Kapito faults opposition over economic turmoil: Leads consumer rights demo in Malawi

Consumer Association of Malawi (Cama) on Thursday organised a peaceful march in commemoration of the World Consumer Rights Day and Cama executive director John Kapito led the gathering in Blantyre accusing opposition political parties, saying they have failed to offer alternative solutions to the current economic and social problems facing poor Malawians.

Kapito leads the march for consumer rights in Blantyre

Kapito leads the march for consumer rights in Blantyre

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march

Cama held a march in regards to World Consumer Rights Day from Blantyre Old Town Hall through highway to Chichiri Shopping Mall round about back to Blantyre.

“The opposition parties are clueless and visionless. The opposition has never provided the poor with alternatives shadow-budget and national programmes.

“The opposition leadership is full of people from one tribe. The opposition has failed to represent  the interests of the poor in Parliament,” said outspoken Kapito.

He also said the main opposition party [Malawi Congress Party (MCP)] has prioritized mourning for its failure to the past elections rather than assisting poor Malawians.

Kapito further alleged is shrouded with corrupt practices that have diminished the support of the poor.

“The oppositionis greedy for power while offering nothing for the benefit of the poor,” said Kapito.

He also faulted government for failing to operationalize the Consumer Protection  law thereby creating poverty amongst Malawians.

According to him, poor people are dying of hunger due to lack of vision by the country’s  leadership.

“Give us the maize now not promises. Poor people are spending days and nights on long queues for maize at empty Admarc depots.

“Poor people are failing to access health services including food in public hospitals. We demand to the know the culprits who embezzled K577 billion of tje poor’s money,” said Kapito.

He also said there is rampant corruption amongst Cabinet Ministers and some senior government officials and ruling party officials.

Kapito then asked President  Peter Mutharika  to reshuffle his Cabinet and fire incompetent Ministers.

“Cabinet Ministers and advisors are misleading the President on how to run the affairs  of the country.

“Government should have an open – door policy to accommodate those that support or criticize its policies,” said Kapito.

He therefore said it was high time Malawians started demanding their rights from duty bearers, hence ‘Poor Lives Matter Campaign’.

The campaign is aimed are encouraging Malawians to start speaking against rampant economic and social injustices.

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47 thoughts on “Kapito faults opposition over economic turmoil: Leads consumer rights demo in Malawi”

  1. c says:

    People lets work together to develop our country

  2. Dr Manga says:





  3. Sibweni says:

    Mr kapito you’re useless to human right activists now, coz u just do things in favour of the government side nd the rich. You can even see the number of pipo who went for matching seems to be forced, coz the points u raised to accuse the oppositions are not confident to what they are doing.

    This shows me that ur doing things to buy favour from rulling party and fill ur pocket with ndalama za amphawi.

    Remember ”mnyumba ya mwini saotcheramo mbewa” opposition parties are always tlking real things about malawian are facing but bcoz of politics, the rulling diverts those, in there own favours.

    With this not only opposition party followers are suffered but the entire poor malawians are. So bad thing is that those who vote for this rulling r ones suffering much, coz the oppositions works hard with note that they are orphans or foreigners in there own country.

    Open eyes Kapito nd open eyes dpp its time for love one another…

  4. Zilani says:

    John Kapito got it all wrong. All along the opposition has been offering solutions on alternative ways of doing things but the DPP govt is ARROGANT and doesn’t want to listen. How does the opposition do it?

    For example, DPP was told to go for universal subsidies in agriculture, nothing was done. John should have known by now that the DPP cherishes chaos it creates in order to rip malawians.

    John, are you aware that the DPP is planning to build a banqueting hall while malawians are reeling with hunger?

    John, are you aware that the education budget was reduce at the expense of State residences?

    John are you are aware that the DPP doesn’t want the ACB to have piwers investigate K577bn they pocketed from 2005 to 2012?

    John, do you know that MSB sale was meant to payback party loans obtained from MSB dubiously thru party functioneries?

    John, are you aware that the DPP is desperate to control Press Corporation and make it the party’s cashcow? The list goes on.

    Let me assure you John that, it doesn’t need the opposition for govt to the right things at the right time, but visionary leaders.

    Let me challenge that, if the DPP was being headed by Chilima, something could have been noticed, but DPP are sidelining very much lest the snakes be exposed in the open.

    John, open your objective eyes and see.

  5. Professor Wakumpoto says:

    Aliyense akutaya nthawi kutukwana on this post alibe umunthu. I think Mr Kapito, you are one of a few reasonable and intelligent Malawians who have the interest of the country at heart. You are impartial, you approach issues with facts. You diagnose the disease and attempt to treat the disease not only the symptoms. I for once agree with your approach here. If the opposition were to take come into power (what ever that is supposed to mean), the situation will be reversed the ‘new opposition’ will also be wasting time with campaigning and mudslinging instead of providing tangible solutions. Look MCP is busy campaigning for 2019, they are in fact more tribalistic than DPP itself. I like the idea of bringing forward alternative budgets that are representative of the situation on the ground. That’s why when the opposition get into gvnt they get a reality check that the situation is much difficult than they thought they do not make themselves ready and turn into “accidental leaders”.

  6. Kenkkk says:

    World consumer rights day but you have turned it into a political rally for bashing the opposition. Just look at the placards placed at the forefront more prominently bashing the opposition. Is this a consumer rights rally?

    I suppose you told the govt in advance that the opposition will
    be bashed as well, hence they allowed you to have your own rally free from panga wielding dpp thugs. That was the trade off between you and the govt, that you have also to criticize the opposition on your rally not just the govt.

    Dpp has bribed you kapito. I always knew you are two faced, double spy agent is what we call such people like you in my world. This is the real world not ka nib kanuko.

    The fault is 100% dpp thuggish govt not the opposition. The opposition doesn’t run the govt.

    Watch out you will lose credibility, kapito or you have already lost it.

  7. Chipiliro k Banda says:

    Much as we appreciate his endeavour to make de dem neutral, Mr Kapito needs to be taught On de capacity de opp parties have to bring about change in a country like tis. He mast know dat de big prayer in developing a nation is de Gvt in power. He mast also bring into his senses de Opp parties efforts to make tis gvt to rescue de masses Only dat all went to de deaf ear of de regime.

  8. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    I am often impressed with Mr Kapito’s tactics and strategies.
    And, look at at the turn out! Surpassing the other NGOs, when they call for demos, usually unadvisedly. They must wonder how he’s able to pull in massive crowds, like this, when all they get is to march with ten people, including their office workers … and Kabwila!
    He diagnoses and then zeros in on the problem. And hammers the culprits: and they actually do listen, because they know he has a broad and strong following, all over the country.

    …and oh! I forgot: he’s unbiased. Read and re-read his message, if you disagree.

  9. Brown says:

    A kapito Nzeru zatha? Apa ndiye mukungowuwa ngati galu othawa chithunzi chake. AaAA mwatani inu? Opposition ikugwira ntchito mosalekeza inu ndiye muziti palibe akuchita? Ndimakudalirani a Kapito koma mmmm ayi ndithu mwalankhula ngati munthu wozelezeka. pemphani retirement mukapume mwantendere chifukwatu tsikulina mudzanyula maliro a weni.

  10. Steven Maulidi says:

    Kapito is very right and objective. This is the way to go don’t just look upon one side. He has pointed out all their grey areas.

  11. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Mr. Kapito, needs replacement at CAMA, because he is now smoking ganja weed.

  12. figo says:

    this man need help coz he luks like he is just coming from vct. please kapito you are not owing malawi.

  13. olilongwe weniwake says:

    kapito wamisala iwe wazugulira mutu komaso bola galu amaganiza kuti ndipote kunyumba ndiwuwe kwabwera athu iwe ozezeka opposition pali boma lomwe limayivera wadya manyi kapena utule pasi udindo vumbwe komaso usatikwiuitse wava kuda ngati kumaliseche !!!!!

  14. CHARLIE says:

    Akudyetsa Banzi kapito!!Ngati boma likukanika kudyetsa anthu ndi Chimanga!Umati a opposition achitenga kuti?It’s the same opposition ur blaming that forced the govt to take off the tax that MRA imposed from Zambian Flour!!Nde udziti opposition siikutha ntchito!!Osamangodya chi Banzi cho wekha bwanji?!!Fotseki!

  15. ajasii says:

    Because wakuzuzulani nde mukumulalatira? Mr kapito is absolutely right. To me he z the only neutral activist so far on this land of Malawi. Big up Mr Kapito.

  16. 2016 welcome says:

    That’s another vivid illustration of how dull Africans particularly Malawians can be. Just look around our country, a short story on it’s own that our level of thinking is still at animal stage. We tend to bandage unexpressed abscess.

  17. mukharapwio says:

    Ok but the opposition have begged,proposed,threatened Gvt. to among other things: trim the number of presidential advisers, scrap the pointless malata/cement subsidy, reduce number of delegates to international conferences that don’t benefit the local people like AU/UN summit, pass ATI bill,bring 577 and 92 bn cashgate suspects to shame,free MBC from political interference,collect money owed to MSB from Mulli, Goodall, Mwanamvekha, Masangwi and others and settle it instead of GVT settling it for them etc.if these are not some of the solutions what are they?

  18. wolira says:

    This is top rubish from kapito ngati brain zauma just give udindo to some one who has a vision how can opposition run government affairs while there is president shuo up your toilet kapito

  19. BOKHO says:

    Useless man shut up and go. I think this is high time to reshuffle you as cama boss because you are useless. You are talking about 577 billion kwacha but you did not even comment that it was opposition who moved a motion in Parliament to trim powers of President to appoint director and deputy director at ACB but turned down by the same people of govt side and nothing came from you Kapito on the matter. Who do you think can investigate Muthalika if he was involved on the 577billion at ACB now. This will only come out when Peter Mathanyula is out of power and will be prosecuted behold. If you want position in govt just ask Peter to give and this should be the last time seeing you accusing opposition as if they are ruling the country of national unity fack you.

  20. Malawianah says:

    Oh yes politic offcourse,blaming opposition for the problem of the country.Kapita is afraid of the government that is why he put his blame on opposition.Some madness doesnt need doctor to prove,this is pure madness.

  21. Nathan says:

    Kapito ndiwe chitsiru cha munthu! Boma likuyendetsedwa ndi a DPP, osati a opposition. Kapito ndiwe galu, tuvi, manyi a munthu! Pakufunika kuti Kapito tipite nawe ku mental hospital.

  22. John Bunaya says:

    If Mr. Kapito had nothing to offer he should have just sat in his house eating mawungu with his family. There is nothing convincing on what he said apart from talking for the sake of Kapito, or wanting to be heard for no cause.

  23. DOBO says:

    Mr. Kapito!!!!, Its good to be silent if you have nothing to say rather than unnecessary noise which can just expose your foolishness. I don’t think DPP Government or any Government in Malawi can listen to the opposition as far as our politics are concerned. For example, the opposition advised Government not to sell MSB, the opposition advised Government to buy maize and distribute to various ADMARC depots before hunger starts, the opposition assisted Government by proposing a number of bills in Parliament etc but none of these were taken into consideration. The truth about Kapito is that he is an opportunistic who try to look for positions and always use his position as Director of CAMA. Now, he has got the position he been looking for after failing to get one during Dr Bingu Wamuthalika who was no sense at that time. He fought BINGU from all angle using the same position of CAMA for sake of winning a position which Bingu could no offer. I have head that he has got the position at BWB, hence: this all madness thinking that all Malawians are fools to follow his foolish line of thinking. I s CAMA YOUR OWN PROPERTY? WHY CAN’T LEAVE FOR OTHER PEOPLE? ARE YOU THE LIFE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR? Choka apa mphuno nga chona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. munyane says:

    Pokhapa Kapito M******* AKO WANVA? You are useless and worse than a gay or lesbian. Fotsekiiiiiiiii

  25. keyboard says:

    Kapito must be mentally disturbed to think opposition is to blame. Did the opposition cashgate? Kapito must take it upon those in power to deliver to people.. Full stop

  26. chemuyaya says:

    Opposition is there for checks and balances. That is what they are doing now. They are government in waiting – everyone knows that. What do you expect from them when they give alternatives and the government side do not take; let me remind you on the Malawi Savings Bank story, The issue to do with removing JCE examinations, The issue to do with presidential powers, the list goes. its just this stupid government that takes opposition as enemies to them. Whatever you have taken from them just give it back as soon as possible. we are no longer babbies Mr. Kapito

  27. Buyelekhaya says:

    UKapito ufanele uhambe esibhedeleni sabantu bagula isifo sengqondo. Uyaphambanisa wena!

  28. ramsay snow says:

    well done kapito. at least inuyo mumayesetsa pa udindo wanu omenyela ufulu ife nkhuku zachimalawi zongokhala ndwiii kuvomela chilichonse. i’m waiting for the day you link up with bushiri

  29. Mandevu Waluza says:


  30. chiwa kogoya says:

    Baba Che Kapito mulibe mzeru ! ife timakupasani ulemu koma masiku ano zikuoneka ngati nzeru zinatha , inu mukuganiza kuti a opposition angathandize bwanji mtundu wa Malawi? zothandizilazo akazitenga kuti? penapake tamaganizani mukamapanga zinthu mwamva! we need leaders who are very mature and intelligent ok! musazayambilenso kupanga zomwe mwachita apazi ok!

  31. Chirombo cha mmudzi says:

    opposition parties have always offered alternatives, its just that we don’t have a listening government

  32. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Akapito banzi yakupwetekani mukusowa chonena. Is the DPP leadership not from 1 tribe? are 90% of Ndunaz not from Mulakho belt? Mwatha inu zivomerani.

  33. Kandapako says:

    Don’t you know that being a member of Parliament is now a job? Members of Parliament, all of them, are there for the job. As long as they get paid at the end of the month and get allowances, they don’t care about those who sent them there.

  34. Kadeluka says:

    At least I know that the world commemorated the day under the theme, ” Anti-biotics, off the Counter”. Looking at your approach to this cerebration, it leaves a lot to be desired as to whether the Malawi’s cerebrations were under the same theme!!!!!!!!

  35. john phiri says:

    Kapito is an idiot, what solution has he provided? This is the same man who did not take action against Unilever when it fed expired margarine to Zomba prisoners. The guy is complete imbecile that’s why he is blaming MCP. Complete moron who does not not know anything. There is no medicine in hospitals, no maize in admarc depots, the kwacha has struggled, the government suspended the law on homo are all these MCP problems. For the first time since multi party we have an organised opposition that is really trying to provide solutions to this clueless government. Its you Kapito that has failed to provide alternatives to the government, opposition, consumers, and indeed to all of us who look up unto you. So shut your fucken stinking mouth.

  36. This Kapito of a guy is useless, did you not hear what the opposition did in parliament??? If you deliberately forget let me remind you!!!!!!!!!! The opposition proposed the independence of the ACB, what did the blue party do??? Answer me now!!!!! They shot it down why???? They want to continue embezzling public money. So go to hell Kapito we do not need your demonstrations.

  37. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Kapito you are a filthy bull shit. Why blaming opposition when deep down you know who create all the mess Malawians are facing. l had always been with you, koma apa go to hell

  38. mache Joy says:

    big up che Kapito mumatha ndipo ndakutaila kamtengo baba. auzeni amenewa amangosutsa zili zonse lero akagwirizane a MCP ndi a PP zachoka pati?? nkesa akutuluka mommo iwowa?? za ntiiii!!!!!!

  39. Senior Gulupu says:

    Kapito, I think you have a problem to understand how this country is running. Cant you see that opposition leaders led by Prof. Lazarous Chakwera have been pressurizing this government to rectify problems which Malawians are facing through debates in parliament, questions to the president which he dodged by not attending, Press Conferences by opposition. However by this government has not listened and has never taken hid of the opposition calls for reforms, Chakwera provided solutions but dpp has not implemented any.

    It is therefore naïve for you Mr. Kapito to give a blind eye to all these efforts made by opposition leadership to persuade, move and/or guide and advise this government for the benefit of the poor Malawian. The Clergy went on as far as praying to God to give president mtharika a listening ear, a question to you, what would he listen to if there is nothing that has been said? I urge you to do a critical analysis before you utter a word.

  40. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Iwe Kapito waonetselatu kuti wathodwa nzeru n’theradi..Ukuganiza kuti zomwe anganene a Opposition zinkamveke kwa mbatata zako zili m’bomazi, galu wachabechabe iwe wamva. Chipanda otsutsawa tikana dziwa ife kuti kwagulidwa zimagalimoto zoti ujeni……..azinyeramo akamachititsa nsonkhano? I used to respect you (Kapito) but on this mmmmmmmm…..and you demos were just a waste of time. May be you had nothing to do?

  41. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Kapito na pazomwe wanenazo zikuonetselatu kuti wathodwa nzeru….ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu n’theradi!!! Ukuganiza kuti zomwe anganene a Opposition zingamveke kwa nkhutukumve zako zili m’bomazi? Zidzete za chabechabe zikulamulirazi sizimamva anta pang’ono. Your demos were just a waste of time may be you had nothing to do,fotseki!!!!!

  42. Dumbo Lemani says:

    Kapito – You are absolutley correct in what you are saying but blaming the oppostion?? Are you suffering from cerebral malaria perhaps? Do you need help?

  43. kanyama says:

    Baba che Kapito uku ndiye kutenga udzu nkupatsira garu kenako nyama nkupatsira mbuzi. Mmalo moti mukambe zomveka, zinthu akulakwitsa ndani pamenepa? Akupatsani mpando poti alibe pulobulemuuuu.
    Koma zomwe mwauza wosutsazo mukawuze ambwiye che Mutharika Ndilibe puloblemu.

  44. Boma says:

    Stuped Kapito, wazerezeka uyu. Useless demostrations from uselessman

  45. youna says:

    Apa pokha Kapito wapulaka bad! I respect you but your attack on opposition leaders makes no sense to the consumers. Kapena akulawitsani chimtuwitsa?

  46. Boma says:

    Kapito ndi wa zweeeeeeeee, alibe zeru, opposition iyendetsa bwanji boma liripo. Sakudziwa kuti ku parliament anayesetsa kukana kuchepetsa ndalama zaku education ndiye mkumati no alternative from opposition

  47. banda says:

    Mr Kapitoo, this is total madness. You need to undergo a mental check up in Zomba. How can you blame the opposition when we all see that it is government that has completely failed. Of course we understand that you want to gain sympathy from the government camp BUT this is completely out of order Mr Kapitooo. As CAMA, what have you done as a solution to the challenges facing the people apart from these useless demostrations?????

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