Kasambara’s wife gagged maid on Mphwiyo’s shooting: Malawi cashgate

Private practice lawyer Ralph Kasambara’s ex-domestic worker told the High Court in Lilongwe in the ongoing trial into the shooting of former ministry of finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo that she was persuaded by Kasambara’s wife not to talk about the former justice minister’s alleged involvement in the attempted murder.

Kasambara (right) accused of plotting

Kasambara (right) accused of  attempted murder of Mphiyo (left)

But the defence lawyers in the case tried to punch holes in her testimony in a bid to discredit her.

However, Jesse Mussa Kafuwe, who worked as a domestic worker at Kasambara’s residence in Lilongwe, maintained that Mphwiyo and Kasambara, a former minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs, exchanged bags which might have contained money and he was at the house the day of the shooting.

Kafuwa testimony heavily implicated Kasambara’s wife – Maggie – to have been in the know of the things her husband was involved in.

She indicated that one day Kasambara’s wife asked her to remove boxes from the former justice minister’s car and upon checking she was told the cartoons contained guns.

During cross examination. Kasambara who is representing himself asked Kafuwa on whether she would differentiate a
metal detector which he claimed the mentioned boxes contained and a gun.

“Do you know that we had a mine in Mzimba? Do you know they use those metal detectors to the mines?” Kasambara quizzed Kafuwe.

When asked about the mentioned guns in re-examination, Kafuwe, who cannot read or write except her name, told the court that she cannot lie under Oath.

The events at Kasambara’s house were also put into question, especially when Mphwiyo left the house and Pika Manondo arrived to drive the Mercedes Benz.

“What is the relevance of the Mercedes Benz to the shooting?” Kasambara asked Kafuwe several times.

Kafuwe responded: “I realised the two were connected because the wife phoned me to tell me not to spread stories that Mr Kasambara was involved in the shooting of Mphwiyo and that the number plates were removed from the Mercedes Benz because they were fake, not because it was used in the shooting.”

She went on: “I was surprised why she (Kasambara’s wife) was telling me those things because I was just a maid.”

Kasambara is answering charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder alongside Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter, Dauka Manondo, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and businessperson Cashgate suspect Osward Lutepo.

The accused have denied the charges.

In cross examining , one of the defence lawyers Wapona Kita discredited Kafuwe, saying she confirmed that she was bitter when she was fired unceremoniously.

Justice Micheal Mtambo, presiding the case, has pointed out that he wants the trial be concluded by May.

The case since been adjourned to March 17 and 19 2015.

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97 thoughts on “Kasambara’s wife gagged maid on Mphwiyo’s shooting: Malawi cashgate”

  1. deontology says:

    We’ll here more!

  2. ndadabwa says:

    anthu musapusitsidwe maid sangadziwe zonsezo. achota kumupangira zimenezo to implicate kasambara

  3. sindi misale says:

    MRA, the case is revealing that apart from the income derived from the law firm, Kasambara has a number of properties let out. And he reveals they had or have amine in Mzimba. Is Ralph Kamoto and his colnels at MRA aware of this?. Mwadzipachika apa ada. You have attracted the attention of MRA. Tiyeni nazo.

  4. zebron henry banda says:

    1stly,she is what she is:a maid,anandiwuza in grammar is indirect speech,she isn.’t a witness at all.she be reminded that lying under oath.is tantamount to perjury and imprisonable at that.akazi anandiwuza …yankhulani kuti anatenga mfuti kasambala kapena enawo kunyumba yakasambala ndikukawombera nayo mphwiyo.bah blah,mapoto..mmenemo ndi nkhothi mayi mussa osati za ambere chile.

  5. mjiba says:

    Police lost valuable time to tie loose ends on this case, destroyed a lot of evidence, all because of wanting to protect those in power shit

  6. Kaliati Galu says:

    Boza lokhalokha ili. Maid uyu wachita kuuzidwa zimenezi ndi ena mwa adani a Kasambara

  7. Ma says:

    There is no way the miad would be telling lies in these stories la 40 lakukwanirani madam Kasambara. Koma kuchenjeresa konseku but tulo like this kumakamba za cashgate ndi maid?

    After all iwe Kita, why ws she fired? Si you were afraid akuulurani? We are not kids we know whats going on.

    One thing I like about uneducated people like MAIDS is that they say it as it is…..hahahahahaaa!

    A Maggie kumvetsa chisoni bwanji….Why of all nice men in Malawi you choose to get married to a THUG like Kasambara disguising as a lawyer???? mxiiiiiii

  8. Sibweni says:

    Wapatsidwi adaulula wapadzala. Mphwiyo umboni cashgate ukupezekaso apa.

  9. mike kamanga says:


  10. Zanga Phee! says:

    True shall prevail weather He is representing himself being or a professional in the law theme,it won’t hold water. What matters is time,time has come for these gurus to be charged.There is Allah under the Sun,Let the maid tell us the truth.But how secured is she in this context believe me she is Kasambala’s burden he can spend even us dollars in hiring the best killer in order to win this case.If you take it simple this Maid will be history. Kasambala is on bail he is meeting with people with high caliber.Okay see my name.

  11. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Hahahahahahaha some Malawians really have chicken brains. You mean you are failing to see that what the Maid is saying is utmost gossip? Some of our prosecutors also have chicken brains. Why bring a gossiper to testify? What the maid is saying should have been used by the investigation team to establish the facts and the basis not as evidence In court but only what the investigation team found on the same would be evidence. And what Mphiyo is saying is what we call Subjective evidence, not the Fact. Am the one being shot at and I have seen my shooter, this only provide the lead to the investigators to have a suspect and not the real shooter. If caught on the scene with the weapon that’s another thing or if he was chased from the scene and caught somewhere else that’s evidence enough. But if the so called shooter was arrested based on Mphwiyo assertion, without any other tangible evidence apart from this will see the shooter walk free. The only evidence we can have here to conclude on who shot Mphwiyo is: 1. The shooter caught in action or chased from the scene and caught. 2. Open confession from the shooter. 3. Ballistic evidence that tells us the characteristics of the bullet and from which gun it was fired from. So all the guns that Kasambala and his bodyguard have ever used would be taken and tested for this. A positive test would only indicate the gun that fired. Next headache would be, who held the gun? DNA remains on the gun would then profile all that recently held the gun. If gloves were used, it becomes useless as in ” the gun identified but the shooter not identified”. 4. Finding the shooter and the shooter should also confess he was hired by Kasambala. If the shooter says he did on his own, the case stalls. In this case that’s why many are saying Kasambala would come out clean because our investigations can not piece together the expensive details that were supposed to be collected. The first headache of government is finding the shooter which in my thinking we cant with our poor facilities of investigation. No ballistic expertise no DNA profiling experts. Plus we don’t know how many guns were used since two bullets are happily living eternal life in Mphwiyo and would be needed for ballistic tests.

    Find the shooter first, then find out who sent him to hit Mphwiyo? Without that? Am seeing acquittal acquittal acquittal.
    Concentrate on Money Laundering for the two. May be there you would find some meat to incriminate them. This one the state is failing miserably.

    JB is also on the constant global trotting because she has informants within DPP that you want to degrade her for no apparent reason at all.

  12. 5555 says:

    Take them to jail for life !!!! zitsilu mbava

  13. vasco says:

    They have to pay for this

  14. tonde says:

    Mphwiyo and Kasambara are not different, they are thugs and the nation can be healthy when they are caged. They both have cases that have wounded the nation so deep.

  15. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Will government use forensic experts in this case? These can trace the weapon’s source or at least describe it and link with the suspects. There was also possibility the suspects could have left a few DNA connected evidence at the scene of crime. Did our police do a thorough job? I wonder.

  16. Malindima says:

    It is getting tougher now! No wonder JB run away; she knows what has yet to come.

  17. Malindima says:

    Hearsay it may be, there is a phone call from Kasambara’s wife to the maid. This can be played in court and the mrs can be cross examined to this effect and I see her implicating her husband. Ma deal opanga azimai akuona!

  18. Nkhombokombo says:

    A box contained guns, does she imply that those guns were used to shoot Mphwiyo or it was a different gun? These are phada stories and wasting time and Gvt’s money, our money and time.

  19. BECHI says:

    Hearsay can not be left out in court cz it depends on the facts on hearsay that would be used by the judge. I hope the judge will only base the truth or no truth on the hearsay. You may recall how Hon L Banda got jailed for 6 months on the hearsy that he has no MSCE . Most cases arose from hearsay angle. Am happy that the judge is determined to end the case by May.

  20. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Am happy that government lawyers are parading in state witnesses but what amazes me is that why government lawyers are not bringing in one of the prime witnesses who stood on the podium telling Malawians that she knew all people behind Mphwiyo shooting. Isn’t she another reliable witness?

    Didn’t we Malawians hear for ourselves the proclamations and revelations by the former President Joyce Banda that she knows individuals who shot Mphwiyo? Why can’t the judges parade her into the courts to testify about Mphwiyo shooting. Am of the view that she be called back to tell Malawians what she meant by that statement otherwise government is just wasting our hard earn money.

    All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!!!!!!!!

  21. nyayo says:

    You may call it hearsay but I think it’s circumstantial and part of res gestae.

  22. gaba says:

    from the look of things the maid is saying the truth but she can easily be discredited

  23. george phiri says:

    kwacha malawi tigwire tokha mbavazi.

  24. Ida says:

    Tonse tikungolumanapo apa. Mphwiyo, Manondo komanso Kasambala akudziwa zonse zimene zinachitika usiku umenewo. Ambuye akungoyang’anira koma dziwani kuti tsiku lina mudzayankha mulandu. Mungachenjere maka poyankhula. Munandionongera birthday yanga koma.

  25. george phiri says:

    tzsiye m’manja mwa ‘maid.

  26. goba says:

    The only fact which both Mphwiyo and Kasambala have not disputed was that the two are good friends, Mphwiyo visited Ksambara’s home the day he was shot. That’s enough for the judge to unveil everything from the two. All along, this information was just hearsy, and Mphwiyo ever disclosed that on his fateful day, he had visited Ralph. Apa yagona, aulurana, mbava zones.

  27. Denkhule says:

    I fee its just a waste of time interogating the maid. What protection does she have from this Gunstar. Otherwise she is risking her life.

  28. samuel benson says:

    All these suspects are thieves and kasambala ndi mbava zedi(how a suspect
    can stand for himself as a lawyer?
    Mlandu umenewu usachedwe ayi bwanji mukusewera ndi mfiti

  29. Philip Chiwalo says:

    maid from hell. It is apparent this woman has an axe to grind with the Kasambaras. All she says is “I was told” did she see Ralph at the crime scene? Did she see Mphwiyo giving Ralph the money? Did she see the guns? Even if she saw the guns, were they the guns used in the shooting? This is hearsay at its best. Is she sure Mphwiyo came to Kasambara’s house, and spent the whole afternoon there? We know Ralph was welcoming Thabo Mbeki and team that afternoon and had a meeting with the foreign delegation at state house that night. So where was this “meeting with Mphwiyo on the friday afternoon? The woman was surely paid to do the damage.

  30. Mfune says:

    Kodi kasambala akukana ciani apa maumboni ndiamenewa.ambiri akumutamilira kasambala ndia ku nyikaland
    mwagwanayo apapo

    1. Hoitty says:

      achitsiru inu, mwaonela chani? Anthu akupereka ma facts awo malinga ndimomwe akuonela ndipo ambiri ndi ma lawyer osati zoti kwao nkuti. Gulukunyinda iwe wa tsankho paliponse.

    2. Hoitty says:

      Bola Manondo brothers azangoulula akadzalowa mu court and stun Ralph and kita

  31. Nganga Bulawayo says:

    In my view the maid is telling the truth. Both Mphwiyo and Kasambara were deeply involved in cashgate. They should tell us what happened. And the judge should send both of them where they belong – the collers for lengthy jail terms. And their properties should be confiscated. While there both their wives should be remarried!

  32. mini says:

    Hearsay evidence doesn’t carry wait

  33. George Lihoma. says:

    Komatu nkhaniyi ine nde yayamba kunditopetsa. Ndinakakhala wopanda makobiline,mmm nditalowa kale. Remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm-All Animals Are Not Equal.

  34. waterboardescom says:

    So the maid is saying she was told the box contained guns, in a nutshell this is a hearsay. She actually didn’t see the guns, she was told. I am not a Lawyer but this witness is not credible.
    Secondly she does not have direct information that Kasambara was involved in the shooting process, she was told by Mrs Kasambara on the phone not to spread the story; another instance of hearsay……..This is a case of “He said-She said”. Does the maid have proper evidence to produce to the court to back up all that she is saying? or this is all hear-say? Its not up to me to judge whether the Learned Lawyer was involved in the shooting or not, all i can see is that this witness is not credible

  35. Qouta millionaire says:

    Young blood at work! Ganizira kuba basi. I think akanakupha Malawians could have benefited more.

  36. fedrevolution says:

    By the time the prosecution bring the remaining 10 witnesses and the later the witness the more weight their evidence carries so the maid ,the surgeon have brought sth bringing the revered counsel close to the scene of the attempt.Nzelu ya satana imabwela ngati yokoma.You may start praying bcause even if you ran away your souls shall be hunted down and business shall never be as usual

  37. chris kamwendo says:

    On 13 nov 2013, ralph picked thabo mbeki ku kia and drove with him to state house for a lake mediation meeti ng with president chissano.
    Maid is lying. Dpp govt can cross check with his ministries drivers who drove with him

  38. chindere says:


  39. David says:

    Guys, all what this lady said was irrelevant because it is all hearsay. The mistake she made was that she admitted that all she told the court is what she had heard from Kasambara’s wife. Such type of evidence is hearsay and courts simply ignore it. The prosecutors as lawyers should know this and I do not understand why they paraded such witness. Even if she really heard from the wife the point is the wife was not at the scene where Paul was shot at. Furthermore Paul was not shot at Kasambara’s residence. I attend these court sessions. As of today there is no credible evidence implicating all the accused.

    Paul has had three bullets. One is removed and two remain. Ballistic experts would tell a gun from which a bullet was fired. If the gun from which the bullet was shot belongs to Mr. Kasambara then there might be an issue. This is an area where the prosecutors could have concentrated on to prove their case.

    There are lots of contradictions from one witness to another and between what they had said in their own statements, examination in chief and cross examination. You and I know that the purpose of a witness to give the court a picture of what had happened. What picture would a judge get if prosecution witnesses contradict one another and worse still each witness contradicts himself/herself.

    The impression that I have is that the government wanted Ralph implicated in this case and they went all round trying to create evidence. So far it is backfiring. What is so surprising is that the government does not want to give up. Where on earth does a learned lawyer ask someone who had heard something from someone else to be a witness for such a story in a court of law. Come Mr. Chibwana you are disappointing.



  41. mwana mulopwana says:

    There is an element of truth in what the maid is saying, Kita,Kasambala and manondo only thought that they can defeat justice from the fact that their learned lawyers but they forgot one or two things that truth will always prevail, if you can understand what Mphwiyo said, he was able to identify the cop who triggered the bullet and he was later informed that the guy was outside the country in Mozambique for them they knew that the sytem in Mozambique can not detect the arrival and exit of the guy because Mozambique uses the same manual system as that of Malawi, if they used Southafrica the system could have identified them,
    for sure one can not hide behind technology if it was in USA or any other country , they could have traced this guy using the available sysyem either banks or what ever and I am told that the guy is a policeman they can still try to investiage because police laws allow one to report to authorities if one wants to go outside the country and the second issue is to check the stamp that was used in the passport when both exiting and entering the country.
    Evert stamp has a number and that number identies the owner and the owner of the stamp is supposed to be paraded as a witness.
    Secondly him being a policeman , the police can identify because he is supposed to log in if he is on duty and if he is working as guard for the mnister, he gets his allowance from the police and the job of the police was to squeeze the guy to explain what he was doing , if he was not on leave then he was supposed to be on duty and leave application forms should be submitted incase he was on leave if not this sound a simple game to crack Ana achepa awa

  42. Think Tank says:

    ive always said Ralph will have to prove his innocence in court. Now its your time to prove yourself. On the surface the maid’s evidence seems very convincing. There are gray areas however. Attempted murder,let alone murder,is a very grave crime. Now here is a maid who is let to know almost everything the Kasambaras do. She was no longer a maid but part and parcel of the family. She was free to go every in the house and even checking the contents of the bedrood. Even if the container was a suitcase she would have forced it open to see what was making it heavy. Under nornmal Malawian culture even a grown up child does not have that previlige to open parents’ suitcases unless he wants to steal. Our maid was pilferer. She was able to be told about number plates. And even absorving the parking of Benz. She was very observant. Her evidence flows very smoothly. Very convincing. But her acrimonious dismissal checks her hell-bent assertions of the Madam to also be very heavily involved in the husband’s adventures. There was a common factor between these women which made her dismissal: Ralph. What was the relationship between him and the maid? Perry Mason, please come in. The maid is making the madam an acccessory to the crime if iam not mistaken. Iam not a lawyer. So i may very far from bull’s eye

  43. Kasambara you stupid you trying to ask questions to the maid about your mine only to confuse her brain since she is uneducated.What she has explained is totally clear and heard despite what.

  44. nabanda says:

    Alowedi. Koma nanga khani ya KAKA so ili patie lero. Let justice prevail

  45. kachikho says:

    What the ex maid said does not make any sense at all. It seems to me that for some unknown reason she has cooked up or some people have cooked up a story for her to implicate Kasambala .

  46. Bob says:

    If the maid was called by Mrs Kasambala then there must be call records from TNM or Airtel. Let the conversations be released.

  47. Evidence says:

    How about to recall the call log of the maid and Kasambaras wife to ascertain if indeed there was traffic between the two and also if there was phone traffic among Kasambara, Manondo, kumwembe prior to the shooting. Kasambara wants to lie that he had metal detectors why did he bring them to LL when the mine is in Mzimba when he also has a house in Mzuzu. was he using the dectators himself or had workers. This man is a deadly criminal but this type he will not escape.

  48. Tatyata says:

    Chilungamo apa ndiye chikutambasuka ,’chowuluka chizatera’

  49. anthony says:


  50. Mbanangwa says:

    Somebody has put his words in the mouth of the maid, immaterial evidence, non factual at all.

  51. mfumusinyasa says:

    Anthu inu mulanduwu mungoukokakoka bwanji pamene witness nambala wani alipo. Tangotumizani kandege anapinyolitsa kaja kakamutenge wherever she is to tell us who shot Mphwiyo. Ananena poyera and its on record. Komanso ndi parliament ili mu session yi adzapereke bill ya wokudya nawo ndalama zobedwa ija. Ine lamulo limene lija ndingakondwere nalo kwambiri

  52. anthony says:

    lord help our country

  53. kennedy says:

    the truth shall set you free …big up to the maid

  54. phodogoma says:

    The maid saw the gun and Kasambala says it was not a gun but a mining tool that looks exactly the same as a gun. Very interesting answer from Kasambala. I think the maid saw the real gun. Only that it is difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed what the maid saw was not a gun but a mining tool for Mzimba mine. Shashasha. Very intereting. If the maid was a witness somebody who stole the chicken then the court could have taken her serious. Justice system in Malawi with big eyes to where to operate or not. Mother Malawi shiiiiiiiiiiii.

  55. Chilungamo says:

    Kasambara amangidwe basi of course he and the Manondos are good friends of the new Deputy Inspector Duncan Mwapasa but we want to see justice. A Duncan Mwapasa osalowelera apa ngati mmene mumapangira ku area 3 police station. Duncan Mwapasa has ate a lot of money from the Manondos so Judges watch out

  56. ine says:

    Am afriad; is the maid heavily protected?

  57. LimbikaGP says:

    Defence lawyers always discrdit evidence of witnesses but they can only go as far they can get.Truth can easily surpass intelligence

  58. Palibe cha nzeru apa, bodza lokhaloka.Nanga Mphwiyo anawomberedwa kunyumba kwa Kasambala kuti wa ntchito azidziwe?

  59. the maid as a state witness, has far failed to implicate her former boss of attempted murder. There’s no legal truth in her allegations. She submitted stories in the court of Law. Stories cannot be taken seriously as legal facts in the court of Law unlike the cacoon court. She failed to define and appreciate the types of guns before the Judge. Sometimes it is now fundamental getting maids before de oath of secrecy. She appallinglly failed to implicate Kasambara with legal facts. I beg to move!!!

  60. diddy says:

    Tammangeni kasambalayo pls

  61. gwaladi says:

    Kasambara and company must be jailed northerner wanted to kill southerner.amangidwe amenewa basi

  62. nokhwere says:

    when did guns star being sold in cartons? even a half decent drill comes in case..this maid is expert in too many things

  63. ama says:

    Unthu inu mukulankhula ngati nkhani ilipakati pa boma ndikasambala pamene ndi mpwiyo ndi kasambala ndi mpwiyo sakalankhula zomveka kasambala akapuluka

  64. sikusinja says:

    Kasambara asked for other people’s phone records but how come he is not saying get my wife’s phone records to prove that she didn’t call the maid or ask for the maids phone records to dispute that she was called

  65. musa says:

    koma ndiye kukwekwerezana pa minga ya kankhande.

  66. koma says:

    i thought kasambara and his wife make noise on Facebook nkhani zaku court? calling aching Joyce Banda kuti Jezebel apangeso update ma status awe wanena maid uzi time now. for all i know kasambara is a thief n crook so is the wife who with her accounts skills twisted figures well so cash gate isawakhudze amuna akewo. coma God know kuti Kasambaras hands r stained.

  67. Muhiye Mwana says:

    Bwana Kasambara, things are bad for you as you are also awaiting the final judgement from the judge of judges and lawyer of lawyers. Had you known, you could not have celebrated the death of Bingu wa Mutharika (rip) as you did at Lilongwe Golf Club. You did not only made a terrible mistake but also committed an abomination.

  68. koma says:

    lawyers as long as they are not dedicated or spiritual born agains are smart liars, they know when to twist a statement but let me tell you something…. there is no Lawyer like Jesus, The judge in this universe and beyond is God some day you will have a case to answer and that day forget ur lying tongues you will be face to face with God answering to Him alone. we are all sinners but lawyers who do anything and everything to win a case disgust me.

    Look at Oscar Pistorius case and so many other cases we all know Oscar got angry and took a gun and shot dead his girlfriend and his lawyer stood b4 the whole world claiming he thought she was an intruder.

    God forbid that my children should study law. yes not all lawyers practice but i would rather my children choose a different career than law.

  69. kayamawa says:

    A Malawi we should learn a lesson, maids are not supposed to clean the masters room abale nanga ataona mikanda, tindowa, kuyenda ndi mdidi ndiye kuti Man and Woman wayaluka basi! kodi a kazi a kasambara ndikubedroom komwe azisesa maid? koma munalandila mwambo wotani pa ukwati wanu ndi ada? To us women let us all learn a lesson to clean our bedrooms tokha please tikuyalutsa zakuchipinda abale. Chizungu kapena China advise.

    Nanga a Ralph akanati tsiku lina amuuze maid kuti lero ugona ndi ine pabed zikanatha bwa? paja ati atonga amati muthu kazi alimuluwavu? Ehe

  70. monkeybay says:

    Titengelepo lesson a Malawi. No matter how good ur maid, gardener or azilonda are, dont come too close to them and dont disclose any confidential matter with them chifukwa mawa zimadzatuluka. Ndi zimenezi, udzimvere mtolo.

    komanso penapake the stupid maid shud respect her boss.

  71. God uses unworthy things in the eyes of people to uncover big thing……can use water in a tea spoon to make an ocean!!!! We wait to hear.

  72. innocent says:

    Money talks, this case will continue to drag and drag and eventually die a natural death. Shame.

  73. Professional Journalist says:

    Kita, what can you say? Kasambara is your friend. Why are discrediting the maid. Don’t think because she is a maid or illiterate then you should discredit her. She is intelligent and wise. She knows what she is talking about. She asked a very intelligent question: why was Kasambara’s wife phoning her not to tell anyone as if she is connected to the case? It only shows that the wife was afraid and she wanted to hush up the hole incident.

    Nyasa Times reported in detail how Mphwiyo was shot. In fact, someone also wrote a detailed article to document all the people involved in the shooting. What we are seeing now is not new. It only confirms what Nyasa Times told us. I wish Nyasa Times could reproduce that article. The person who wrote it had first hand information. So please Kita, just SHUT UP. Maloya akupha inu, very greedy people. Even when you are making millions of kwacha through over -charging your clients you still want to kill and steal.
    Munya muona. When you are convicted you will die in prison. Anthu oyipa inu ndi Kasmabara wako. Your days are numbered.

  74. Simeon Nyapala says:

    If the maid is uneducated she can speak what she has been told to speak and she will fail to answer some obvious questions. However, the manner the woman has answered means both these two have cases. But as a lawyer the judge will use only the relevant information that concerns the murder . As for the other part it will be used in the money laundering case. I dont think any good lawyer will assume the maid is lying. Lets wait and see.

  75. manyasa says:

    Mbava zokhazokha kukangana mu Court

  76. From the look of thing s the what the maid is saying seems to be total truth even if she was bitter with the way they dismissed her she still has a point based on the facts she has presented in court this is nothing but a true testimony of one God fearing woman Mr. Kasambara and Friends (Wapona Kita) simply want to take advantage of the fact that the witness is uneducated hence they are trying their level best to intimidate and derail the course of justice But God is great he is Almighty come rain nor sunshine there is no secret under the sun “In fact I feel government is just wasting our time and resources on this one back in the old days these people could have already been locked up and rotting in jail but thanks to the Crooks running the government of today including the Judiciary all I can see here is Crooks shielding crooks for fear of backfire “

  77. Wokomaatani says:

    This just reminds me of Mrs Kamwana’s testimony against JZU Tembo in the Mwanza case of 1995-6 that went as far as the supreme court of appeal. It was laughable. What if Mrs. Kasambara says she knows nothing. Here is a maid who opens her bosses’ bags and suitcases. It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s cashgate that led to Mphwiyo’s shooting. The sharing of money did not go well. It was “winner takes all” scenario. When it comes to money, Pika Manondo cannot accept that. Kasambara was also answering criminal charges when Bingu was about to die.

  78. clement says:

    Maid anaimbilidwa fone ndi mai kasambara ntchito itatha kale. Pamenepa kasambara sanasuse. Nanga anamuimbira pa nkhani yanji? Tiyeni tiwonere game yi mofasa kuti chilungamo chioneke. Ine ndikuona ngati zambiri wanena maid nzoona. Komabe tiyeni tidikire

  79. Issa Kabudula says:

    Beside kutha kwa ntchito, Mr. Kasambara has a lot of questions to answer on both cases of either shooting and money laundering – katumba, the benz, wife stories, manondo all this and many we don’t know – there is something to come out at a distance. My question mark is why the man must be shot after bringing in a full back of cash? Were this cash not real money – looking for an answer please help.

  80. Patriot says:

    Watheka kape ameneyu.
    Was a good lawyer but…
    Mkazi wake seems to be an accomplice in this matter. Poor children, will suffer bcoz of uchitsiru wa makolo.
    Mphwiyo has a new case to answer. Where did he got that money in the said bag from?
    This guy belt those houses in area 43 before 2012, investigation should take place and cover 2009 – 2014 as reports says cash-gate started during Bingu’s second mandate and rresults made public osati DPP idjudulenso nkhani apa.
    Congratulation to the maid and may God and gouvernment gives her full protection. Mmalawi wowopa Mulumgu ameneyu.

  81. Zozoro says:

    Maid akuziwapo kanthu apa so is Mrs Maggie Kasambara.its a deal gone wrong

  82. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Wapona Kits and Ralph Kasambara, the law giants wrestling with a house maid.

    If she is not educated why do you ask her about metal detector? Or saying she was bitter because she was dismissed. Of course, you dismissed her as a way getting rid of witnesses.

    The most important thing is that she is coherent and consistent.

    Am wishing you good luck, although what you did is wrong.

  83. mamfumu says:

    Ntchiti ikatha aliyense amadana naye bwanayo. Ndipo amamunamizira. Prosecution did you find any sense in this witness? Did you find any sense in Mphwiyo testimony? We wonder

  84. Fathara says:


  85. mathews says:

    Why would kasambaras wife be telling the maid such a story? This maid is full of hearsay,

  86. Here we go again says:

    chigawenga chikalowe basi whether a lawyer or not no one is above the law, you think are so clever that you cannot be impricated

  87. tchende la mfumu says:

    Kodi ngati pika nsi kasambara adatuluka adamuzanso kuri akukasaka Mphwiyo? Umboni wa maid uwo wawononga nkhani yonse. Its now in favour of accused persons. Akuchita contradict Mphwiyo amene sadanenepo za ndalama komanso kuti adapita kwa kasambara kukasiya ndalama

  88. King Zude says:

    Hahahahaha Raphael zikugwela uwona,musiye wantchito awulule yonse.Nawonso akazi ako kupusa ndi nkhani zomuwuza wantchito zimenezo.A wapona Kita olo wantchito atakwiya ndikuchotsedwa ntchito do you think angapeke nkhani zonsezo??use your brain,oooh i forgot kuti ndinu ma lawyer you dont think all you do is to memorise things.Idiots.Raphael nkhani ya ma carton sakukana,akukana kuti munali mifuti,koma the said cartons were there as the maid is putting it.Dr Mtambo akwapuleni agalu amenewa ndi chilango chonkhwima,kenako Paulo akakwapulidwenso ndi zakuba zakezo.

  89. tambourine says:

    Maid uyo akunama. Kodi Mphwiyo adawomberedwa ku nyumba kwa kasambara? Iye adalipo kumene Mphwiyo amawomberedwa? Zongomva zimenezo. Let mrs kasambara becstate witness as well kuti adzanenedi ngati maid akunena zoona

  90. Kamchitete says:

    Ada kasambala, the case is so twingled that needs God’s intervention to get loosen

  91. Winford kayange says:

    This case wil endup in adjournment no wonder my witness is the case of former president Bakili muluzi

  92. tambwali says:

    Maid? Does she have any documentary evidence?

  93. Malawiana says:

    I doubt if such an uneducated maid can cook up all these issues. There should be an element of truth albeit not free of exaggerations.

  94. makito says:

    It is now a battle between rivals: now that you have brought me into the cashgate case as a culprit, I will ensure that you go in as a murderer and vice versa.

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