Kasambara blasts State for ‘flip-flopping’ in Mphwiyo case: Malawi cashgate

As the Paul Mphwiyo shooting trial continued on Thursday, defence lawyer Ralph Kasambara blasted the state prosecutors for what he has described as the continued flip-flopping in court.

Kasambara:  Defence lawyer and accused person says prosecutors have flip-flopped

Kasambara: Defence lawyer and accused person says prosecutors have flip-flopped

Former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder alongside Macdonald Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter, Dauka Manondo, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and businessperson Osward Lutepo.

Kasambara, who is representing himself, told the court that prosecutors have “flip-flopped” one-too-many during the trial.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale on Thursday applied to the court for the withdrawal of an application to revoke bail for the suspects.

This was after the key witness Charles Chalunda had turned against the state during his testimony.

Chalunda denied that he knew any of the accused persons and was never threatened in any other way by the suspects, effectively weakening the prosecution weight of evidence.

“Your Lordship, following events that transpired in the morning, we would like to withdraw our application to  revoke bail for all the accused,” Kachale told Lilongwe High Court before Blantyre-based Judge Michael Mtambo.

The withdraw of apprication prompted another defence lawyer, John-Gift Mwakhwawa, to demand that the state withdraw the words “use of mafia like tactics” to intimidate state witnesses.

However, Kachale refused to withdraw the statement, saying the evidence before the state was enough for them to conclude that way.

In the afternoon, Kachale suprìsed the court when she said the Judge should go on and make a ruling on the revocation of bail.

In an interview, Kachale conceded making the withdrawal applications in a hurry without thorough consultations.

She said after scrutinizing the legal implicatìons of withdrawìng the application, they decided to change their mind.

An audio recording of Chalunda was played before the court with him saying Kasambara and Pika Manondo were threatening him.

But Chalunda told the court that he was instructed to say what was contained in the recording.

“ I was told what to say in the recording and I never told them that I was being threatened. I don’t know anything about this,” Chalunda said.

In cross-examination lawyer Mwakhwawa asked Chalunda that he had no knowledge of the case and he is being dragged into the case by prosecutors.

He responded:“Yes they have been forcing me all along I don’t know anything about this case.”

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114 thoughts on “Kasambara blasts State for ‘flip-flopping’ in Mphwiyo case: Malawi cashgate”

  1. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    The incompetent Mary Kachale and the state has miserably failed on this case.Kasambara and his friends atafunenso misonkho yathu apa instead of misonkho yathu kumanga ma school ndi zipatala zii.High profile people were involved in this cashgate thing.It is the only small Usipa that will languish in prison while the Chejumos like JB and others will be left scot free.Ndiye Malawi yamasiye yopanda chitukuko.Aliyense amangobwera kuzapakulapo ndikumapita.I don’t know if this country will ever change.The whole system of these stupid politicians needs to be overhauled if things are to change for the better.We need a revolution in this country.Anthuwa akudziwa chilungamo chake ndipo akungotisewera a Malawi ndikugona kwathu.

  2. La 40 Lakwana says:

    Law and other professions is not about becoming contented by mere papers but you need to study very hard and make a proper research.Azimayi ntchito kukhalira ku saloon ndiku ma shower during weekend?Mwabesanso tax payers money kwa Kasambara.Akakhala JB ndi uyo anathawira ku US osawathandiza anzizake achina Phwiyo ndi Lutepo.Look the way how politicians uses other people and dumps you when the going gets hot.Money mumadya ngati mapepala while Malawians were in dire poverty because of your greed and these are the consequences.This is payback time for Mphwiyo and Lutepo.

  3. Nkhombokombo says:

    We should not redicule our own learned Lawyers in the way we give our comments here. A person will give an answer according to the way a question is put to him. Kasambara/Makhwawa and Kita are no champions in this case but they know how to prepare for their defence. The Kachale team are handling this case as supiriors because they feel they bare for the Gvt which in my view will prove themselves to be amatures in this game. You must be mindful that the defence team is not there to lose this case and that they will use all the verbs that they had learnt in College and combined with their wisdom to win this case. Reading and understanding what you’ve read are totally two different palls. Going to court equipt with a read defence and going to court with read and natural wisdom combined are two different approaches. The DPP is using the latter approach. The real thing here is to prove who really pulled the trigger and for whose benefit. These guys are capable of making you to believe that white is blue because they have facts to back them. The sun will always come from the East and never from the South or otherwise, so the truth shall prevail.

  4. Ma says:

    Mary is learning now so an intine on such a big case?

    Kasambara is Mafia in and out and an hiv carrier what do you expect?
    more distribution of hiv. The wife also a big distributor of hiv called M. Namizinga.

    Tiyeni nazoni…….

  5. Kwangwagwa says:

    Nkazi ndi nkazi. Kasambara ndi Mary nkuyimisana pa kukamba nkhani. Kwathu amene amakamba nkhani ngati izi amakhala amuna okhaokha. Tawonani akufuna kulira Mary. Kasambara woyeeeeeee!

  6. kasambara is not aman for maffia-like prosecutors.Goverment is weak here,what kind of prosecutors ihave never seen check the defence team…mwakhwawa,kasambara and wapona kita..these guys mean business when they are in court,Goverment would have done thourough investigation on the case before taking it for prosecution.to the other hand the state prosecutors are lacking consistency.The contradiction they are demostrating will just let the suspects free.


  8. Malamulo mudangowakhwimitsa kwa munthu wosauka. Akagwidwa ataba nkhuku womwewo wakundende. Tukuonanitu

  9. Mbanangwa says:

    You want a sniper to kill Kasambara just because you have no facts to prove him wrong. Where is justice? Law is about facts and proving the facts right. No kangaroo justice, gone are the days of Kamuzu whereby lawyers sent many innocent people to rote in Mikuyu. The intelligent and clever ones will get away with it. Shame, many innocent guys who can not prove their facts are roting in jails or saving unfair sentences. The world in unfair.

  10. Nkhwachi says:

    Starring samafa

  11. KARU UNITED says:

    A TCHEYA, ananena kuti,”ndewu ndi ndewu,bola kuwina,kaya kuponya theki,chiBakera, KULUMA,ndi ndeu basi! bola ku wina.”tiye nazoni! Reformed Civil Service,business un usual,prosecuting crew led by dpp(osati chipanitu,koma dpp,woyimira BOMA milando.tandiuza kuti munthu uyambe kudya nawo za kashigeti,umatani?

  12. Alungwana says:

    Thats the Kasambara I know!

  13. Mbwelera on this one says:

    Ok if all are denying the case, lets use the policy shoot to kill. Tisamangomva nkhani za anthu akuba ngati amenewa, use the policy on this one

  14. ankhoma says:

    mr Lutepo wake up now the case has been weakened.

  15. Oscar says:

    Choona chiziwika pasogolo

  16. Thomson says:

    Love you Kasambara show them my dear that you an Intelligent Lawyer kkkkkkk Malawi Government

  17. You must know!!!!!! says:

    AM not surprised that gvt laywers are facing an uphill battle. After all legal profession is just about swallowing report cases and writing literature review. What else if the case is not in the literature, then it doesnot exist. Basi kumakhala pansi just memorising milandu imene inawerusidwa khale and calling themselve legal experts. How legal is legal when the who literature of legal profession is full of corrupt law report cases!!. KKKKKK guys, it funny.

    1. mbwiyache says:

      Uwu mwafotokozawu ndiye umbuli wanu kuwuika pamtunda. Am convinced it takes a legal practitioner, and not just being a lawyer, to understand what it is being a legal practitioner.

  18. RKasambara says:

    I wish there was a sniper that would just kill this bastard called Ralph Kasambara!!

  19. Whistle Blower says:

    Comment reserved.

  20. Peter says:

    I always say azimayi ntchito yaawo ndikuphikaa mtapasya ku khitchini ndikudikula kuti umuna usataikile. Not kukhala muma position akulu akulu ngati amenewa. First it was JB who faailed miserably as head of state, then there is this dull lady Kachale embarassing the whole nation with a straight forward case like this one. F..k you all gender activists!!! I bet Fahad Hassan would have done better than this dull lady

  21. Enidziko says:

    DPP ndi ma lawyer aboma ndi ana. Mulandu waakulira!

  22. zaluma says:

    I told you folks manyasa, Government hired lawyers are no better than Pondabwino sugarcane sellers. They are just a shame to our Chilunga College. Shit agalu inu as Bwana Nya Ntafu said in the house of fools

  23. John says:

    You Mary Kachale, this was one of the most promising case which we thought the State could have carried the day but the way you are handling it leaves some of us wondering whether you are indeed up to the task. You must learn to scrutinize your decisions before you ago ahead with actions.

    This is very embarrassing. Look, you are making Kasambara look like a hero now!

    1. Mumalawi weni weni says:

      Iwe umaganiza bwanji? Umayesa Kasambala angafanane ndi little brain yakoyi? Wagwa nayotu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. kamizozo says:

    Boma mukutipusisa tikuwona , Anthuwa ndi akumba .

  25. Water board ikupepesasa kwa ife kamba kavutoli

  26. mona says:

    Yambani cashgate ya 92 billion

  27. mona says:

    Ayi ndithu mlandu uwu usiyeni, utionongelapo tax yathu otherwise noma lachuluka Ma bodza, and the dpp is very dull

  28. tikhala says:

    Ralph ndi wa Satanic ameneyu. Koma nthawi yakwana. Amene amalemba ma comments amenewa amchita chowatuma iyeyo kuti amukhumudwitse maiyo. Madam keep praying- the devil is a liar, a murder and a thief. All these fit Ralph

  29. apundi says says:

    mlandu watha a dpp zitsiru kwabasi

  30. kadango says:

    mwagwa nayo! kt mayoooo!! anthu amenewa simuwatha.

  31. Theres collussion within this fraternity. Goverment lawyers most of them agree to be disorganised in court so that Government should loose the case coz they know thats easy money for them afterwards. Real culprits in this cashgate case will walk free and will even be compansated for stealing our money when government looses on technicalities. In the eyes of Law not even a single penny got lost from gvt coffers although we all know people cashgated but becoz there is no evidence. According to judicial system its a lie that Mphwiyo was short despite the fact that everyone knows that indeed he was shot. Although the victim himself has identified who shot him still someone has to prove that indeed the accused is the one. This is how bizare judicial system is. Thats why sharia is the best in certain circumstances. If the identified was told that he would be hanged, do you think he could have allowed to go alone? Surely has going to mention his accomprices. That was 2012sept and the courts havent concluded the cases. Its a west of resources to drag this case. If I were the courts, i would have locked everyone involved at any stage along the chain and tell them therewould be no trial coz the money we could have used for your trial is the same you suphoned, period!! Why should govt continue spending on them thru the protracted trial, why ?

  32. izi zitha ngati za muluzi,amangoononga ndalama zaboma

  33. Search me says:

    I think sooner or later the firing of Mr Nyasulu as the special prosecutor will come back to haunt the pompous Mary Kachale.

  34. manyi says:

    Useles govt this one. Go to hell wit ur lawyers. I told u dat 1 is ralph

  35. The challenge is looking at govt lawyers and think they aren’t doing a thing .These lawyers are not doing their work in a vacuum they have to play their game mindful of who the defence team is ,these are mafias and they use every tactic.You mean even if it were you youll take somebody to be a witness of the calibre this chalunda has displayed?The guy has been bought.Gondwe JK this is not a chicken theft case its a completely different case and the state cant be expected to use tricks here may be if it were the JB administration we would say theyve a reason but this is a different administration.Francis Kasala there cant be much to expect in cross examination on technical evidence from towers what the defense will have to tell the court is that the numbers used were not for the murder suspects as they were in Mozambique.We can wait and see but every defense counsel will take his case to the wire even if they know their fate but the tower information or call logs remember are slowly drawing the accused close to the crime scene in A 43 and this is in tandem with evidnce by Mphwiyo that the shooter was the one he mentioned so there is coincidence to that effect but we can still wait and see

  36. james says:


    1. Mtonga Mula says:

      Bozalo. NciTonga ca nunku co? Kwali mwaweni mwawana amanaamana

  37. Stevie says:

    this is laughable indeed. govt lawyers failing to make headway with the case!! our money to be squandered again when billions have already been stolen??? it makes me made indeed. are these govt lawyers worth their salt?? i doubt and wonder if they went under the microscope as they were being recruited!

  38. Zebron h banda says:

    The trial is a waste of time,a circus and waste of govt resources.Sing this song with me:”Mwamuwona Kachale?Wavwara mawenje,mwamuwona Kachale,wavwara mawenje!”*2

  39. mugabe says:

    nyasatimes ife ogwira ntchito ku agriculture sitinalandilebe salary ya march mpaka pano tafufuzani

  40. Likoma Economist says:

    The govt shud have hired foreign lawyers (and judges) to handle these cashgate and related cases. I am sure donors would finance that. Afterall it is their money that got stolen. This circus and bull jazz will just drain our resources and in the end we are likely to pay criminals.

  41. Louis Gobede says:

    Koma Ma Lawyer Enawa Zowona Kumaluza Milandu Yothaitha Ngati Iyi. Kasambala Anayamba Kalekale Zimenezi Chuma Chake Chonse Ndichamagazi. A Kachale Tulani Pansi Udindo Wanu Mwachepa Nazo. Vuto Maudindowa Amafunadi Sukulu Komaso Nzeru Ndikuganiza Mwachilengedwe

  42. ujeni says:

    To be honest, i dont know what you people learn at Chancellor College, be it at Polytechnoc. Mediocrity and amaturish everywhere. Have baked and not good enough to be Lawyers, Judges, Engineers. Fake graduates, what more with fake universities dishing out fake degrees now

  43. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Alomwe mukuti Chani? Atumbuka zawo ndi mzeru…..Kasambala on Fire….you will pay him heavily

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      No no no. Not this language please. This is abou Kasambala and the govt lawyers. It is NOT about tribes. Nthena yayi mwana wakwithu. Chonde. Ise tingalondezganga mayowoyelo gha banyithu yayi. Just stand tall. Please

  44. sunderstar says:

    Most of the writers above are Lawyers and they are trying to back their friends on the defence side against the state. The case is not between Chalunda and DPP Mary Kachale so dont go against DPP and remove focus from the real issue, that is why the government and Law society of Malawi must revoke the practice licence from Ralp Kasambala. You can actually see the sympathy from a group of Lawyers and newspaper editors Kasambala is gaining because of using the Technicalities in arguing the case, not that what he is arguing is true but using his legal style of winning cases and criminality is helping him. In this situation we request Lawyer from other countries to be hired and also a neutral experienced Judge who has dealt with cases like this in other countries to be hired, otherwise Government resources is being wasted by these crooks.

  45. kela mwampita says:

    I have a problem. Major problem. Kachale is not worthy to be dpp.just appointed coz she is mulhakho. Now she has lost this case and we will pay millions to kasambara and his gang. I can see kasambara asking for k100m like wise manondo. The claims should be paid from mary kachale personal funds

  46. TBK CAJ says:

    Wat a twist of events! Kasambala is a multimillionaire in the making. Please don’t drag a highly learned lawyer like Kasambara to court if you only have speculations.

  47. Sweet Boy says:

    You people are just beating about the bush for no good reasons. Joyce Banda initially offered her services when she openly said she knew who shot Mphwiyo and she said so in public. Why can’t you use her free information instead of wasting time and money, or is it because DPP is involved hence the feet dragging? You can now she the repercussions of appointing people just to appease particular tribes; here we are having a representative on the government side not knowing what to do and yet she is having the so called qualifications. This is why some of the noise Ntata is formulating at times makes sense.

  48. mwamusanga says:

    Zaku Malawi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  49. Chengolopiyo says:

    KKKKKKK I cant help but laugh. Kasambara, Wapona Kita ndi dilu. Paul Mphwiyo chafa kwako hahahahaha. These are real lawyers, when they start questioning a person, he/she starts peeing in his/her pants. Democratic Progressive Party maybe send Pitala Mutharika. Let him prove to us if he is a real lawyer. Can he stand against these learned lawyers in the name of Kasambara and Kita? Mutharika will end up peeing in his pants as well kkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  50. soko says:

    malawians we are being ripped here twice, lets just acquit all these suspects. Money was stolen and now other money is being spent on a case we we will not win.

  51. Chayipa H says:

    Stupid Government

  52. Mwana wa ku mpoto ever green city inu a DPP with mary kachare simungamuthe ameneyo mr Kasambala ndi diluuuu , alemeleno pano kasambala mwayichocha nokha a lomwe inu.

  53. Chayipa H says:

    U Just Our Money

  54. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: lne ndidanena kale kuti Ambwenumbwenu monga Kasambala ndi anthu oti adaya mozama zaulawyer. l bet sadzamangidwa kasambala.

    Ma prosecutor ndi anthu osadziwa law. Pomwe ma lawyer ndi ma judge ngoziwa law. Choncho mu court, during proceedings, sizimabalansa mpang’ono ayi.

    Kamba kotero many times the state loses ma prominent cases ngati iyi yo. Amawina aboma ngati the defendant anaba nkhuku.

    chinanso nchoti ma judge achimalawi sangalore kuti munthu otchuka ngati RaLph akazuzike kundende ayi. l repeat to bet kut Ralph ndinganga ya law samangidwa nkanitu akuzidifenda yekha in a crutial cace ngati uwu.

    Viva Mwakhwawa and Ralph. l tirelessly suport you.

    ine VAANWYK

  55. Achimidzimidzi says:


  56. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is very sad looking at how much money are being hold by these suspects,It clear shows that other government officials are part and parcel of this scenario.That is why APM endorsed that puppet lady to be DPP. Government should hire private lawyers because they have showed incapacity for the whole process.I wonder how much can one get from the government,if it’s less chances of loosing on this case are high Kasambara is offering him a huge money you can’t imagine triple salary of DPP plus expensive cars for his family including offering house in out side Malawi Countries.Please APM we need intervention as soon as possible on this issue other wise there will be killing, stealing because Kasambara is more powerful than government.See my name

  57. Mazulu says:

    Vuto ndi loti mtsikana wachepa nawo ma mafia awa.They have corrupted the state witnesses with the state remaining without witnesses

  58. M23 says:

    Just wait as the case unfold. Kasambala and crew seems to be clever now. The Government holds the joker that will be thrown at the right time to finish off the case.

  59. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Kasambara koma mumukwanitsa

  60. Defender of Faith says:


  61. fyc says:

    Kachale is also very childish. The post is just too big for her. As DPP she was not supposed to be involved in recording statements from the witnesses. Each of her witnesses had three or so of the same story and she could have realised they we lying.

  62. point blank says:

    I think we’re getting close to a casegate. Believe me folks soon and I mean soon you will realise that this whole thing was just another gate creation. However this does not change the fact that somebody knows the truth.

  63. patown pano nkhani palibe apo

  64. Patriot says:

    Kodi Boma akuteteza mphwiyo chifukwa chiyani?
    Kapena K92 billion ija ndi imene akubisa eti?
    Paja chuma cha mphwiyo chinayambira ku K92 billion kuja.

  65. kadokera says:

    Some civil servants not yet paid their march salary and you are wasting money on this useless case. Just drop the case against kasambara and others and use the money to pay suffering civil servants

  66. john says:

    Mmm this is a mafia propelled case thus why I don’t trust this

  67. VYOTO says:


  68. Government prosecution team are useless on this saga and they are only good at prosecuting people who steal mbuzi and maize.People won’t be afraid to cashgate again.

  69. Namiasi says:

    Vote MCP 4 competent lawyer employment osati azibale a pitalawa ali nje!nje!nje mu court kuli kunjenjemera.

  70. Shakali says:

    Don’t worry. Truth will out!

  71. mbani says:

    Money at work poverty is the root of all evil

  72. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very close.

  73. Ngozo banda says:

    Kasambara is one of the top lawyers. Everyone one against him will fail. Munthu ndi wa nzeru basi. No one will convict him

  74. ba fipuli says:

    How did this so called kachali find her way to the DPP position. She is useless, tax payers money going down the drain. She must be relocated to ministry of agriculture with immediate effect.

  75. kjjj says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  76. kjjj says:


  77. Liberalist says:

    Chalunda is saying what he knows best on the case. Government must take extra care on this case because it is dealing with an intelligent lawyer Kasambara who went to university with very good points and became a lecturer. He knows the law and how to dance around with the court drama. When government loses this case then we citizens have lost and we will pay the Kasambaras millions of Kwachas thus our own tax. Shame on you Kachale! You are a useless state lawyer.

  78. Kondwan Nankhumwa says:

    Pepani amalawi kungoti a mary kachali aphunzitsidwa ndi a ralph kasambala,osadabwa.

  79. kambwali says:

    All lawyers know that it is only Ralph kasambara who graduated with a distinction and that most of them have been taught by him yet they try to argue with him in court . Are u not surprised that kasambara is representing himself ? Because he knows kuti pamalawi pano palibe size yake

  80. Mnyang'anya says:

    Pathetic state prosecutors. Handling crucial case like lay men at law. Ndiye Kasambala akawina mudziti “he is corrupt ” yet he is outshining your little brains like toddlers. You are only making him more popular and rich with compasations to follow.

  81. Totoma says:

    Kodi phiyo is not dead so y carry on case n waste billions collapse the case null n void baaaasi khaneeeeeee yaaatha

  82. Makiu says:

    though ralph can excape but his conscious will haunt him. the problem with this case is Mphwiyo because he has a lot to hide more especially on matters of cashgate proceeding his shooting. I now regret the bastard was supposed just to be killed. he is very stupid

  83. wakwinthu says:

    Tikawaphalalira kuti mukusewera na wa papi,ndalama za boma apa zapita ,ooo my tax in deep drain

  84. I said it in here that we will require a rocket science lead investigator and prosecutors to save our taxpayers and not these dull things masquarading as if they have information while they did not have any but were trying to manufacture the case like how one should play his her partt in a drama sort of. Once more expect more drama in this trial because of the much touted damning evidence of a gun that was intended or suppossed to be used by Chalunda who has turned against the state because you forced him to play the role he was not aware of. You are grown ups you gona solve.

  85. Peter Benga says:

    It has clearly shown how dull the government is.I can see the suspects walking free and suing the government for defaming them

  86. On.the.fence says:

    Why can’t Govt procure audio authentication software’s and Voice recognition software’s? Some of these could help from these useless lies in from of court under oath. Can’t they Malawi law enforcement share tech with Interpol in those lines really?

  87. mwahenga says:

    When the Going gets Tough the Tough gets Going!

  88. Tq of Zomba says:

    That is the Ralph I know…. doing what he knows best
    ….this case will never finished…. believe you me

  89. Tseketseke says:

    Kkkk Anthuwa Ndi Amodzi Akungotipusitsa.They Know What They Are Doing.

  90. Online Commentator says:

    Kasambara 2 Kachale 1. Mpira wayamba kukoma tsopano.

    Its not just about being highly educated. Its about mental agility. Using the brain to think not to gossip. And that’s what Malawi needs.

  91. nsonga ciswe says:

    Wat for god . Sake. The. Boma etc r scarred to approach tthis cockroach head man kasambara,we r sickandtired f this case.osangouluanab bwa why taking a long route to LL

  92. WANDANI says:

    Koma yeah! Very interesting

  93. Kokotowa says:

    What did you expect? No intelligent lawyer gets employed by government!

  94. Good Deeds Trust says:

    Boma useless evidence.

  95. kamvazina says:

    Inu a boma tatiwuzani zenizeni ma number mwabweretsawo akunena zimene amalankhulanazo? If not why waste such great deal of time.

  96. kamvazina says:

    Do we know who was using the celphone at that point in time if there is no law that prohibits exchange of celphones?

  97. kabumbu ka Mary says:

    Kodi za airtel zonsezovis to prove that kumwembe was in malawi? Thats not evidence enough. Celphone can be left behind and someone using it. Itakhala shafuti yake tikadamva kuti sakadayisiya chifukwa kumeneko ndamva kuti adagwiritsa ntchito pa mary dosantosi. Tingoti pa mary basi. Kumwembe never said he took his phone along into mozambique.

  98. kabumbu ka Mary says:

    Ok kodi zili choncho mary kachale mpakavkufuna kulira chalunda atakana?

  99. Dakamau says:

    Airtel any law that handsets cant be left behind wina ndikumauser?

  100. Dakamau says:

    Mwatani ma lawyer a boma kodi? Mwagwa nayotu

  101. Hamis Twabi says:

    Zitsiru za boma. Kuluza mulandu poyera. Mphwiyo akuti is a liar chalunda said that in court. Wa ntchito wa kasambara akuti ndiye amanena zoona osati mphwiyo??? Very surprising yet its mphwiyo’s case? Chilinda was so confused by ralph cross examination

  102. Hon Bisnowaty says:

    We are very disappointed with government lawyers. Next time let parliament seriously interviewvthem and not rubber stamp them

  103. bilimankhwe says:

    DPP wasting government money. Wachepa nawo udindo mary kachale.

  104. faith says:

    Mulandu watha ndi chalunda. Kodi samene mumati key witness and informer. Wakana kwantuwagalu. Akuti mumamuchita kumupangira inuyo a DPP. Shame on you. Chilinda naye adangodzadza bodza mu court

  105. frascis sakala says:

    Airtel expect fireworks on cross examination. You have already conceeded that you data has faults and you dont know what happened? You doctored results with mary kachale. Kodi iwe mary kachale bwanji kuwondaku?

  106. frank chibwe area 3 says:

    Airtel evidence must reveal the actual discussion otherwise its useless. Kodi anthuwo amalankhulana chani?

  107. KUKHALA says:


  108. Titus Gandali , kawale 0887458977 says:

    Government evidence very useless. Kodi celphone munthu kupita kuja sungayisiye wina ndikumagwiritsa ntchito? Is there law that stops exchange of cellphones?call logs is that evidence that the was within the country?

  109. Gondwe JK says:

    Mary kachale is very dull. I was there in court. She is not worthy DPP. She nearly cried when chalunda testified against her. Shame on you mary kachale and chilinda. Your evidence has collapsed. You relied on chalunda as key witness. Kikikiki. Expect acquittals

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