Kamlepo hits back at Kaliati: ‘She is barking like one of the 7 cashgate ministers’

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament vice-chairperson Kamlepo Kalua has hit back at Minister of Information, Communications Technology and Civic Education Patricia Kaliati for insulting his family, saying Kaliati is barking at him as one of the seven rotten ministers implicated in the recent forensic audit report.

Kalua: Kaliati is out of her senses

Kalua: Kaliati is out of her senses

Kaliati has been flat out attacking Kalua  who has been vocal in demanding the dismissal of the said seven Cabinet ministers named in the forensic audit report covering the period 2009 to December 2014 which established that about K236 billion and not K577 billion in public funds as initially estimated could not be accounted for.

The minister, who is also government spokesperson, said Kalua, who is also Rumphi East Member of Parliament (People’s Party-PP) and PP third vice-president, has dug the grave of his late mother, insinuating that the lawmaker exhumed the body of his late mother and used it for rituals.

Kalua said Kaliati “is out of her senses” to make such remarks.

“This is a cheap politics aiming at silencing me from pressurizing President Peter Mutharika to fire all cabinet Ministers involved in the K236 billion cash gate,” he disclosed.

He went on to say Kaliati is “suspecting herself” to be among the seven rotten ministers,

Kalua hinted amongst the seven cashgate ministers, there is a woman.

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22 thoughts on “Kamlepo hits back at Kaliati: ‘She is barking like one of the 7 cashgate ministers’”

  1. santana says:

    You think winning votes to oust the ruling party is a play thing? All your comments are just showing the ignorance you have on Malawi politics. Are you sure you can have all confidence to win the 2019 elections with this current opposition? I feel very sorry with you. Why cant you learn a lesson from the 2014 elections when Amayi did everything to bar Peter from winning but at the end the woman was shown the exit door and shamelessly thrown to position 3. And 2 years later you are talking of winning the votes in 2019, what nonsense.

    1. Central says:

      Nanunso inu, kaya mukuti satan kaya santana, izi mukunena apazi ndiye ziti!! Mwadya chamabatu inu?

      Seriously based on your observation where you say and I quote “Why cant you learn a lesson from the 2014 elections when Amayi did everything to bar Peter from winning but at the end the woman was shown the exit door and shamelessly thrown to position 3”!!

      Sincerely, if you are smart enough you need to be telling DPP that the 2014 occurrence you are referring to MUST be a serious lesson to DPP and APM in particular not anybody else!! Seriously, that piece of history is telling DPP never to underrate anybody and those parties opposing it!! Mind you The DPP followers you are boasting of are not robots that you can just click them and then they vote what you want (DPP), no, no, and a big NO. The Chaponda ambush in Mulanje should be one big pointer to unexpected outcomes in Hlomwe land!!

      Kindly, stop being too overzealous like JB, otherwise inunso mukhoza kukumbukira GREEN CARD ija munabweza mwa fake ija posachedwapa!! Its time you knew that, pangatalike pangafupike zomwe zachitikira a PP zikupezani chifukwa angakhale zitavuta zitatani muonekerabe ndi ma cashgate anuwaaaaaaaaaaa!! Iwe satan, dziwa kuti ndi zotheka kupusitsa anthu pa kanthawi kochepa, koma Mulungu Namalenga, Chisumphwi mwini wake wa zonse sangalole kuti mupusitse anthu moyo wao onse!! Khalekhaleni muthamanga kuthawa anthu anu m’mene anagogomera che George pa kwao bambo…………………….!! Inu mufuna kutiuza chani inu!! Tidaona Kamuzu atamukana a kwao, tidaona Muluzi atamukana a kwao, nde inu mukuona ngati APM zimenezo sizingamuchitikire, kuti iyeyo ndi watani if the his acts are to go by……………………………………. awanso nawo awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Osamangodya tindalama mwacashgater to bwanji? Mumufunse Kasambara akuuzani kuti kuno ndi kunja amweneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………………………………………………………………..!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. hhhhhh says:

    kungoti kaliyati ndi wamanyi kuchokela kalekale

  3. The Patriot says:

    There is no secret under the sun, tsiku lina zidzaululika . Akweni simungachenjere kuposa a Malawi tonse!

  4. santana says:

    Munthu umanjenjemera ziri mthumba. Anzanu ali mmipando, m’ma benz, nyumba zabwino komanso they are proud to be a ruling party. Kamlepo and his party knows pretty well that they is no chance for them to be called again ” the ruling party”. Panopa ayenera kukhala a ganyu a MCP, a party everyone knows they will never come back to power. Kamlepo and his backers can make all sorts of senseless noise but the truth is they will never make it into govt. Zotola u president zija can not happen again because their leader is no more vice president as it was that time. Kaliati is just responding to Kamlepo’s barking. We say he is barking because ever since he started talking about this issue nothing positive is happening on the ground. He can not convince all the stakeholders who can do something on the issue. All the stakeholders are now taking him for a stupid idiot. Nanga apanga bwanji popeza ma panti wonse womwe anamugulira Muluzi atha ndi kung’ambika. Akuona ngati APM amuitana.

  5. kings says:

    Mwayamba kale mwayamba kale !!! Mwayamba kale kunjenjemera!!!!!!!!!!! Koma ziriko chaka chake ndi chino, Kaluwa more fire. if the rotten ministers were not part of the cashgate Mr. Ibu would have already suspended them and investigation would have been instituted. Koma pangatalike pangafupike muonekerabe.

  6. be humane says:

    . If everybody knows then stop Kamlepo on pressurizing for names because everybody knows. hahahahahahahahah. Ken ken ken, how many times have I mentioned you?

  7. President Chidakhwa says:

    Long live Kamlepo, You are our hero

  8. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Kumwambwana Kamulepo

  9. thumbwe man says:

    She is the 4th.

  10. cashgate minister says:

    Keep the fire burning Honorable Kalua. I stopped calling these DPP thieves honourable long time ago. If UNHONORABLE APM has the balls, let him fire the rotten ministers.

  11. Nkuluzado says:

    Kaliati, please just get ready for prison. These Kamlepo’s will not leave just like that – ndi anthu oyipa amenewa amadana ndi mbava ndiye after your theft prepare the necessary stamina for the time you will be in jail. After all, these guys are going into govt in 2019 whether others like it or not

  12. Maunits says:

    These ministers must face arrest now Peter Muthalika should actually shape up or shape out on this matter.

  13. Unknownmous Phiri says:

    Kamlepo should stop wasting our time. If you really want to help…say something substantial. We all remember how your become silent after “Achair” bought you a corolla back in the days. Where is your integrity?

  14. rob says:

    amongst the seven cashgate ministers, there is a woman. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Cash Gate says:

    amati agoletse njenjenje kunjenjemera!!!!!!!

  16. Cashgate1 says:

    The puzzle is about to complete, 72% of names of rotten ministers coming into shape.

  17. thumbwe man says:

    So she is the 4th

  18. Ken says:

    Everybody knows that kaliati is part of the 7 ministers….

    1. Zalowa chibwana ndithu! Barking like a mad dog KKKKKKKKKKKK

  19. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six thief ayamba kunjenjemera

    1. Semani says:

      Munthu amanjenjemera alinazo, koma iwe ndi ine amene tilibe makopara ndi amene tinganjenjemere

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