Karonga traders protest against MRA conduct    

Irate business persons  in Malawi’s northern border district of Karonga staged a street protest on Wednesday against “the strange conduct” of Malawi Revenue Authority officials of collecting tax for imported goods from shop to shop since July.

Police at the closed market of karonga

Police at the closed market of karonga

Marching to th DC in Karonga

Marching to th DC in Karonga

Karonga business persons hold demo against MRA

Karonga business persons hold demo against MRA

The business people who sell clothes from Tanzania closed their shops and forced ever one to close their shops  as they were going to give a petition to the district commissioner on the conduct , saying they feel they are being robbed of their hardly earned money on the new system revenue collection.

Chairperson of Karonga Market Goodwin Ng’ambi told Nyasa Times that MRA officials visited all shops at the market that sell Tanzanian mechandize known as Matayifa counting each and every item.

He said those who were failing to mention the amount of money they paid to custom officers at the border were forced to pay huge amount of money or close their shops.

“We have agreed that we give our grievances to the District Commissioner on the new conduct of MRA officials on how they are collecting their revenue,” said Ng’ambi.

He said some shops owners were even forced to pay K200 000.

“They were doing this while we already paid the revenue at the borders. We tried to give them lists of the materials we are selling but they did not listen to us. We are very much surprised because in July they came again to count every item and charged us.

“In August they also came but when we ask them if the constitution has changed they are not telling us the truth so now we are demanding justice on the issue,” worried Ng’ambi.

Ester Kawonga who has a shop in Matayifa concurred with Ng’ambi saying: “at our shop we have been charged K100 000 and we tried to talk to them that not every item in the shop is a new stock but they did not listen to us until they forced us to close the shop.”

She said the most surprising thing is that when closing the boarders they give revenue to MRA “and now they also want the money from us we really need an explanation from.”

Geoffrey Mkandawire who represented the district commissioner agreed having received the petition.

Karonga MRA officials the Public Relations Officer  of the tax body  will going to make a statement.

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32 thoughts on “Karonga traders protest against MRA conduct    ”

  1. Redeemed says:

    Indeed the Malawi government urgently need to review its customs methods, Malawi is a poverty stricken state emanates from a significant low rate of employment and poor level of education, rather the government should show gratitude the effort by its citizens to skew the poverty line through enganging in various businesses activities and migrating to other countries with better economy.

  2. kaka chibwana says:

    utsogoleri wa anthu ophunzira umayenda chonchotu.

  3. Fyambafimpapatire says:

    Amalawi tikadali ndi khalidwe la usamunda, ntchito nkumapondereza basi, a MRA siyani kutibera, ngati umphawi wanu umene mulinawowo ndeno mufuna muthese kuzera mwa anthu a business ifeyo ngati anthu a Ku Karonga sitilola, ndinu makape kwabasi, katundu woti walowa kale mu shop, inuyo kumafunanso ndalama zina pamene pa border analipidwa kale pamene akampanga check, ngati zili choncho, musekenso ma ofesi apa border, zikuwonetsa kuti anthu amene munawalemba ntchito paborderpo simuwakhulupilira ayi.

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    Za Ku Karonga tatopa nazo. Bwanji kodi?

  5. munyasa says:

    thats taxgate nkana amalemera anthuwa kumalimbirana posting yaku border……..all that doesnt go to mg1 account…..day light robbery eyaaaaaa

  6. THE LIGHT says:

    Akufuna ndalama za zero aid budget kuti ALOMWE apeze poyambira.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Is that small business friendly govt? How many taxes are they going to pay? MRA should start doing that to the whole country. We have many borders and their towns, so MRA start going to the centre and south as well otherwise people will start saying it is dpp govt’s hatred of the north that is instigating these taxes!!!! Then Karonga will be very troublesome.

    I do understand the govt’s motive, income tax should be paid by everyone who is receiving an income. They should start with big businesses as well!! My worry is if these MRA guys are collecting such huge tax money sums right at spot, do we really see that money going to the govt? Just like the traffic policeman!!!! How do the traders know that the money they are paying is not going into these MRA peoples personal pockets?

  8. Titi agheri says:

    Zikutero pa kg tumalana

  9. Crossborder says:

    Honestly speaking a Malawi timapereka misonkho yambiri. Imagine the hassle we encounter pa border and as if that’s not enough timasonkha mjira kumapatsa a MRA pa Kaporo, Chitimba Jenda and at times timawapezanso pa Kanengo. We are forced to do this chifukwa timakhala tinatopa komanso kupa further delays and unnecessarily penalties by MRA> The officers take advantage and charge mosayenerera. Munthu kutenga K200,000 kukaguka katundu pa border kulipiranso mwina around the same amount. Kodi business yanji munthu ungapange kuti ndalama imeneyi ituluke? Anthufe tikuvutika and boma silukuthandiza a Malawi kutukuka no wonder Chinese and Indians have taken all small businesses in Malawi. The ordinary citizen will never prosper instead akulemera ndi a MRA. An officer charges you K150,000 and amati pa receipt ndilemba K100,000 K50,000 nde kuti yake. Timapereka knowing kuti udutsunso kukatenga katundu wina sinanga we are surviving on this. Please BOMA tithandizeni a Malawi tipange business moyenera. Its not only in karonga mu Limbe monsemu akuvita a MRA. Msonkho tilipire but please be realistic.

  10. Vyapasi says:

    Is that how the new “budget of subsidies” going to be implemented? Koma kumeneko!!!

  11. Shiro says:

    GOOD !!!!!! WELL DONE MRA . I earn a rubbish salary of MK65,000 , I am a graduate . Nearly half my salary is deducted in taxes and pension. Some of these traders earn 10 times what I get, they dont even pay a penny to taxes…….. The working classs is punished too hard and is carry malawi on our backs to clothe, feed and hospitalise alll.


    Thats what is called day robbery, what we have to do is to unite and burn all MRA offices in Karonga, and attack every staff who comes to count in the shops. Constitutions does not recommend that style. Tukolerane ba nya karonga

  13. Central says:

    That money is needed now, DPP has taken zibwenzi to USA and is for settling those bills!! To them what they want is money for their enjoyment and do not care whether you will pay twice, thrice or whatever!!! Ndipo musanati, ziliko mulira magazi muona chaka chake ndi chino, ndipo mpaka 2019, mwinanso 2014!!!! Cry my beloved country!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sanity is now thrown to the “dogs”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. peter says:

    If MRA thinks they have power to infringe on people’s rights let people shut down their KA offices by force until MRA acts within their constitutional rights. Kubera anthu osauka too much pa Malawi!

  15. Munthu says:

    Hmmm zovutatu izi.

  16. Bandasiime says:

    The poor shall get poorer and the rich richer. Ndi zomwe munavotera!!!!!!! Zilipo ndipo ndi zosayamba. A profesa amenewo. Sorry site.

  17. rosie says:


  18. Imported items are not only sold in Karonga. Why do it in Karonga only? If MRA thinks they do not trust their boarder officers in collecting tax on imported goods- why don’t they do the excercise across the country since imported goods are sold in every district and city in the country. My guess; DPP is fighting back on people of Karonga due to the hard stand on secession and ferdal government.

    1. Inu says:

      Have you not heard about efds? Do you know the reason why the business people who went what their reasons were? Did they complain that it is unfair for them to be punished like that when market vendors like those in Karonga dont pay and as a result have an advantage? This exercise will he rolled everywhere. It is just that Malawians do not like to pay tax

      1. You are not getting the point. The point is EFDs are also in Karonga are they are in any part of the country so are these imported items. Now tell me; Why should vendors in Mzuzu, lilongwe, Blantyre, Mchinji, Mwanza, Mulanje, Mangochi etc not be subjected to the same treatment as are Karonga vendors? is the law applicable only to certain parts of the country or to the whole? Is rolling up the ecercise to the whole nation needs special MRA officers from Karonga to do it place by place or just a set date of rolling out to the whole nation? My take; some tribes will be prisoners of this nation for evermore

  19. ine says:

    Karonga MRA officials the public Relations officer of the tax body will going to make a statement

  20. bambala says:

    Don’t get people for granted if you don’t have money for your government then go to hell.
    Anthu akuba inu/////////////////////.

  21. loveness says:

    zero dificit budget, all poor have to be penalised except the rich and the well wishers who are given the ticket to steal and loot the country.

  22. chekambewa says:

    Carry on MRA for the Budget purpose


  24. Ma says:

    So sad what this APM govt is doing,,,surely you are getting this money from poor people for:

    1- Shopping allowances in New York?
    2- Buying Peter’s Mk145m car??
    3- Paying 50% of Lazarus Chakwera’s personal LOANS and all MPs?
    4- Dishing out to Northern region chiefs (Chikulamayembe & Kyungu) and CCAP pastors (Chipofya, Levi and his friends) to support APM gainst federalism???

    5- CASH GATING???

    Malawians let’s wake up all of us this MRA wants to meet it’s zero deficit budget which was created by Bingu who chased away donors,,,JB brought back donors then this Peter again irritated the donors by not doing anything to get back Mk92b that was stollen by DPP……!!!

    we have to be vigilant like traders in karonga otherwise these fools from mra will kill our businesses…

    1. Inu says:

      A Malawi, let us not be ignorant. If it was abroad, all people psy taxes, like vat. In Malawi, people who sell in the markets have not been paying vat and government want to change that. Do not think that this has come with APM. It is part of the EFDs that have been rolled out and in the future all business people will he required to have. What I am starting to believe is that a black man listens with a whip. We all need to be responsible citizens otherwise those suffering will be on paye only

      1. grace says:

        apa nde ndikuwona umbuli wako tsopano. Everyone in Malawi pays vat. Here is how:

        If the thing is produced in Malawi and sold by retain in Malawi, VAT is already charged kwa wholesaler or the maker. dont assume that we dont pay vat on those. If the thing is imported for resale, VAT is paid at the border together with import duty and excise duty. Mchere ndi macheso okha probably are the things that are vat free. or mwina talk of tomato, onions, potatoes but these producers pay vat on all farm inputs except labour and then they pay taxes to the local government.

  25. achanguti says:

    boma la dpp layamba njira zobela sitinati tiona wach out

  26. Vyachalo says:

    That is stealing. Zero Aid budget.Akufuna akhulupilike kwa Peter Muthalika. Aku mpoto muvutika zaka izi.

  27. nkhedu says:

    zero aid ija ndi imeneyo ndipo siinati

  28. Akilly 2 says:

    Zero deficit budget ivuta mpakana kuwerenga katundu wamushop ndizachilendo izi, inu aMRA mwaonjeza, what u r doing does not exist.

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