Kapito blasts BWB over water outage: ‘They lack common sense’

The country’s consumer and human rights activist, John Kapito has taken a swipe at Blantyre Water Board (BWB) for its inefficiency in improving water scarcity which has reached critical situation in the residential areas and surrounding townships of Blantyre.

Kapito:  They have to provide good service

Kapito: They have to provide good service

People especially women are walking long distances in search for water and most of them have resorted to unprotected sources, and some are relying on boreholes that are rarely found in the city.

Kapito who is also Executive Director for the country’s consumer watchdog the Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) said BWB lacked common sense and does not consider effects of such water scarcity.

“Cama has been shocked with the continued scarcity of water in most parts of Blantyre and where such shortages and scarcity of water has also hit the most critical sectors such as Hospitals, Schools, the hospitality industry and domestic consumers,” said Kapito.

The outspoken human rights activist, who was weeks ago appointed board chairperson for Southern Region Water Board, could not mince words but to lambast BWB for failing to deliver better service to its customers.

“It is unbelievable that such an institution like Blantyre Water Board would fail to have little understanding of common sense on the effects that various institutions and individuals would experience if they cannot get water for long periods; it is shocking for us to start educating Blantyre Water Board how important water is to the many residents of Blantyre,” said Kapito.

He added: “It is unbelievable in this age and time for a provider of a strategic consumer product like water would take a holiday and abandon its responsibilities and be  insensitive to the many people it serves within the city.”

Kapito was baffled that BWB could not listen to advice and was failing to have alternative strategies in place to deal with such critical scenarios.

“We have been advising them over and over several times that whenever they have technical challenges to supply water they must make sure that they have an alternative strategy to continue supplying water to consumers and this is common sense ,they should always hire bowsers and ensure that the communities are not denied access to water.”

There are fears that if the critical water shortage is not addressed on time might result into outbreak of water-related diseases with Kapito wondering how communities would deal with such situation if there is no water.

He has since warned BWB the consumers would take the law in their own hands and get the much needed water if the Board won’t restore water or provide Bowsers immediately.

Blantyre Water Board has since apologised for water outages with its public affairs officer Priscilla Mateyu attributing the problem to a burst main supply pipe from Walker’s Ferry near Makata Industrial Area.

Mateyu said the fault was fixed by 2pm on Thursday and that supply had been restored to over half of the city as the residence experience almost five days now without running water.

The problem of water scarcity has affected business in the commercial city including clinical operations at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), one of Malawi’s referral hospitals, which suspended surgical operations due to dry taps.

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Jarsn Phiko
You know what fellows, we Malawians are very foolish, insensitive and dormant animals. Even dogs will react to anything that they feel is not right, but look at us we keep looking at pain and think that SCOS will talk for us. Water has been a big issue missing in our communities, and yet we are living our lives normally. These water Board gurus believe that even if we do not have water, we cant do anything, we can use our mikodzo to bath and cook. How can even the hospital have no water? I hear linen was being taken… Read more »

Amalawi aku blantyre chonde ndipatseni mpata ndione kuti nditani,as you all know munthune am not an engineer nde zikundivutabe pang’ono.
Ndiyesetsa kumfusa nzeru Thawe kuti andithandize kuti mwina madzi azituluka ngati the past 9monthx.
Chonde ndapota nanu mabwana ndi madona tisalozane dzala

Jarsn Phiko

CAMA please publicise this action everywhere, do not keep it to yourselves in the office. If it fails, these Bosses will not take us seriously. It is not Kapito talking, we must show our concern and anger at this foolish water shortage.

James Pondani
This country is called ” nyasaland “. Land in the lake. We have clean safe water surrounding us and yet we suffer from lack of water. It’s ridiculous for BWB to tell BT residents that the tanks are dry. BWB management is very irresponsible, the Malawi government is very irresponsible. Over the years there has been the drought relief levy for every litre of fuel one purchases from the filing station, Where does it go if not to help BWB in their development. Shire River and the Lake both close to Blantyre. It’s pure lack of commitment on the BWB… Read more »
Keen Follower

Only distributing water is a big problem for them what if it was manufacturing water!!!!
Please Government come in . This is too much

Im a well qualified HRM with exprience from reputable org. I applied for the HRM job recently released by the BWB. No answer todate, no wonder anthuwa akungoitanilana mnthumba and results……….poor services delivery because………………no qualified personnel are allowed to do what they learn from colleges. what is water free water from shire that can take 10 graduate not finding the solution. abale this i 2014. islael gets its water from med.sea salt water but no intruptions nde ife free shire in Blantyre free lake mpaka kumatibela ena ataona kuti tili phwiiiii please let PAC shortlist all applicats for the BWB… Read more »


Well done Kapito. Now the onus is on government. What you expect from the parastatal where the CEO fires well qualified people willingly (without genuine reasons)? What do you expect from the organisation whose CEO is dull and is not innovative at all? What do you expect from the organisation whose CEO does not like well educated guys for fear of unknown? What do you expect from the organisation where the CEO is busy stealing from it? What do you expect from the organisation where the whole Chief Accountant (chatered accountant for that matter) was reduced to a Stores Officer?… Read more »

Ife tikumva kuti Thaweyo akumaudza anthu kuti ngakhale amabadi Ku Blantyre Water Board bola la DPP palibe lingamupange chifukwa amaliberanso ndalama zoti chipani chigwiritse ntchito. Ok ife tizivutika ndi madzi. Muzafa imfa yowawa ndi Thawe wanuyo

All these trush is happening because of the government failing to discipline Andrew Thawe. The guy has stolen alot from BWB and now they are busy investigating him. What are you investigating when the case is clear. APM if you are failing to,discipline the BWB boss whoelse are you going to discipline? What precedence are you setting to the CEOs of parastatals? People are whistle blowing but it seems your government is passive. Do you expect corruption to come to an end in Malawi? Or you are just paying lip service. BWB bosses are just busy sleeping around with peoples… Read more »

Everything rises and falls on leadership. APM has failed this country. There was a time in this country a leader would call a CEO of a parastatal to give a directive and things would happen. Not mbuzi tiri nazozi.

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