Kapito blasts MP Ngumuya on water crisis; demo on

Consumers rights activist, John Kapito has lambasted Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South, Allan Ngumuya for defending Blantyre Water Board’s inefficiency to provide water in Blantyre City.

Kapito:  Ngumuya is insensitive and not a good people's representative

Kapito: Ngumuya is insensitive and not a good people’s representative

Ngumuya:  Labelled insensitive and asked to resign

Ngumuya: Labelled insensitive and asked to resign

Kapito is on Thursday expected to lead consumers to demonstrate against BWB with Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) expected to present a petition to the utility provider on the water scarcity currently at critical moment in Blantyre city.

Ngumuya, since last week, has been using the public broadcaster MBC to defend BWB on the crisis while urging people not to panic as they experience the critical moment of water outage.

Speaking during a news conference in Blantyre on Tuesday, Kapito labelled Ngumuya as insensitive.

“How can a member of parliament utter such sentiments? That’s being insensitive to the problems people are currently facing due to water shortages,” Kapito blasted.

Kapito demanded Ngumuya to resign from his position as a parliamentarian for failing to serve the will of the people.

“He is not fit to be a member of parliament. He has failed to understand the challenges people are facing, the long distances women are walking in search for water just because the service provider is
failing to do its job,” said Kapito of the ruling DPP parliamentarian who was ushered into parliament as an independent legislature.

Kapito warned consumers would smear BWB offices with faeces just to show their frustrations on the current crisis.

He added: “We will camp at BWB until the situation improves. We understand they are working on upgrading the water supply system, but that shouldn’t be excuse to deny us water.”

Aside the demonstrations, which will attract affected residents from the townships and residential areas within the commercial city Blantyre, Cama is expected to hand over its petition to BWB with
seven-listed demands.

The consumer rights activist said they have been forced to call for the demonstration due to continued water shortages, which have affected businesses and lives of many people.

“Basic services such as hospitals and hospitality institutions are failing to provide consumers adequately and safely because of this water shortage. Businesses have suffered too impacting greatly on their production levels and provision of basic commodities to consumers in Blantyre and the country in general,” lamented Kapito.

Kapito who was recently appointed Board Chairperson for Southern Region Water Board said consumers have been aggravated by BWB failure to listen to their request to understand and appreciate gravity of frequent water shortages.

He has since demanded government to immediately restructure and remove the incompetent management of Blantyre Water Board if water supplies are not restored in Blantyre with immediate effect.

Kapito feels that consumers pay for this water service and should not be subjected to unnecessary suffering resulting from gross mismanagement and poor service delivery by management of Blantyre
Water Board.

The peaceful demonstrations are expected to start from Kamuzu upper stadium to BWB offices on Thursday morning at 9am.

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A KAPITO kosi ana anu akumva bwanji akamva kuti Abambo awo munthu wankulu kulu wanyamula manyi mu jumbo akukaponya ku BWB? Is demosntrating more important than your personal dignity. Kuteroko mumuuza mkazi wanu Radenta kuti mache ndipakire kajumbo ka manyi ndikupita kunctito? Kumazipatsa ulemu ndithu. Zoona. Kutchula manyi mmaso muli mbee. Pobwerako mwati Mai ndipaseni nsima ndidye ndabwerako koponya manyi kuja? Radenta divorce this idiot he has lost his mind.


Who feels it knows it- those of you who are not affected, just shut your smelling mouths. Thinks about the ordinary citizen not just because you can afford water reservour at your home.


Ngumuya became a member of parliament by mistake. He is empty headed and insensitive to the situation.


Akanyereyo ndani Kapito?hahahhahhahah Mbuzi

Nane ndineneko

Seriousy Blantre water board has been telling us of the water projects they are currently undertaking.mmakwalala mwathumu we see the dains they are busy drilling kuti ma pipe a madzi azadutse.As much as the waer situation is critical but sikungoti angokhala phwiii.A kapito pena ndimaona ngati alibe zochita zambili mmoyo mwawo.Consumer rights anainvela nkamwa.He is really acting like one uncivilized zinjathropas.

Chimera george

Mr kapito think otherwise ur nt an angel pliz pliz………………….. Remember pa 20 july unaphesa anthu becoz ov simple thing growup pliz mr k growuuuuuuuuupppppppp

zili delo

Kapito is right , without watch dogs some of these public service providers, ould be sleeping in slumber like BWB. well done Kapito, put pressure as checks and balances for these in sensitive guys and BWB so that they work up. No pressure groups no progress. I know Kapito can discuss theses issues in a Board room , but it will be his own benefit not for Malawians in BT, atha kumpatsa scone , koma Kapito is not like that show Blantyreans anger go deeper go deeper.

I saw anthu ena akutunga madzi pa chitsime chimene akumba about 2 meters from Mudi river pafupi ndi sewage ya ku Nancholi and I really felt sorry. Amene munayendapo njira yochokera ku manyowe kukatulukira pa South end mutsimikiza kuti zonyansa zones zochokera ku sewage ya ku Nancholi (UNTREATED) zimapita mu mtsinje wa Mudi. In fact anapanga ngalande zochotsa nyansizi keuti zidzitenga nyansizo kukaziponya mu mtsinje wa Mudi. Atolankhani I am challenging you to visit the place and see for your self. To make matters worse, ma chemical onse amene amaponyedwa mu mtsinje wa Mudi amakapanga mix ndi nyansi zochoka ku… Read more »

Kapito wangokhala ovuta naye. tsopano ngati pakuchitika ma upgrade it means ma pump ena akuyenela kuimitsidwa and kuphulika kwa pumping main ndingozi loti ninachitika and yes it affected the consumers koma nanga a BWB anangokhala kodi? kungozolowela mtima oti ine ndi ovuta basi

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