Kamlepo threatens to report Malawi govt to World Bank, UN over high levels of corruption

Firebrand deputy chairman of parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Kamlepo Kalua has threatened to report the Peter Mutharika administration to the World Bank and UN, among others for the high levels of corruption.

Kamlepo Kalua: I will report these thieves in Malawi government to UN

Kalua, Rumphi east MP, said the government was frustrating efforts to probe the wealth of former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

“The government is frustrating our efforts to probe how the former president Professor Bingu wa Mutharika amassed his wealth, they have just funded a five day committee seating for everything, looking at audit reports and the investigations,” said Kalua.

He said the government is reluctant to probe the K91 billion wealth of Bingu believed to be stashed in foreign banks, because the government is corrupt.

Kalua alleged most cabinet ministers and top government officials are very rich because of corruption.

“As long as I am alive, I will fight this vice. I will write the World Bank, the UN and other international bodies to help us with the probe,” he said.

He said it was surprising that people who were very poor when they were in opposition, today they can afford top healthcare in private hospitals and top education for their children in top private hospitals.

“These are thieves. The government is full of thieves. They eat food bought by money they have stolen, they dress expensive suits because of money they have stolen and they sleep in very expensive houses because of stolen money,” he said.

There was no immediate comment from government but President Peter Mutharika has time and again trashed the corruption and theft reports by top government officials, demanding evidence.

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19 thoughts on “Kamlepo threatens to report Malawi govt to World Bank, UN over high levels of corruption”

  1. D Kazembe says:

    Kkkkk. Ndimaona Ngati Ndi Ana Okha Amaganiza Mopepera. Coz Ukamenya Mwana Amati Ndikakunenera Kwa Adadi.

    I Am Going To Report U Think World Bank & UN Is Court. Why Kamulepo You Came With Nsangala Za Pusi. Now You Are Grown Up Don’t Depend To UN.

  2. Kakaka Bela says:

    Go go this govern is ungoverned.Too much corrupt

  3. seleman says:

    What’s wrong with you Malawians, if someone brought idea that maybe it can bring the country back to normal you are quickly to opose seems like you know everything better, but yet you are fools the government are busy fooling you but you can not see. Kamulepo is right these should be reported emdiatily, they must stop those system of stealing from the poor. Mr Kamulepo go on with your idea I can support you 100% whoever don’t support you he is part of those who don’t like their own country and its people, shame on you.

  4. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Mr. Kamlepo you get paid, why not use part of your salary to carry out the investigation? You can claim the allowances later as long as you follow the proper channel and your work approved by the Speaker of Parliament. What you are doings seems to me to be a ploy to make easy money through allowances. I think APM has uncovered your motives, not that he is not supporting the cause. Mutharika cannot legitimize that theft in the manner you want it done. If you have failed, just abandon the whole investigation process and wait till Parliament meets. What have you yielded with the invetigation about Chaponda’s maize scandal when he is still at his home enjoying free oxygen? If Parliament was strong enough Chaponda would have been in prison by now. We don’t want MPs to be barking like a dog – you need to be serious. What do you think the World Bank and UN can do to the Government or Mutharika if you report him to them. Mind you these institutions are here at the discretion of government otherwise, a government has the power to close down the World Bank office or the UN offices here and deport all their staff members within 24 hours. This country belongs to Malawians, not the World Bank nor the UN. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  5. TONY SIMWAKA says:

    why THREATEN???? I thought you sworn to uphold the constitution….you do not have to threaten otherwise you are presumed to try to blackmail someone…you are in effect an accessory to corruption. you job is to report anything to the authorities without the words THREATEN.

  6. Chatayika Phiri says:

    A Kamlepo u r a frustrated politician becoz ur PP govt ceased all the accounts of Bingu abroad but nothing tangible was yielded. U better shut up as APM has always told u. Ndinu anthu woipa kwambiri we can not vote for u bcoz during Bingu era you r the ones who again talked bad of his regime and ended losing donor support and malawians suffered greatly and u want to do the same after failing to take over govt thru back door, after failing to kill APM ku zanu za kumidimazo pano ndiye mwayamba izo. Do it for your own pit we can not vote for you. What kind of ppo are u or even flies are laughing at u where in the world it happened somebody who is dead can be druged to court? How is he/she going to defend? If it were u how could you feel if somebody takes your late brother to court?

    Kamlepo please dont show that u r a star ask those who wanted to be where are they now? Trade carefully since u r just killing ur party. Be reminded that JB when she was just a month in govt instituted a commission of inquiry on Chasowa and it was the 1st inquiry that was brought on her table what action did she take? What made her not to? And today you say DPP is doing nothing? What type of ignorance is this> Remain quieeeeete if you dont have any business.

    Chaponda mumulipira. he told you that govt will pay only 4,000 metric tonnes that were supplied so too was the CEO admarc but u were adamant and just yesterday u heard Board chair for admac that it is only 4,000 metric tonnes that will be paid for likewise Goodall has said the same thing today. But u were insistiing that it can not happen to pay less becoz agrrement was for 100,000 metric tonnes. shame on u zakukani njira zoooonse pano mwati muyambe inayi hoooooooodo kaya zanu izo. Munthu ukamalimbikira kunena wina kuti ndi mfiti dziwa kuti mfiti ndiwe so no doubt YOU PP ARE THIEVES!!!!!!!

  7. vuto says:

    Report to World Bank or UN. These are not courts. In fact the World bank is among the most oppressive organisations in world. This Malawi we are the ones to stop this vice PP is very corrupt and just like many parties and politicians including Kamlepo himself his money is from ma buns a PP and UDF

  8. Patriot says:

    Always Kamlepo wants to appear on Nyasatime to highlight his political ambitions.He is not a man of action,but rather a first class liar with limited education.What he wants is to appear as if he is the champion of the Malawi people.Right now we have very important issue of OIL RIGGING on Lake Nyasa,but astonishingly,he has never ever contributed his notions as to what must be done to stop this destructive undertaking of the century.Please Kamlepo,be serious,pretences will never yield real results what we see in you is treachery and humbug purporting your political bankcrucy.We need real leaders to represent peoples aspirations economically and politically.We are tired of your empty rhitorics.CHANGE YOUR COURSE!!!!!!!

    1. Chatayika Phiri says:

      Thats why i say him too is a thief. Becoz munthu amene who insists iwe ndiwe hule iyenso ndi hule wanzake anawuwona bwanji!

  9. Patrick Banda says:


  10. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    If you want to see Civil War in Malawi, try to kill Kamlepo

    1. KB says:

      who gonna start civil war coz of kamlepo. other people are expendables

  11. Central says:

    I for one is tired of these thieves too!!

    Go! go! goooooooo! gooooooooo! goooooooooo! gooooooooo! Mwana Tweeeeeeeee mwanaaaaaaaaa!!

    Don’t worry of anything God is in control! Amenewa anasowetsa Chasowa yemwe uja!! La fourty lakwana basi!! Lets drive them to the tight corner, asatitopetsepo apaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Chatayika Phiri says:

      you will be the one driven to corner my friend. the same God who love loves us too. Dont be cheated!!!!!!!
      Tikayika inuyo kumanda sure mfiti za anthu inu!!!!

  12. Chimanga says:

    Morally bankrupt president leading a morally bankrupt government

  13. Madala says:

    Awa a yiwara ntchito yawo.akangoyamba ku ACB komko ntchito

  14. Patrick Phiri says:

    Go to hell, you Kamlepo Kalua.

  15. benjones says:

    Please don’t waste time do it as soon as possible before you get killed

  16. mtete says:

    APM will challenge you to provide names despite recommendations by Commissions of enquiry and gagging of ACB. Our president amangwetu!!!

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