Kasambara slams teachers over pupils demonstration

Malawi’s renowned lawyer and former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara has slammed primary school teachers for allowing pupils to go to the streets protesting against teachers’ delayed salaries.

Kasambara: Teachers to blame

Kasambara: Teachers to blame

More than 1,000 teachers went on strike Monday after their salaries were not paid. This is one of a series of strikes by teachers. Malawi’s education ministry said at least 6,600 teachers have not been paid since May.

The pupils were angry at government for the continued delays in paying their teachers’  salaries.

About 500 schoolchildren broke classroom windows and damaged cars to protest a strike by their teachers in Malawi’s commercial capital, Blantyre, on Wednesday.

The students, aged between six and 12, smashed at least 40 cars, according to police. The damaged vehicles, which included an Axa Bus registration Axa 17, were parked at Manase Police Unit and Blantyre Police Station.

“We’re not learning,” the pupils chanted in the local Chichewa language as they blocked one of the city’s main roads with rocks and tree branches.

Commenting on the development, Kasambara said in as much as school children have a right to demonstrate, they have no right to abandon school premises and go on to the streets.

“Here teachers and headteachers are squarely to blame. if any child is hit by a car or indeed anything happens to him or her outside school premises parents will sue both the teachers, headteachers and owners of school ( and in this case the very same government they are demonstrating against),” said Kasambara.

He advised teachers to always send pupils to the respective homes should they want to demonstrate.

“Should kids want to demonstrate, send them back to their homes. Let them demonstrate whilst coming from their parents/guardians homes.

“What future leaders are we raising or taming in our homes? There are so many organised and civilised ways of demonstrating against government,” said Kasambara.

Meanwhile, some teachers have received their perks.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology blamed the delays on the decentralised paying system, which government has just introduced.

The new payment system affected six districts including Nsanje, Chitipa, Chiradzulu, Mulanje, Blantyre Urban and Ntchisi.

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65 thoughts on “Kasambara slams teachers over pupils demonstration”

  1. syamboza says:

    ndiwe mbuzi mbzava,ofuna kupha phwiyo wachgolol milomo ili pyuuuuuuuuuuuuu galu. Ndalama unaba iwe kani uloya wako ngopusa etii. ana akachite demonstileti kunyumba kwawo why???????? kusukuluko analandila xcool fund yawo yopereka makolo awo komaso ndiozindikila kuposana ndiwe. alindi ufulu ochita zionetsero ngati ufulu wawo waphwanyidwa. waphwanya ufulu ndi pitala muthalika posawapatsa ndala aphinzitsi chifukwa pitalayo ndalamazo alibe poti ralph anaba.

    kodi ralph wake nduja timkamuwerenga manyuzi kale uja kuti wapatsa mimba mwana ampita naye ku mangochi kapena ndiwina. ukumanga usaganize kuti uka nena zabwino nde upulumuka unya

  2. Jimmy says:

    Kasambara you want to show us that your now concerned bcz pupils went on streets to protest,why didnt you not show the same when you were looting that tax payers money meant to pay teachers on time?We dont want your ideas or contributions towards the state of affairs of this country now bcz you have proven to be unreliable,thief and selfish.

  3. peter says:

    Teachers are to blame for not controlling pupils so that they should not have demonstrated on streets (though teachers are on strike and hence could not work or make any decision to escort pupils home). The government is to blame for not paying teachers their salaries on time (though the government does not have adequate money to pay teachers on time). Ralph and company of looters are finally to blame for defrauding government of the little resources it has through cashgate thereby making the government unable to fulfil its obligation to pay teachers on time! So Ralph’s three fingers points the blame on himself and his company of looters!

  4. eish says:

    Kasambara better shut up, he is the main reason for Malawi’s poverty!! stupid man!!

  5. Kasambara alankhula ngati ndani zama phunzitsi,

  6. Momo sam says:


  7. Njolopingo says:

    Galu, nyani, mfiti gologolo- Umatamba kapena, ngati sutamba ndiyekuti umadya maliro- Eeeeeee! iweyo Kasambala

    1. Perks says:

      Kani maliro amadyeka, Njolopingo ndiwe mfiti.

  8. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Number 53, in other countries they have people with masters degrees teaching in primary school. That is why their education is well advanced as the produce well baked beans from the primary schools as they have competent teachers starting from the very start of school life.

  9. Avwani says:

    I do not like Ralph at all; but I have picked one crucial point from his comment – ‘ who would take responsibility in case of an injury or death of a school child during such street demos – when the starting point has been from school premises and NOT from home?’ . Now, this is no small question and please teachers, take note – seriously

  10. iwe munganya says:

    What is important here is the point Ralph is trying to put forward. Don’t let these small children go on the street striking.

    Mind you, Ralph is innocent until proven guilty. Where on earth do you want a graduate with Masters to be a primary school teacher?

    Ask yourself why you are a primary school teacher today. As much as you are right to demand more perks you have a responsibility to take ownership of your well being.

    You teachers are part and parcel of the problem. We have failed to have credible elections because of you teachers. How on earth can a teacher fail to add one plus one?

    If we were to audit primary schools across the country,the following ills will be noted:
    1. Theft of books and pens
    2. Absenteeism
    3. Incompetent teachers
    4. Theft of exams
    5. Spreading of STDs by teachers on pupils
    6. You can continue listing the rest.

    1. Chembe lumbe says:

      Developed countries have teachers with tailored masters degrees teaching in primary school.

  11. Master says:

    Shame on thee! Do u think to you the nation matters? After all the troubles u have caused it? You are not clever,but rather the opposite,kkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Kikikiki says:

    Actually he’s got all the rights to comment much as he’s got case/s to answer. So let’s not be emotional on the issue. The best thing to do is tell all pupils that this week,month,year you ain’t gonna have classes. Then you can blame those who swindled tax payers money for the cause as such.
    That’s my opinion fellas.

  13. phiri says:

    agalu inu, mukuona ngati aphunzitsi ndi akapolo anu kuti azingogwira ntchito opanda malipilo!!

  14. Nobel says:

    Thank u Mr. Kasambara. Ur a Malawian first and foremost so u have the right to express ur views freely whether ur answering corruption case in court. The way how others are commenting on ur post is as if ur already convicted. Indeed it sounds good when these school children smash other ppls cars but when they are either shot by police or hit by a car their parents will blame the same striking teachers. Komanso zili bwino sinanga its happening in the south if it was Lilongwe or Mzuzu u could have easily connected to political machinations. Bravo

  15. ankhoma says:

    lthink this person is mad.is he a spokes person for this stupid govt? or he want to buy favours. he was aminister bt nt satisfied with all he was getting instead was busy stealing our tax money,shame on you. leave innocent teachers alone. they dont ve any means apart from their little salaries.

  16. Mvaya says:

    Don’t favour from a Daily Poverty People party my friend.Let me give you Question Marks

  17. JB says:

    amene mukutukwana kasambara muganize bwino nonse……next time get your kids if you want demonstration. what if some kids get killed?…..penapake muzikhala ndi umunthu…..Who doesnt know kasambara was just implicated in these cashgate issues???….where on earth can money laundering case be narrowed from 5billion to 700million???……sometimes its good to keep quite if you have litle knowledge of what is happening…….The government knows kasambara has no case to answer hence they are spending sleepless nights to create one for inorder to save compasation fee he is about to get……Mulungu si Jemusi guys………Give all names you want to him…..and lets wait for the judgement day.

  18. Rompwa says:

    Kasambala is right!

  19. Balalitsani says:

    pipo kasambala is commenting as a malawian.learn to differentiat matters, bravo kasambala, indeed teachers could not allow children to go on the streets its senseless

  20. thako says:

    iknw DPP please u foolish lawyer,hw teachers can survive wthout salary? nyan walawyer iwe et,uzngoyankha cashgate,pantu….

  21. Biliati Phodogoma says:

    Amalawi kodi tinatani?this guy is spot on,he is talking as a lawyer as well as a parent,forget what he has done after all he has not been convicted yet,but look on the bright side,it is the teachers responsibility to look after the kids in the absence of the parents,so to let the kids go to the streets and do that was gross negligence and irresponsible,would let your six year old kid go out there and vandalise other peoples property?mwachita bwanji kodi,kudos kasambara you are not only intelligent but you have got parenting skills as well.

  22. Xool sichotsadi uchitsiru koma umbuli chabe . Neva wonder hearing a practising lawyer talkin like that to innocent teacherz

  23. Padambo Njobvuyalema says:

    What is wrong with we Malawians? Yes, Kasambra is answering cash-gate related charges and may not be in good standing with most Malawians. But does this mean we can’t see the sense in what he is saying? I believe all he has done is to give some sort of advice which has a legal leaning. He is not blaming the teachers for striking but pleading with them to keep our children out of the roads! Clearly he has pointed out that in the event some kid is hit by a car the parents will sue the very poor teacher and the government. Lets us put the government aside, it can afford legal costs, but how about the poor teacher. In the event of a lawsuit and the courts uphold the blame on the teacher/s, will he/she afford to pay?
    Maybe my understanding is wrong, but regardless of your court cases on the cash-gate, I say, thank you Ralph I see sense in what you have said.

  24. innocent says:

    Kasambala is right – some of these kids were sent to stone HHI which is now run as private by the church and they were severely beaten by some Secondary students from the classes they stoned!!!

  25. Kika Kanawe says:

    Mr Kasambala,are you seeking Favours from the govt?Shame on you,what kind of lawyer are yoU?

  26. Mandevu says:

    When I want to explain to my small children how Satan looks like, I just take a newspaper picture of Kasambara .

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      Kkkkkkkk cant agree with you more.

  27. Gadabwali says:

    U must b very stupid, Kasambara. Milomo yonyasayo. How can a teacher survive, working 4 six solid months without a single coin. Mphamvu zopangira control kids kuti asapite pamseu azitenga kuti, munthu akugona osadya? Is your brain normal?

  28. MMALAWI says:

    u r th cause kasambala together wth jb lutepo,mphwiyo,manondo namathanga

  29. crazy kasambara i hv knwn since i ws in primary, unpredictable statements.

  30. john says:

    kasambara you are wise. i said theses teachers should apologise to parents for taking the kids into the streets.

  31. Wakukaya. says:

    He wants favours from DPP leadership.Cashgate big fish.

  32. kanthu says:

    kwinaku kuti muoneke pa news eti?

  33. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Hahahaaa! Look Whose talking…

  34. Joseph says:

    Wow, That coming from Mr Kasambara is kind of skin moving, when did you become a saint. We teachers are very resilient as compared to you. We are talking of a mere less than K60000.00 which we survive on with our families. The landlords, escalating prices of commodities on the market and you talk rubbish like that after our bosses have not paid us for three weeks after the payday?????? Was it not you who forced the government to pay you millions of your compensation money just after judgement?????? You did not need that money to survive yet you went after it like a wild bull and now you want to be the saint on us………Hey we(teachers) are very noble in doing our job, we did not send children to do our job, but we stopped teaching and what the children did is not our concern. You of all people know better to of innocent until proven guilty and of not speculating. Perhaps I should understand you, did you want us to escort them to their mothers????? even if that was within my job description, do you know the teacher-pupil ratio in these town schools????? You should mind us……………………………you can read and argue in courts because of a TEACHER respect please..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. chiwa kogoya says:

    Kasambara you better remain quite ! you have nothing to say since you are among those pple who contributed to this, aren’t you one of the cash gaters? answer me ye/no!
    Stop making noise ok!

  36. Zalewa Roadbrock says:

    Look who is talking?

  37. Phuzi says:

    Kasambara uli nndi ana iwe? Do you think we can build future leaders without attending Class/school? Big up man and just concentrate on your theft trials and stop commenting on issues you helped cause by stealing Government money. do you really have any moral grounds to comment as such. Aphunzitsi amafuna ndalama si Charity work ndipo ana akufuna kuphunzira kuti nawonso azdakhale nduna ndikuba ndalama za boma ngati iwe yemwe

  38. magumete says:

    during joyce banda’s rule the same school children did the same mpaka destroying proprty @ jb foundation koma simunayankhulepo kanthu even on facebook why now?. anthu akuba inu ndipo anawa anakakupezani panseupo bwenzi mutadziwanso.

  39. Bina mpoto says:

    Jst mind ur business Ralph.

  40. Its better for a dog to comment than Kasambala who caused the problem by stealing govt money. I now know that Kasambala is insane and does not feel guilty by so many sins which he has committed against Malawians. Shame be upon the foolish Kasambala.

  41. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    why can’t you as ask yourself the reason behind the children’s demonstration on the streets of Blantyre? Their teachers are on strike, no pay since May. People like you and your colleagues in looting government coffers are to blame. The same money you cashgated, do afford you to send your children to private schools whilst others are languishing for months without. Think first before you start pointing fingers at others.

  42. Mjomba says:

    Do you have morals yourself?

  43. Talibo says:

    Inu a nyasatimes mpaka kasambara, mbava yaikulu ngati imeneyi itiuza chiyani cha mzeru

    Zi atumbuka zachabechabe kagwereni uko

  44. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Kasambara akuti chani? Iwetu ndiwe mfiti iwe! If not, wayenera kuti at least umadya matewera a ana iwe . Why don’t you just keep quiet and let the rest of us get to terms with the damage you people have caused to this country?

  45. Mrs SAM Dalitso says:

    You thief you satan. What are you trying to say. You have stolen our money and now you are accusing teachers of what? Yes it is wrong for teachers to use children in this way, very wrong but you Kasambara should keep quiet because you caused all this with your JB Lutepo and Senzani.
    Look who is talking?
    Ufiti, chiani. Why is ACB leaving you alone. MRA should start. MRA should get our cars from you, then arrest you for all the evil you have done to the Malawians! Remember you started with AChair govt. then Bingu, then Amai. Today you want what from us again. Iwe Mbava. You made maliro a Bingu kuti anyase. You cerebrated when Bingu died and did all sorts of evil things! TREASON CASE AGAINST PETER IS YOUR MAKING. Donot get close to Peter. You devised Cash Gate.. You Evil person. My Peter suffered because of you, Satan. Get away from our Sight ,you evil Satan. My Prof Peter beware of this Evil Man. Never be cheated by Him. He should not get closer to you.

  46. WOVUTA says:

    Do not divert our attention to this little incident where is our money? you Ralph has made the whole Malawi to suffer and here you come acting like some innocent prophet telling pupils to stay put while they are not learning. Pay the teachers the money you stole after all it is your fault that they are not getting what they deserve. Simbweni iyi yalakwatu iyi..

  47. Mukamamenyera ufulu wa anthu ena zimaonongeka zambiri

  48. chintunda says:

    i totally agree with mr kasambala

  49. Che Spindulo says:

    I personally dont know this Kasambara man , but can I appeal to his wife (if he has one) and relatives to take him for mental examination to see if he is sane . The problems that led young school children to be on the streets of Blantyre a few days ago were partly brought about by the criminal conduct of people like him and Lutepo . He has, therefore, no moral ground to start imparting advice on how people should conduct themselves in the aftermath of what he and the others did to Malawi .
    Would it be normal for a man accused of raping a 10 year old girl to come back after a few days and reprimand the girl’s parents for stopping to allow the young girl to attend school as this is an infringement of the girl’s rights?

  50. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    Kasambara got Cashgate money that’s one of the reason teachers are not paid because people stole Government money why you don’t return the Cashgate money like the way Senzani has done then Malawi money problem will stop.

  51. "NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Look who is talking?

  52. Alungwana says:

    Mwayankhula zanzeru but a freedom fighter is always ready to die. Dont worry about the future, we are creating human rights activists!

  53. namitupa says:

    teachers r not to blame.musamulipire zilj bwino,ana apite mseu mphunzitsi,kodi mmationa ngafi chani?pliz,change your mind set about a teacher.tikuvutika ife.salary ya peanut ngati imeneyi.kasungu ttc kodi mwalandira?ya october tu?pepani,pepani

  54. innocent says:

    That’s why he is a genius – Kasambala see the common sense which is not common at all.

  55. KONDWANI says:


  56. Favour says:


  57. Waibula says:

    A good advice but i wish u ever taught at a primary school.

  58. simia says:

    U think people still take you seriously? You are just a shadow of yourself now and better keep quite. Ine umandikwana no wonder 3 attempts to become an MP you have not succeeded,mxiiii

  59. Wachekachekauyu says:

    There,he goes with another trick to win favor from DPP!!!

  60. notanjenjenjeman says:

    what moral ground do you still have? you are linked in a number of ways to what is nemesis to why children were in the streets,

  61. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    That is Kasambara the spokesperson of the Democratic Progressive Party

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