Kamlepo says Mutharika on countdown to go: Chihana condemns coup charade

Firebrand politician Kamlepo Kalua  has repeated  a call made  at a high-level conference of civil rights and religious leaders and academics, who met recently  under the aegis of the quasi-religion Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and called on President Peter  Mutharika to resolve Malawi’s myriad economic problems immediately or resign the presidency within 90 days.

Kamlepo addressing a rally at Area 25 in Lilongwe on Sunday

Kamlepo addressing a rally at Area 25 in Lilongwe on Sunday

Part of the crowd at the rally

Part of the crowd at the rally

Aford members attended the rally

Aford members attended the rally

Speaking at a rally Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition, Lazarous Chakwera held in Lilongwe with Peoples Party (PP) and Alliance for Democracy (Aford) leader Enock Chihana, Kalua who is PP vice president and Rumphi east MP, said the clock is ticking for Mutharika to “pack up and go.”

Kalua said Mutharika is exceptionally inept and the honourable thing for him is to step down before the expiry of his 90 days ultimatum.

“He must pack up and go, Tshwee, mwana Tshwee,” said Kalua as the crowds cheered.

“We are tired of this type of leadership, Mutharika must go within 90 days,” said Kalua.

Kaluwa said Malawians are now suffering because of  “clueless” DPP, saying every Malawian knows that his administration has completely failed the nation.

He said “We will not wait for 2019, we want Mutharika to go within 90 days.”

Kalua charged that Mutharika has “failed in two years to manage the economy, he has failed to show leadership, he is ruling this country by remote [control].”

He also accused DPP government of shielding corrupt barons in its rank and file involved in the K577 billion cashgate scandal, saying the administration is on selective prosecution of cashgate by only targeting K28 billion between 2012 to 2014.

“These people are thieves. They have looted billions, “ he said.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South West, Peter Chakhwantha, and last week  moved the motion which the House passed  which sought that an Amendment Bill on the cited Section of the Act be drafted forthwith and presented to the House to transfer the powers of appointing the said  Anti Corruption Bureau office bearers to the Public Appointment Committee of Parliament.

It further sought that the appointment should be based on merit and through an open recruitment process and that the Director be reporting and answerable to Parliament through the Public Appointment Committee.

The parliamentarians observed that the Amendment would grant the office of the ACB total independence to investigate and bring to book anybody in conflict with the Act regardless of his or her status.

Kalua said he will speak the truth and will not be scared of arrests which are politically motivated.

“I have been arrested in one party state. I contributed to bring multi-party democracy in this country. I was arrested during Bakili Muluzi regime, I was arrested several times fighting Bingu dictatorship. I am ready to be arrested, I can’t fear ,” he said.

In his address, Chihana, son of pro-democracy hero late Chakufwa Chihana, condemned government for using what he called scare tactics in arresting opposition politicians.

He said government should stop hallucinating that President Mutharika can be removed violently, saying he will go peacefully as he has failed.

Chihana accused the Police for arbitrary arrests, daring security forces to target him and “see”.

“Mutharika must step down for failing to run the country,” said Chihana.

Both Chihana and Kalua said the DPP top brass  were enjoying the fruits of democracy which they did not fight for.

“They were not involved in any struggle for democracy but they want to slide country back to dictatorship. We will not give them that comfort,” said Chihana.

And Kalua said: “We are getting a united front for opposition, Dr Chakwera take heart, you are government in waiting.”

He said Mutharika better act quickly to resolve the social-economic challenges as his days in office are numbered.

Kalua said Presidency is constitutional office and that the President governs on trust, saying that has eroded.

He said Mutharika is losing legitimacy to govern as he is betraying the public trust and stated that no President including Mutharika is immune to resignation under the circumstances of loss of public trust as provided by law.

He said Section 6 of the Constitution stipulates that ‘the authority to govern derives from people of Malawi as expressed through universal suffrage in elections held in accordance with the Constitution, section 12 (iii) states that the authority to exercise power of state is conditional upon the sustained trust of the people of Malawi.

“A President that no longer has the sustained trust of the peoplehas no authority to govern, and people have the mandate to remove it in accordance with the law,” he said.

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i tell you dpp is scared,, why have i said
1. ikanakhala dpp ilibe mantha sakanamanga kabwira ndi anzake, chifukwa amene anawamanga siboma ayi koma chipani cha dpp pogwiritsa police
2. akanakhala alibe mantha sakana sonkhanitsa mafumu kuti atsutse . mafumu athu ndi opusa chifukwa sadziwa kuti iwo they belong to state of malawi , and they are above govt. they have to defend anthu akumudzi osati anthu ochepa
3 pomaliza upresident siufumu. abale anthu anayesetsa kuti akhale m’bomo to cover their criminal activities. dont you notice mafia like activities in dpp,, you will yet see. ACHOKE ! SIUFUMUTU UWU

Walhelha Ochavo

MCP……MCP……..HOOOOO simudzalapala ndithu ,after all kodi silver jublee yokhala ku opposition mukondwerera liti? musayiwale kuti kunali obaba,lero ali kuti? SECTION 65 NUMBER ONE….BUDGET NUMBER TOO.do you think zimene mukuchitazo anzanu ndiye ali mtulo? you are just wasting your time? mukuganiza kuti ulendo uno boma muloweranso pawindo? zomwe mukuganizazo mchimodzimodzi munthu amene akukwera mu mtengo akunyera kuti potsika adzazipaka yekha!!!!!! watch out!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dambudzo Chihana

Kuzolowera kulowa m’boma pa window.mukuwona ngati akapanga resign ndiye mukhalapo?mwawuponda.2019nso muzaluza with distinction abusa amkhwidzi inu.MCP,PP, ndi AFORD?nkumati muzapanga boma 2019?mukazawina muzandifunse

Well wisher of malawi

A mcp,ppp ndi afford,you cant remove one from seat because he has weakness,the way you are behaving,you are completely displaying your weaknesses.idont know, with your theorogy doctorate,do you read the bible?,all leaders had weaknesses ,if you are one who put him on the seat mumuchotsa,ngati its God you wont,and inunso pansi pamtima wanu you know zimenezo,everybody has weaknesses,mukakhala inu bwenzi anthu akukulozani zala,pano u say azanu akulephera inu mukukhoza?

wakum'mawa mario

Akamlepo ndi anzanu a chakwera mumamudziwa nyapapi? inutu mwachepa mukunama ndipo mundikhulupilira mlomwe simungamuthe kagwereni uko!! munayambira nthawi ya bakili mumati mulowa nthengo , munalowamo? mumafuna muziopyeza kuti ena aope angakuopeni ndani inu? mwauponda mukhaula!!!!

mjomba welewo

Some one used to “Malawi woyeee….!!! people could respond woyee….!!!” but in actual sense …he is siphoning billions of kwachas and building huge mansions. Ndiye akanakhala Kamuzu bwenzi akanamanga the tall buildings as of that twin towers of USA.The first role for the ACB boss after being appointed by Public Appointment Committee of parliament is to clear all milandu yamgonagona, MHC scandal,k577 billion scam, green belt project tractors and that of Njauju…Malawi want to know all of that…Chakwera woyee….!!! Chakhwantha woyee…!!! wina atuluka thukuta nkamwa…..


Garbage in garbage out. I have never heard so much nonsense spewed out from one man like one person named CHAMBE. CHAMBE honestly you stink. You are the type that make Nyasa readership so boring. Your comments are so inept and lack intellect. why do you always comment Eish! Whatever DPP/Bwampini gave you, you must be a millionaire. If not then shut up your stinking beak for once. CANT YOU MAKE ONE BALANCED COMMENT FOR ONCE. THIS IS NOT A DPP PAPER PLEASE!



mjomba welewo

If the Public Appointment Committee of parliament can be given that task of appointing the ACB boss as well the Auditor General this Malawi will develop at pace of Kamuzu…Peter Chakhwantha and your freinds you derseve something from…fight for the betterness of Malawi…K577 Billion scam ija tikufuna itheke basi …those who are involved should also be jailed no matter what immunity they have.Chakwera…..Chakhwantha…..and all your team at the opposition fight 4 Malawians …


Achoke basi.

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