Karonga gang forces Malawi Police to bail arson suspects

Malawi Police in Karonga the northern border district on Saturday released two arson suspects who were arrested on Friday evening under duress from the local gang who stormed the station threatening strife.

Karong resident at the police

Karong resident at the police

A gang of angry residents from Group Village Headman Indi in the Traditional Authority Kyungu stormed the Police station demanding the release of the suspects, saying the issue was domestic and should not involve law enforcers.  They threatened trouble if the suspects remained on remand.

The police identified the suspects as Village Headman Mbefu 78 and his counsellor Feston Gondwe 70, both from Traditional Authority Kyungu.

They are suspected of being behind the arson of the house of Group Village Headman Zindi in December 2014.

John Gondwe, who is also related to the suspects, told Nyasa Times that their mission of demanding the release of their chief and counsellor at the police station was peaceful and could only result in discord if the law enforcers did not bow to their request.

“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for our leaders and we will make sure that we go home together with them because we cannot allow to stay in our villages while they are struggling here for nothing, we will show them that we are united if they insist to keep them,” Gondwe said when he led the gang to police.

Peace restored after the police engaged in dialogue with the group leaders where it is reported that the law enforcers agreed to release the two on bail pending investigations.

Commenting on the development, the District Police Officer in Charge Edward Chingayipe admitted having released the two on Saturday but denied that they were forced to do so.

“It is true that people of Village Headman Mbefu came demanding us to release their chief but we had dialogue with them,” said Chingayipe.

“The two has been given bail because of their advanced age. We will make sure that they appear before court to answer charges of arson and malicious damage,” he added.

In a related development, the village headman Donald in the same area of Traditional Authority Kyungu has been forcibly suspended from his title position of chief by the community after he squandered 170,000 Kwacha of development fund which resulted to the arson of over ten houses on Thursday.

According to the district civic educational officer Christobel Shaba who confirmed the incidents to Nyasa times, the wasted money was contributed by the villagers to use in developmental activities as well as on emergency occasions in their area and was kept within the village.


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18 thoughts on “Karonga gang forces Malawi Police to bail arson suspects”

  1. nyaka1 says:

    Abanthu awa bahiyi nongwa watolonda potubuLa bwanalori, abahiyi!!!,she is a thief and. Computer isowa bwanji kundalama nanga ma auditors can’t u see no development. Even LDF funds r not well managed, Sign of ziphuphu

  2. Advanced age? Clueless police dog(officer) how many old folks are languishing in our prisons for small crimes? But u released NACHIPANTI.no sense decision.

  3. Well done Karonga people

  4. manja lende says:

    loading. .

  5. Gringo says:

    Nanga Rosemary akuti chani kumeneko?

  6. Gringo says:


  7. George says:

    It seems Chief Kyungu is failing to manage the district. He has some small traditional so called achieves who are not as educated as he is and less travelled. People like Peta are less educated and cannot support a development agenda rather they would like to continue surviving through corruption.These corrupt small gods will tarnish the image of Kyungu and his council.

    It is high time Kyungu woke up and stood by what would be ideal for the district.

  8. Winford kayange says:

    Well done they should deal with thugs & not innocent pple

  9. sheikh ku Mangochi says:

    A John Gondwe kufuna udindo wa mmudzi mpaka kupanga sacrifice moyo wanu..u r a shame to our society honestly

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ichi ndiye chamba basi.
    Who taught you this. Disrupting the legal process is undemocratic and evil.

    Anyway pa ubale wanu mukaphana, you already have enough ground for your graves

  11. Stout says:

    Mob Rule! The future for justice in Malawi?

  12. mpopoma says:

    Sindife a ziwawa koma atiputa a police.

  13. mpopoma says:

    The issue was not reported to police. police wanted ziphupu. Bravo karonga people. In fact thieves normally are being caught by resdents themselves. Police personnel does nothing there. The only thing they know is soda bosi. Infact we don’t miss police here. They are corrupt. Ayelekeze Kuwagwira a samukatu . We have well trained security officers here than police. Jobless corner is not a joke . Ask Che Bakili muluzi anaona maloza.yesa muona. Shupit.

  14. kho kasote says:

    Let the police do there jobs, No One is above the Law,. Am proud to be Ngonde for Life.

  15. Ineyo says:

    Koma anthu a ku Karonga eish

  16. Okhrana says:

    It means from t day tikaononga katundu waeni mavillager azizatitulutsisa by force? A nkhonde (ngonde) tsopano mwatenga law into your hands. I hope federation ija ingakuthandizeni muzakhala wopanda malamulo. Anzanu ndi aja a ku Lilongwe ku 23 if nt 25 amakangotsa police unit. Kudelera

  17. aphiri says:

    Benghazi tsopano. Mukuwapatsa matama mukamawagonjela

  18. nkunthamasese says:

    Ankhonde mwaphunzira ziwawa? Nanu a john gondwe scrifice life for a village headman !!God forbid.It means don’t thank God for your life .surely God will take it from you this year if you don’t confess .pliz confess now .

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