Kamlepo clashes with Speaker: Claims Malawi leader gave cash handouts to MPs to pass budget

An uncompromising Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua on Monday lost his cool, accusing Speaker Richard Msowoya of increasing gagging members of parliament from expressing themselves.

Kamlepo: I fought for democracy and the fight continues

Kamlepo: I fought for democracy and the fight continues

This was after Msowoya wanted to curtail debate on a Trade and Industry bill although a dozen legislators wanted to contribute to the debate of the bill.

“I can’t be party to this, I fought hard for the democracy of this country,” said the firebrand outspoken veteran politician who usually takes on the government legislators and its leadership in the 193 strong House.

He said there was no longer democracy in the House as the Speaker gags members of parliament when they want to speak their mind.

However, Msowoya said the fact that Kalua was able to speak like that means he was enjoying unlimited freedom and democracy in the Chamber.

“We can’t allow people to bring anarchy in the House because they brought democracy in the country,” Msowoya hit back at Kalua.

The whole thing started when Kalua described the mid-year budget which parliament approved on Friday as a corrupt budget alleging ruling Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) legislators along with United Democratic Front  (UDF) and some independent MPs were called to State House where they pocked K100, 000 each to approve the budget.

“I urge the IMF not to recognise such a budget,” said Kalua.

However,  Leader of the House Francis Kasaira said as a party and government in parliament, it is free to hold a parliamentary caucus with its alliance partner UDF at State House or elsewhere.

Msowoya on the other hand said Kalua has not brought evidence on the matter, the issue remains a rumour and whisper and ruled Kalua out of order.

Salima north west MP Jessie Kabwila was also ruled out of order when she pressed Kasaira to say whether they received money from Mutharika or not to approve the budget.

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Alice bandawe

Toned ndiwe galuwanuwa.dpp Palm oiled atolankhani at state house,so why do you think they can’t do this again


A kamlepo whats that nosense u mean ur happy to see malawians suffering wud u say that if it was ur party ruling, think like a matured politician

Tonde Wadula

Iwe Kamlepo watch your mouth, DPP can not and will sink that low to palm oil people to vote against their conscience. Kodi ukamati unamecnyera democracy umatanthauza chani? A Malawi eni akefe ndiwo anamenyera democracy. Stop this madness and represent your constituency period.


Yes indeed IMF the World Bank should be solicited not to approve or recognize this corrupt budget. Let Muthalika bring back his stolen loot and fund the short fall. Uyu ndi mbabva the worst leader Malawi has ever had.

Mulher grande

Kamulepo does not wish this nation well he is self and arrogant

Mulher grande

If Kamulepo and those behind him ask IMF not to recognize the budget what does this mean to Malawians? If we say that Kamulepo doe not wish this country and the people who voted for him into parliament is it wrong? how can a loving honorable call imf to punish the country simply because he want to speak his mind? that is very stupid. sorry to say this but kamulepo safunila dziko la Malawi za bwino.


Kamlepo , You are good at making noise ,the more you make noise the more you disgrade your political future , most take your noise like that of car horn to notice your presency ,

Honeycomb Chidyauzu

Every Malawian of good will knows the massive contribution Mr Kalua made to bring the then Mighty MCP out of power. Please Malawians let us give credit where it’s due. The only problem is that Mr Kaluwa blows his own trumpet a bit too much sometimes.

Gerald mapanga phiri

If what Kamlepo is talking its true which means is easy to sell out the country through parliamentarians. And its means that more than 50% statesmen are corruption. But again its much better to have people like kamlepo and Jessie K. They can expose some darkness. It’s a job investigative journalist to go deeper to expose it.


Kamlepo brought democracy and that’s a fact! Chimanga kulibe that’s a fact! Kamlepo had more presidential votes than Bingu in 1999, that a fact!……..

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