Kamlepo claims cabinet moles giving him ‘top secrets’

Outspoken opposition legislator Kamlepo Kalua has said he is getting tips from cabinet contacts on top secrets that he speaks about in public and parliament.

Kalua: Claims to have evidence

Kalua: Claims to have evidence

Kalua, who is Member of Parliament for the Rumphi East Constituency, said a Cabinet minister confided in him that government acquired a special vehicle on presidential convoy called motor home at a cost of K150 million.

A motor home is a vehicle fitted with recreational facilities such as a kitchenette, washroom, sitting room and beds.

Kalua said the timing of buying a motor when the country is facing economic challenges is bad.

“I don’t have issues with the President purchasing the motor home, but considering the economic challenges this country is facing, it is bad timing as we don’t have maize in Admarc, electricity [tariffs] will [go up] in the coming year. That money could have been used to help Escom to boost power generation,” Kalua told Times TV’s Point Blank Programme.

According to Presidential Press Secretary, Gerald Viola, the vehicle was bought in July 2014 at a cost of K65 million after the recommendation was made by the Director of State Residences, Peter Mukhito .

But Kalua insists he has evidence of abuse of the purchase of the motor home, relying on cabinet sources.

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35 thoughts on “Kamlepo claims cabinet moles giving him ‘top secrets’”

  1. Sailota says:

    We are suffering and u are not concerned. Honestly, buying the vehicle when sick people in the hospitals have no food? No medicines? No water?…… And u expect us to mourn when u die? Never We will feast. Very soon God will love u more!!!!!

  2. like seriously! your failling to empoy us saying the government has no money to pay us yet your planning on purchasing such an expensive vehicle? what are you PETER? your far more evil than the devil himself.

  3. Chigawaneni says:

    Long live Kamlepo!

  4. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    Mr Kamlepo may or may not have his facts correct. Where he is wrong he should be corrected.

    But let us not throw the baby together with the bath water. Let us get the essence of what is being said.

    1. When the times are tough, budget spending priorities need to be adjusted so that matters that affect people’s daily lives are given priority instead of luxuries by the Head of State or anybody for that matter.
    2. Government spends public funds collected from tax payers. Spending should be transparently shown. Similarly, the budgeting should be transparent. If this is followed, there would be no need for Mr Kamlepo or any minister to sneak out information about anything. Everything should be above board.
    3. Criticism is healthy and should be embraced; that is the only way corrections can be made, lessons learned and improvements assured going forward.
    4. Character assassination should have no place in public discourse. Nobody can claim to have a perfect character. But it is said that “wa msala ndiye adaona nkhodo”, meaning that it can be a mad man who can alert the village that warring invaders are approaching. Focus on what the “madman” is saying. Check it, evaluate it; but don’t dismiss the message because of the messager!

  5. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Kodi karonga southwest kuli MP??????? Mwe ubulu mwe!!!!!!

  6. selfish decision says:

    That’s typical of African readers they always think of themselves. Kumeneko chala m’mwamba , chala m’mwamba.
    We will pee because we had no vision

  7. Mlomwe says:

    Kalua ndi dhilu

  8. Sapitwa says:

    This was approved in 2014 just like those vehicles for your buddies in opposition. It’s no news at all. This motor home is critical on the Presidential convoys. If mr lunatic Kalua thought this was secret news, then he got it all wrong. We knew about it long time ago because the purchase of this home was never meant to be a secrete and is legal. Find something to say mr mentally disturbed Kalua.

  9. George Kamanga says:

    Agalu onse osatira chipani cha DPP sazatheka chifukwa onse ndi mbava ndiponso zitsiru zotheratu. ziwanda zomwe zinali mwa Galu wakufa uja (bingu) zimalowa onse olowa DPP chifukwa ndi kagulu ka satanism background. even any Pastor or Prophet who dares to support this party becomes baptized in the demonic and satanic system.

  10. choka phiri says:

    Peter came to Malawi to enjoy life on poor Malawians sweating. The man dont care abort Malawians. Hej was doing that when he was in historia brottets cabinet. Hej used to travel in helcopte like a president White other minister did not do that. He hade eskort like a president. I think Malawians are deadline brainstorming. White cancer that happen? APM expect donors to release money a joke. He knows azungu salig nationella wantu akunda. They use their tax parets money proper. Muntharikas are like Idi Amin.

  11. Dumisani Madoda says:

    He is the man together with Kondowe who
    helped Chihana alot to dismantle MCPgovt.
    We used to listen him on chinyanja service
    from South Africa so no one should silence
    him he is gifted in that area.He fights for
    the truth and this is not democracy that
    he fought for because the current govt is full
    of vultures

  12. nachisale says:

    There is no real substance from Kamlepo’s constant yapping other than pumping his ego and hoping he will gain political capital. The first time I realised Kamlepo is confused is when he started speaking against the appointment of Kalemba as Clerk of parliament. He, with a group of misguided comrades decided to disregard the edicts of the law on the appointment process of Clerk of Parliament. Now, the reason why Malawi is failing to move forward is because of the self-serving disposition of those in government BUT also because of dunderheads in opposition who suffer from the same disease of selfish aggrandisation.

  13. Patriot says:

    Ambuye Pini Kodi ija bwa? Atizunza uyu

  14. nyasa reporter says:

    Malawi is a sleeping nation full of sleeping citizens like the nachisales and the chikhazulas, I feel sorry for this country unfortunately no hope for change. DPP guys, why do you behave like this?

  15. lackison says:

    Kamulepo is telling the truth, don’t forget the information minister refused that government didn’t buy any car but this motor home was 65million but mukhito told the president it was 150 million so that they pocket the difference.president bought the vx not wat the minister said . Kamulepo is 100% only people don’t believe when he talks

  16. Mathanyula says:

    Wow, Malawians in Rumphi East have a voice in Parliament, I have never heard my MP utter a word in Parliament. I have no represantative, no voice, I feelcheated by hand clapping , good for nothing back benchers. More fire Mr Kamlepo, for the first time I wish I was from the north.

  17. kenkkk says:

    July 2014,just two months after the chaotic elections,when things haven’t yet settled down. And these dpp thugs put as their first too priority buying a motor home for the president. Really?

    That is the gist that Kamlepo is trying to say.

    It is the same scenario as the money wasted on too large car fleets.

  18. Tonny says:

    And they are worried about JB expenditure of her own money when they(DPP) are busy wasting our money..

  19. Mada says:

    This government is self centred,the leaders want to leave a luxurious life at the expense of poor Malawians they didnt have any other motive than that I regret to have contributed in ushering them to power.Kamplepo seems to be a concerned and patriotic leader,keep it up adhadha.

  20. Ozitsata says:

    Chikhadzula and Nachisale are Malawians living abroad and very far from the situation on the ground. You think this is politics?

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Iwe, Ozitsata and your cohorts: you always claim that the people expressing views opposite to those of PP or MCP, are outsiders. If that was the case, those parties would have won the last elections. Furthermore, people should be allowed to express their opinions regardless of residency or even citizenship. And this is totally legal.
      Wamvapo apa (comprendez vous)?

  21. Mwakipiki says:

    More fire Kamlepo! We need people like you if this country is to have some accountability. Otherwise they will continue cheating us

  22. pat says:

    So what is it do u want us to do?

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    Kamlepo’s constituents are one of the most privileged in our beautiful country. They have an MP who speaks. Imagine that, he speaks.

    I have no clue what my MP last spoke something which made a difference to our nation.

    This is 2016, let us be serious.

  24. Optic Computer says:

    He is the whistleblower Malawi needs.

  25. Nyaulembe says:

    But George Viola says the vehicle was bought in 2014 at K65 million a Kamlepo akuyankhula ngati current news.

    1. Amalawi says:

      You believe Viola?

  26. kumangoni says:

    Always having evidences but proofless.Boollying us like you in a position with us, yet you are you distanced yourself away with us.Shame!!!

  27. cool jaycjvvvhj says:

    @Nachisale. Kamlepo is the main man. We need more like him to expose all you fools wasting govt money for your own sake. How could you buy a 64 million car yet there is no food in the hospitals. Mwina nawe ukudya nawo ma banzi. Shame on you.

  28. Nyika Republic says:

    Anzathu alibe mabvuto,zonse kwa iwo ndi zotheka,akamlepo tiuzeni zambiri

  29. The Most Concerned says:

    Kamlepo’s allegations hav now become Salt

  30. nachisale says:

    Kamlepo is losing steam because of too much talking. I get the sense he thinks he is the most clever politician. Unfortunately, he is not! Everyday his mouth opens speaking rubbish he looks sillier and more stupid. He likes the attention the media gives him though. Ng’oma yoliritsa!

  31. WAKUMUDZI says:

    GUYS !!

    Ndalama imeneyi TIKANALEMBA
    NTCHITO MADOTOLO Okwana.komanso
    Mankhwala ni chakudya


  32. Mugwireni angayambe kulowa mtchire

  33. chikhadzula says:

    Akamlepo the vehecle was bought long tym ago,, what a u talking about,, go to kanengo siloz tgers plenty maize,, we ll expose u the cash gate u did during JB.

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