Kamuzu remembered with mixed feelings: Muluzi asks Malawi govt to take over event

With his Homburg hats, his three-piece English-style suits, and his lion-tail fly whisk, Hastings Kamuzu Banda was one of the oddest dictators in African history.  Malawi led by Kamuzu family on Thursday May 14, Kamuzu Day public holiday, celebrated the life of the country’s founding  president with mixed feelings.

Kamuzu Day unites politicians:Chakwera meets Muluzi and John Tembo

Kamuzu Day unites politicians:Chakwera meets Muluzi and John Tembo

Great Angles Choir performing at Civo during Kamuzu Day celebrations

Great Angles Choir performing at Civo during Kamuzu Day celebrations

Goodall speaking on Kamuzu Day

Goodall speaking on Kamuzu Day

>UDF women lead Kamuzu Academy students to lay their wreaths at the tombstone

>UDF women lead Kamuzu Academy students to lay their wreaths at the tombstone

Malipenga dancers performing at Civo Stadium on Kamuzu Day

Malipenga dancers performing at Civo Stadium on Kamuzu Day

During the commemorations, held in Lilongwe for the first time after previously only being hosted in the late Kamuzu’s home district of Kasungu,

In his remarks, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe who represented President Peter Mutharika, hailed Kamuzu—who ruled under the one-party dictatorship from 1964 to 1994— saying he was a “visionary leader” who developed the nation.

Gondwe branded Kamuzu as a greats “statesman” who always wanted the best out of those who worked with him.

He said there are many lessons one could learn from Kamuzu such as his disciplinarian character and the decent dressing.

“We also learned the tenacity and determination to have things done. As an individual, each time I was with Kamuzu, regardless of how short [the period was], I learned something new,” Gondwe said.

The event had all the ingredients of a Kamuzu family affair.

In his speech, Bakili Muluzi, Malawi’s second president and Kamuzu’s successor, asked government to take over organisation of the event because Kamuzu was a national figure.

“Let me ask government to take over arrangements for Kamuzu day from the family because this is a very important [national] day,” said Muluzi who also worked as Kamuzu second-in-command.

“Let us leave politics aside and look ahead,” he added.

Muluzi commended the Kamuzu family from Chiwengo village in Kasungu, for organising the event and bringing unity amongst Malawians, saying that was a befitting way of celebrating Kamuzu’s life.

Besides Muluzi, Kamuzu’s long-time consort Mama Cecilia Kadzamira known as “official hostess”, former vice-presidents Khumbo Kachali (2012 to 2014) and Justin Malewezi (1994 to 1999), former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president John Tembo  and former Speaker of Parliament Louis Chimango were also in attendance.

MCP president and leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Uladi Mussa and retired chief justice Lovemore Munlo were also present.

However, there were mixed views from people who attended the event and others in the streets.

A cross section of Malawians who Nyasa Times interviewed, mostly the older generation, remembered Kamuzu as the “ruler” who banned women from wearing trousers or mini-skirts. He prohibited kissing in public. He ordered haircuts for long-haired tourists. He censored the mail, jailed his opponents, declared himself President-for-Life and ruled Malawi for three decades until the age of 96, when his countrymen finally wearied of his totalitarian reign.

Kamuzu was an eccentric medical doctor who called himself Ngwazi (“the conqueror”) and founded an Eton-style academy to teach Latin and Greek to his people.

He is seen as the founder of Malawi because he was its ruler when it gained independence from Britain in 1964. He even coined the country’s name. Yet under his rule, thousands of innocent people were jailed, exiled or killed.

“He built hospitals, schools, universities – it’s all because of him. The roads you travel, the development that you see in Malawi today – it’s all because of this man,” remarked one MCP supporter.

“Yes, he was a dictator,” she said. “But it was an era of dictators. To err is human.”

“Most of the atrocities in that time were actually done by people around him,” she added. “When he was angry, he would say, ‘I don’t like this person, remove him.’ People would misinterpret it and torture the person and jail him.”

The Kamuzu family under the Chendawaka clan was represented by former minister of Defence Ken Kandodo, Rose Chilemba and Pastor Jane Dzanjalimodzi, among other family members.

The celebrations started with notable figures laying wreaths to the tomb of Kamuzu at the Mausoleum in City Centre where the ‘Lion of Malawi’ lies.

Ken Kandodo laid the wreaths representing the Kamuzu family who was then followed by Francis Perekamoyo who represented the Kamuzu Academy, while member of parliament for Kasungu South East, Khumbize Kandodo, laid the wreath representing the grand children.

Kamuzu, who is believed to have been born on February 15 1898, died at a South African hospital on November 25 1997. He ruled Malawi from July 6 1964 to May 21 1994.

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71 thoughts on “Kamuzu remembered with mixed feelings: Muluzi asks Malawi govt to take over event”

  1. amfumu says:

    Soon after and before taking government,Bakili used to tell us how bad Kamuzu was.Today he wants us to believe he was a hero.Why did his govt not continue with the commemorations?
    We bear testimony to the atrocities that were committed by Kamuzu.People died and has-beens like Muluzi must not distort facts for political or economic gain. Muluzi celebrated about Orton Chirwa arrest

  2. Winston msowoya says:

    When I used to encounter such provoking statements as : Malawians are political lepers of Africa and laughing stock of the World,I become agitated,but now,I have a different sentiment.We are in fact,more than that.How would Malawians after 30 long years of enslavement and dehumanized by a foreign- born Frankenstein monster still revere him even in his grave?Many people talk of development,what development? I remember when in exile,seeing many young people flocking into Zambia and Tanzania in search of jobs which they could not get in their own country.If people talk of development,they don’t talk of Univesties and other institutions or sanjikas spread throughout the nation.Frankly speaking,Banda had no vision,the vision he had was to amass unprecedented wealth for himself,Tembo and his concubine Kadzamila.It is therefore foolhardy to believe that Banda brought development in Malawi.Look at Botswana which was also a British Protectorate and was left poor as Malawi.It was the vision of the first President Sir Seletse Khama who devouted much of his Presidency to develop his nation by exploiting the nation’s natural resources.Banda instead of devouting his presidency to develop the nation,he was busy surrounded by dancing women,touring the nation for crop inspection spending millions of funds.It is therefore a political crime for the present corrupt and idiotic leadership to waste time eulogizing Banda’s unprecedented legacy.He also made Malawians looked at as supporters of imperialists and colonialists,when our brothers in Mozambique,Zimbabwe,South Africa,Namibia,Angola were fighting for their freedom and independence,he fraternized with the oppressors..This issue was one of the reasons which dominated the famous crisis of Sept.9,1964 ,which made the former ministers in Africa and progressive world declared heroes for standing against the rogue tyrant.Remember,you can destroy an effigy,but you can not erase history.The truth of the matter is that Masauko Chipembere,Orton Chirwa the founder and first President of MCP,Dunduzu K.Chisiza,Yatuta k.Chisiza,Kanyama Chiume,Rose Chibambo,Augustine W.Bwanausi,Willy Chokani, will remain our heroes when that time comes.we vehemently demand the government of Peter Muthalika to arrange the repatriation of Masauko Chipembere’s remains from the USA to be buried on the soil of the land he so much dedicated to free from colonial yoke.I remember very well when Peter Muthalika came to Dar es salaam,Tanzania,he was warmly welcome to join The Pan African Democratic Party led by Masauko Chipembere. Peter have forgotten all about that? Have you forgotten that you in the highest office of the land because of Masauko and Kanyama Chiume .Your corrupt brother Bingu said during Kanyama’s reburial in Lilongwe that I Quot: Without Kanyama I would not stand here to day as the President of Malawi.Anyway it was during the election preparations,so was trying to reach the north for votes. ALUTA CONTNUA,VENCEREMOS.

  3. Aluta Chizanda says:

    For sure, the history of Malawi need to be re written. It was not a one one man show leading to independence as many people were forced believe during the dark days of Kamuzu. I wish Orton Chirwa was alive to tell us how did he arrive to come up with the name of Malawi when he formed Malawi Congress Party (MCP), the name that was later adopted when the British granted the country its independence on 6, July 1961. Who really was Kamuzu who dared not to speak any african language? Someone asked a very important question here that how come he was the only Banda to the village he claimed was his. Wasn’t this person a Ghanaian? Before Kanyama Chiume and Henry Chipembere persuaded him to come to Nyasaland from Britain why was he always going to Kumasi in Ghana where he had a Clinic? There was was something sininister about this man who hated educated young men who invited him to Nyasaland. Not just hated them he feared them as well thats why he sent them to exile and remain with boot lickers to do whatever he wanted. And yes, he achieved what he wanted- instiling fear and killing innocent people. So KAMUZU DAY does not fit to be a national day until the air is cleared about who really was this man.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Please go back up school !!

  4. Moya says:

    Kamuzu was a dictator period, those who were too poor never crossed his path they may think he was a good man but he was happy with your poverty, tell me if thats a good leader, those who were rich perished or were made poor they have a different story to tell and Kamuzu name is as bad as hell,if you were his tribe mate( chewa) and poor or and brainless you ought to think he was a good man bcoz u lived well. He made bloody developments where people were slain not to question his expenditure and extravagance so if you say he was a good man iam sorry to say u were one of poor, bootlicker, brainless or tribesmate. We appreciate his braveness but what the use if u slain the very same people you are liberating?

  5. onjoya says:

    That man u call kamuzu torched to death the whole village thats why he did not visit mangochi for 22yrs. kamuzu killed four ministers, he sent to exile all educated sons of malawi. all mboni za yehova were persecuted, nepotism started with him, wemen were abused.

    1. Ndepele says:

      Yes! U can praise kamuzu in so many ways. Bt remember some of us lost our parents and relatves pa zithu zimene sanachite, very painful indeed. Mr Lihoma still suffering in pains. GOD ALONE.

  6. et tu brute? says:

    Ndakoma lero? Sumati ndine nkhuku ya mikolongwe? Sumati ndili magazi mmanja? Lero ndiye ukuti chiani? Koma ngati zikoli analipatsa dzina ndi Orton pezani lina dzina anthu anga.

  7. Kamuzu Banda was a great leader whether you like it or not. Almost all the schools, roads, hospitals palaces, etc were built by him. Which are these thousands that you say were killed? Can you please release a list of them and where they were buried. My village doesn’t have a single grave of a person killed by Kamuzu. Most of the people jailed were political opponents. Bingu arrested over 30 people including Bakili, Atupele, Ralph Kasambara, Kennedy Makwangwala, Ayironi, etc. Kamuzu ruled when the world was divided between East and West. It was the cold war era and very few countries had multiparty democracy. Even South Africa was under a white minority government. It looks Malawians have very little education to remember this or they don’t want to use their education. We are worse off these days and we hear of theft of billions of public money. We hear of government paying back loans of thieves like Mulli. Education standards have literally gone down. People are joining politics simply to make money. Kamuzu put his people first and did not want to please confusionists. We can’t move without discipline. Look at the way we have destroyed the environment. Are we not ashamed of what we are doing these days? How many of us can be arrested if we do what we do in England or USA or Canada or Sweden. Think twice.

  8. et tu brute? says:

    Ndakoma lero? Sumati ndine nkhuku ya mikolongwe? Sumati ndili magazi mmanja? Lero ndiye ukuti chiani?

  9. Bullshit says:

    Why was Kamuzu the only Banda in his family?

  10. dapalapa says:

    Bakili Muluzi… this man, dont trust him. it very true we need to remember Kamuzu but is should not come from Bakili Muluzi. no no no no no …

  11. Ortone Chingoli Chirwa formed Malawi Congress Party in 1959 after Nyasaland African Congress was banned by colonialists. Ortone Chirwa came from Nkhata-Bay district in Northern part of Malawi. Kamuzu Banda was in detained in Gweru prison in 1958 until he was released in 1960. In 1961, Kamuzu was made Prime Minister of Nyasaland until 6 July 1964 when he became president of Nyasaland which changed on same day to Malawi referring to Malawi Congress Party. Do your research and you will find out the truth of history of Malawi.

  12. Malawian weni weni says:


    Chili kwazako chigwile nyanga. You have never lived out of the country for even six months. Kamuzu lived in the U,S.A( Chicago) for years. Not the U.S.A you see today with so many jim and Jack from all work of life. Indiyana a Malawi okhaokha tho, chichewa kulaknula every day,usiku ndi usana.

    During Kamuzu he was always alone, lived isolated life style, no one to speak chichewa with. Sikunyadatu that he was not able to speak chichiwa.

    Am an example i feel sometimes bad that I can not speak chichewa the way i used to,and want to. I have to think of a ways in my mind to make sure it comes out right. You just feel unconfortable . And the end result,you are confortable to explain in english This is the same way I used to feel when I left Malawi to the U.S To think first in chichewa then say it in english. I used to be un confortable, and tung tide to explain myself in English. All My dreams then used to be in chichewa.
    Now After 45 years living out of Malawi, all my dreams are in English, Then I used to wonder what was going on in my brain. now its been 50 years am back in Malawi, and am still fighting this fight in my brain to the very day. I left Malawi when I was 17,and am back and feel as am living in someones life.

    Imagine dreaming in chichewa for many years,then your brain just turns around, and start dreaming in english. Sikunyadatu kumeneku kapena kupepela, ndimatenda apadela.

    This is the price we pay for some of us who have lived in isolated life style for many years.

  13. Mfwethu says:

    Like Father Like Son. Wasn’t BM the one who dismantled everything connected to HKB? So when has he realized that Kamuzu is an icon that needs government to set aside a budget to celebrate his day? This man is a confusionist, HKB was right. No wonder the son can’t decide what he wants as well, they are both opportunists. Its the late kahuna who reversed everything, including names such as KIA, to glorify the achievements of MCP, and Malawi as a whole under HKB. But BM wanted to erase this history, so today he comes up with this grand idea for the same man he loathed so much he even wanted to imprisoned him at the age of 97 years! Akunamatu akuluwa. Bebe, judging from his mentors pedigree, is another loser.

  14. mpezeni says:

    Do not celebrate kamuzu Banda killed many people.he was bad bad bad man.he didn’t like people to be rich.himself & mama,tembo.celebrating the man is waster of time.please

  15. Aluta Chizanda says:

    Did Kamuzu coin the name Malawi? No, no, no, go back to history Nyasatimes. The name Malawi first came into limelight when the founder of MCP, Orton Ching’oli Chirwa formed the party and named it Malawi Congress Party. Kamuzu qwas given this party on a silver plate by Orton. On 6 July the name Malawi became the country’s name dropping the name Nyasaland

  16. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Celebrating Kamuzu For Killing People. Not Me. Munthu Wankhanza Ngati Ameneyu Aaaaaa!

  17. pwiyapwiya says:

    Zimamuphwekera kuyendetsa dziko coz anthu anali atagona tulo…lero mcp inapita ndi mwini wake kamuzu…and olo mutayenda mbula nonse osatira mcp…still mcp sizalamuliranso malawi 2much blood eeesh

  18. Kanongwa says:

    u dictator nthawi zina umathandiza. dictatorship is needed especially in time of building. Since 1964 to 2000 Malawi was still building. I think even this time around we are going through building process. If used purposefully dictatorship yields good. so it was necessary for the two Ngwazi and Bingu to use it for the sake Malawi of today.

  19. Kanongwa says:

    Mmopia, you are right. Please osamangolemba for the sake of kulemba. do not give us uncooked stuff. my child if taught this will end up confused. remember that the history we are distorting today will be much needed by our grandchildren. be careful!

  20. memory chanza says:

    Wwhy poor turn up at the stadium for this big day….please my party change organisers nanga A Kabwira angaitane anthu ndikubwera????plz think think writting on the wall

  21. Can we make this day a national day? wearing national colours not party colours. Just like Mandela day, it cerebrated in national colours.

  22. powder says:

    muluzi akuti boma litenge responsibility to organize kamuzu day, mesa iyeyo adafufuta ndimaina omwe akamuzu! mesa boma la ddp ndilo linabwezeretsa nkukonzanso manda ake ndi zina. nanga muluzi nzeru zabweramo lero.

  23. Watereka says:

    Long live kamuzu

  24. ANALYST says:

    People who demonise Kamuzu and the MCP should be ashamed! Kamuzu ruled for 31 years , and we are now in the 21st year of multiparty democracy. in 10 years time, we will be able to compare the 31 years of Kamuzu and the 31 years of democracy in terms of development! History will be the best judge

  25. Lee Kachoka says:

    Founder is founder….osakula mti ma.Kumayamika tikalawa kukhala pa mpando osiya ena.Zosiyilana zi nthuzi…..

  26. Akulisinga says:

    if. I may ask was mcp conventions democratic to suggest that it was not kamuzu who made himself life president? I respect dr Banda for the role he played in shaping the nation bt I feel the reporter is right.

  27. Celebrating the life of a dictator,celebrating the life of a person who fed many Malawians to crocodiles alive
    Celebrating the life of heartless tyrant who ruled Malawi with Iron fist`who did not value a human life at all
    And the worst part of it MCP is still using Kamuzu’s face/Kwachaaaa! as their slogan despite all atrocities he committed,
    Does MCP leadership have a clue that the directly affected families are still waiting for a formal apology???????truth should be told Malawians on this day supposed to wear black attires as one way of remembering dark days of Kamuzu and all the atrocities he committed
    ~Lastly I would like to congratulate Atcheya for bringing democracy in Malawi
    Atcheya Woyeeeeee!

  28. John says:

    Whatever happens,there should be such a thing like kamuzu day.kamuz was just like anybody,just like Bingu. A muluzi iwowo sAnayambitse zimenezo bwanji? Akalamba eti?

  29. Chandiwira says:

    Ena sanapite koma anali/ mumakhala ku nyumba zomangidwa ndi Kamuzu. SHAME ON YOU 1st & 2nd CITIZENS!

  30. Boyd wa Chitipa says:

    mcp will never rule this country again because of sufferings and darkness kamuzu infringed upon malawians.How and why shud malawians hold amemorial event for a dictator who refused to identify himself as an african by supporting apartheid in SA and failing to speak chichewa despite staying in malawi for over 40years?You chewas are total idiots for accepting kamuzu as your kinsman simply bcoz of his pounds from UK.MCP forget taking over govt.

  31. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    A Muluzi mmmmm. Simunachenjere bwino. You wantes to hoodwink Malawians kuti ndiwe wabwino koma you have a dangerous scheme you are executing. Kungoti Pitara ndi mwana sangadziwa zimene ukupanga. Musiyeni adzadziwa zitawola kale. Achalume, kuchimtekete.

  32. TWOBOYZ BANBA says:


  33. Nyathinyathi says:

    kod Apm bwanj osapanga host ndeyo,,,,

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Dpp, apm and all their cohorts think bingu was the greatest. He wasn’t, he will never match kamuzu!! All presidents that malawi has had so far can never match kamuzu despite his own shortcomings!!

      It was very nice to see bikili attending despite his fall out with kamuzu, he still recognized kAmuzu as the father of the nation. Can we read this as a sign of the start of some form of a lift between him and dpp? Only time will tell!!!

  34. Craniwell Yabooka says:

    If Kamuzu was a dictator then the second one was Bingu

  35. Mmopiya says:

    Nyasa times please wake up ,do your research before writing ,who told you Kamuzu declared himself life president ,don’t distort History .Kamuzu was made Life President at an MCP convention in 1971.

  36. rumphi man says:

    zipani zonse zizatha koma mcp sizatha.

  37. John says:

    I doubt if Kamuzu considered himself as an African. He was the one supporting appatheid govt in SA. He stayed in Malawi for more than 40 years in Malawi but never spoke the language of the people. Anali wonyada kwambiri. Azungu amabwera ku Malawi after a year amalankhula chichewa koma iye osaphunzira kulankhula chichewa. And why is history not yet clear? I can not celebrate this day myself unless I know who this man was…

  38. rumphi man says:

    acheya ndi mbuzi ya mbuzi, zimenezi akuuza ndani, he changed all the names who can here, even govement can stop we the mcp will celebrate for ever.

  39. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    First, Wagwa Gwende should be congratulate for a good article, this time. He might have attended a “writing” workshop recently. Good job.
    Why is Chakwera not looking Muluzi, in the eye, while shaking hands? Is there something disingenuous here? An where is Chakwamba? He and Tembo were probably the most prominent among the staunchest supporters of dictator Banda. Chakwamba even (foolishly) volunteered to go and fell trees across the highway between Zomba and Blantyre, to block the escape of some of the so-called rebels, from Zomba! Greatest ass-licker, ever!
    Sure, go celebrate your hero, Kamuzu, MCP supporters. But I hope you also remembered, deep down, the unknown “soldiers” who suffered during the Kamuzu regime. It is common for leaders to say “I didn’t know the details …”, but real leaders will accept responsibility. Kamuzu / MCP have never done that. What are they afraid of?
    Many MCP diehards are just hoping these celebrations will massage Kamuzu’s reputation over time. One thing is clear: they will not assuage the wounds of the living legions that suffered; or even calm the relatives and descendants of victims, many of whom were killed extra-judiciously, including getting “fed” to the NIle crocs of the Shire River. And Kamuzu knew this – why else would he boast about it, even in public speeches?
    …son of a gun! He sure got away with crimes against humanity. Big time! How can Malawians forgive him if he never took responsibility?

  40. concer says:

    Point of correction on the article: Kamuzu never made himself life president.

  41. Big brain says:

    He killed Atati mpakati, chisi za, Chipembele, mwanza crew what statesman are we talking about. Had amazing and many more flee this country KI KI ki !!!

  42. Mhesha says:

    The worst dictator ever…

  43. Chosamva PPM says:

    Zoona atcheya musaoneke anzeru lero chifukwa simuli mboma. Amangwetuuuuuuu

  44. ex malawian says:

    Malawi was lucky to have Kamuzu Band,There was law and order,no crooks to wipe out nation Money(Cash Gate)people had lot of food,agrilture ws thriving,hospitals had madecines,good education for Malawians,Only way Forward is Bring Back Mr.Tembo and Mai Kadzamira. Who Is Muluzi and whats his name the new president. All POCKET FILLERS.
    At least kamuzu Banda was dedicated to his people.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Ex Malawian, I think you are a dpp supporter. How dare you say bring back tembo and mama? These were too close to the bad side of kamuzu, hence tainting mcp reputation. Mcp was failing badly during tembo’s leadership simply because of his close association with the dark side of kamuzu and Malawians were being put off by him.

      Mcp needed completely new blood and leadership Not associated with kamuzu era’s bad side. The current leadership of laz and others is what new mcp needs and is gaining more support day by day, even winning the elections last year if you believe the other versions of the election results.

      But still kamuzu is the best leader malawi has had so far despite his shortcomings and deserves national recognition.

  45. gusto says:

    boza lenileni

  46. Edmund says:

    Muluzi should comment about Kamuzu. He tried hard to erase Kamuzu history and failed so what nonsense does he want to tell Malawians. The question is what good are we going to remember you Muluzi. Looting Admarc, MDC, and formalizing corruptions that we know now rampant today in our country!

  47. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    I agree with Hello. Kamuzu Day, Bingu Day, soon we shall have Bakili Day, then Joyce Day, Peter Day……..indeed let us have one day to commemorate the lives of ALL presidents who have ruled Malawi, otherwise we shall soon have the whole calendar crowded by these events and we shall find ourselves with only five working days in a year! You don’t believe? Wait and see.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      No, only kamuzu day. He is the founder, father and first president of the nation who fought and ended colonialism. Other presidents that followed him are not worthy having their own national days.

      The next worthy person or persons after Kamuzu in my opinion is john chilembwe or some of the people in the first kamuzu cabinet.

  48. Kenkkk says:

    Kamuzu is the only leader who should have a national day in Malawi and I totally agree with Muluzi. He was not perfect but who is perfect? Still as the founding father and first president of Malawi, he should be honored by a national holiday and celebrations every year.
    He laid the development foundations for our country which his successors failed miserably to Maintain his hard work.

  49. Hello! says:

    I suggest that we should have one day to remember all former presidents regardless of whether or not they are alive or dead. I have said this because if we have a specific day for a specific former president (e.g. Kamuzu Day, Bingu wa Mutharika Day, etc), then our calendar will be filled with these days depending on the number of presidents Malawi has had. Let us borrow a leaf from the US where they have only one day to remember the former presidents.

  50. Maulana says:

    Army Commander Genaral Maulana Mbuzi ya munthu a sikali tagwirizana kuti aphedwe chaka chino chikamatha,Odillo was the best ever since a commander with vision for his soldiers welfare n motivation.Stupid Maulana n his entire team mostly Lt Gen Supuni Phiri mbuzi za anthu

  51. Bakili is the true father in Malawi.

    1. Kwame says:

      A Bakili kamuzu wakoma lero? Mmene mumatenga boma munamuzunza kamuzu inu. Munamanga inu. Munamusamunsa mwa nkhanza ku sanjika inu anthu na muwowoza mu kamuzu highway inu. Lero mwati muchuke ponena zimenezi? Muyambe mwapepesa pa nkhanza zomwe munamuchitila. Mutawina kamuzu anavomeleza popanda vuto and conglatulated you ndikukufunilani mafuno abwino but you went ahead illtreating him abale ake akudziwa. Cecilia anasanduka ngati chidole komanso chitsilu. Nthawi yonseyi sgmumadziwa kuti kumakhala memorial services ndi abale ake? Munalephera kumanga monsolium ya kamuzu inu. Munasintha mayina a kamuzu a zinthu zambiri zomwe zinamangidwa nthawi ndipo zinachedwa ndi mayina a iyeyo kamuzu. Mwayiwala kale? Thanks to bingu pomanga manda a kamuzu ndikubwezelesela mayina zinthu zomwe munasintha. Ayi asiyeni a ku mtundu apitilize kumapanga ma memorial services chaka ndi chaka.

  52. Shymantis says:

    Nthawi ya Bakili Muluzi Kamuzu Day anasintha kukhala Freedom Day chifukwa chani amangwetuu?

  53. Wakale says:

    Zimenezo ndiye nzeru achair kumaiwala za kale …good

  54. titus Scoti says:

    Adziwa lero atcheya kuti Kamuzu was a statesman? Anamupatsa maina Kamuzu
    pomwe samayenda akukhala kuState house chifukwa cha ukalamba. Atamulanda boma anathetsa maina ambiri a zinthu zomwe zinatchulidwa Kamuzu. If it were not for Bingu we would have had no Kamuzu Stadium; Kamuzu International Airport; Kamuzu Highway etc. They were renamed Chichiri, Lilongwe and Masauko Chipembere respectively. Don’t pretend kuti anthu aziti abwino ndinu lero poti simuli m’boma. Those who don’t follow history and current affairs can believe atcheya’s request.

  55. mjiba says:

    quote Bakilil Muluzi “A MALAWI SIMUCHEDWA KUYIWALA” end of quote this was said by the same stupid Muluzi, he immediately took over from Kamuzu, the first thing he did was to delist Kamuzu day Holiday TAYIWALA KALE A MALAWI HA HA HA

  56. ujeni says:

    Whatever, waste of time and resources. Kamuzu was a maniac bad tempered tinpot autocratic dictator who butchered thousands to death. Imagine Nkuruzinza in Burundi to be remembered as a great statesman. May be Malawians are wiser than Ugandans who dont want to be reminded of Idi Amin

  57. kamuzu was a hero the country major development lies becouse of him. long live kamuzu you will always be remembered

  58. opportunist says:

    Am missing old days when we used observe youth week

  59. M'doko says:

    Why only writing bad things for Kamuzu can’t you see for yourself people are still arested on political grounds and others even killed

  60. bookwormer says:

    Wasting resources to remember this devil

  61. commentator says:

    Mau ndamene wanena Bakili.

  62. Muluzi waziwa lero? rabish anazuza kamuzu kwambiri ndi iyeyo anena cabo?

  63. chatonda says:

    This is a very good example of remembering our leaders. Malawians, please let us always unite on national things like the event today. Thanks to all who attended the function. God bless you all and God bless Malawi.

  64. BBC says:

    Good observation from Bakili Muluzi.

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