Karonga DC wanted out: Kyungu, councillors petition Malawi govt

Pressure is mounting from various quarters in Karonga for the unconditional transfer of District Commissioner Rosemary Moyo and other top officials at the council for “rudeness” and “non-patriotism,” chiefs and councillors in the district.

Karonga DC Rosemary Moyo: Faces chiefs fight

Karonga DC Rosemary Moyo: Faces chiefs fight

Kishombe: We are tired with these officers

Kishombe: We are tired with these officers

Kyungu and other chiefs coming out of the meeting

Kyungu and other chiefs coming out of the meeting

Paramount Chief Kyungu, three senior chiefs, fifty-seven group village headmen as well as councillors have warned government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to regard their call as an “emergency.”

Others wanted out include Director of Administration (DOA) James Tembo, Chiefs’ Cleric (CC) Franklin Mtambo and Director of Finance (DOF) Sanderson Nyirenda.

The chiefs, for instance, complain that the office of the DC treat them as “slaves” when they enquire about their honorarium.

In a petition the chiefs and the councillors said “we have no confidence in the administration of the District Commissioner’s office in regard to the ill-treatment given to us. Therefore we humbly ask your good office to re-assign the DC, DOA, DOF and the CC with immediate effect.”

Further adds the petition addressed to the Principal Secretary: “It is very unfortunate that the office of the DC does not recognise the relevance of traditional leaders and councillors in Karonga to the extent that senior chiefs are walking by foot to attend important meetings.”

According to the petition for the last six months, chiefs have not been paid their honorarium.

Speaking in a separate interview with Nyasa Times, Kyungu and the Karonga District Council chairperson Patrick Kishombe corroboratory said they were tired with the behaviour of the officers and requested them to leave in peace.

While accepting that she indeed failed to attend or provide logistics to the chiefs, Moyo said “I have never attended the meetings of councilors and chiefs therefore it was difficult for me to do that.”

She however said that “there’s no any bad relationship between my office and councilors as well as chiefs but if it is issue of transfer I am ready for that because zinabwelera anthu izi.”

Spokesperson for the ministry of Local Government Muhlabase Mughogho  said the chiefs should handle the matter with caution and know their limits.

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38 thoughts on “Karonga DC wanted out: Kyungu, councillors petition Malawi govt”

  1. wananchi says:

    Ku Malawi kuno kuli Paramount Chief m’modzi basi and ameneyu amapezeka ku Mzimba. So Kyungu stop bossing around pamene genuine PMC is quiet and living in harmony with anybody from every tribe. This t.a is too tribalistic and self centred. Civil servants have MPSR imene amayendela akamagwira ntchito osati your stupid malamulo. Shame on you. Rosemary will go boma likazafuna.

  2. ken says:

    why shud the chiefs be given money by the government when the gvt if failing to pay its staff…………………anyani amenewa who do they think they r

  3. mulumyana says:

    She is rude ,she can’t refuse chief and councillor the resources for their meeting which was about outbreaks of cholera which has creamed seven lives and 127 cases of cholera in karonga

  4. Kaizer Simbeye says:

    The respected ntemi wabatemi msangalufu, the DC Nyamoyo, representaive of councillors, l call upon u all to sit down and discuss all issues amicably, l am ready if need be to act as a mediator, arbtrator or to facilitate a peace making meeting. Karonga needs u all as actors in the development process. U cal may contact me on 0999606944; kaizer Simbeye

  5. Phwisa says:

    Achewa uchitsilu akulamulidwa ndi a mbwenu. MCP was right to practice district of origin principle. You wonder seeing a tumbuka DC in Mangochi, Nsanje but you can hadly see the same in north. And it is championed by Chiefs

  6. Bibi says:

    Charles Kalemba must go to Karonga District Council. We are reliably informed that he is busy ill treating pipo zea. wize kuno tizamulowe ise!

  7. atebulo mbewe says:

    All this is because of charles Kalemba. He is the one pulling the strings.

  8. alfred tebulo says:

    This lady must be posted to Blantyre District Council to replace Charles Kalemba. Charles Kalemba must go to Karonga District Council. Kalemba is torturing workers in the name of reforms. Change doesnt happen over night! Zamasewela basi.

  9. Bibi says:

    I have for long not advocated for Chieftainship. Chieftainship retards development because chiefs think they control land and people. It is high time laws were enacted to abolish Chieftainship. In fact,politicians use chiefs to consolidate their political establishment at the expense of development.

    Chieftainship is one of the reasons Malawi is backward, underdeveloped, and and too rural.Things need to change.

  10. Advisory Committee says:

    The DC is not wrong in any way they are just taking advantage because it is a woman. The Ministry of Local Government asawamvere mafumuwa ndiasiru. They want weaker DC kuti aziba ndikupanga zofuna zawo shupi

  11. EDSON MNDIMA says:

    awa alekeni ndi okha okha azichotsana ife tili pheee kamuzu adanena kuti awa ndiomvuta

  12. Bingu Wa mnthalika says:

    Kyungu acts as if he has not beento school,olo ku meeting he asks for allowances even before the meeting is over what a shame ……….

  13. unenesko Nguwemi says:

    My sister Moyo should be posted away ,mungatidyere

  14. Gringo says:

    umbuli umenewo a Kisyombe ndi a Kyungu. munamvapo kuti ndalama za mafumu (TAs) zimachoka pa khonsolo? Idiots! you make us ngati si ife ozindikira a Nkhonde.

  15. GRM says:

    Do you know that chiefs do not vote in council meetings? That is their true status. NO VOICE. The moment they want to have voice they are usurping the right. Kyungu is completely out of bounds.

  16. Gringo says:

    Ada kyungu ndiozimva heavyyyyyyyyyy palipose amafuna azilamula demeti, wayankha muhlabase Mughogho

  17. Phiri says:

    Ine Kyungu amanditopetsa bwanji, this idiot Ngonde Chief ayayayaya

  18. sukutumpwelembwe says:


  19. Mwakalenga says:

    This STUPID Chief Kyungu eishhhh.

  20. Vinzal says:

    Once facilitated a meeting where this Kyungu Chief was present,,,,,
    What a self centered chief this one is…..
    He took two hours to arrive at the venue of the meeting…..
    The driver that went to his house to pick him up had to wait in his compound for more than 2 hours…..
    This guy is too pompous for nothing…..

  21. Zondiwe says:

    If TA Kyungu has problems with the DC, he should not attack her directly, but should take his concerns to Local Government.
    Karonga has become lawless in Malawi, and it is now emerging that the Senior TA is the one behind such things.
    This idea of people in large numbers going to close a Government office, and sleeping outside the office to demand some form of action on strange in Malawi and is unhelpful. We must demand and get law and order from all our citizens, led by our Chiefs.
    We do not want to be like Tanzania there Nyerere banned Chieftainships, and TA Kyungu knows this since he is a very educated man, with Political Science at Masters level, according to some people.
    Let us administer justice with professionalism, and not recklessness. Leave Mai Moyo alone. She is free to work anywhere in Malawi.

  22. Johni says:

    I have talked to many people from Karonga and Chitipa who have expressed dissatisfaction with what this Kyungu does. I hear the guy is trying to please the DPP because he messed up after Bingu’s death as he joined amayi. In fact, initially he was with Bakili as advisor on NGOs. But the guy is overzealous and some of his henchmen like Kilipula are taking after him, feeling big as well. They think they are above everybody except politicians

  23. Ligomeka stuart says:

    Kyungu, kaomba, Lukwa and Dzoole are all stupid chiefs

  24. Chitsime chakuya chimadziwika madzi akaphwa.Rose,bown down to their request.Tsiku lina adzakufuna.

  25. Zusiru zimenezi says:

    Ngonde people have seen that this so called Parmount Chief Kyungu has overstretched himself very much he he has now become more powerful that’s why he is unruly he thinks Malawians are sleepy people because he spent most of his time in Tanzania .He has given himself more powers whereby he thinks Karonga District is all under him to an extent of wanting to pop his nose into all government departments in Karonga , churches, including the Police Service where he is dating a lady police officer.

    Parmount Kyungu has now reached a point whereby his subjects especially other people’s wifes and pregnant women are forced to go and work at his garden the whole sunnyday without food and water , after slavely works the poor ladies are given plastics plates each as a token of appreciation . Him being born from a Ngomde mother and a Ngonde father he is forcing reverends and preachers not to preach in any other languages apart from Ngonde yet he is a paramount chief representing more than 15 tribes in Karonga and Chitipa.

    The government should tell this man off and not to get himself into any government administrative matters , Karonga is not a Kingdom in Malawi and Kyungu should just stay at his home getting commands and orders from his boss who is the DC , he is not a boss of the DC , if he is not carefull he will very soon receive a letter from his boss the D C that he is fired.

  26. Mzakwacha Nixon says:

    Kodi anthu kwa dc aziwopa mafumu?Ngati ndalama boma silinatumize,do u expect dc’s office to pay u?Nosense.I urge president and nankhumwa not to transfer the karonga dc&her people.Anthu azigwila ntchito mwamantha?Stupid chiefs of karonga.Osagula galimoto uziyendele bwanji?Dc akunjenjemele iwe,ufumu ndi wanthu ako,dont intimidate dc,mbuzi iwe kyungu.Mzakwacha Nixon>pretoria.+27724922299.Madam,Dc osatekeseka,gwilani job in peace.Nithana nawo mafumu awo from here.I will even call min.Of local govt,not to transfer u&ur people.Kyungu,teach ur small chiefs khalidwe.

  27. Chief Kapoloma says:

    vuto lake a kyungu mumafuna mutamayimba belo muli pakaliyala and u behave ngati sunapite ku xool bwanji ? ur too greedy and a shame mxiiiiiiiu

  28. becks says:

    It’s high time we organise ourselves against these chiefs . We no longer need chiefs in Malawi for what. Useless useless big time. Let’s fight against this chieftancy system once and all

  29. Concerned Citizens says:

    What the chiefs are advocating in Karonga should also be done here in Nkhotakota. We are tired of the DC, DPD, DOF and lands officers. We dont want these people, they have plundered alot

  30. kham says:

    karonga chiefs are active osati kuno ku Rumphi DC AMACHOKELA KULilongwe once per month ikabwela funding koma mafumu ali pwiiii tulo makamaka chikulamayembe nde mbuzi yeniyeni ndi coucnilloer ake

  31. lulomo says:

    The only crime Mrs Moyo has commited is that she does not come from the North basi! I remember when late Chafukwa Chihana was appointed Minister of Agriculture he had a Mrs Munthali as his secretary, but when he discovered that she was just married to a northerner she was booted out. We have many DCs operating in the South and Central Regions, this wakwithu syndrome is what is killing our togetherness spirit and for the whole Paramount Chief leading in this madness gives a no confidence vote to the chiefs.

  32. Mlomwe says:

    Kyungu ndi mbuzi yamafumu ku mpoto.I knw govt will hear this idiot Kyungu because he is a member of DPP as well.The govt is too corrupt

  33. Roza Muroma. says:

    Outbreak of riots against DCs. Something somewhere went wrong.

  34. Dr Chaphwisa says:

    Atumbuka. Atumbuka and nirtherners in general just thank God am not minister of Local government and rural development. I would have smoked you out. See my Name

  35. Bengo says:

    Chiefs are useless entities in the contemplary World. After all they have failed us big time. They sold our parents with a bottle of beer, they were key agents of one party system. and now interfering with technocrats… These bastards are just greedy and selfish

    1. j says:

      Mau mau and they supported third term of Bakili these selfish people. Just abolish chiefdoms.

  36. Uranium says:

    Kyungu is Selfcentred ……. Mbuzi ya munthu……

    Power hungry…..Ntchito ya mafumu mkutsegula ku manda basi…

  37. Mmalawi says:

    I wonder why we still need these useless chiefs. If they walk on foot to attend meetings so what? Let them work hard and buy cars. Shupit

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