Kamlepo says Mutharika must stop lying: ‘Malawi President has the names of 7 rotten ministers’

When Malawi President Peter Mutharika talks about not having names of  seven cabinet minusters implicated  in the mismanagement of the public funds – the cashgate – he is lying, opposition lawmaker Kamlepo Kalua has aid.

Kamlepo says Mutharika know his corrup gangsters but has chosen to shield them

Kamlepo says Mutharika know his corrup gangsters but has chosen to shield them

Kalua, who is also vice chairman of Parliamentary’s Public Accounts Committe, accused President Mutharika of lying to Malawians that he does not have the names of the corrupt ministers, saying he has the names in the report which his committee also has.

Seven cabinet ministers are reported to be  implicated in the  K577 billion (about $856 million)   financial analysis report of what has been dubbed the Capital Hill ‘cash-gate’ scandal, named after the seat of government.

Mutharika speaking on  MBC TV’s “Talk to the President” programme insisted that he too was awaiting the release of the cashgate names so that the necessary investigations coud be initiated.

He added that he had not received any names in connection with the audit query as yet.

But Kalua said the report which his committe has with names of cabinet ministers and business companies was also submitted to the Head of State.

“We have the names. The President also has the names,” said Kalua on DayBreak Malawi program on Capital Radio.

“The President is lying when says he has no names. The President has the information,” said Kalua.

Kalua said they  President Mutharika to be honest.

Mutharika came under increasing pressure to sack the seven senior cabinet ministers, after a contradictory statement from State House, saying that Mutharika was refusing to fire them

The President said he will deal decisively with corrupt ministers when he gets a report implicating them.

But despite names of the Cashgate suspects being kept under wraps by the Auditor General, Stepheson Kamphasa, the details of individuals allegedly implicated have been coming out in public domain .

Social media is awash with the names that include Mutharika’s strong man, Agriculture Minister George Chaponda, Mutharika’s right hand-man, Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, and Mutharika’s inner circle of Labour Minister Henry Mussa as being among the seven.

In parliament, Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire (PP) mentioned leader of the house George Chaponda as one of the  rotten ministers .

Chaponda denied any involvement.

Revelations of the K577 billion cashgate came hot on the heels of a forensic audit report by British firm, RSM (formely called Baker Tilly), that established that K24 billion was looted from Capital Hill between April and September 2013 under the administration of Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP).

Banda is on record saying “ There must be a stubborn link between the MK577 billion scandal of 2009 and 2012 and the MK20 billion cashgate of 2013.”

The  ‘grand corruption’  audit report will be a stern test to President Mutharika committement to fight corruption without fear or favour.

Observers also note that lack of political will has crippled Malawi’s Anti-Corruption  Bureau, undermining their efforts through political interference and threats.

Given Malawi’s political patronage system, it is highly unlikely that President Mutharika will put his trusted ministers in the dock .

Political analysts claim that Mutharika’s reluctance to crackdown on the corrupt gangasters in cabinet was due to his own brother, late President Bingu wa Mutharika, being implicated in the scandal.

Leadership, like fish, rots from the head downwards to the tail. If the tail begins to smell bad, then know the head is rotten to the core or is no longer there at all.

So many corrupt officials remain free with delays in prosecutions, that the first person to be convicted, Treza Namathanga Senzani, is due to soon be released after serving her three-year sentence for fraud.

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27 thoughts on “Kamlepo says Mutharika must stop lying: ‘Malawi President has the names of 7 rotten ministers’”

  1. Jacob says:

    And just to add to what i have already stated you are neither ACB nor Auditor General so why don’t we wait for all the formalities? Everybody, every institution should work within a given jurisidiction not pushing each other left and right. Inu a phungu muli duu pamene ife amalawi tikufuna a recall provision(Sec. 64) what do you say? Ifenso tikayenda mbulanda ngati Winiko kuti mudziwe recall provision tikuifuna kwambiri pa malawi pano.

  2. Jacob says:

    You are right Hon. Kalua. Now my question is when will submit the names to the president since has challenged that whoever the names should give him since he do not have them? Pa chichewa tili ndi mawu akuti “kustsutsa galu nkukumba”. So if the president says he don’t have the names and you call him a liar can you give him the names and if he shuns you then come to the media and blow the trumpet but this time it’s hard to believe you.

  3. VYOTO says:

    To Scotland- Just go 200 metres away from Ndata Farm or Kapoloma village where Bakili Muluzi comes from and appreciate the level of illiteracy and poverty and thereafter go to Misuku Hills in Chitipa or Khondowe in Rumphi and see the difference.Believe me you will be shocked that while Atupele Muluzi, the Muthalika family are enjoying the majority of the Southerners are the poorest despite producing presidents after Dr Banda.Bwinotu mukamatchula za CARDIAC arrest……………………For your information Mr Scotland Yard, the MK61 billion will haunt the Muthalika family forever just like JB and Bakili Muluzi will be haunted by the K22 billion Cashgate and MK1.7 billion & 6 pound fraud cases respectively.

  4. To Vyoto….I believe you are a Mtumbuka from ku Thengere the Dead North.kkkkk..nothing good will come out of KuThengere the dead north even if Prof Peter tries to build 20 Five Star Hotels plus 5 Mombera Universities..It will still be the DEAD North until Kamuzu comes back to reverse the outspoken WORDS …Dead North..kkkkk..The 7 rotten Ministers are: (1) Goodall Gondwe (2) Kamlepo Kalua (3) Raphael Kasambara (4) Mganda Chiume (5) Mwafuliwa (6) Khumbo Kachali (7) Dr. Conelius Mwalwanda..kkkk. see now …all rotten ministers from the DEAD North. WAKIBA zedi (imagine what will happen to your old Goodall the moment ACB arrests him??? last time he had increased in volume and immediately hospitalized…so this time it will be what….you know pretty well the destination….mortuary…kkkkk..what President Prof Peter is doing is simply protecting and preventing your stupid GOODALL GONDWE from possible CARDIAC ARREST….enyoy reading ..all mtumbukas

  5. santana says:

    Mr Patriot, Iwonder why you are wasting energy writing all this instead of just responding to a simple request which the majority are asking: mention the 7 ministers. Will APM fire the number 7 or he needs the people themselves? Give him the list please. Even Kamlepo, the engineer of this fake story is failing to do the most important thing of disclosing the names. You better now SHUT UP.

  6. The Patriot says:

    This is a make or break situation…..the corrupt 7 are stll earning our hard earned tax payers money as we speak. Still riding the Merc, chonsecho ali mbava zachabechabe! Kaya enanu ndi Ambuyanu, that is immaterial….they are robbers, thieves, worse than Albino killers!!!!
    How I wish our country was like China in the way we deal with corrupt leaders! Akananyongedwa kalekale amenewa! These rotten ministers are worse than Lutepo, they comitted plunder which elsewhere is an unbailable offense and attracts a death setence! And to hear that even their names cannot be mentioned, what a crap! When have we become so dumb as a nation that we can allow a few ministers to plunder our economy and then be afraid to name and shame them? Who is more important, these geriatic ministers worthy to be at old peoples homes and the whole nation?? Mutiyankhulitsa pambali mwamva?! #this nonsense must stop!!!!

    1. Jacob says:

      ndizoona achimwene even ine am not happy with this. But we shouldn’t push the president or whosever on this. ACB, Auditor General and judiciary are the only offices mandated on this land to handle these issues so do not panic take your time. Last time we blamed JB for shielding her ministers, etc but now the cases are being handled likewise the scenario we are in these three offices will ultimately bring justice at the end of the day.

  7. be humane says:

    VYOTO, nkhani iri pano, kodi ndani akuwadziwa mayinawo awatchule onse 7. Tamva kuti ena ndi Goodall, Henry Musa, George Chaponda tapitirizani list imeneyi tisamangomva kuti 7. Lets shame Mutharika by completing this list. Kamlepo atithandize completing the list. Anzanu a Media tithandizeni completing the list. Lets untie this knot. 7 Ministers, 1. Goodall, 2. Henry Musa, 3. George Chaponda, 4….., 5……., 6…….7…….

  8. VYOTO says:

    High illiteracy rates and over population in Southern Region has been a very big problem in Malawi. If it was not because of the high illiteracy rates, Bakili Muluzi should not have been president in 1994 in the first place.Bakili Muluzi integrity was already very questionable before being elected to the high office of State President.Muluzi benefited from the ” TIDZAVOTELA WAKUBA YEMWEYO” syndrome.We all know the fruits from the Bakili Muluzi rule. Then came One Bingu Muthalika who is alleged to have corruptly accumulated wealth to the tune of MK61 billion from a mere MK150 million just in 8 years proving that the Muthalika brand has very dirty and long hands. The big question that comes to mind is why another Muthalika was overwhelmingly voted into the high State Presidency office by same Southern Region? Of course the big answer is HIGH ILLITERACY RATE. We are and will continue to suffer economically all of us as Malawians including these Southerners, fortunately or unfortunately.How can we expect the Donor Community to bail us out of these economic hard times by pumping in their much needed donor support when the Head of State is sleeping on issues of corruption involving 7 of his Ministers which require him to remain upright?????????????We are lucky as a country that we have people like Kamlepo Kalua who can tell Peter Muthalika that he is lying to Malawians otherwise such corrupt minds can harm us in a big way, one day they will corruptly sell of us……The kamlepos are urged to put more and more fire on Muthalika.The goodness is that somehow, Peter Muthalika is not that strong, so far he has proved that he is weak, he easily gets defeated on issues through pressure….

    1. Ntombikazi says:

      Galu iwe if Northerners were as intelligent as you want us to believe why are u so stupid. You have become pests with nothing to offer matama basi. Kodi when are becoming an independent state? Nobody wants you ana amahule inu.

  9. ngalamayi says:

    These ministers implicated in Cashgate, together with the president, are hoping that if they delay long enough, the Malawian public will forget. I hope Malawians have a long memory and continue to pressurise for the release of these names and investigation to take place. Only then will confidence in the government be restored and donors return.

  10. President Chidakhwa says:

    Let us be frank, the intelligence NIB or otherwise furnishes the president with information, so to say he does not know is tantamount to lie as Kamlepo stipulates, otherwise the head of intelligence is supposed to be fired if he does not furnish the president with that sensitive information. And also the Auditor General is supposed to be fired for not disclosing the names of those rubbish minister

  11. john aluma says:

    Iwe Mwana Cheee..Make cheee…Kalua ulula mainawo ngati uli ndi reportyo. Mwina dzina la no. 4 ndi Lako Mwana Chee Make Chee. Bwanji sukuulula ngati ziri zoona. Iwe ndi wa BODZA la ALEKE BANDA (RIP) la nkunkuniza analiona Kamuzu (RIP). Ukuyesa tayiwala zomwe umakonda kubwebweta pa CHANNEL AFRICA (South Africa) Radio kuti uulula zomwe Kamuzu ndi Jogn Tembo / Deleza plus Maanjankhozsi amakambirana koma ZONZEZO ZILI BODZA leni leni la KALUA. Iwe ndi JB mumapanga cashgate ndiye zikukupweteka kuti JB sanacoteredwe ndi anthu akwao ku Zomba…Ulula mainawo

  12. BOdza says:

    Very fanny indeed Kamlepo Kalua said as PAC they have also the names of the Cabinet Ministers and yet its only names of three ministers being mentioned why did Kalua failed to name the other cabinet ministers since he knows them as well. And why as PAC they are hiding the report for Public comsuption. Malawi sazatheka.

  13. mjiba says:

    hahahaa A Kamulepo just release the names as you claim to have them. You cannot wait for the President to do this. Fight corruption by naming and shaming perpetrators not protecting tem as you ar doing

  14. Really says:

    How can a serious issue like this by pass the Leader of the Country? How can the names be sent to the MPs and leaving the President in the dark? What does that tell to the World about the Leadership and the Country? It doesn’t make sense at all?

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      If the names were sent to MPs they would have told the press. Why are you so simple minded as to believe that Kalua has the names and he is keeping them to himself. What ever is stopping Kalua, is the same thing that is stopping Muthalika. (They do not have the names.

  15. Nkhulandi says:

    Mr. President, release the names and fire these 7 ministers or resign immediately!

  16. Stupid MPs says:

    Kamlepo iwenso ndi JB bweraetsani ndalama zomwe munaba …musachenjere apa …asaaaaaaa tikuvutika chifukwa chifukwa cha inu u think we are stupid mukamabwebwetuka

  17. sabata says:

    release the report and we all see it period. apa ndiye zafika pa mwana akana phala

  18. be humane says:

    You people please tell us the 7 names. Anthu mukungothera pa 3 George Chaponda, Goodall Gondwe and Henry Musa. Mention the remaining 4. A Kamlepo you were there in Parliament munamva mayinawo please tell the nation the other 4 names kuti peter asowe ponamira. Iwu maunisi can you post the names of other 4 ministers to complete the list of 7 rotten ministers?

  19. santana says:

    Mr Kamlepo if you have the names as you are saying why don’t you just give us the names through the media? How many times have you talked about this issue and what are you waiting to just tell us that these are the names? Since this forensic covers the two administrations it is obvious that some of the ministers are from Joyce Banda this is why Kamlepo is failing to disclose the names. Mutharika should not be shaken with this nonsense. Mutharika is even wrong to fire that lady, Chiumia.They are just forcing him to do what they couldn’t if they were in govt. APM should not always be swayed by their demands. They have a hidden agenda.

  20. Chigumbuli says:

    Selective justice……………………….

  21. Maunisi says:

    Ameneyo ndiye Kamlepo always talks sense and straight facts on the ground. Be honest or face impeachment period.

    1. kkilembe says:

      If his excellency wanted the names(assuming indeed he doesnt have them) he can just call ACB and he would have the names within seconds. This old man should stop lying to Malawians. Ndithu mpakana the whole president lying to his own people? Alibe manyazi? Kodi tiyambe kupembphela?

      1. Alfred Minjo says:

        Kamlepo ngwa misala ameneyo tikumudziwa ife… To rest the case, Kamlepo should just release the names so the Peter is ashamed if what he is saying is true…..basi

    2. Ben Phiri says:

      And you expect Malawi to develop when the so called H.E shield corrupt individuals. Why should other individuals be above the law?

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