Kamlepo gives Mutharika 24-hour ultimatum to act on cashgate ministers

Rumphi East member of Parliament (People’s Party-PP) and PP third vice-president, Kamlepo Kalua  on Sunday gave President Peter Mutharika 24-hour ultimatum to remove immunity of  seven serving Cabinet ministers implicated in the recent cashgate forensic audit report.

Kalua: Mutharika should stop shielding thieves

Kalua: Mutharika should stop shielding thieves

Kalua, who is also Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) vice-chairperson, made the demand on Sunday Roundtable Discussion on Capital  Radio.

He said Mutharika, who also gave the legislator 24-hour ultimatum last week Monday to disclose names of rotten ministers, has until Monday to act on his cronies implicated in the cashgate scandal.

“Let the President arrest them tomorrow (Monday),” said Kalua.

“This forensic audit has hit them below the belt,” said Kalua, adding “this government will not arrest the cashgate ministers.”

Kalua said the corrupt gangsters in government should not waste time in intimidating and threatening him because of his demand for justice on cashgate.

“Who are they to intimidate me these political toddlers,” said Kalua.

“I will not be intimidated at all even if they make slurs that I am into Katapaila business but I have no cashgate shame with me. These thieves should pay back money stolen from poor Malawians,” charged Kalua.

Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa presented the audit report to Parliament in June, but the lack of detail such as names of the alleged culprits has irked some sections of society, accusing  President Mutharika of shielding ministers involved.

Kamphasa said the Attorney General’s office had advised against releasing the names of individuals and businesses named in the audit report for fear of legal implications and jeopardising investigations.

Malawi Law Society (MLS) also backed the Attorney General’s position, saying releasing the names suspected of abusing funds could affect investigations.

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22 thoughts on “Kamlepo gives Mutharika 24-hour ultimatum to act on cashgate ministers”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    Only the most foolish people can say that releasing the names will hamper investigations. How? The law society and that stupid ignorant attorney general are a disgrace. No wonder lawyers in Malawi are a laughing stock of the world. Absolutely clueless.

    All the law society and ag are doing is shielding dpp thieving corrupt thugs, some of them cabinet ministers who are in turn being shielded by the most corrupt incompetent president the country has ever had.

    Naming names has absolutely nothing to do with undermining investigations. Investigations worldwide are done even when the culprits names are known. In Malawi it doesn’t make any difference how investigations can be affected with or without releasing names. Do we really have any meaningful investigations in Malawi? We only have lying, cheating, tampered investigations with or without names.

    Threatening kamlepo will just open a can of worms. You dpp thugs be warned.

  2. Financial Analyst says:

    My take is that the PwC Cashbook analysis Report supplemented by the RSM Forensic audit Report were adequate to lead ACB to commence prosecution.Surely these two reports were reconciled with the available supporting payment documents. At this stage ACB does not need long time to take action but obviously ACB is under pressure from above to remain inactive.By the way, it looks clear that Kamlepo has informants at Accountant General, ACB and NAO,Kamlepo has the names of the Seven Ministers, he is just teasing the President and his rotten seven Ministers.Those of you who label Kamlepo as being mad should also go for your mental check up, you mean you cant read between the lines that DPP conduct is irregular over the K236 billion Cash gate, cant critically analyse the trends right from the beginning to where we are today and come up with your truth.Naturally wakuba sazomela kuti ndi wakuba unless apanidwe, ndizimene akupanga a DPP. Kuyasamula mkamwa mpakana kuwonesa mano onse kuja a DPP ankapanga nthawi ya JB Cashgate a DPP asiya pano agwidwa akungopya mtimapo…DPP …….Woyeee…..DPP………Woyee……..Seven Ministers agwidwa ndi kuba …….Woyeee!!!!…Kamlepo Kaluanso ………..Woyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    President Muthalika fight against corruption became suspicious when he firstly made bedfellows with the corrupt Bakili Muluzi and his UDF. Secondly , the suspicion increased when President Muthalika appointed a weak character as Director of Anti Corruption Bureau.One cannot compare the caliber of late Justice Mtegha or the respected Justice Rezine Mdzikamanda with the current ACB Boss, no wonder the British High Commissioner has recently said the fight against Corruption is much weaker now than it was before DPP took over power.

  3. Nyima says:

    Who is you to give deadlines to a president ,you think its time for Bakili ,where when you make unnecesary noise ,you were called to Sanjika and rewarded with a Minibus.Mutharikas dont work like that.You will cry up to when,but know that,jb will not rule Malawi again.You should cry for your self for missing cashgate money during JB rule ,the way how you behave ,bwana sizikanakuphonyani ,bwezi lero muli ndi Lutepo to zomba maximum.Release the names ,as the president told you ,so that he can act,so you want him to act on hearsay? if you are courage enough relese the name,musatinyasepo apa ,we are tired with noise making with an aim of getting public sympathy

  4. santana says:

    Muluzi handled Kamlepo with kid gloves though he was doing all nonsense to the presidential seat. Muluzi was always palm-oiling whenever he makes noise. In that way Kamlepo was one way or the solving his financial problems. Enter Bingu. Kamlepo tried to do the same tricks he was doing with Muluzi to Bingu. After realizing that the game is not on his part he started insulting Bingu in all manners. Bingu, as everyone knows who he was he just put the guy into cooler and Kamlepo was not the same when he came out. Now he wants to try it on Bingu’s brother. May be the brother is taking everything on Kamlepo on a legal mind. He is not stupid by handling him with kid gloves. One day Kamlepo will face the music. Just wait and see.

  5. santana says:

    All those who were backing Kamlepo on this issue have now realized that the guy was even fooling them. It came as a hot issue in the early days when it came out but now its hotness is dwindling daily to the shameness of his backers. We told you Kamlepo is mad but you could not heed it because of being myopic. We have been following Kamlepo from the time he used to be on Channel Africa in the early 1990’s. He could bring an issue that could provoke Malawians against Dr. Banda but at the end none of his bombardments against the then MCP individuals proved to be true. So those who are backing now are showing that they don’t know him or they are doing it deliberately just to support his hatred of individuals for this is his TRADE MARK.

  6. Nkhulandi says:

    I listened to this debate on Capital Radio, Kamplepo you are a great Man. Kasambara was fired and arrested by amayi why is this muthalika failing to act?

  7. Maunisi says:

    Why you fight Kamlepo. Fight Kamphasha with the report Kamulepo is not an Auditor and he can not release names of serving minister. Koma mpake nduna 7 abale sibasi kaboma katha. Zovetsa chisoni kuti Peter Mthalika alimomo.

  8. ZOMBA MENTAL HOSPITAL..please prepare a very nice ward (room) with holed buckets to fill water into, blunt axe and chunks of concrete poles that look like wooden poles, I am sending a First Grade LUNATIC Hon. patient from Rumphi West Constituency in the Name of KAMPLEPO, he has been smoking WEED after the Honourable AUGUST house had just passed the GROW WEED BILL…kikikikiki ..next week, I will also send you another colleague of his called WINSTON MSOWOYA from diaspora,…. so two rooms please, the third room will be for Vyoto..kkkkk…next month..kikikiki

  9. thumbwe man says:

    Pressure,pressure and more pressure. Nkulu release the report tione. Mwanya mwaona. Stolen votes lero eeeeee!

  10. kantukodooka says:

    Kapy ndiwe mbuzi yamunthu panya pako madala ako ali mgulu la mbava mdziko muno

  11. katonde says:

    Abisa mpaka liti ifika nthawi zibwela poyela

  12. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    Where there is a smoke there is fire. We should not dismiss everything and brushing off. In that noise there is untold story and otherside ganging up at all cost to prevent the truth from coming out. Corruption can’t be done without picking it up for so long without ministers involve with that huge sum. There is something wrong. Late wait and seems

  13. Mapwevupwevu says:

    I have started beliving those who say that Kamlepo is a mad man. Do ministers have immunity? I thought its only the president who has immunity. First he ignores Mutharika’s ultimatum then he goes around and issue the president with his own stupid ultimatum. Just what kind of person is he?

    1. patriot says:

      Mapwevupwevu. He means immunity is being broght by Peter for shielding them.He is saying the truth.The country is poor today because of DPP

      1. Kanthu Ako! says:

        How do you know what he meant, did you ask him?

    2. MAPWEVUMAVUZI Kamlepo did not say ministers have immunity but rather he is trying to say that the president must not protect them from prosecution that is what he meant, now I can see that u r the one who’s mad

      1. Kanthu Ako! says:

        Kumanena zoona anthuni,

        “Rumphi East member of Parliament (People’s Party-PP) and PP third vice-president, Kamlepo Kalua on Sunday gave President Peter Mutharika 24-hour ultimatum to remove immunity of seven serving Cabinet ministers implicated in the recent cashgate forensic audit report”

        Quoted, to remove immunity, if you are removing immunity, you must have it to start with. And you are saying here without shame that Kamlepo did not say ministers have immunity.

        how stupid are certain Malawians Konseko kufuna, kunena kuti DPP ndiya cashgate? tell the truth.

  14. Timve Ziti says:

    Kamlepo is the one going on abut the 7 ministers so he should give the names otherwise this story has now lost its punch. It’s just become a story implicating ghosts.

    1. MP FROM THE NORTH says:


  15. Why can’t the auditor general Mr. Kamphasa release the report so that we all as Malawian see…….kutsutsa galu ndi kukumba…………wamkota sakandila pa chabe…….Kamlepo’s noise must have some senses in it….

  16. kapy says:

    What kamulepo saying don’t make sense… somehow stupidity in it..

    1. Mchinji Boy says:

      Osangolemba m’chichewa bwanji? It appears you’re not conversant with English..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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