Kamlepo causes storm in parliament, claims Malawi govt bought K3bn luxury cars

Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua, nearly sent parliament in turmoil Tuesday afternoon when he accused the DPP -led government of nepotism, tribalism and extravagance.

Kalua: Made allegations in parliament

Kalua: Made allegations in parliament

The free-speaking MP, who is also vice chairman of Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, claimed government recently bought four six posh vehicles for the President and Vice President worth K1 billion.

Kamlepo said in addition to the four presidential vehicles worth K600 million and two for the veep Saulos Chilima worth K250 million.

He also claimed the government also bought a land cruiser vehicle for the chief secretary George Mkondiwa and some and 10 Prados for principal secrEtaries worth about K2 billion.

“We have all the evidence to prove this. We have the chasis numbers, we have engine numbers,” said Kalua.

Kamlepo accused the government of double standards when it accused leader of opposition Lazaruos Chakwera and Richard Msowoya of misuse of public money when parliament bought them cars.

Malawi government recently accused Parliament of abusing state funds on external travel at the expense of parliamentary committee meetings.

Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education, Jappie Mhango, and Minister of Transport and Public Works, Francis Kasaila, who is also Leader of the House in Parliament,s aid the Parliamentary Services Commission (PSC) and the office of the speaker had, within three months, blown over half of their annual allocated funds.

“Parliament has abused state funds,” said Mhango. “The PSC has already spent over 52 percent of its annual allocation and the office of the speaker has spent over 50 percent of its allocation just in three months.”

The ministers said instead of holding parliamentary committee meetings as expected of the arm of government, Parliament had spent the funds on external travel when the country was struggling with its economy.

According to the Leader of the House in Parliament, Francis Kasaila, Parliament, which is headed by opposition legislator, Richard Msowoya, as speaker, got all its first quarter allocation of over 2.8 million United States dollars from treasury and used it all on other businesses other than convening parliamentary committee meetings.

Kasaila also disclosed that mid October treasury disbursed part funding of over 700 thousand United States dollars out of the 1.9 million United States dollars allocated to the arm of government for the second quarter of the financial year.

Malawi’s financial year runs from July to June and it is currently in its second quarter.

The ministers have since said responsible authorities of government would take Parliament and its secretariat to task to explain on the extravagance at the expense of necessary parliamentary activities that would benefit all Malawians.

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74 thoughts on “Kamlepo causes storm in parliament, claims Malawi govt bought K3bn luxury cars”

  1. Uncle Regan says:

    Y shud we say malawi z poor with o these billions being spent on luxury. How do u expect donors 2 giv us money n use it for buying cars? At v expense of pples lives sm r using money which cud have gone a long way in assisting pple at queenz abale zoona anthu azivutika ati cifukwa ndinu anduna kapena speaker

  2. madzi says:

    thats politics ov mw…U hv been talking with ur big mouth about chakwera andyet u keep on spent tax payers money fo personal gains.Now its you pitala, give back the money.

  3. musiyeni kamlepo he is a good intelligence person

  4. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    If these expenditures are true then the country is not well-served.
    Are these vehicles a priority at this juncture of the country’s economic performance? What sense does it make for the government ho be extravagant and then go out seeking donor funding? What do the countries we are begging from think of us?

  5. Jailosichioko says:

    Bravo Kamulepo.Mulaliki Wachowonadi Uyu Saopa Kudzudzula.Inu Mukutumikira Amalawidi.

  6. Nana says:

    A kamlepo yakula ndi nsanje..kodi mene munayambira kutsutsa bona muja simunatopebe? u’ll die as an opposer suzalinunkha bona iwe

  7. Solobala says:

    All this is coming up because we made a mistake of electing a clueless Mtchona to be our leader.

  8. New generation says:

    This is very unfortunate, corruptive , careless and extravagance government, why did people vote for DPP? the boma which cannot practice what it is preaching to Malawians. another specialgate is at special needs education directorate ‘ministry of education’ coz specialist teachers are fully funded by government but the same government is not recognizing these teachers yet they get funding in the name of inclusive education, please Kamlepo ask them again about this issue.

  9. Kavuluvulu says:

    Bravo Kamulepo !

  10. George says:

    DPP full of thugs

  11. george says:

    Kamlepo is one of the most active members, some of you here are just haters, ….Kamlepo has revealed what some of us dint know……..BRAVO KAMLEPO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…….

  12. KK says:

    Tangomptsani mini bus uyu mwina angakhale chete ngagi thawi ya UDF.Mtumbuka dyela kwabasi.

  13. kunenakunena says:

    mbava zokhazokha.Useless leaders u’re not ashamed to be boasting ur stupidity to voiceless,innocent Malawian who are paying u.Mbuzi

  14. Palikanthu says:

    All the pomp and bravado so that you can make KCH a health centre!

    APM you are not serious, why kill your own people because you want expensive things bought by paupers and yet you claim to be a billionaire.

    Use that money that you stashed away to repir the Xray Machine at KCH and restore Lab services.
    Or are you going to fire4 the MoH Minister for underdelivering?
    APM fire the president of Mw on account of incompetence, he gives himself a passing grade when he is on life support

  15. levelheaded says:

    Iwe number 52 (Mr phee)ndi mbuli zinzako zomwe zuti boma linagulira magalimoto a Chakwera ndi Msowoya, dziwani kuti boma Lori ndi nthambi zitatu zomwe zili executive(comprising the president and cabinet ministers), parliament(comprising the speaker,his deputies, secretary,members of parliament and committees, judicially(comprising all the courts,judges and administration). These arms are allocated an annual budget which is approved in parliament and utilised by the individual arm without interfering the other.

    I the case of the cars that were bought for Chakwera and Msowoya, its the parliament which bought these cars per their mandate without the interference of the president. Sikuti chilichonse chomwe chimagulidwa mmboma ndiye kuti president ndi amend wagula ayi. President si procurement officer kapena buyer.

    MCP ikutengera advantage yoti speaker ndi leader of opposition onse ndi akuluakulu a Ku parliament and they can abuse their funding without much opposition. Ndichifukwa amafunanso kuti secretary akhale Mkandawire so that they can control him on expenditures(who knows?mwina aim yawo inali yofufuza ndalama za 2019 campaign) komano a president has chosen Fiona who am sure will disturb them in their malpractices.

    Executive and parliament are now busy pointing fingers at each other,blaming one another as being extravagant which ironically all of them are in the wrong(both have proven to be extravagant). You know yourself that am the mighty DPP diehard but let’s try to sober up when it comes to something of the peoples’ interest.

    Mcp being the government watchdog was supposed to be exemplary by proving to be better than the other,but they are failing a litmus test on this.

    Kumadziwa momwe boma likuyendera. Ngati mukulephera kudziwa inu oti muli ndi phone ya internet kuli bwanji abale athu omwe Ali Ku mudzi aja? Koma ndiye ndatokotatu, kenaka muyamba kulipira za part time.

  16. MWASUWA says:

    Khala phee! ndizoona chipani can not withdraww money from ministry of finance, without GVT approval. mwakumana ozisata okha-okha, tiyenazoni!!!

  17. Mandela says:

    In all these muntharica explain and the rising salary of the mp makes the presidents salary to rise if chakwera wa bought a poshy car how would the president and vp ride phokonyole and if i remember very well the policy of bought toyota land cruiser for excutive came with joice banda when ken lipenga was minister, it seems when it is in government, the opposition feels pain and vicevesa everybody is enjoying his or her entitles i think we need to abolish the policy that that allows former speaker and his deputies, ministers, ps, ceo of sc to stop buying their official cars, bcoz i remember, a former ceo bought an official car, brand new benz 4months old on k500,000. I think this happen when there merging between malawi mining body and malawi electricity and energy formed mera the ex official bought official car at a give away price

  18. Kamlepo ntchi zeleza chakufikapo. Kweni chilije fundo. Pamsundu chi ntchewe ichi, mungachipulikira ha. Umandinyansa stupid!

  19. Mapwiya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Zina ukamva kambanga mwala.

  20. mapapaya says:

    A Kamlepo umbuli. muyesa kuti mulandirapo kangachepe mukatero kokutsekani pakamwa. Zakuvutani a Bwana.

  21. Roy Banda says:

    Koma magalimoto odula chonchiwa ndalama zake ziti? mankhwala mu zipatala mulibe, njala ndi imene ilipoyi, kuti ndikambe zambiri page lidzadza ili, mukungoponya mu matumba mwanu ndalamazo mpaka annual allocation fund pa 3 months kudyapo 52 percent? cashgate ilipobe eti? zikutiwawa ndipo mpake kuti ma donors azinyanyala kutithandiza.

  22. ngongoliwa says:

    Perusing the article thoroughly, it clearly shows that MCP is worse than DPP.MCP is very clever at talking, look at Chakwera.He wants the government to change presidency before five years, yet our constitution has article on that. It does say anything whether one performs or do not perform.

  23. Mr Pheee says:

    Ine mmene ndikuonera apa,Boma linagula galura wa Chakwera ndi Msowoya pofuna kutseka pakamwa Opposition,ndiye ndudabwa kuti anthu akulankhula ngati kuti Ndalama zili pena pake ndiye MCP ndi DPP ali ndiphavu yongotengapo pamene zililipo,kupepetulidwa kapena bwanji? anthu okonda zabwino amafunira azawo za bwino ndipo okonda zoipa amafunira zawo zoipa, ukuchuluka ndiumbulitu apa.

  24. john banda says:


  25. levelheaded says:

    The news worthy reporting is the one by the leader of the house “Kasaira” and Jappie Mhango which they were highlighting on how the speaker and parliament committee have extravagantly spent their allocations. Kamulepo was counter accusing government on those baseless accusations with no backup evidence since being a vice chairman of the public accounts committee he was answerable on how that arm of government has been this extravagant.

    Now nyasatime has chosen to put the counter accusation as the head of this article while the accusation at the conclusion of the article and calling themselves patriots. Really? I pitty my mother Malawi.

  26. mtichimwitsa says:

    Akufuna kubisa uchitsiru wawo a boma akuyesa a Malawi ndife a tulu

  27. malawi wane says:

    Kamlepo u are the only remaining active fredom fighter of the line of the chihana. God preserved u 4this time. These people who are ruling today were not in malawi when we were fighting for multiparty democracy. They could not even dream of coming to malawi. Kamlepo just warn the government of dpp that if they dont change malawians will rise again as they did during the time of Kamuzu. If a northerner has risen that means new doan has come. We had Orton Chirwa, Chakufwa Chihana, John Nyondo, and now we have u Kamlepo Kaluwa. Bwana Chakwera pliz work with Bwana Kamlepo to redeem Malawi. It is not too late malawians cannot suffer forever while u are there. dpp must go enough is enough! We dont have any other home except Malawi. Fredom never come like manner but must be fought for by the ones who need it. If we realy need fredom let us fight for it. Stand up Malawi.

  28. chimboro says:

    MRA busy punishing poor people.Ndalama kupereka ku mbuzi.kuti zinjoye and kuchindana.Pathako pinu vindere eti,

  29. selfish decision says:

    You guys you are so selfish go in hospitals and see how your brothers and sisters are suffering.
    I would wish talking from deep down my heart God punish you devils coz of your extravagance. I ask myself are you really human beings ????? Kudzikundikila chuma

  30. We need to go to the streets as in yesterday, these michonas are taking as for granted, and chilima is a big disappointment to the youth, imagine how many jobs could have been created with that money? Shame.

  31. gaga says:


  32. Sapitwa says:

    It was UNGA trip that triggered all this accusing the executive by MCP and CSOs for spending senselessly at the time when hospitals have no drugs. The executive countered a fight back strategy citing that Lazaro and camp can not claim to champion the poor. They have blown K300m buying top of the range Toyotas at the same time when hospitals have one meal a day with no drugs in hospitals.We Malawians are left languishing and therefore no fat cat should claim that he she shares our pain. All these cats are devils and must be condemned. I don’t think they are Christians at all. A Christian who is real Christian who fasts would have forgone those luxuries for the sake of the poor. You demonic hypocrites; what a bunch of shameless fools!

  33. nsanjeport says:

    Birds of the same feathers..

  34. If these reports are not just fallacy, I wonder why people should invest their trust in MCP too because both DPP and MCP seem to belong to the same character-missusing public funds.

  35. Bambo a mwana says:

    Can we now hear from jappie and kasaila! what do they have to say?

    be objective and impartial if you are to make good leadere otherwise muzingonamidza mbuli zanuzo from south. stupid fools!

  36. Kenkkk says:

    All quiet at the dpp thugs frontline. You were attacking parliament and mcp leader for car expenditures as a cover up to your own excessive expenditure of cars which was about to be blown out and exposed.

    Now go back to your boot licking stupid mbc and tell it to broadcast your excessive billions cars expenditure for the nation to know.

  37. that the philosophy of me-myself and my stomach. we cannot develop if we look at ourself and close our eyes on the suffering of others. how can someone with all his brain and senses buying expensive cars while fifteen million people are suffering? do these think really?
    the sovereign power has become the LEVIATHAN!!!

  38. Phiri says:

    What the hell if this is true lets all malawians go on the streets and ask army to take over n call for elections

  39. Moya says:

    Dpp is a mafia, thugs and bandits group so don’t be surprised if they are Just being themselves by looting government money.one day some one will rise up and call a sped a sped.chakufwa did it on kamuzu so who is Peter?democratically elected yes but in malawi it has failed us look where we are now? This will b fixed maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but it will b fixed. U may ignore at your own peril.

  40. TIYESI MATEMBA says:

    anthuni y malawi tikumutenga ngati pachikamwini…??????
    kukhala ngati sikwathu….

  41. ophiri says:

    akulu-akulu, people are dying muzipatalamu. tiyeni ndalamazi tizugulila mankhwala. azungu timawakololawa amakwera njinga to keep fit, olo atakhala billionaire kawawa. ma cities ena kuli ma “car free zones” okuti aliyense amayenda pansi to ease traffic congestion, lower monoxide pollution and to keep the populous fit. m’malawi amakhuta mang’ina, linunda, chiganda then ndikumwa crate ya green yekha pa kamba ndukakwera fortuner with no excersize at all. kuchita kuyiputa dala wekha cardiac….

    i say again, pope francis uses a fiat that’s worth about 1.5 million kwacha showroom, yet he has over a billion supporters. that’s why our friends live to 80 or 90 yrs old. umunthu, excersize and a clear mind. choncho….

  42. Professional Analyst says:

    So Malawi has money!! Akutinamiza

  43. Percy Sledge says:

    Mr Speaker Sir also take note that the Inspector General of Police and his Commissioners are all being driven in brand new Prados so it is free for all

  44. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa corrupt government

  45. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Plz plz plz lets unite and bring down this government and mr ibu must go back to where he belong to

  46. mwai malambe banda says:

    Zotsala pano padziko lapansi zonsezo…amalawi osauka akugona ndi njala pomwe ndalama mukugulila galimoto zodula choncho kuti mupindulenji? Osagula ma toyota cororra bwanji otsika mtengo? Mukakwera ma prado anuwo anthu akuzunzika mukumamva bwanji anthu oyipa ngati lusifala inu!I promise you God is fighting this war for us the poor ndipo tiwina!

  47. Njolinjo says:

    Why are you quoting in US $? Has our currency become a toilet paper?

  48. Edoms says:

    Zikuwonetsa kuti ku parliament kuli chintchito cholimbana m’malo mokonza zinthu.

  49. Rodgers Banda says:

    Kamuuzu was leading mobile dead people Bingo was leading blind ghosts and Buti Peter is leading rotting corpses that cant act even if things go wrong. Will opposition just nod with stupid eyes wide open? Come on Kalua and friends do something.

  50. lackison says:

    Don’t forget the new moving toilet for the president worth more than 70million, u are 100% correct mr kamlepo

  51. Patriot says:

    Paja ku Convention ya DPP, APM anati azapitiliza pame Bingu analekezera.
    K577 billion +……..= now probably dealing with trillions

  52. Happening Boy says:

    Kamlepo is fearless, he has nothing to loose. He has always been there for a good Malawi, remember the fisi ndi fisi olo atasintha tchire.I like the guy. Now that Kamlepo has the evidence can Jappie yearn at Peter for the extravagance. Foolish people, more fire.

  53. Zapadziko says:

    Chinsalu cha mkachisi chang’anmbika. Zobisika zikuululika.

  54. Bessam Kapuma says:

    This world of ours! Muthana kumeneko! Tione wamkulu chitosi ndithu.

  55. ZIKWI says:

    Kuwononga Basi

  56. RoyK says:


  57. puludzu says:

    Kuli kanthu pomweso Japie Mhango akama blanda athamangitsidwa ku constituency kwao ku Rumphi. Unaditsa chisa japie watela. Shortly sports Council is to shade more of ur sinister deals.
    Washosha olakwika.

  58. ngerengere says:

    The problem is there is unnecessary competion between gvt and opposition.the opposition think is greater and stronger than than the gvt.the leader of opposition wants to be treated like a president and the Mr msowiya thinks he is much greater than Chilima.but let us wait and see who is fools himself.Gvt is Gvt.

  59. mayayauve says:

    Kamlepo ndimunthu odzimbuka, wakhunyu (epileptic) ndiye muzimumvetsa. Tikakhala ife achewa anthu monga kamulepo timawatcha othundukwa. He is a good example of a lunatic in parliament.

  60. ben phiri says:

    More fire kamlepo exponse these idiots

  61. Winston msowoya says:

    Bravo Kamlepo and keep hammering these thieves of public funds.By the time Malawians vote out Muthalika’s rotten regime,there will be nothing left for our people.

  62. freeman says:

    kutha kuloza chola ena boma lopanda manyaziiii shame dead woods

  63. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Jappie Mhango is talking about 52% of the annual budget. This is simple variance . Suppose by your year end in June2016, there is a saving what are you going to say. The question is whether the money was spent on personal needs.

    Jappie Mhango did not go far with his education, can somebody teach him, pls.

    However, the bottom line is that both the executive and parliament bought expensive, therefore you are wasting our tax money meant for drugs.

  64. nyasi zachuluka pa malawi, govt yathu yachuka bodza. Vuto amalawi ambiri ndi mbuli.

  65. SONG says:

    Go ahead Kamlepo, these are thieves. Please deal with them they are hiding in water but their back is on open space.

  66. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    Malawi Politicians suffer from “mansion syndrome” and “automobile paralysis image ” disease. No hope for the future with this mentality of governing the country!

  67. Jang'ala says:

    Kaya zanu zimenezo! Mwakumana akuba okhaokha, palibe wabwino(olamulira ndi inu a opposition). Kaya dzikoli tizatukuka kaya!

  68. Mboba says:

    Malawi needs a serious reboot otherwise as a country we are doomed. First no more voting for leaders above 60. We need youth, who can bring innovative ideas to boost our economy

  69. mapwevupwevu says:

    This guy belongs in a mental hospital!

    Sindimamvetsa kuti Atumbuka amaganiza bwanji choosing this madman as their representative in parliament!

  70. mapwefupwefu says:

    That’s Kamlepo I know, I thought you quitted spitting vernum on this government! Wellcome, [email protected] a good start….hit them hard tiziwe chilungamo.

  71. Ma says:

    Opposition mcp and dpp ruling all of you idiots who have no plight of the poor at heart but just pretending. All of you mungogumula ndalama za tax payer on useless things. ..may God burn you in hell….

  72. Eugene says:

    Bwampini Puppet woyeeee

  73. mzuzu says:

    Africans. you do not care about a welfare of the people. return the cars if you care about the economy.

  74. chatonda says:

    Prove the government wrong by showing evidence that they are extravagant and yet accusing the opposition leaders and parliament for the worst sins they are committing themselves.

    Shame on Jappie and Kasaila for childish unjustified claims. There will be wars of words in parliament because of childish handling of serious issues. Mukhaula this parliament.

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