Kalonga, Katengeza found with case to answer: Malawi ‘cashgate’

Former deputy director in the Ministry of Tourism, Leonard Kalonga and businessperson Angela Katengeza, who owns Faith Construction have been found with a case to answer by High Court in Lilongwe to charges related to the Cashgate corruption scandal in the civil service.

Judge Fiona Mwale also threw out a State application to present new evidence against Kalonga, saying time for the same had elapsed.

Kalonga: Case to answe

Kalonga: Case to answe

Kalonga—who wore a dark grey suit—and Katengeza, clad in a muilt-coloured maxi dress, looked calm but serious when the judge made her determination.

During the trial, the court heard from an investigator in the Fiscal Department of the Malawi Police Service, that Kalonga used Katengeza to siphon K105.6 million from government.

Kalonga denied charges of theft and money laundering involving K105.9 million which he allegedly stole from the ministry between July and October last year.

Katengeza also rejected the offence of money laundering for which she is charged alongside Kalonga who is also answering other charges whose cases are yet to come before court such as facilitation of the purchase of six buses which the ministry disowned.

But the court has found the two with a case to answer and they will need to defend themselves.

Katengezas’ lawyer, Gilbert Khonyongwa, who asked for 13 days to prepare his defence, said they are ready for the case.

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43 thoughts on “Kalonga, Katengeza found with case to answer: Malawi ‘cashgate’”

  1. pijo says:

    Its sad but prison is a very hard place. I wish there was another way for them to right their wrongs. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.

  2. Vavlov says:

    Kalonga is a thief; his salary couldnt afford him buy a motorbike, but the chap was driving Range Rover and Merc. He should go to jail same like Mrs Senzani, who in fact stole less than him. Let this fool lot in jail



  4. ezekiel Luhanga says:


  5. Hebrews says:

    GYP and KK Propertys missing on the roads of Malawi! Those properties were acquired by Cash gate proceeds! Get them arrested even if they won’t return but they have to be in Prison! In three to four years time behind bars, life will never be the same! Ask Macholowe or late Kwacha Ghambi! Money will not set anybody free but truth will! All the thieves better surrender now because your days are numbered. You can delay justice but the hand of God will reach you where ever you hide!

  6. Emmatuwa says:

    Dr Ken Lipenga mulindimwayi koma moto ukubwera konko sizingatheke kuti inu musapezeke mugulu la kubalo chifukwa inuyo nthawiyo munali nduna ya yoona za ndalama.Mwasamba achimwene kuMulanje simasewera asambireni anzanuwo koma Mulungu akuona

  7. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Are you telling the nation that Dr Ken Lipenga is not involved in all these cases and yet he was a minister of finance in DPP and PP luring ? What about all those Fleet of KK Properties trucks which are not seen on the roads of Malawi are they parked or they have been exported to a neighbouring country ?

  8. nuji says:

    Koma kuweruza kwake kukuchedwa, kalonga ife tinamuyiwalatu. Koma akanakhala mphawi wopanda dzina bwenzi kalekale atatopa nako ku maula. Nanga Carol Savala-P ali kuti? mukamachedwetsa chonchi mukuwapatsa mpata womaliza ndalama zonse nde ngakhale akalangidwe sadzavutika akadzatuluka.

    Penapakenso boma lathuli ndi lokondera.

  9. Leonard is a thief by birth.

  10. ndadabwa says:

    peter ndi getrude mutharika muwamanga liti pa nkhani za ndalama zomwe anapititsa ku mulakho ndi beam

  11. Gogo Kalonga says:

    Mmangeni Kalonga ndiwakuba ma 100 million amaika mma account a ana ake ali kunja

  12. to says:

    mumva mpsyo…simunati

  13. Chonchi masiteni angabwereko kunja?

  14. mona says:

    Nanga lutepo mumukanika bwanji

  15. Njolinjo says:

    Tikamwe pa gogo kalonga pa nyungwe on Limbe/ zomba road. Just tell the old lady that your son is just a victim of circumstances, you will get a crate of chill.

  16. changatomba says:

    Let us all be patriotic with our country am talking to u politician don’t take things for grated because at the end poor people suffer a lot.

  17. phiri la dzunje says:

    chili chonse chimakhala ndi mapeto ake inu a Leonard mapeto anu ndiamenewa akumangani basi

  18. Bob says:

    Thats true these other guys act on directives from above and moreover they get little from the stolen cash. Alibe mphamvu zopangila approve mapayments.

  19. Peter says:

    How come people were saying these buses belong to PP?

  20. Baba says:

    They should be arrested and bring makopala makobiri back

  21. dyton Chiwaya says:

    Mangani these crooks

  22. Ray says:

    Too bad. Let them face the law

  23. DJ?????? says:

    105 million? atsikana kutakata pa mw….Maula or rather nsanje prison get ready!

  24. Mfulatuvi says:

    Nkhaniyi ikuchedwa…..ukangolowa ku maula mkazi wakoyo tichita naye

    1. Tumtufwe says:

      Kufuna kutenga matenda ndi ma wounded a matenda kale

  25. clement says:

    Good progress. Cashgate cases shud be concluded by april.

  26. kd says:

    kalonga apa okha sudutsa …… munthu .yu walemela kuposa saulos chilima…..

  27. Walala says:

    Koma akulu-akulu anthu ndalama za boma azigawana,kulisiya dziko la Malawi nsanza zokha,Leonard Kalonga kutukuka osati kutukuka kokha koma kupelela nthawi yochepa a Malawi a chilungamo akutuwa,kufufuza malipilo awo zosagwilizana. Ndie mwina apulumuka poti m’bale wake Willet ndi MP WA DPP Ku chiradzulu kuno koma Ai ndithu

  28. Kes munthali says:

    Akuchita kuoneka kuti amadyanaso anthuwa.

  29. Matako says:

    How sad it is not that it is taking so long to prosecute these cases. Travesty of just at worst. It is of no surprise that the donors are not coming back. and they do have every reason to raise doubts at the seriousness of this administration in dealing with corruption. But again as the saying goes the fish rots from the head.

  30. gwepenya says:

    a khoti tialuzeni ndinu.

  31. Bob says:

    Put in a good defence since you where working under instructions from above.

  32. Manyeretsa says:

    Akasungudwe ku maula zilombo zimenezi

  33. mtichimwitsa says:

    Zanu izoo

  34. charlie hebdo says:

    Why are the small fish being in the forefront as regards prosecution..where are the big fish. We read in the papers almost 2 years ago of some current ministers in the current DPP who stole. Some minister stole K800 million according to the dailys. He’s gone so rich. He’s got 23 trucks with trailers in Blantyre. Justice is for the others but when it comes to ministers, and Indians justice doesnt exist. This only happens in Malawi. Remember the IMF president…Kahn. He got locked up tho he was big shot. How about Garry Glitter..In Europe, they dont care who you are, if you are on the wrong side of the law, you are gone.

  35. Kokotowa says:

    They should rot in jail

  36. Truth says:

    Guys just admit guilt instead of wasting court’s time. On the other part consider reinstuting the money because you have been using it for three years and you will at least remain with the profits. if you resist by the time you go to jail your lawyer would have skimmed you clean and government will confisticate all your property and your family will be poor. sadly you will die in prison while the mother of cashgate will be globetrotting as she is doing. Repent!

  37. bratusha says:

    Apart from being fraudulent business partners I suspect these guys were also in a sexual relationship. No doubt about it!

  38. MKWAPU says:


  39. Tim Masamba says:

    Time for Kalonga to stop gambling!!!

  40. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Tamusiyeni Kaye faith katengezayo , mayi ake angomwalira kumene

    1. anthu ambiri anamwalira becoz of these thieves angella & friends unkadya nawo eti

  41. Kalulu says:

    I salute you the courts – you are doing a good job to clean up the dirty. These people thought we were playing when we start but now they know we mean it. Quicken the process so that they can start serving the 10+ sentences

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