:

    Mama JB musawanamizile. It is you civil servants who stole government money.

    If JB was sending you to go do what you knew was wrong, why did you not refuse and resign to serve in her government.

    You liars, poti JB analuza basi mwati mumuyipitsire mbiri. Those of us who love Malawi like and salute JB because her two year rule established what Malawi civil service had been doing since the dawn of multiparty. It is a thieving civil service full greedy lazy idiots and bitches.

  65. The real ujeni says:

    If someone says, ” I am going to find money to buy bread,” is it the same as saying, ” I am going to steal some money to buy bread,”? Dunderheads be real how dull Are you Malawians, Lutepo was a big businessman owning multiple companies before he left DPP to join PP, finding money by him to any sane person would mean by legitimate means as per his status at the time as a multimillionaire successfully businessman

  66. phomuphomu says:

    tinjatileni kasambara pliz

  67. Zidura Mtengo Undigwere says:

    Koma anthu ena analemera zedi ndi zokuba (it is despicable that some people, like Mr Kalonga, enriched themselves albeit for a short duration, in this VERY poor country).
    Being “… a citizen of Malawi, wife, mother and philanthropist. ” (that last part of the last sentence) does not mean that person is immune to temptations of theft, bribery, avarice, abuse of office or what have you.
    All the evidence so far, in the public domain, implicating the former president, Joisi Banda, cannot be out of spite. The shoe seems to fit now: when a bao players say “cashgate”, the competitor says “Joisi Banda”, unequivocally.
    She must be sweating bullets, that lady; where ever she may be.
    Her supporters can assert a perceived potential “persecution”, to foreign embassies in this country, all they want. But these representatives are not stupid. They have a pretty good idea where the trail is leading to.
    Unless, JB changes her strategy in this matter, she may end up living outside Malawi for the rest of her life. Perhaps she should simply consider pleading guilty:

  68. zoopsa says:

    Kkk am let down with the loose connection to JB this kalonga guy’s alkegation is,” heard lutepo talking via the phone that dont worry we will find the money for campaign” kkk can this be evidence enough in court? I am not a lawyer but mmm,what i was expecting was stroke evidence that JB was involved,not ndikuganizira kuti munthu amayankhula ndi lutepo pafoni ayenera kuti anali JB kkkk

  69. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching until 2018.

  70. ChizaLi says:

    Selfish leader, a sign of the government without governance practices. The question is: will DPP do things differently?

    Cashgate started with UDF (Founders of cashgate)
    then DPP under Bingu and Mulli (Teachers of cashgate)
    and the come PP and Amayi – (Implementors of Cahgate, Cashgate yabooka).

    The current DPP, I dont think there will be any difference. They are all the same.

  71. ineyo says:

    For the other properties in area49 cash gate city ,kalonga used fake names to acquire plots fronting a young man Chikhosi welcome for selling illegal plots in area 49. This young man will show acb these plots which kalonga laundered

  72. Xmlw says:

    Implicating Mphwiyo? What now for Ntata’s new report which apparently exonerates Mphwiyo?

  73. moya says:

    no one can be convicted in a court of law by just a mere fact that someone says that he heard someone talking to X that we will get money for compaign. There must be evidence to prove that money landed in X account for X to be accomplince not this hearsay…Can any1 with legal knowledge prove me wrong

  74. FreeTechAdvice says:

    “……….Osward Lutepo in his presence once assured the former president in a phone conversation that they were going to find money for campaign.” EBD OF QUOTE. Does this really prove that JB asked people to steal??? It just doesn’t. To me it confirms the position that these fellas opted for any available means whatever the source to fund the party and please the Madam. But the allegation does not say JB asked Lutepo to steal government money.

    I don’t like JB or PP though, but these crooks are missing a key link to hook JB. Learn the game of chess fellas – you will hit the Queen…

  75. ineyo says:

    Now after the conviction recovered the stolen and laundered properties belonging to Kalong a including the new mungo park in Njelwa along mchinji road which kalonga fronted the Burundian Ngoga to construct

  76. point Blank says:

    Lutepo assured JB that money will be found but not stolen. Am sure she was not told how.

  77. john yambani says:

    Kodi kasambara sanamutchule
    Ndi mafiadi tu kasambara
    Kenako timva. Wapulumuka

  78. I can not believe in them these are crooks where were they all this time they refused at first that they never took part on this cash gate asatengere mwayi kuti JB is not in country amasangalala lero zatina that is why government is failing ku gamula mulandu wa Lutepo we all know these tricks DPP has gufed with Lutepo now they want to use Kalonga

  79. The Prison monger says:

    Vuto lomapalamula limozi ndi ma cowards nde ndilimeneloro. Some men are really cowards. How does it feel now in the dock? JB alikunja!!!!!! This govt will try to use you like pawns in the game of chess to advance their agendas.

  80. Lizeo Biliyati says:

    I don’t celebrate when others are in pain unless I have serious issues with the person. I feel sorry for Leonald and the rest victims. Malawi jails are not good

  81. kadyankena says:

    Kodi bwanji anthuwa akungosinthasintha ma statement? They are real crooks.

  82. kes munthali says:

    Paja Allan ‘frastruted’ Ntata has done some research and written a report which has concluded that Mphwiyo was not involved in cashgate kikikikiki….

  83. Prodigalson says:

    Kodi nkhalamba inu kuba kumeneku bwanji simungakhale ndi manyazi iyai? Kuti akumangeni inu mukabwelako?machende anu.

  84. Kulibe kantu says:

    There is no politics here. JB is part of cashgate. Are you not surprised the buses were bought by government funds and painted PP colours. And you think JB was not aware? She is part of cashgate. That is why she does nto want to come back.

  85. yao says:

    plz plz plz how many times u will fool malawians ACB with ur uncle DPP mudzafa amean u will die.We r suffering now because of uuuuu

  86. shaft ya mbava says:

    Mumamuwuza jb kuti mumapanga ma business ndiye mupeza ndalama osati kuti mube ku boma amakunamiza Lutepoyo…mmesa jb ndi amene anakugwirani agalu inu ndiye abe yekhaso akugwireni mbava za mu Dpp siziinagwidwe mpaka pano bola joyce anagwirapo ake ……agalu mukafele kundende…..

  87. Patriot says:

    Inu. Uyo pa mbalipo ndi mkazi wake?
    Ndiye akusekelera chiyani? Kubako?
    Kani Mphwiyo is involved?
    Very good.
    Sakafuna kulowa yekha.
    DPP Ministers will follow him.

  88. thako la mmwenye says:

    it doesnot get sweeter than this. the devil is indeed shamed.

    What does it benefit a man to own all the monies in the world and wear only a suit, one shirt ,one underwear and single pair of shoes when you die. you got the monies , you built mansions, mapwevupwevu osanena, you fucked a thousand women -city to city, we clapped hands for you -so what?

    in the end vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

    shame on you mphwiyo, shame on you joyce banda cursed are all your generations and generations to come. All the deaths in our hospitals that could have been prevented had you not have stolen the monies are upon your heads and you shall know not peace for the rest of your lives. confess and repent so that you may be saved. all you need is not going to these fake prophets. you need confession and you have to confess to malawian people.shame shame shame

  89. mwene says:

    A thief will say anything to justify his action!!!!! You and Lutepo are evil and should rot in prison!!!!!!

  90. Chakwela says:

    So why Ntata ‘s report saying Mpwiyo wasn’t involved wachambadi uja

  91. ankolo says:

    run JB run!! the chickens are coming home to roost! get citizenship in US or Interpol will get a warrant on you!! i love you mama!!

    1. Ayobe says:

      Do you honestly believe that Kalonga and Mphwiyo ‘discovered’ how easy it was to steal public funds only after JB became President? Are you aware that these two gentlemen actually became wealthy before Bingu died? New Area 43 as well as Senzani’s opulent mansion were built BEFORE JB became President. This is why the donors are insisting that there should be no selective justice.

      There is no doubt that PP stole public funds, but they simply used the methods perfected under the DPP government. The father and founder of cashgate is sitting comfortably in the minister’s office at Ministry of Industry and Trade. He is the same person who brought Malawi Savings Bank down to its knees. In 2019 he will have to account for his misdeeds…

  92. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Even a primary school pupil will laugh at this notion of someone claiming to have been sent to steal millions on behalf of a party or an individual. Who in the rightfull frame of mind can believe such a claim coming from one who was once a senior civil servant. If Malawians can buy such claims then the whole issue of cashgate is being twisted. Smear tactics will only divert people’s attention and delay the real issues surrounding the mamoth hunt for the suspicious Mk577 billion.

  93. Mnngulu says:

    Who said “Pali biiii pali munga”. You cannot have such magnitude of government coffers plundering without the head of state knowing. In fact the moment he/she know resigns immediately if she/he is innocent to pave way for investigations. Besides, such plundering was being done with impunity of everyone involved – government, banks and private sector companies involved. Such impunity can only be occasioned by the highest authority on land. Above, what karonga, Lutepo, Chidzanja, etc. are saying is confirming the rumours we were hearing in 2013. Everyone who is following cashgate issues is wondering why law enforcers and government is not showing any signs that JB and his administration including the PSs are not being investigated. Are they also doing the same thing and are afraid it will happen to them too? We need revolution to clean this mess.

  94. obwande says:

    Good show keep it up.

  95. HLEKWAHLE says:

    Yendani bwino wa ku ndende akulu

  96. mwana mulopwana says:

    this is making more sense, even a small kid could have easily understood the theorem

  97. Peter says:

    All along former President Joice Banda , VP Khumbo Kachale , now MCP and PP running mate Sosten Gwengwe , PP supporters MHEN Martha Kwataine,NOAM President Dorothy Ngoma and PP Party gurus were the master minder of cash gate and she went on fooling the donor community that she was fighting corruption and donors believed in her…now no medicines in hospitals the same thiefs are crying forgetting that their actions led to this mess …malawians open your eyes Lutepo and now Kalonga has said it all that Mphwiyo(whom barrister at law UK Allan Ntata cleaned )was at the centre of stealing government money so sad ……

  98. Mafikizolo says:

    The waters around Joyce Banda’s feet continue to get dirtier and dirtier. Shame, shame, shame.

  99. Nyasosera says:

    Hehehehe izi ndi ndale amai. Khalani kunja komweko chifukwa kuno muzanjatidwa ndithu. Kuba basi. Mwayaluka amai. Kumangonamizira ine ndine wowopa Mulungu. Now i can link up chifukwa chimene ukukhalira kunjako. Ngakhale usabwere tidira ndi akatundu ako amene ati asale kuno

  100. ngongoliwa says:

    AAA and Savala lady, why is she in the photo?
    May somebody quantify in terms of services what 3.7b is able to do!

  101. chipwete chalunda says:

    Things are getting better. Soon JB will also plead guilty

  102. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Kalonga you are the thief we were looking for not Joyce Banda. Reason being that you and Mphwiyo were the custodians of government money not Joyce Banda. JB was capitalising on your weakness and greed. You and Mphwiyo abused your offices.

    Now face the law.

  103. ade says:


  104. josophat says:

    This is the time I wish I was a judge. Because if you touched money you never earned I will give you a sentence which even your mother will faint when she hears it. Because she will not be able to see you free in your lifetime. Whether you look remorseful or not I would still give you a stretch that will make the Devil laugh the whole night in hell on your first night in jail. Even if you stole mk150,000 and you refunded it as part of your remorse I would still hang you to full stretch of the law. You cashgaters are worse than dogs and pigs. You are not worthy to live in our country. If we had a Siberia these are the people to send to dig in ice and die of frostbite.

  105. Analyst says:

    And this explains why JB is on the run. Zayamba kuwululika. Surely JB new all these things. The shooting of Mphwiyo forced her to change her position tawona kuti anyamata ake ayamba kupwetekana okhaokha ndi ndalama zomwe iye anawatuma kuti akabe. Surely JB is afraid of coming back home because of this issue

  106. jean jella says:

    I thought we were told that the mastermind was one Raphael kasambara. What does this meann for mr kasambara now

  107. moya says:

    Wages of sin. More to the story.

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