Karonga Police confiscate assorted medical drugs: Owner elusive

Police in Karonga have confiscated a carton containing assorted medical drugs at Mwenerondo roadblock during a search of National Bus Service which was coming from Mzuzu city.

Karonga polices spokesperson Enock Livason said the confiscated drugs  include  nine cartons of Ethicon Vicryl, eight cartons of Depo-prove contraceptive injection, 25 cartons of Rabies Vaccine, five bottles of Hemocue HB201, one box of precise surgical suture, 40 boxes of ww-Quinin injection ant-Malaria, and four packets of Amoxiline capsule.

The confiscated drugs

The confiscated drugs

“It was on Sunday afternoon when National Bus was passing through our Mwenerondo roadblock central part of Karonga in the area of paramount chief Kyungu. When we tried to enquire about the owner of the carton, no one replied and as of now we are just keeping the medicines at the station while doing our investigations to trace the owner,” said Karonga police publicist.

Livason said he could not give the value of the medicine they are keeping “because we depend on our friends at the hospital to tell us the value but they fail to cooperate most of time when we call them.”

Karonga Station Officer Almakio Daka also said the police have difficulties with medical experts in the district as they do not show up when called to give the value of the confiscated medical drugs.

“We have four cases of medicine which we confiscated  in huge  quantity in just two months but we are yet to know the value of the medicines because our friends at the district hospital fail to respond most of times with no valid reasons,” said Daka.

He said the failure to respond to their call affects their work.

Karonga District Hospital spokesperson Christopher Singini said they will discuss the matter with the management to see how they can solve the problem.

“We have heard the complaint but as officials from the hospital we are not at ransom to give out medical value in cases like these unless the medicine are government medicines,” said Singini.

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20 thoughts on “Karonga Police confiscate assorted medical drugs: Owner elusive”

  1. No Hates says:

    Ndizaukape kwambiri zimenezi.kodi justice tidzaichita liti?we r tired of every action u pipo r doing.kodi katundu yeseyo angapeke mu bus wit out papers?aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!ntchito yavutaaaaaaa.

  2. munyapa says:

    18 ndiwe wopusa,ukamati health kuba ndi uhule ukufuna kutiuza kuti lutepo,mphwiyo kasambara,senzani ndi anzake ndi a health?take wt thoz stupid comments without evidence. Do you whre these drugs were sourced,are they labelled malawi govt or karonga district hospital?

  3. apao says:

    nde health imeneyo. Kuba, uhulenso ndi wawo

  4. Phiri phiri says:

    Inu anthu amacomments opusa simudziwa kuti munthu amatumiza ka2ndu iye ndikukwela ina. Mumangokamba zinthu zamadilu simungadziwe. Comment wel wel w@ u kno or understand fools

  5. Anyamata says:

    No 12 you seem to still live in dark ages. Why should innocent people be punished? To be detained in police custody just for one carton and yet Bakili is free after the famous 2 billion kwacha

  6. KHOLOBOWA says:

    karonga doesnt av DHO. h z oez bsy wth th DC n prostitutes kumabala thats wat h knws best

  7. Mtupatupa says:

    How do you expect the health officials to help the police to arrest other health officials? This is an inside job within the DHO and the Hospital officials. If Muluzi case is still stagnant, dont expect the cashgate cases to yield any tangible results, its the same syndrom that medical practitio-ners are following.

  8. Mai Nini says:

    These police men are fools. Ntchito kudya cmba basi. How can you release the bus without identifying the owner of the cartons?

  9. Chindazi says:

    Police you did not do your home work properly…..

    1- the carton clearly states the name of Msukwa… why did you not ask for IDs from passengers to identify a Msukwa in the bus.
    2- when a consignment is being loaded the bus owners have to know the owner…. even if its just a parcel it indicates where it will be delivered and from WHO….
    3- The last resort was if you had failed the two…. you would have directed the bus to drive direct into the POLICE compound….. hold it with passengers till one identifies him/herself that is the owner of the drugs,,,,,,


  10. Wise one says:

    The story is incomplete. How can the police let go such a bus? Can bus loaders not identify the one who stuffed in such a consignment?

  11. Doctor opanga ganyu maiko akunja says:

    The Anti rabies drugs (ARVs) would cost more than 20 (twenty ) million but as they were not properly kept in cool place they have lost potency so who ever would have got them would more likely still go down with rabies and die. The ARVs are probably enough to supply whole of north for half a year even more, its not often people get bitten by rabid dogs. Meanwhile we sadly will have a death or so due to rabies due this this loss. But the band will still keep on playing: DHOs kutumbwa, DNOs kunyauda pa tauni, DHEO kukwera magalimoto popita kunsika, pharmacy technicians kukhala ndi ma ipad 3 at once, and lawers with in a flash get the culprit from prison if he/she is ever arrested before goverment loses the case and return the drugs and pay the person hefty compensation. Hear oh my fellow country men, the only enemy we have is ourselves!!!!!

  12. maternity incharge says:

    The fact is that pilfering drugs in among the survival strategies among health care workers during hard econmic times.

  13. Pelumbe says:

    Shame kwa abthu akuba, mussmadandaule juti mankhwala akuvuta mukugulitsa kwa ma foreigners

  14. Munnyabu says:

    Karonga wanyanya pa nkhani yokuba mankhwala, is there a resisponsible DHO?

  15. Nkasai says:

    These are syndicates from within hospitals right From high echelons to bottom .They use ghost patients to get drugs out of system with no tell tale .Watch Mangochi hospital !!!

  16. Quota system says:

    Culprits are usually slapped with very lenient sentences like K40,000 only for the Tanzanian woman. That way, people cannot stop. Unless if there were stiffer penalties.

  17. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Again, and again, stealing drugs. Who is behind all this stealing. Am sure it’s the govt employee. Govt employee is always stealing and asking for 60% salary increment.

    You can’t convince me that you are honest and trustworthy people. Thus stealing from your own wallet and try to blame others.

  18. eye eye says:

    How do you let the bus (driver) go? At least the bus asiatnthas an idea who loads what in the bus..especially cartons like those ones………

    These are likely to be drugs from hospitals being sold to pvt clinics or on the way to TZ..shame on us?

    With proper audits, the pharmacies or drug stores should be able to trace the missing items and provides some ‘leads’..right?

  19. Piper says:

    How can any institution or a government department fail to cooperate with police ??? It’s definitely my first and can’t understand it frankly … Only in Malawi !!!

  20. Makumba says:

    We are tired of hearing these issues,they end up to no where. These pple have got the functioning network. Try to follow them u wiil hit the wall. Leave them they are all thieves, from the top to the bottom.

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