Kamuzu Banda benefits claim headlines Malawi paper

A benefits claim by the family of founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda to government hit the headlines on Tuesday.

Kamuzu Banda

Kamuzu Banda

Malawi flagship daily newspaper, The Nation reported that Banda’s family had made a fresh appeal to the government for the founding president’s retirement package, two years after an earlier communication did not yield a response.

Family lawyer Ralph Mhone said they are yet to get a response from the government after sending a notice to the Office of the Attorney General.

Reads the notice of claim: “We, therefore, claim for gratuity, monthly pension, benefits and facilities as provided under Section 4 (1) (c) of the Presidents (Salaries and Benefits) Act [and Part 111 of the Schedule of the Act] Cap 2:02 of the Laws of Malawi. Your due attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.”

He said the notice of claim said Kamuzu, who left office in 1994 after having ruled the country from 1964, was never paid any benefits for his service to the nation or recognition as a retired head of state.

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26 thoughts on “Kamuzu Banda benefits claim headlines Malawi paper”

  1. Inu “Ung’ono ung’ono” don’t comment on hearsay. If these laws were meant to serve Malawians let them be followed regardless of who deserves what! Moto umatsata kumene kwa kuli tchire.

  2. Sipidy says:

    I need 2 be advice, kdi zoti president opuma azikhala ndi ma benefits zinabwela before or after kamuzu.? ? Kamuzu Banda 2 my thinking was a life president so he was nt thinking of retiring.

  3. Alungwana says:

    Let the relatives enjoy what belongs to them. Enanu abambo anu akadzafa mudzikabvuta kwa general uko nanga muwakhomelele anzanu. Kamuzu ruled Malawi in a greatest developmental way than your Bakili, Bingu or JB. For the past 20 years nothing tangible has been done by these so called democratic leaders. Give the Kamuzu family cholowa chawo

  4. tisaiwale says:

    Chilungamo nchofunika mwadziwa liti kuti kamuzu simalawi?Anapanga zambiri enawa akudutsa moyera tisaiwale kuti paja dzikoli analiphula pamoto kunalibe misewo,zipatala zonsezi zinayambika ndi ngwazi yeniyeni osati ngwazi yokopera mwava?

  5. Odala Tili Odala says:

    Whether he was or was not a malawian, whether he was or wasnt a dictator,but the fact is kamuzu was the president of malawi! And he has the right to retirement packages as stipulated by law!

  6. Weekly mwale says:

    Kamuzu banda was the 1st president malawi,the laws of that country are very clear,banda just like any other president is intitled to a pension and other related benefits.the issue is very simple.the gvt must just pay!

  7. Blues says:

    NThawi yonseyi munali kuti? zatha ndalama eti! keep quiet kulinso JUmani uko ayenela adye nawo.

  8. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    For some of us who lived during Kamuzu’s and MCP dictatorship, these claims for benefits are preposterous. When we were forced to buy MCP cards, even as students to get home on the bus, the money went to MCP, and by default, to HKB. When our areas gave cattle, goats etc. to HKB when he passed through our areas; all that went to HKB. When investors like Carlsberg, SUCOMA opened industries in this country, HKB received big cuts from the deals. He built a really nice village for his relatives (only for them), from the sweat off our backs. Many people had their real property snatched from right under them, in broad day light. We all know where that property went: zonse zinali za Kamuzu! Need I say more?
    If any one needs to be compensated, it is the descendants of the numerous people his regime, and by extension HKB, killed ruthlessly by various means. Many of these descendants are still around, believe me. There has never been closure for them. Zachisoni abale inu.

  9. ujeni says:

    These relatives should shut up or else govt should confisticate what they have because they aquired them them in a dictatorship tyrannical manner

  10. ujeni says:

    These Kamuzu relatives its high time they got smoked out otherwise they should just shut up

  11. Seasoned Political Analyst says:

    Is it why he wanted to be Life President? For poor Malawi to pay his nieces and nephews for his Life Presidency? No, No, No.
    that is why now there is a specified period of ruling ie five years or longest ten years which is manageable to pay benefits AND NOT for LIFE. No, No.
    In any case was there this payment provision when HKB was in power.
    Again has HKB survived a wife and children who are supposed to be beneficiaries? Nanga aMalawi alipile kuchiwengo village? Ndiye bandagate imeneyo. Sell Nguliyanawambe and have the money you want kikikiki. Bavutikani mmene amavutikila anthu mumawachita nkhaza aja.

  12. Dusty says:

    The issue is Kamuzu served this country as head of state so let govt pay what is due to him.Ikakhala nkhani yopha abambo anuwo pitani Ku court and prove it.I don’t think these issues you are commenting here will stop justice to take its course.Again this proves how govt of malawi is denying the family of kamuzu what they deserve.Whatever the case kamuzu was our head of state at one time.

    1. Mack says:

      Man tatopa ndikumva za Kamuzi wanuyu mwamva?were u not the ones who were saying Kamuz dint have children?mudzi onse wa chiwengo tiudyese ife?ngati ndalama atibela ambuyanu ija yatha,mukawavule suti ija mugulise.

  13. SALOME says:

    Kamuzu alibe m’bale wake pa MALAWI pano munatiuza nokha kuti wanu anakukong’ontherani nkusinthitsa ndi mkango wa malawi wa fake

  14. kamuzu was not malawian he was from guana and he killed our real kamudzu

  15. Chia lagoon says:

    Kamuzu anapha anthu ambiri including bambo anga munthu oipa

    1. Nabetha says:

      It is not about killing your father but the benefits as the former head of state. Don’t be confused with simple facts. Mugone bwino, zikomo.

  16. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    Boma la Malawi kuchititsa manyazi eishhhh

  17. Kamuzu’s spouse and children are 100%entitled to these claims but not nephews and nieces! Bambo Ken Kandodo ndi azilongo anu ndiye mukuzisakatu! Mukangolandira inenso ndibvuta zedi chifukwa asisi anga anamwalira ali Chief Matron koma anamwalira ali akulu komanso by ya single ndiye dollar yao sitinayione bo.

  18. Jumani Banda says:

    Tikudikirabe mpaka panopa,inenso monga mwana wa malemu bambo anga zanga mumundipase ndimwera mowa komanso mahule.

  19. atambwali says:


  20. ujeni says:

    Kamuzu Banda family is teasing us Malawians, let them go to Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia DRC then Zaire and other places where dictators were in power, all close family members are in jail or killed by firing squard. Silence is golden

  21. Maria Baulen says:

    Heeeeeeee! Angoshota adzukulu a Kamuzu. Cash yavuta pa Malawi. This shows the how desperate these people are. Pano ali mbuuuuuuu kutuwa adzukulu. Anazidya ndalama zonse zomwe Kamuzu anakashigetula.

  22. Darius Mphongo says:

    When HKB was in office himself and his cohorts tried every trick in the book to block or sideline laws that dealt with pensions/gratuities of retired heads of state because they thought ruling was for life. When the perks that go together with retired leaders was instituted HKB had since kicked the bucket. If you jog your brains you will recall that that statute was put in place soon after multi-party dispensation was agreed. Now whosoever is making those claims wants to take us a couple of decades back, why and for what? It is high time empty tins begun to desist from making unsubstantiated arguments just for the sake of arguing i. e. KABWiLA and company who apparently their mother party was in the forefront shooting down such beneficial proposals. Kamuzu anadya kale za ma card achipani ndi ndalama zimene timasonkha akamapangitsa misonkhano ndi ma crop inspection tours which were held country wide. Bring up proper claims please and not this trash. These claims must be coming from the broke Kandodo and his folks, I bet.

  23. Ingwina Sya Karonga SC says:

    Boma lipereke basi.

  24. joseph banda says:

    Thats ok but be sincere with your claims. Kamuzu died after being defeated and he was housed and fed by govt. When he got sick he got cared by the govt. His funeral was done by govt. He can get pension (???) up to the time of his death.

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