Kamuzu road market gutted down

Half of the Kamuzu Road Market has been gutted down with fire which started at around mid night Monday according to officials from Salima District Council.

People gather at the burnt market - Pic by Watoson Maingo

People gather at the burnt market – Pic by Watoson Maingo

Assistant Disaster Risk Management Officer (ADRMO), Blessings Kamtema, said the fire has caused extensive damage to permanent structures and vendors goods.

Kamtema said the cause of the fire is yet o be established.

“We are not yet aware of the cause of the fire but the District Commissioner has called for a team of assessors to start assessment by 7.30 am,” said Kamtema.

“As of now we have visited the scene and indeed the fire was extensive but we can’t quantify the property damage until we complete the assessment,” he said.

According to Kamtema the assessment team comprise of members of the District Civil Protection Committee (DCPC) and officers from Police.

Another eye witness the fire has damaged mostly the hardware shops and banana sellers.

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13 thoughts on “Kamuzu road market gutted down”

  1. sdc says:

    So bad hey

  2. Kachamba says:

    Why do these fires start only at night? Allergic to day light activities?

  3. Boko harram says:

    Satanic create this false fire how was bomb each ather to another shop i heard that fire was jump from shop to another shop what kind of that fire ? It must be peter wamutharika s group made this fire. Since they took power every where fire!!fire! Why????????????? Nankhumwa pls tell us what is happening in our country?

  4. Pepani kwa mlamba,Liganga,chimbalanga mavuto athu amenewo, kaya atsogoleri ndiye atithandiza bwa? NJAKATA

    1. Boko harram says:

      Kwamnamba kwa liganga kwchimbalanga kuchigombe kwachelizimba kwa kumchakama kwa kumtembwe kwa mangila kwa chelizimba kwa naboti kwa mguda kwa jamadini mudaiwala kaya amwene a chindungwa

  5. jimbo says:

    Markets burning down seem to be on-going events in Malawi. Regular visits by the authorities to assess fire risks, etc. should be routine. Some people are being paid for not doing their job conscientiously. Markets are essential trading places and can’t be permitted to burn down regularly.

  6. Totolitotoli says:

    we bewitched ourseves by answering to the name FLAMES that is why every we just here of fire!fire has gutted thi market !oh that market, that shop hii! this house! oh!that factory,no!that bridge eeh!eeh! its time we changed from FLAMES tosomething else like buffaloes or cows so that we should a lot of meat than these fires.

  7. Tipezeke munjira ya Yehova says:

    Motowo mwati wachokera kuti?

  8. kaya kwathu says:

    A note to all Disaster Risk Management people in our District, Town, and City Councils: As far as I know risk management, this is a discipline about looking ahead for things that can make us fail to achieve the goal of having market spaces that available and accessible all year round. Managing the risk of fires breaking out in our public markets is about assessing the probability of things that can start fires and putting out fires. When a new market has been constructed in Malawi, the materials used are bricks, steel, and wood here and there. But as time passes we see our vendors making extensions with highly flammable material (grass, cartons. plywood, plastics, etc). Where are you council risk management people when vendors use flammable materials in extending their trading spaces? Are you blind to these practices? What are our building standards Malawi? why do we allow vendors to block fire breaks and passage ways that would give fire fighters easy mobility to put out fires? What is wrong with this country. Oh, how pathetic we all look as a people group. Too much mediocrity in how we do things. We all seem to care about allowances and opportunities for kick backs and other forms of fraud and corruption. When will we ever be an example to the word on how to do things right? And for our politics, a market burned down is an opportunity for a publicity stunt (photo shots), masquerading as “concerned leaders”, jostling for recognition, and positioning to earn future votes by what we say or do in “sympathizing” with those that have lost their property. Our post market fire stories are sick and overused.

  9. JJB says:

    And you complain when Government asks you to pay tax. But very shortly you will be badgering Government for money on these stupid deliberate incidences.

    Malawians are very ignorant people.

  10. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Apa nde zatigweratu

  11. Urunji says:

    My symparthy

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