Kamlepo updates vehicle purchase claim: ‘State House bought 5 vehicles’

Outspoken Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua has said government has bought five vehicles for President Peter Mutharika not four as he reported in parliament.

Kalua:  I have objective evidence

Kalua: I have objective evidence

Kalua told a local radio station that apart from the five vehicles for the President, the government bought another fleet of luxurious vehicles for vice president Saulos Chilima, 10 top of the range landcruisers for commissioners of police and 30 vehicles for some cabinet ministers, principal secretaries and other top government officials valued at K3 billion.

He lamented that the vehicles were purchased when the country is reeling from harsh economic times, when hospitals don’t have drugs and have stopped providing food to patients in what leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera dubbed involuntary fasting.

“I have all the evidence, the government knows that what I am saying is true, this is why they have not come out strongly to refute this,” said Kalua.

Kalua said it was insesitive for President Mutharika to order the purchase of the vehicles at such a budget when the government is failing to employ doctors and nurses in the fast collapsing public health sector.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said the government bought two vehicles only, utility vehicles for the President and the vice president.

“The President is using a vehicle that is 10 year old so what Honourale Kamlepo said is not true,” said Gondwe, who could not say how much the vehicles cost the tax payer.

But he was quick to say the vehicles were bought last year.

President Mutharika has come under severe criticisms for his appetite for global trotting in chartered presidential jets, his decision to take with him a larger than life entourage to the UN general assembly in September this year and the appointment of over a dozen advisors whom some quarters of the society say are useless.

Kalua said he has objective evidence on the vehicles, saying he has chasis as well as engine numbers of the 200 vehicles that the government bought.

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28 thoughts on “Kamlepo updates vehicle purchase claim: ‘State House bought 5 vehicles’”

  1. Kenneth Kiyare says:

    Ndizomwe mumafuna aMalawi musadandaule,mmesa mumafuna Professor???? Ndi ameneyutu!!!!

  2. MLOMWE says:

    Goodall gondwe ni mbava yikulu

  3. molande says:

    Its sad that we don’t have people who can manage this country. Let God punish those who inflict suffering on others.

  4. James moses says:

    This is the worst start for any political party in government in malawi, the most embarrassing rule under the DPP is now. Anyone patriotic enough knows this party is finished and when they start buying cars over medicines in hospitals shows how misdirected their priorities are, and Goodal Gondwe must resign and make way for young people. Chipani chatha ichi we want a new party with new plans for Malawi.

  5. Njobanunu says:

    Ayamba kuvomeleza pang’onopang’ono a Gondwe, awulula zamiri, Naoni kamulepo!!!

  6. mzunguwanzeru says:

    Nanunso a nyasatimes Musamatisokosere za munthu opengayu

  7. ben phiri says:

    More fire kamlepo

  8. Ruben Kacheche says:

    I don’t know why Government is refuting this. The Land cruisers Kamulepo is talking about were seen at Stansted in Lilongwe and heavily guarded by State House Police. If you go to Police just check MP 1 to 9 if they are not new new Land Cruisers including others without Police paint like the one used by Bottomani. Buying cars at this point is extravagant. . Goodal is a liar. Kamlepo is right. Believe him

  9. The Most Concerned says:

    Wamisala uyu! Tek him 2 mental 4 cross examination plz….

  10. George phiri says:

    Wamisala anawona nkhondo

  11. Chiluba says:

    Chilungamu chimawawa kwa amene akuchikama

  12. goru says:

    Kodi mukufuna kuti president aziyenda pa chani? Sankhan mtundu wa galimoto a kamlepo umen mukakonda a president aziyendera apatu yakula ndi nsanje basi.

  13. Team B special says:

    Kumango bwebweta ndi timagalimoto tiwiri ta Honorable Chakwera and Msowoya in mutagula Vimagalimoto mbweee.More fireeee KK.


    You fought for democracy , machona should not enrich themselves . Malawi has gone to a bulldog.

  15. Ndinunkha says:

    Kalua give us the evidence or forever shutup you dirty mouth!

  16. mjcentral says:

    Malawians, we think that whosoever was a critique of Dr Banda is a great man or woman. Some of them are really useless not worth the positions they are holding.

  17. wakummawa mario says:

    unazolowera kulongolola nthawi ya tcheya kuti uzikupatsa kanakake tsono uyu ndi nyapape sangakuope or 1 inch. Ngati anatenga boma ali ku opposition ndiye iwe ndiwe ndani? umudziwa nyapape

  18. nachisale says:

    Empty tin makes a lot of noise. Someone who is fighting the appointment of a woman as Clerk of Parliament is busy censoring others. Complete misunderstanding of democracy and it is people like Kamlepo that drag Malawi backwards. They make noise to inflate their egos and make a name.

  19. Tiyeni naye ameneyu watsala pang’ono kugwa. Tsweeeeee mwana twsweeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Zazii mukufuna president aziyenda pa Toyota Vitz…..Iweyo Galimoto atakupatsa pano uyikana?osangozolowera kubwebweta akamlepo mwalakwa kulawako u MP asaaaaa

  21. mapapaya says:

    chasonyeza kuti wayimilira anthu a ku Rumphi mu statement yakoyi ndi chiyani? Kaluwa ndi Mbola!

  22. Abro says:

    AKamlepo more fire tikudalira inu pamodzi ndi a J.Kabwira osamangovomera chilichonse kupariamentko . Tshwee mwana tshwee .

  23. inayakeinayake says:

    In the interest of Justice and being fair to government, either drop all allegations or provide the nation with this so called evidence.
    The issue of the trip to attend the General Assembly in New York had irrefutable evidence. Why not Pen the Finance Minister with this imperical evidence in the August House other than just wasting their time as well as ours when parliament has more pressing issues to discuss.
    Print the information, make copies and supply them to fellow members parliament then seek answers from the relevant ministry. Otherwise accusations will not get us anywhere.


  24. mapwevupwevu says:

    Zantchito chani zimenezo? Zakalekale!

  25. Sapitwa says:

    Where is the evidence? Even if you could produce it, the vehicles could be part of security for the Presidency. Which President would wish to use his/her predecessor’s vehicles in Malawi ndi chidani chimakhalapochi?
    Palibe nkhani apa a Kaluwa musatinyatse!

  26. starling kondowe says:

    if evidence is there,let malawians know.However,members of parliament need to be objective,focused,optimistic and patriotic when dealing with issues in the house of assembly.

  27. Big Show 11 says:

    Tchuwee mwana tchuweeee more fire wadada kamlepo!!!

  28. Chilombo says:

    Nawe Kalua usatinyansepo apa wanva!Monse unayambira za evidence osatipatsa bwanji evidenceyo kuti tikhulpilire?Kamanveka m’ma radio kumakusangalatsa eti?Osangoyamba kuyimba ndi mwana wako Fredo bwanji?Muzimenya ma collabo uzinveka daily

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