Kapito says many corrupt barons in Mutharika govt

Outspoken Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director John Kapito has said President Peter Mutharika’s government is harbouring many corrupt people who are being shielded from facing the long arm of the law.

Kapito: Many are cashgating in this Mutharika government

Kapito: Many are cashgating in this Mutharika government

Kapito is quoted in the local press commenting of President Peter Mutharika’s State-of-the-Nation Address (Sona), saying the Head of State should walk the talk in tackling corruption.

Speaking when he delivered the SONA,  President Mutharika vowed to pursue cases pertaining to the K20 billion Cashgate scandal that occurred during the former president Joyce Banda’s rule, but he avoided mentioning the K577 billion plunder of resources as revealed by Pricewaterhouce Coopers (PwC) audit report that spans his brother, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s tenure up to 2014.

Mutharika also avoided any mention of the K300 million plunder of funds at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, using Ethiopian Embassy as a conduit.

Kapito said he was “not happy” with Mutharika talk on corruption fight, saying: “The President talked about corruption and how his government is fighting corruption and yet we are all affected by corruption. We know the framework the fight against corruption in this country is wrong. We have not benefited anything from the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

“When they want to do something they are only doing it against the enemies of government and yet we know there are many people who are corrupt in this government.

“Mind you the issues of corruption are about perceptions; there are a lot of perceptions that there a lot people in government who are stealing money. Maybe the President needs to be assisted. But he needs to know that we are not happy with the message of corruption he delivered,” said Kapito as quoted in the Weekend Nation newspaper.

In his speech, Mutharika touted the imminent review of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, although commentators, including members of the diplomatic corps and opposition parties, agree that the independence of the ACB is key to ensuring a meaningful fight against corruption.

Envoys from western countries call for a crusade against corruption.

British High Commissioner Michael Nevin commended Mutharika  for his “emphasis and commitment” to fund the investigating and prosecuting agencies, including the tabling of the Money Laundering Bill .

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Damiano Hara

My mother Malawi, something is wrong somewhere…………….


ACB is completely independent. ACB becomes independent when it falls under at least two arms of the government. Actually the current arrangement makes ACB to be independent. One arm of the government appoints director and the other arm scrutinizes the appointment. Rejects or accepts it. This is genuine democracy. How can Parliament appoint and scrutinize their own appointment? Is that democracy? Jealous too much opposition parties. But the good thing is that God is in control.

Copied from a discussion on facebook. I understand each sovereign state has strategies, policies, guidelines and rules to follow in its developmental agenda. Proper due diligence is warranted in assessing projects, agreed. But when a few limit advancement of a multitude, stifle opportunities of millions for either incompetence or personal gains, that’s pathetic, greedy and insensitive. As Julian Casablancas put it “Greed is the inventor of injustices as well as the enforcer”. My heart bleeds when I hear of the unnecessary barriers to development as the experience shared below: I have never found so much hurdles in executing developmental efforts… Read more »

I agree with you brother, Blantyre, Lilongwe has an acute housing problems yet we have Malawi Housing corporation. This organisation is highly politicised, it stopped constrcting houses some twenty years ago it is sticking to the old Colonial and Kamuzu house some constructed in the 50,60 and 70’s when the urban migration was so small. Now Blantyre and Lilongwe are overpopulated and there is need for proper accommodation for those who can afford which Malawi Housing is supposed to provide.


Administrator, can you post the comment above in your news items. This is shameful and we as a people should begin exposing these culprits and their behaviours.

True patriot

The crisis in the current administration & Malawi as a whole is simply moral. There’s no precedence for paradigm shift where men of Intergrity can leave mark for the next generation. SONA will not prevail unless greedy individuals are erased out of this system and politics of appeasement will not get our beloved Malawi anywhere. Separate wheat from the chaff so I agree with Mr Kapito Mr Peter Mutharika’s government is harbouring many corrupt people who are being shielded from facing the long arm of the law. –

Mad max
Kapito is very right here. President Mutharika is caught in a vice that put him on the throne. he fails to rule the way he wud have done if he had willfuilly come from the USA to redeem Malawi of its chronic poverty. but trouble is he only came to help the brother who accidentally died and the cronies that had surrounded Bingu pushed Peter to stand in the presidency.. The result is, he fails to lead the way he would have(he is capable ) if he had elevated himself to that position. I wish the president could read this… Read more »

Zoona a chaponda ng’ombe zonse za mikolongwe atengako ndi zabere zomwe kkkkk

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