Kapito blasts MP Ngumuya on water crisis; demo on

Consumers rights activist, John Kapito has lambasted Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South, Allan Ngumuya for defending Blantyre Water Board’s inefficiency to provide water in Blantyre City.

Kapito:  Ngumuya is insensitive and not a good people's representative

Kapito: Ngumuya is insensitive and not a good people’s representative

Ngumuya:  Labelled insensitive and asked to resign

Ngumuya: Labelled insensitive and asked to resign

Kapito is on Thursday expected to lead consumers to demonstrate against BWB with Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) expected to present a petition to the utility provider on the water scarcity currently at critical moment in Blantyre city.

Ngumuya, since last week, has been using the public broadcaster MBC to defend BWB on the crisis while urging people not to panic as they experience the critical moment of water outage.

Speaking during a news conference in Blantyre on Tuesday, Kapito labelled Ngumuya as insensitive.

“How can a member of parliament utter such sentiments? That’s being insensitive to the problems people are currently facing due to water shortages,” Kapito blasted.

Kapito demanded Ngumuya to resign from his position as a parliamentarian for failing to serve the will of the people.

“He is not fit to be a member of parliament. He has failed to understand the challenges people are facing, the long distances women are walking in search for water just because the service provider is
failing to do its job,” said Kapito of the ruling DPP parliamentarian who was ushered into parliament as an independent legislature.

Kapito warned consumers would smear BWB offices with faeces just to show their frustrations on the current crisis.

He added: “We will camp at BWB until the situation improves. We understand they are working on upgrading the water supply system, but that shouldn’t be excuse to deny us water.”

Aside the demonstrations, which will attract affected residents from the townships and residential areas within the commercial city Blantyre, Cama is expected to hand over its petition to BWB with
seven-listed demands.

The consumer rights activist said they have been forced to call for the demonstration due to continued water shortages, which have affected businesses and lives of many people.

“Basic services such as hospitals and hospitality institutions are failing to provide consumers adequately and safely because of this water shortage. Businesses have suffered too impacting greatly on their production levels and provision of basic commodities to consumers in Blantyre and the country in general,” lamented Kapito.

Kapito who was recently appointed Board Chairperson for Southern Region Water Board said consumers have been aggravated by BWB failure to listen to their request to understand and appreciate gravity of frequent water shortages.

He has since demanded government to immediately restructure and remove the incompetent management of Blantyre Water Board if water supplies are not restored in Blantyre with immediate effect.

Kapito feels that consumers pay for this water service and should not be subjected to unnecessary suffering resulting from gross mismanagement and poor service delivery by management of Blantyre
Water Board.

The peaceful demonstrations are expected to start from Kamuzu upper stadium to BWB offices on Thursday morning at 9am.

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88 thoughts on “Kapito blasts MP Ngumuya on water crisis; demo on”

  1. Mberube says:


  2. Mberube says:

    A KAPITO kosi ana anu akumva bwanji akamva kuti Abambo awo munthu wankulu kulu wanyamula manyi mu jumbo akukaponya ku BWB? Is demosntrating more important than your personal dignity. Kuteroko mumuuza mkazi wanu Radenta kuti mache ndipakire kajumbo ka manyi ndikupita kunctito? Kumazipatsa ulemu ndithu. Zoona. Kutchula manyi mmaso muli mbee. Pobwerako mwati Mai ndipaseni nsima ndidye ndabwerako koponya manyi kuja? Radenta divorce this idiot he has lost his mind.

  3. citizen says:

    Who feels it knows it- those of you who are not affected, just shut your smelling mouths. Thinks about the ordinary citizen not just because you can afford water reservour at your home.

  4. Omex70 says:

    Ngumuya became a member of parliament by mistake. He is empty headed and insensitive to the situation.

  5. Tatyata says:

    Akanyereyo ndani Kapito?hahahhahhahah Mbuzi

  6. Nane ndineneko says:

    Seriousy Blantre water board has been telling us of the water projects they are currently undertaking.mmakwalala mwathumu we see the dains they are busy drilling kuti ma pipe a madzi azadutse.As much as the waer situation is critical but sikungoti angokhala phwiii.A kapito pena ndimaona ngati alibe zochita zambili mmoyo mwawo.Consumer rights anainvela nkamwa.He is really acting like one uncivilized zinjathropas.

  7. Chimera george says:

    Mr kapito think otherwise ur nt an angel pliz pliz………………….. Remember pa 20 july unaphesa anthu becoz ov simple thing growup pliz mr k growuuuuuuuuupppppppp

  8. zili delo says:

    Kapito is right , without watch dogs some of these public service providers, ould be sleeping in slumber like BWB. well done Kapito, put pressure as checks and balances for these in sensitive guys and BWB so that they work up. No pressure groups no progress. I know Kapito can discuss theses issues in a Board room , but it will be his own benefit not for Malawians in BT, atha kumpatsa scone , koma Kapito is not like that show Blantyreans anger go deeper go deeper.

  9. Ameneyo says:

    I saw anthu ena akutunga madzi pa chitsime chimene akumba about 2 meters from Mudi river pafupi ndi sewage ya ku Nancholi and I really felt sorry. Amene munayendapo njira yochokera ku manyowe kukatulukira pa South end mutsimikiza kuti zonyansa zones zochokera ku sewage ya ku Nancholi (UNTREATED) zimapita mu mtsinje wa Mudi. In fact anapanga ngalande zochotsa nyansizi keuti zidzitenga nyansizo kukaziponya mu mtsinje wa Mudi. Atolankhani I am challenging you to visit the place and see for your self. To make matters worse, ma chemical onse amene amaponyedwa mu mtsinje wa Mudi amakapanga mix ndi nyansi zochoka ku sewageko koma because of desperation anthu akugwiritsabe madzi uchokera mu chitsimecho.

  10. Dingie says:

    Kapito wangokhala ovuta naye. tsopano ngati pakuchitika ma upgrade it means ma pump ena akuyenela kuimitsidwa and kuphulika kwa pumping main ndingozi loti ninachitika and yes it affected the consumers koma nanga a BWB anangokhala kodi? kungozolowela mtima oti ine ndi ovuta basi

  11. Taweni says:

    BWB started long time ago doing rehabilitations and they followed procedures. This new team has thrown all procedures to the wind by engaging all sections instead of piece by piece and finishing given areas. The new team has lost direction by biting more than they can chew, hence the confusion.

    All this is a result of reshuffles and re – organisations that are going on in government and parastatals. And this project started with the last regime and we never had water disruptions. So what exactly has happened to have all this confusion?

  12. Ankhazi says:

    I have all the reasons to say kapito is full of trash.. how will the DEMOS bring water? why can’t He ask government to highly Fund BWB so that the man power be increased, thus finishing the work ASAP? how will kukaseta ku BWB bring water?

  13. Lets privatize BWB, remove the current board and replace it with a more vibrant and competent team which can deliver the most positive and viable solutions to the persistent water shortage problems.

    We must also set up a private public committee that will monitor the operations of Blantyre water board and also make sure that the money that we pay as bills is being used to maintain, upgrade and sustain the water supply system at its best level.

    BWB management however must not draw its salaries from the boards account, the government must adopt all BWB employees in their pay role and if they continue to underperform No money should be remitted to BWB employees accounts for failing to service Blantyre City Residents with piped, safe and clean water.

    I would also suggest we propose a series of feasibility studies in all water prone areas to asses the situation and come up with viable plans and solutions to deal with the shortfalls in water supply.

    Government must make sure that all industrial sites companies and factories have proper refuse disposal systems no waste is supposed to end up in our natural water bodies or any public surrounding areas .All those who do not comply must have there licenses to conduct business revoked by all means necessary.

    There must be strict measures put in place to guard all existing and possible future water sources .

    All residents occupying and cultivating the land around and within the reservoirs must be evicted immediately and a feasibility study must be commissioned to see how best we can restore the natural setup of the land in question.

    Army officers instead of just sitting and doing nothing at the Barracks can be deployed in such areas to man the security of these very important public assets
    Build small camps which will accommodate 50 to 100 Army officers whose duty will simply be to protect the areas in question.

    Apo Ayi Impeach the President MCP Ibwelere m’boma chitukuko chibwelere mchimake

  14. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Allan Ngumuya Sinclair has always been a fool . Ku America sikunamuthandize olo maonekedwe . Iyeyo akamapanga ndi mkazi wa eni waku Debonair’s uja, sakumamumva fungo these days coz of kusamba koperewela? Munthu ozipanga portray ngati wa Mulungu, koma zigololo ziri thoo!

  15. lute says:

    BWB is doing all it can do to provide water to Blantyre citizens. May I ask Mr Kapito to come to Chileka and see for himself what projects are in progress as well as Walker’s ferry. People are working hard and they are big projects. Come to Chileka Mr Kapito and see what Hon. Ngumuya saw and maybe your mindset can change.

  16. Hyena says:

    I really don’t understand that this is coming from the Honourable member. Who is cheating you? For how long Blantyre Water Board has been promising BT residents that water supply would improve? I am of the view that this demonstration is justifiable. The Minister of Water Development was himself convinced that BWB is the worst performing water board in this land. The other thing I do not understand is that how was the contract of the CEO who was not performing was renewed. This is a clear indication that the money Andrew Thawe stolen from BWB through misprocurement as reported by ODDP according to the lastest revelation by the Nation Newspaper the DPP party benefitted from it. Whay are you not firing him? Why are you still holding to him? Useless government. Please allow demonstration to go ahead and some of the members of executive management of BWB including the CEO have to go. They are clueless and incompetent and have failed this nation.

  17. Alungwana says:

    Ngumuya the stupid guy. Go back to US and take care of those old grannies. You are useles and your injunctions during the elections have led Malawi to be where it is today. Malawi is in trouble because of you and your Friday Jumbe. Now Jumbe has a green pasture somewhere but you are here now causing problems to Blantyre people. One day you wil regret.

  18. Water starved downtown boy says:

    Zoonadi Mr Kapito wagula matenti 100 kuti anthu azikabibira m’menemo ndipo wagulanso zipande 10 zokolera manyi mkumawapaka pamakoma waterboard. Ndili komwe nkabibe.

  19. peter says:

    Iwe Ngumuya ulibe mzeru Mmalo mothandiza anthu amene anakubvotera wayamba kuwaukira. Chisiru iwe. Sungamve chisoni m’mene adzimayi akubvutikira ku Nkolokosa, Naperi, Chimwankhunda. M’malo mowavera chisoni wayamba kuyankhula zowanyoza. Kodi anthu amenewa siamene anabvota aja. Chifukwa chake ulibe mkazi , m’neneri wonyenga iwe. Nthawi ya kampeni umapita m’machalichi ku makopa a kirisistu kuti akubvotere. Mulungu akulange pompano munthu woyipa iwe.

  20. jona says:

    alomwe kukangana, ntundu opusa ngati uwu sindinauonepo padziko lapansi

  21. achimtedza says:

    You Mr Parallel Market i think you are lousy and stupid… Whose shoes are you boot liking. Are you happy with with water crisis at all???

    Allan Ngumuya you are also a lame and stupid guy i ever seen in town… You think you can fool people??? Stop being silly and continue bootlicking your Peter Mutharika… mxiiii

  22. Kabova Gama says:

    Allan Ngumuya ndiwe galu chitsilu cha munthu,Do you think u will be appointed cabinet minister by making stupid comments while people are suffering??Nyani weni weni You think ukusetabe nkhalamba ku south bend eti?

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    Kapito woyeeeee!

  24. Parallel Market says:

    While Mr Kapito and CAMA are free to exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully, I feel CAMA’s boss is missing a point here. The issue of water supply to Blantyre can be addressed in the Boardroom not by demonstrations. BWB has reported several times about solutions they are applying to solve water inadequacy challenges in the city. Many times journalists have been taken around BWB installations to appreciate the projects BWB is undertaking. BWB has repeatedly alerted Blantyre residents that during this time of equipment upgrades they will experience serious water shortages. I think to be warned is to be forearmed. Did we prepare for this time after being warned several times?

    This water crisis did not emerge yesterday. It needed huge sums of money to solve it. Now money is available and projects are underway to improve the situation, CAMA says NO will demonstrate.

    CAMA Boss is reacting in a manner as if someone somewhere is remote controlling him to tarnish BWB’s management image or force Government to make a hasty decision of removing current leadership at BWB. As senior as he is, it is easy for Mr Kapito to go to BWB to meet management and hear their side or appreciate efforts BWB is undertaking or provide suggestions to BWB on how it can improve its services in a cost effective manner. Demos or defeacating at BWB will NOT bring WATER to BWB. Cancel those demos and behave as a responsible citizen.

    1. Mob Justice on Cashgaters says:

      Idiot, I liked your comment by mistake. Do you understand that what you BWB has inflicted on bt residents if more than shit? For ur information, I tried to install a 2500 litre tank to have a remedy of some kind, but since then it has never been filled! No running supply to fill up! for the past years, the only time there has been supply is at midnight, lasting only 30 minutes! My mother has never slept for yrs because of ur stupid, arrogance, and selfish attitude.

      A demo aims to ring a bell of seriousness of the matter into your head. You talk the shit of financial resources yet you hv been busy propelling political support to rulers. You are very inhuman and stupid.

      Human dung should be infested in your office. It will remind you of your wickedness.

    2. parallel market 2 says:

      Parallel market: what you are saying is very true. but you are equally missing the point. What Kapito is saying is that as BWB is carrying out this upgrade they should have provided an alternative measure of supplying adequate water to the homes, that being going around with the vehicles that carries the water tanks.

      However, this should be a wake up call to government parastatals that provide services to the people. Its high time politicians stopped milking these organizations and for once let them operately professionally.

      i wonder if other water boards (mzuzu, Lilongwe, Zomba and indeed in other districts) are taking measures in planning how to meet the growing demand of their services.

      Malawi is such a sick nation that knows how to draw up very good concepts but fail to implement them…all this because since the dawn of multipulty we have been governed by leaders with a huge appetite for money…sick sick sick!!!! it

    3. Ineyo says:

      Zose mukunenazo anapangakale. You are asking “Did we prepare for this time after being warned several times?” How stupid. How much water can a 8member family keep to last three week? Why not distribute water using their vehicles? Simesa chigalimoto chogawa madzi chija azugulitsa okha pa auction a Chief ali ku suspension aja. Mutu wako tiza biba pakhonde pakwanu.

    4. Wailing Soul says:

      Parallel Market, its is very clear you are a very senior member of BWB or you are an apologist of BWB or you are Ngumuya himself. BWB promised us in 2012 through multiple media outlets that Blantyre’s water crisis would cease to exist by 2013 as they had obtained a loan from the ADB and also the EU to expand their sources of water in whatever ways. We are approaching 2015 and the situation is getting worse. Am sorrym when it comes to service deliver, more in particular of this critical importance, i am with Kapito. Zip your mouth if you work for BWB or you are rich enough to have a water tank above your mansion. Let us march on!

    5. concerned citizen says:

      Mr. could u pliz xul me the purpose of demonstrations? Its very sad that u cannot bear the agony your friends are going through. Why do we sometimes demanding the presidents or other authorities to step down? This shows that by the virtue of duty bearers have failed to provide solutions to the right holders. How can the whole Water boards having only 2 water bowsers against population in BT? How do u feel people dying at Queens after failed to go for operations because of no water? If they new that were having such big project why didn’t they got prepared? Do you think was there critical thinking on how to help the masses? If had it been they call stakeholders may be would have helped them to think outside of the box to cultivate solutions. Hope you are not in BT, had it been you was hear you would appreciated the crisis while people going without water for a month and reversed your thinking and you would have really known as to why WATER IS LIFE. My Foot!

    6. MC says:

      You must be an employee from BWB. Equally, if BWB had known that the projects would bring serious water problems, they would have put in place measure to reduce the problem. Did they do anything about it? Water is life. Moreover, we are getting into the rain season and this water problem will result into cholera if you don’t know. Wise up men! BWB should have put in place clear measures to reduce the water challenges people would face due their projects!!!

      1. Njatinjenjede says:

        So what if he works for BWB? It is his right to express himself…. musamuphere ufulu. Inu bwanji mukulankhula? Ntsutseni koma osati chifukwa umagwira ku BWB then dont speak????
        If Kapito wants to demonstrate he must first of all resign his Chairmanship. He is a hipocrite if he accepts an appointment of a similar Board and then go and demonstrate against another. How is he going to work with that Board on some important issues. Kumaganiza a Kapito…. If you really are a champion of consumer interests then step down and take on the battle full swing nanga kwina mukudaya kwina mukupaka manyi.

        1. mc says:

          Sikuti tikunena kuti asayankhule being employee wa BWB. All we are saying is that they should have prepared by providing an alternative source of water for the customers. They saw it coming, why not prepare? I have a 5,000 litre tank of water but it got drained. There has been no water for 4 weeks now continuosly. How best could customers be patient?

  25. Reasonable Man says:

    Monga agalu inu mmene munkamuvotera Ngumuya tiziti simunkadziwa kuti he is full of manyi?

  26. Kakha Erutu says:

    People from Blantyre, are you going to follow your leader to defecate at BWB and smear the manyi? Akupepelesanitu Kapito wanuyi.
    I understand the difficult times you are going through but I would urge you to listen to what Hon. Ngumuya is saying. BWB is doing everything to normalize the situation. Can someone stand up and make an assertion that BT will be soaking on 5th Dec after your demos on 4th?
    Ndipo wopanda chochitayo ndani amene apite kukapanga camp ndi kumakanya ku BWB?

  27. Will Chilongo says:

    Some people are stupid , so you say the drying up of Mudi dam should be blamed on people cutting and cultivating around the dam, whose responsibility is it to see to it that theyz security around the dam
    During the real NGWAZI tym security was so tight around the dam why not now
    Stupid minister , bwb, government and all that are responsible

  28. Dusty says:

    I thought this idiot Ngumuya ndimunthu woopa Mulungu koma aaah! tchende lenileni longo zendewera basi.Khope imeneyi ndiyofunika kupaka manyi before bwb offices chifukwa ukuoneka kuti ndiwe munthu woipa mtima ngati mbolo.Iwe anthu ambiri mbiri akusowa madzi and you are coming to say ayi vuto si bwb koma maintainance work pathako pako.Ukudziwa mmene azimayi ndi ana athu akuvutikira?

  29. verson says:

    Ngumuya akupanga zake. You people mumati simuvotera munthu kawiri ndiye mukamati sadzawinso mukutanthauza chani? Iye wakutulukirani kuti simuyamika ndipo akuyendera yake. Anthu a mtauni msanje too much ikupangitsaa MP abwino Kumaluza. Don’t expect anything from these MPs coz simuyamika.

  30. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    That’s how dpp conducts its business. Demonstrations are the order of the day. No demos, no service to people. Teachers must demonstrate to get their salaries, likewise medical staff, judicial staff. students in secondary schools and universities must demonstrate to get good food. This was not the case with our father and founder with MCP. Government was there to serve. SHAME TO DPP and its APM!

    1. Atokwe says:

      Those day your Kamuzu was ruling dead bodies.When they wake up from the grave in 1992 what happen?

  31. Wawa1 says:

    Unless if I don’t know. But Does Blantyre Water B fall under Southern Region Water Board? If so, Is Mr. kapito the cahirman of later? If yes, why cant he do something to have the problem fixed since he is the chairman. It doesn’t make sense for him to be making loud noises in the paper when he is part of the problem. Ndi chimodzimodzi kuima pa chulu ndi kumadzitukwana wekha.

    1. Hello! says:

      My understanding is that Blantyre Water Board is responsible for water supplies in Blantyre City jurisdiction while Southern Region Water Board is responsible for Blantyre Rural and other Southern Region districts. The names can be confusing indeed. I think it could be better to change the name from Blantyre Water Board to Blantyre City Water Board in order to avoid the confusion. The same applies to Lilongwe and Mzuzu Water Boards.

      1. Omwale says:

        I think BWB is the mother of SRWB. It is BWB which supplies more water to SRWB to just distribute to its clients. Mr Kapital cannot control BWB. More fire Mr Kapital we are there to demonstrate with you. Tatopa ndikusasamba.

  32. Ngumuya usuzumire mkabudulamo utaonece chikhale chakuti chako wamva

  33. chokazinga says:

    I think Kapito has lost direction, apart from the normal shortage of water in Blanytre we are told the reservoir has dried up. Is the drying up of the reservoir because of BWB the answer is no, mainly it’s because of the consumers themselves as the have cultivated, constructed on the catchment area of Mudi dam. Siltation is all over our lakes, rivers and dams, because of human factors, let’s not blame services providers blame ourselves

    1. ndangodutsa chisale says:

      Ndiwe mbuzi eti?? Malawi is the richest in terms if water resources. Part of water in BT city comes from Walkers Ferry in Shire. Our stupid and myopic politicians have to know we are tired of mediocrity. How should we have water problems yet hundreds if thousands of litres of fresh water in Lake Malawi goes to Zambezi via Shire river. We want leadership that delivers osati Mbava.

    2. Reasonable Man says:

      dont be stupid chokazinga. if people have been cultivating in that area, whose fault is it then? doesnt that just prove that WB is inefficient? Why cant they keep people from cultivating there? za manyi basi

  34. Ya manyiyo ndiyogwira kawawa says:

    Well done Kapito, in south Africa people dropped shit and urine in the premises of water board inept and crooked bastards before. After that, they have never had water shortages. I would say shit and pee in the houses of these idiots after doing that at their offices. These people are fagots, apati from kuchindana ndi kuchindidwa mu office, they have no idea how to run a water board firm.

  35. lumbart says:

    I wonder why we have water problems yet we have a very big lake with so rivers also we have CEOs well trained and well paid but we can’t afford to connect pipes from mangochi to be supplying southern region and salima to be supplying central region
    You may wonder lilongwe having no water for one week but the lake is just 100 kilometers away why can’t water board connect pipes from salima to lilongwe
    In nkhotakota the lake is just 3 kilometers away from the boma but madzi amasiya daily, a Malawi tinakhala bwanji?

    We have CEOs all they know is drinking coffee Mu office after that reading newspaper then lunch masana kupita ku bwinja nseu wa mchinji ndi zibwezi, month end salary 2 million

    Honestly our learned people lacks innovation. And skills to perform, you mean we need consultants from Israel to tell us how we can connect pipes to various sources. Shame

  36. Mamamia says:

    Mr Kapito, who shud be the first person to resign in Malawi for failing to serve the will of people. Hhhhhhhh!

  37. Penu says says:


  38. lumbart says:

    Ngumuya alibe nzeru he is being used by dpp remember the same Ngumuya obtaining an injunction stopping mec to recount votes, he is very stupid
    Mr Ngumuya are you happy with the current state of affairs in this country?

  39. lumbart says:

    Timatche basi next timatchile apm kuti apange resign walephera ameneu. Too much cashgate in apm

  40. Kalanga says:

    Judicial strike vs water crisis! Priority is water! Therefore match!

  41. nganga says:

    Bwanji tikayambe kwa ngumuyayo kumatcha

  42. Wake says:

    Very good Kapito. What kind of MP is this Ngumuya who doesn’t even know that
    1. Soche, Nkolokosa, Chilobwe etc stays for weeks without running water when other areas have consistent supply of water. What kind of rationing is that?
    2. Even when these areas have no water for weeks, BWB has the guts to charge the same amount as those months with constant water supply
    3. When water happens to run in these areas, it only starts after midnight and runs only enough to refil one or two buckets
    4. The BWB has never made apologies or send emergency water bowsers to mitigate the shortages
    5. Bwb is only reactive and not proactive when implementing projects. It waits for a crisis to occur before making any developmental efforts in the water supply system
    6. The desperate, back sliden, accidental MP, who has failed in career at all levels wants to bootlick when his Manja house has no water. Who is he representing? The rich or the poor?

  43. simia says:

    Ndayamba kale kusunga manyi okapaka BWB offices this coming Thursday. Despite the water shortage bill still on the higher side I fail to understand the billing system. These fools are just chewing our money.

  44. Wailing Soul says:

    Alfred Munduwabo, Kapito is not chairman of BWB? SRWB are totally two different parastatals

  45. kukukuki says:

    Bravo Kapito thats great

  46. Ngumuya ukufuna ministerial position or wt,in a controvetial election u were one of the stupit coward munthu fueling that MEC sdn’t recount stollen votes and now instead of asisting people in yr area u’re busy defending useless BWB and yr dpp,mind u kuno kwa Manase sawina kacikena ask yr kunkuyu mpaka kuthawila ku Dedza wakagwa cha gada

  47. CNN says:

    Mr Kapito is asking Blantyre residents for demos & government is silent because 1 ndi Mlomwe 2 chifukwa ndi kumwera ndipo kuli mavoti ochuluka. People of Karonga wanted demos also for a legitimate cause but were denied. What a stupid nation state? Why should people threaten then its when you act on their problems? Malawi is poor because leaders & citizens have very poor thinking & reasoning. What a shame! Kapakeni manyi kuti akaone mkwiyo wanu!

  48. bigman says:

    kapito ndiopenga

  49. buleya says:

    akapito ndi munthu wosokoneza kwambiri.stupid kapito demo imapindula chani

  50. Zansete says:

    A Ngumuya kupusa,mukuono ngati kuimba eti? Ndiponso ngati ine zomwe mumaimba zimandigwila ntima? Olo pang’ono. M’mene akazanga akuvutikila ndi madzi mpakana tachepetsa mizele yomwe timalima mchipinda ndie iwe Ngumuya nkumabwebweta? Iwetu ukaima kwanu mwa anjolomole,poti anthu a Ku ntcheu ndi zitsilunso koma unaenela kuona zomwe anaona Kunkuyu.

    1. ndangodutsa chisale says:

      Ku Ntcheu kulibe zitsiru. Ife we drink madzi a pampopi from Mpira dam. Zitsiru ndinu mukumavotera mbuzi za DPP ndi Ngumuya. Nchifukwa chake wins anaima “Amakhala Ku Blantyre koma kulibe madzi”

  51. Mbanangwa says:

    Nkhumuya, akuluwa amadzimva ngati Gospel Kadzako.

  52. Dreamliner says:

    Ngumuya is eyeing a ministerial post after the next Cabinet reshuffle

  53. opportunist says:

    Shame on the MP .Though i will not be Blantyre but i will demonstrate in solidarity in L-city. Viva Kapito

  54. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    Kapito Salute you but you can do better if you can drop the chairmanship of the board

  55. Vavlov says:

    is it true Kapito is chairman of BWB? So he plans to throw faeces at BWB offices? That interesting gesture, why cant he use his board membership to rectify the problem? Can these guys also consider throwing faeces at first lady’s Trust offices?. That would be fitting as well for misuse of funds meant for HIV/Aids. Protesting is getting into new gear in Malawi, watch for faeces!!

    1. Mc says:

      Point of correction: no sane chairman could do that for a company he chairs. Kapito is chairperson cor southern region water board, not BWBW. Tazizitsatani zinthuzi abale musanaonetse umbuli wanu pagulu

  56. Mr APM donot just look on the useless kapito demos. Waonjedza Kapito mpaka kudzapaka manyi office ya bwb. There is no need for demos on this critical Water shortage moment. Ngumuya feels this is high time for Bt residents to cope up wth the situation. Mr Kapito do not be bais leave BWB alone but demonstrate against judiciary who want to drain Acoount No.1

  57. Achimwene kusaphunzira says:

    Allan Ngumuya simukudziwa ife takhala naye kwa America simunthu wopepera kuchita za utsiru. Kodi chukuko cha mazdichomwe akuika mapaipi akuluchi simukuchiona.

    Pali Nzeru kukayenda mumseu a Kapito Mwalemba Mmadzi . Dikirani zaka 5 Mudzapikisane naye mudzawone

  58. Nkhombokombo says:

    It is unfortunate that Alan has now become PR for BWB. He is talking of Techinical issues which he hardly has the techinical know how. It is better he concetrates on his developmental programmes. BWB can only improve if given a none political interferance and put qualified water engineers in their right positions. Let them assess the weaknesses of the running system and give their recommendations to Gvt and Gvt must support them without any reservations, no excuses. Pressure must be borne by the Gvt. My advice to Kapito is that he should exsert his pressure on Gvt otherwise the result of this demo will not yield anything if directed to BWD alone. We need water and Gvt must provide. BWB is just a conduit. BWB is just suffering the pains for the failures of the Gvt. Gvt must give clean water to its people. Water is life, no politics here, else Ebola is invited here.

  59. Mphwache says:

    Ngumuya, where is all that saintly rectitude? Why blatantly defend BWB? No wonder all you have been doing since being elected MP is screw somebody’s wife at debonair’s.

  60. ??? says:

    Kodi Ngumuya ndiye uti?

  61. Mr APM donot just look on the useless kapito demos. Waonjedza Kapito mpaka kudzapaka manyi office ya bwb. There is no need for demos on this critical Water shortage moment. Ngumuya feels this is high time for Bt residents to cope up wth the situation. Mr Kapito leave BWB alone but demonstrate against judiciary who want to drain Acoount No. 1

  62. joseph says:

    Ndinaimvera discussion ya Ngumuya pa MBCTV, ndikudikra mu March ati ngati madzi andadzavute anthufe tikamudule chalu

  63. dodo says:

    Ndakwera yomweyo yopaka manyiyo!!! Dont forget guyz manyi ena tikapake ku sanjika! Abweze dollar ya nac! Kamunthu edzi ili tho!!! Koma kubaso nkati!!! Ndikuti aka ka getrude maseko kananyengetsa mpaka nyini kugwera mkati!!!!!!! Ya zantombolombo nasi!!!!!

    Agalu inu ndiye mukusiyana chani ndi abiti ntila!!! You are all assholes!!!! Pa thako panu!!!!!

    Tinane ife mathanyula sangayendese dziko koma anthu makani!!!!

  64. Mass foolishness says:

    We are paying for mass foolishness in Malawi, voting for someone because he is popular not because he has substantial plans for our community. Ngumuya, ali ndi water 10 thousand litter water tank pa den after getting 25 million load from government. What have those idiots who voted for him got in return? Tiyeni, kunyela toilet mpaka kudzadza no water to flush.

  65. James Liuma says:

    Can Satan cast out Satan?

  66. Professor CJ says:

    Stupid are the people who voted for him. DPP had a candidate but people never voted for him because they didn’t want any representation from DPP. Now look what he did, he damped the very people and joined the party that people rejected its candidate. He thinks he is clever but honestly, the man is insane upstairs. How can he really have some balls to defend the obvious. Politician, my ass.

  67. Jimmy says:

    Oyimba ngoyimba basi



  69. Sinthani says:

    MP wopepera ameneyu and he will never win again. He should do a soul search if any of the former MPs won the constituency twice.



  71. Biso na Biso says:

    Allan Ngumuya is one of the most desperate and hypocrit who posed as a Christian but was one of the first people who obtained court injunction to prevent MEC from correcting the messed up votes. Ngumuya is one of the MPs who did not win genuinely and he knows that even God knows this. What do you expect from a desperate hopeless person like this? Achoke kumene chifukwa sakuimira anthu ameneyo.

  72. Popo says:

    Koma mpaka feaces aKapitomwandienjeza kkkkkkkkkkk

  73. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Auze !! Kapito , you are the Chairman for BWB

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