Kamlepo appointed PP’s vice-president

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) has appointed outspoken parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua as its third vice-president for the northern region.

Flashback: PP's founder Joyce Banda and former Vice President Kachali installing Kamlepo as PP member

Flashback: PP’s founder Joyce Banda and former Vice President Kachali installing Kamlepo as PP member

Kalua’s appointment is with effect from Monday 4th January, 2016, the party has confirmed.

Publicity and Administrative Secretary, Ken Msonda said Kalua’s appointment was done by acting party president, Uladi Mussa.

”The appointment was done after consultations with the founder and President of the Peoples Party HE Dr. Joyce Banda,” said Msonda.

The appointment of Kalua might be deemed as a move to restore sanity in the northern region following controversies over the dismissal of the party’s regional chairperson, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira in November last year.

Ngwira, who was once dismissed from PP in September same year for creating ‘confusion’ in the party before its president Joyce Banda intervened and rescinded the decision, has been accused of destabilizing the party, the accusation he denied.

Ngwira has been propagating the idea of having Khumbo Kachali, who happens to be from north, to be the party’s interim president.

”The party needs a leadership chosen by people and not those appointed by one person,” he said.

 Ngwira said what he was fighting for was interim leadership within the party and Kachali was just one of the people that he proposed for that role.

According to Ngwira, in his various statements on the issue, he even mentioned Mussa’s name but journalists chose to pick and speak more of Kachali.

“Only that the problem with you journalists is that you could just pick one person, and you just picked one name. I was mentioning the name of Khumbo Kachali as well as Uladi Mussa. I was mentioning the name of Kachali just because he is a person I know very well in Malawi and has performed in politics. But the main issue was leadership. We were lacking the leadership.

“I am just congratulating her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda for coming to our rescue. Indeed she has given us a leader and we will give support to this leader so that our party should be strong from the grassroots and we expect to see change within our party set-up,” Ngwira said as quoted by Daily Times.

“What I deserve is what Dr Joyce Banda has done. I wanted a leadership and Dr Banda has given us that leadership. It doesn’t matter who has been given that leadership,” he said.

Kamlepo Kalua is PP’s Rumphi East Parliamentarian.

Before joining the party he was the founder and leader of now defunct Malawi Democratic
Party (MDP).

Kalua is well known for his brevity to take on Heads of States and ruling governments on issues of national interest.

He is one of the people who played pivotal role in the fight against one party dictatorship and promotion of multi-party democracy.

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29 thoughts on “Kamlepo appointed PP’s vice-president”

  1. nachisale says:

    What a joke! Kamlepo taking leadership of PP when his own party remained in his briefcase for years.

  2. Guantanamo says:

    Admin, we want the Abortion post back. We were not yet done with Richard Msowoya

  3. john phiri says:

    Mbewa zikatha amanona ndi a swiswiri..

  4. Mlomwe says:

    I salute you Mr Kalua

  5. Mlomwe original says:

    Chipani with clueless disgruntled leadership.
    Kamlepo and uladi are just barking dogs

  6. BWANAMKUBWA says:


  7. Ngodya Zinayi says:

    That’s gud news. Kamlepo is very intelligent and courageous! He has always stood up for the people and he’s never intimidated by any1

  8. Mbuya says:

    Kkkk koma PP

  9. Choonadi says:

    Why do you have to start with the statement “the former ruling party” …JUST SAY People’s Party and that will be enough as there is no other party known by that name in Malawi. Would it make sense to say the former ruling party MCP?

  10. mercy Nyirongo says:

    For interest as a woman does PP party have women in rank and file of the Party to be appointed as Acting President and Vice my fellow women you see our lady President Joyce Banda is only considering men imagine no 50/50 campaign so you expect men to do what on appoint memts EMMA KALIYA Gender activist with EMMA CHANIKA where are you on this am concerned…. Including Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence issue those sour statement on this bad development from a lady party President… Donors we need your statement too

  11. Clementine says:

    DPP for life!

  12. Chabwino says:

    ok so this is politics

  13. mercy Nyirongo says:

    Ndi Kamlepo temwe Sha chonsecho kuopa Khumbo Kachali….abale thawani Former President Joyce Banda walowa chiwewe ndi Mphwiyo murder case nanga the main case sorry…Now we know what ACB said the pinnacle of cashgate was Joyce banda,paul Mphwiyo and Ralph Kasambala full stop others were just workers in making cashgate real….if former president Joyce banda was able to steal public funds of that magnitude in 2 years it just showed she shared the stealing behavior way back no wonder she did not resign when she run of favour with late President Bingu…I can feel that now…but kamlepo remember your friend Unandi Banda of MDP he z suffering if you ve love for others

  14. Maggie Lucius says:

    Shaaaa no comment

  15. chikhadzula says:

    Conglatulations hon, chwe mwana chweeeeeee..

  16. Uchindami says:

    “Bravity” and “brevity”! Which is which?

  17. chilungamo says:

    Brevity is the act or character of being brief. One of its ontonymns is verbosity. Bravery is the show of courage or fearlessness or daring. One of its antonymns is cowardice. So may be you meant to say that Kamlepo is brave, courageous, fearless, a dare-devil.

  18. PP Supporter says:

    Congratulations! Mr kaluwa. We support you. You can really bring the much needed change in Malawi.

  19. Mwana chwee says:

    Our father who at in heaven hallowed thy nane

  20. Bwampini Jnr says:

    Well done Kamlepo. One step at a time. Fearless. You will achieve big things one step at a time and we are cheering you…….

  21. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  22. NAC says:

    Patsogolo ndi Proples Party

  23. Chizeleza says:

    Congratulations are in order here! Mzomera chamba chikuthera ndithu Zeze wachabe chabe iweee

  24. torgo nodo says:

    sweet! kamlepo barking in the north, change golo barking in the centre, what a dream team. i lovin’ it!

    hey admin, why did you take down the abortion bill post? did somebody tell you off hmm?

  25. levelheaded says:

    How many people fought for Malawi democracy? Almost every politician has his profile linking to that. Or is it everybody who voted out MCP? Or the ones in the forefront that risked their lives? Gwape akaphedwa kuchuluka a ndapha ndine.

  26. Boyi says:

    Congrats Kams you will be the president soon

  27. Naliyela says:


  28. Malawim says:

    The mad house that is PP… lame appointments of appeasement every where. The caliber of people entrusted by amayi to run the affairs of the party and state really worries me….the bulk of cash gate could never have happened under anybody’s watch….emotions, emotions and emotions everywhere, even in appointments.

  29. WAMISALA says:




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