Kapito blasts Escom: ‘Refund consumers when there is balckout in Malawi’

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has hit at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) over the current blackout situation in the country, arguing the situation has become much worse under Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) era than it was under Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party (PP) administration.

Kapito: Mutharika's blackouts worse that JB's era

Kapito: Mutharika’s blackouts worse that JB’s era

Under the two-year era of Joyce Banda, Malawians rarely experienced blackouts, but the situation changed from better to worse soon after DPP controversially took over the reins of power in the May 2014 disputed elections.

And this week the Electricity Supply of Malawi (Escom) warned the nation to brace for more blackouts in the next four months due to lower water levels in the Lake Malawi and Shire River.

However, Cama’s Executive Director, John Kapito has dismissed Escom’s excuses, blaming it for being short-sighted and lack of forecast and competence.

Kapito said it was baffling that the blackout situation was getting worse under the DPP administration unlike during the previous administration, and suspected the Escom management of sabotage.

“Escom management must explain to the public as to why we have a lot of blackouts under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration than we had under Peoples Party (PP) administration if it’s not mare sabotage to the current administration. Unfortunately neither Escom nor the Ministry of energy seem to exist in this country,” Kapito queried.

The consumer and human rights activist even wondered how the country will manage to attract potential investors with the current electricity crisis and argued that consumers were paying higher
electricity tariffs while others were struggling to access and pay for electricity as Escom cannot deliver the product.

“And they are forgetting that the very same Government they represent is wooing investors to invest in Malawi and that energy is the key for any strategic investor to put money in an economy as confused as the Malawi economy where the leaders believe in rhetoric other than actions, where the key policy making institutions and implementers do not seem to understand their role”.

Kapito also said the persistent blackouts have surprised consumers as they were promised the electricity situation will improve after the rehabilitation of the power generation plants.

“What is more annoying is that the current blackouts are even much worse than before they had rehabilitated their machine, and how they contradict Escom’s Service Charter where a number of commitments were made on electricity supply.

“It is also annoying that Escom management has failed to plan ahead on how they can generate and distribute electricity in Malawi knowing fully that their main resource is water on the Shire River. Their failure to plan and forecast on water level changes in the Shire River has been the main cause of challenges that Escom is ignorant about, any management that fails to plan and focus ahead is as good as dead; hence we cannot accept the excuses from Escom regarding either low or higher levels of water in Shire River”.

Kapito has since urged consumers to demand money back for the period that they are being denied access to electricity since they have to find other alternative source of energy, saying they are entitled to that refund based on the contract they have with Escom through the Service Charter.

“We are therefore appealing Government through the Ministry of energy to make reference to the Service Charter that it signed with Escom and ensure that Consumers are protected from Escom’s incompetence. It is in our concerns that Escom’s incompetence is coming from the same background of arrogance and lack of respect to consumers”.

Meanwhil, Kapito has demanded government to institute immediate reforms at Escom if it is serious about the public sector reforms, and called for immediate restoration of uninterrupted power supply as well as an immediate end to the current blackouts.

“Refund Consumers with credits when Escom has failed to provide electricity. Government must immediately engage the public on the calibre of an Energy generator and distributor so that it can meet the aspirations of Malawians.

Escom management must stop the habit of ‘Business as usual’ which is, as long they get their salaries and perks at end of the month, they don’t care about supplying the public with uninterrupted electricity”.

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63 thoughts on “Kapito blasts Escom: ‘Refund consumers when there is balckout in Malawi’”

  1. Amalawi tiyeni tilimbe nazo zonsenzi ndi Mr MEC says:

    These black outs are nothing but a strategy to sell Escom. Its a scapegoat. There is no money to plunder as the donors are tight with their money. What else can they do apart from finding faults in services then selling them. They sold the Bank and they confirmed that they don’t know what to do with the money. That is if the money is still there. The Mortuary’s are not working and the solution is to sell them. The Hospitals are non functional coz of lack of drugs the solution is to sell them by oppressing the poor who do not have any source of income to be paying. Actually everything in Malawi has a fault so do you have to resort to selling them. Are you going to sell the Country then coz things are not working? Politicians are the source of the tragedy we are facing in Malawi. They are the ones promoting corruption and destroying the country. Most of them are power hungry and have demons to loot and plunder. No vision for the country. Its just talk but behind its business as usual. Malawi needs strong leadership. We need someone with integrity. Someone who is going to stand firm and strong and truelly say no to corruption. Someone who truelly have the fear of God and who will rule with God’s guidance. Its only in 3 rd World Countries where there is no accountability. These are places where enter into politics today and tomorrow they are billionaires. If people question amati Majerasi. Look at the state of the Country? We are struggling while others are are busy piling billions.

  2. Bahasa says:

    Kuvuta kwa magetsi ndi plan ya boma tidziti Escom yalephera ndiye tipeze strategic partner cholinga agule company

  3. vyaya says:

    I thought Kapito you said JB knows nothing? Lero???? You supported this clueless professor just for being your tribes man! He sold MSB for a soing, you didn’t match, blackouts everyday, you don’t match, forex skylocketing,you don’t match in short everything in Malawi since DPP came to power is not working,,,,why are you not matching everyday as you did during JB?

    And this CAMA is it a life time position for Kapito only? You preach democracy, and why are you not retiring from CAMA? Even you since you became CAMA president, the plight of consumers is becoming worse and worse,,,is it not time for you to go Kapito? Like ESCOM, iwenso wakanika if we are to measure you by the results and plight of consumers in Malawi! Idiot!

  4. MLOMWE2 says:


  5. MLOMWE2 says:


  6. Gift F Nkupusa Brown says:


  7. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Nyasa Times, investigate what my colleague from Zobue Mozambique has told me today. He says, Zobue is using electricity from Malawi. He furhter said, their blackout is once a week on Thursday. Is this true?

  8. Hoitty says:

    Water levels are low during DPP rule only??? Kodi mu January sitinakhale masiku ambiri opanda magetsi kamba ka mavuto obwera chifukwa cha mvula yochuluka?


    Iwe Mbwiye Kapito, Management Sabotage Ya Chani? Apa Ndiye Pakuwonetsa Kuti Alhomwe Inu Luntha Palibe. Management Yimapanga Magetsi? How Do You Expect Things To Improve When The Little Financial Resource Escom Is Generating Bwampini Is Looting.Vwampini Put A Board There Brimmed With Politicians Who Knows Nothing About Power Generation Or Administration.They Are There To Milk The Escom To Prop Up The Clueless Bwampini Adminstration You Shamelessly Supported And Voted For.Escom Needs Forex To Import Spare Parts, Equipment,Transformers Which Elsewhere Is Being Manufactured Localy.But Mbuye Wako Bwampini Quotalized Tertiary Education How Do You Expect A Country That Promotes Mediocrity To Develop.Kapena Ufuna Chisikono? Osadanda,akupatsa Bwampini Akuberako Kundalama Zija Angulitsira MSB Mwakuba Kwa Thom Mpinganjira. Fotseki!

  10. Joseph Moyo says:

    aKapito nso penapake muzilankhula ngat mukulankhula ndi anthu ozisata much of ulamuliro wa mai ndidali ku ntcheu long lakeshore koma ndidakhala ndikuzunzka ndi ma blackout simatha sibata ndye mukut chiyani.ndiku bt sindidakhalepo ndi black out for2dys.mumasusa njira yabwino escom idayenela kugulisidwa kut izipanga za kupsa after all singakwnise kupeleka mphamvu zot zigwirisidwe mu migodi yomwe tikuiyembekezera kuyambai.mumaopa kugulisa ma company koma Grain and milling ataigulisa pano ija ikuchitabwino.ndipo yalemba ntchito anthu kuposa nthawi idali yaboma.akapito khalani serious simunganene kut nthawiya jb idali bwino ndikukhulupilira kut ndaramanso zidaonongedwazomwe zikupangisa mavuto wa.tiyeni tiuzane zoona.

  11. Peter Mthibulo says:

    Zoona a Kapito. But the problem is that mwazindikira mochedwa kuti JB was the right person. Munasapota olakwika pano kwakhala inu nkunong’oneza bondo – nanga muchita bwa? Or are you going to march?

  12. Munyasiwa says:

    For once Kapito has told Malawians that JB made wonders.Malawi needs more JBs to maker Malawi a better place to live. Uku ndikulira kwa a Kapito who critised JB on the word go

  13. Misuku boyz says:

    Kapito yemweyo. I support you but walk the talk.

  14. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    mungonamizira water level mesa kumeneko kunali ma floods? Namani china ma bwana

  15. nicholas says:

    So if we say water levels are low in lake Malawi,when we start generating oil o lake Malawi,it means the coutry will have no electricity

  16. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Well done Kapito! We want CAMA to go a step further as you did in 2013. CAMA presented a petition to Parliament, The Nation of 30 May, 2013 front page. All what CAMA has said, be in a petition.

  17. Nyirenda says:

    Dont blame di gorvernment anthuni. Vuto ndi amene akumanamidza mabwana a Escom, kuti then azinena kuti bomali ndilolephera. Ine dhilu yonse ndaiona kale.

  18. IBRAEGO says:


  19. Chisomo makapu says:

    I dont buy the fact that water level is low. I go to the lake several time and have been doing that for the past 10 years or so. The water level is not low. Find another excuse.

  20. jimbo says:

    Why doesn’t Malawi invest in solar power when there is so much sunshine in Malawi? Hydro-electric power is unreliable, especially when there is no sizeable dam on the Shire River to harness the water and use it economically. Without a reliable supply of electricity there is no hope for development in Malawi. The most basic requirement for any business of any size is a reliable supply of electricity and internet access. This is the 21st century when relying on charcoal for fuel is primitive, out-dated and detrimental to the environment. Soon there will be no trees left in Malawi, and then what?

  21. jb says:

    Find alternative sources of power: solar energy, wind farms, nuclear etc!!! don’t only rely on hydro.

  22. Rawl says:

    Escom tatopa nayo!,ma reform akuwapweteka ndiye ma blackouts satha

  23. it is not suprising with these black outs during dpp regime athuwa they dont have the spirit of helping pple!! ndie poti mudacita kubela mavot mcifukwa chake mukukathidwa conci iwe kapito kip on rebuking them bola naweso asakudyese sikonotuu!! nanga muthu amene he is experts in law du u think that particular individual can run the country economicaly? khan zake zomwe zolimbikisa gay marriages with dis can u see any tangible devlpment coming out from this president?

  24. nyavizwazwa says:

    A Geof,

    Do you mean water levels are low only in this DPP ruling time? What about the time of Joy? The ESCOM was doing well that time. This is why Kapito is saying that this a kind of decampaigning the DPP. You DPP please check out who is the GM for ESCOM may be is coming from opposition.

    It is very true working without strategic planning is like a train with bogs only without engine because the ESCOM knows well that during this period water levels becomes low so they are supposed to put a plan to sustain this problem.

  25. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Kapito, would you also tackle airtel, at times they are running bogus promotions, they promise one through the dailies that once one buys a new phone he/she would get either K10,000 OR K7,000 worth of data bundles, at the end of the day, this is never fulfilled.

  26. KARU UNITED says:

    Should read :THE KAMUZU BARRAGE.

  27. KARU UNITED says:

    I totally agree with Mr John Kapito, ESCOM top brass should not hoodwink us with talk of low water levels either on Lake Malawi or the river Shire. I clearly remember that the father of infrastructure in Malawi, the late president HK Banda clearly explained to us that the reason he was building the Kameza barrage @ Liwonde was to regulate & control water levels both in the Lake & the Shire river, to prevent whatever problem & excuses the ESCOM personnel are trying to create. ESCOM, we can’t have low water levels in the Shire, we have the Kamuzu barrage to prevent that! Come up with another lie, we are watching you. You also burnt the imposing ESCOM head office, that Kamuzu left us. All you know is to shop @ Metro Blantyre, all the way from Nkula, ferried in ESCOM, vehicles!

  28. Khamani!! says:

    Kapito did not say it’s DPP cutting power … He said there appears to be sabotage so that the blame falls on DPP. You can’t even read English and you are trying to post a comment on the Internet ?

  29. vin mongu says:

    what we know is that shire is still flowing and water levels chani? we had floods in Malawi recently and now water level achepa. no wonder we only have peace to show for our 51 years of independence. black outs have been immense during DPP eras and it seems DP has greater affinity for blackouts. DPP kukonda mdima!

  30. jabulani says:

    This is very correct, we are spending more on energy in our homes than planned for. We have to buy electricity, then candles, firewood or charcoal almost everyday. We pay for DSTV, but three quarters of the subscription is wasted due to constant black outs. We will deplete Dzalanyama and all the remaining trees full time. Charcoal sellers this is your time to make a killing, do not blame it on anyone, but the Ministry of Energy and Mining/ESCOM/the current DPP who are busy campaigning for 2019 general elections instead of addressing real issues.

  31. Foreigner says:

    Escom should come up with other alternative of generating electricity. Period. We are tired of water this water that.

  32. Dingie says:

    Escom yokha ndiye ayi. You call them on an emergency (dangerous one) in the township of Blantyre their answer is we are coming up to date they can’t come until you call a private dealer to solve your problem. The Authorities out there, please fire these dudes akuzolowera mbava zimenezi.

  33. Hamu says:

    Over thirty years ESCOM never know that for sure some times water level may change in our Lake Malawi? Can someone from ESCOM show me your strategic plan please? Build your on reserves somewhere near Liwonde and Zalewa so that this issue of water level should be history. Malawians lets hold our hands together to help our country to progress on all angles.

  34. mapwiya says:

    to when we will shut up our mouths taking about power supply and water issues malawi dziko lathu lokondedwa fond of promising the big mountainz difficult to climb on.mai malawi

  35. Gulugufe says:

    This John Kapito dude is retarded! Apparently his brain can not understand what the ESCOM statement is talking about!


    1. John Paul says:

      Gulugufe panyo pako galu.

  36. Kavuluvulu says:

    It is not about low water levels, but incompetence.

  37. trevor manyi says:


  38. Adona says:

    Mr Kapito, the self acclaimed Bafoon,,,,,mukuti chani apa. As Chair of Southern Region Waterboard, go and sort out the problems at SRWB people are suffering in the SRWB water area. What are you doing about it Mr Bafoon?

  39. Mlomwe says:

    Iwe mbuzi yotheratu ukumalimbana ndi ESCOM waiwara kuti madzi anu mumagwiritsa nokha-nokha anthu a town. Kuno ku Zalewa ai ife tikumwa madzi a m’nsinje wa shire.

  40. fisi says:

    thats why kapita is saying its sabotage! if found you will be fired! then mudzati boma loyipa. kunena motumbwa, decampain kale! whom are you decampaining? mukuzunza your fellow malawians then you say boma likulephera! anthu oyipa inu. pple did not vote for amene mukumufunayo mukufuna kusokoneza dziko lonse? akapito akachosedwa ntchito awa nomwenunso mukamba za ufulu waogwira job, but is this patriotic? uku nkuononga. if by chance dicover them, fire!!! no mercy!

  41. Cash gate says:

    Don’t 4get their logo says “””ToWaRdS pOwEr EvErYdAy”””

  42. geof says:

    kapito, the issue here is straight forward water levels are low, you mean DPP government ndimene yapangitsa kuti ma levels amadzi mu lake malawiatsike?

  43. Peter says:

    And very soon Mr Kapoto you’ll experience a strike that Malawi has never had,a strike that’ll take out management of consumer association,a strike that’ll teach a lesson to BWB and Escom continue playing your tactics and stop blaming DPP and our President.

  44. Peter says:

    Seriously Mr Kapito you’re only critisizing Escom what about water board the one you’re chairing?
    And stop making Malawians as fools when you’re also partaking what’s being shared in the govt.

  45. Tell them amangomva kuti munthu amalamulira dziko. Mulungu kukutsutsanitu apa pomwe munkabera mavoti inu ngati madolo musova apa ndiyetu ndi automatic decampaign.

  46. Kuvota Kwanu prevails says:

    Dont cry Malawians this is what you vote for.

  47. Zinjani says:

    Kapito dont cheat us you are one to be blamed because whatever you says there is nothing tingable.Should we Malawi listen to you.We dont have Water and Power,Money problem people are paid late Nothing from you Fake NGOs.Fotseki Malawians are crying tortured and weeping for pain while you are driving your posh maroon car.Umunamize ndani? Pita uko ukagwere.

  48. ndadabwa says:

    usatimyanse iwe kapito umangotipusitsa

  49. chizaso says:

    ESCOM has totally failed to deliver. Import power please and allow other power suppliers to come to Malawi. Malawi can not be fully beautified with blackouts.

  50. Ntchona says:

    This is a plan for the ruling party (DPP) to make Malawians bored with ESCOM services so that at the end people can say yes to their (DPP) plan of selling away this ESCOM.

  51. Electrician says:

    Its very unfortunate that when such things happen the blame goes to the goverment. Immediate reform is the solution I suppose . Zudabwitsa zedi kuti pano chavuta ncha!!!!!!!

  52. L. Majola says:

    Malawi paulendo. Sale! Sale! Sale!

  53. Kaka says:

    Failures must accept and pack up and get another green card

  54. namchuchule says:

    It is pure sabotage. And the sabotage is also evident at Accountant General, Treasury, filling stations, road traffic, immigration, waterbords, etc so long as there is mtumbuka. These people at escom used to work hard during joice but now they have stoped and are into sabotage. Remove them please.

  55. kanyimbi says:

    There is a need to redeploy the top management bosses at ESCOM. These people think we do not know that they want the Government to be a failure. This is mutiny at its best and the re is a need for the top management to resign.

  56. musolin says:

    Peter Muntharika, you better step down…. Mavoti unabera and things are not ticking in Malawi. Step down humbly and you will be treated honorably.

  57. neymar says:

    We all knew from the start that this young muntharika hs nothin to offer ths country, but we still went ahead and vote 4 him. We havent seen nothin yet…

  58. john says:

    A esom mwaonjeza

  59. john says:

    Ndi zoona

  60. john says:


  61. lol says:

    A Kapito ife tinazolowera nthawi yoseyi munali kuti?

  62. mmm says:

    BWB nawo akuti for the next 5 months tizimwa madzi amuzithaphwi kkkkkk
    Don’t blame escom mr. Kapito, blame DPP bcoz money meant to upgrade escom equipments is used by dpp to do campaign rallies against chakwera and jb. And other money for mapwevupwevu banquet.
    Minister of energy paja ndani?

    Tingobvomeleza kuti this DPP administration has failed basi.
    First 5 years of Tcheya: Economic booming, anthu analemera.
    First 5 years of Bingu: Minority gouvernment, perfect gouvernment for checks and balance. The only true democracy of DPP.
    Second 5 years of DPP: abrazi afika pa tawuni, ayamba kukokana ma jekete ndi Bingu ati Bingu sakutha kulamulira.
    1.5 years of Ujeni: Eish! Calamities. Mvula onongani ma nyumba, minda. Malo mokonzekera kuti kuli njala, kumatinamiza kuti Malawi yakolola 2.9 million metric tons itakolola only 450 metric tons. Fodya naye tagulitsa less than $200 million, ndipo ndalamazo, mqpwevupwevu leader spent it already, inatha ndalama imeneyo. That is why Kwacha is loosing value everyday. There is no forex in the country. Nyumba zinagwa, olo imodzi imene inamangidwa ndi DPP.
    A goodall ali bize cooking up fake figures. MRA ikunamiza anthu kuti atolera mwakati. Every where people are crying, no money no money no money. Ma business akuseka, indians are relocating their businesses in Mozambique.
    Akuti they will do better after 2019, meanwhile let us be patriotic while Malawi is collapsing beyond Greece.
    No no no Mr. kapito, your home village neighboug is Incompetent and he must step down.

    Nanga natukwana munthu?

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