Kasunda leaves Nation newspaper for Blantyre City PR post

Journalist Anthony Kasunda has left Malawi giant media company, Nation Publications Limited after taking up a job as Public Relations Manager at the Blantyre City Council (BCC).

Kasunda: Blantyre City PR manager

Kasunda: Blantyre City PR manager

BCC chief executive officer Ted Nandolo confirmed that Kasunda is the City’s PR manager as with effect from November 1, 2014.

“Following this development, members of the public and the media are, therefore, advised to channel all matters to do with the Blantyre City Council through the public relations office,” said Nandolo

Kasunda is the outgoing chairman of media watchdog, National Media Institute of Southern Africa (Namisa).

Nation Publication recently also lost its editor Graciun Tukula to rival Times Media where he is also relaunching his column in the Sunday Times.

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25 thoughts on “Kasunda leaves Nation newspaper for Blantyre City PR post”

  1. Congratulations are in order Mr Kasunda. Finally the council has the mouth piece who understands the value of information after it was named the most secretive entity. The former PR was acting as a secretary who was successfully tainting the good image of the council by sitting on vital information.

  2. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    Mwina nkulandilako ulemu pamalawi. Most jornos survive ndizam’manja. I know a number of them who literally ask for kakang’ono wherever they go on duty, makamaka akakhala ma function okhuza ma company a amwenye – kuapindira pensulo.

  3. mgwagwa says:

    Was the post advertised and interviews conducted? ACB find out.

  4. Hardy C says:

    That is the end of our career as a brilliant journalist Anthony don’t you think so ?????

  5. YOKWIYA says:

    We are happy with your appointment Bwana. It would appear the old people at BCA have lost ideas. As a well travelled person we hope you will help to bring new ideas in the assembly. Maybe a new broom will sweep clean. Start with Kamba market where there are a lot of shabby shacks coming up. We need to see some change. We need security lights on the path through Mandevu bush to Queens. The rivers (eg Naperi)in the city are filthy. The sewage system is in bad shape. Lets see if you can do something. Congraturations.

  6. manunkha says:

    Why blame anthony. We all work for money. He does not work for journalism. If BCC will give him a better life than nation, let him go. Its about him and his kids. Are u guys going to feed his family if he remains on a meager salary at nation? Tiziganiza. Voice Mhone uyu waitaya yokangana ndi boma because his kids were suffering. And none of ur helped him pay school fees. Today he has accepted to b ambassodor. Ndiye iwe galu ukuti mfwe mfwe mfwe….. No dont leave journalism…. Journalism my foot. Are u going to feed his family????

  7. Chikuli boyz says:

    Way to go bwana Kasunda, vuto tilinalo a Malawi ndi nsanje, kuchuluka kuyankhula yankhula. Olo mulankhule chotani dziwani ichi
    1, Bwana kasunda anapanga kale decision yabwino ndipo sasintha.
    2. A Bcc anawapatsa kale contract ndipo ndiamene anachita bwino pa ma interview, ndipo sizisintha.
    3. Iweyo ngati uli dolo pita ku NPL ukaloweko ntchito kuli malo kumenekoko osangonyoza,komanso sizitheka choncho tangopangani zanu mwina mungatukuke.
    Nthawi zina amakhala madalitso ochokera kwa Ambuye, takumbukirani posachedwapa mmene anathamangila muja kuti journalist nzawo Limbani apite ku India ku chipatala, Ambuye lero wawadalitsa,so who can against him?
    Thanx GOD
    C O N G R A N T S Baba

    iweyo tsala nukande kkkkk

  8. Yobe boo says:

    Anyasa zoona yikhale nkhani yimeneyi kutaya nayo nthawi “Kasunda” ????????????????? so what does impact is this bringing to common Malawians?

  9. wishing you well,thanks,enaapezeposo nthito pachoka inupo.

  10. Chimwemwe says:

    Adzipita. Ayende bwino. kubwere ma graduate ku media. Kasunda ngwa form 4

  11. mike mithi says:

    what’s all this hoolabadoo about kasunda joining bcc. if it’s about money so what. mumati akakudyereni ku chipatala? anyway welcome to the public service brother tony

  12. Kanthu Chekaboyi says:

    All the best and Congratulations

  13. Welcome fwethu,from media watchdog to chiefdas watchdog usamaletu.Ukafuna kuchuluka nzeru tikuika mchigayo mphwanga,BCC most secretive institution in 2014 that according to zbs.

  14. The Leader says:

    ever on earth one day we die simple

  15. Thats the problem of we malawians. Timakonda kwambiri ndalama osati ntchito.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Iweyo ukadzuka mmamawa umati ukukatani ndipo chifukwa chiyani?

  16. Why not concentrate on his carea as a jonalist?

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Android or Enroid you must be a little daft. PROs are mandated to communicate on behalf of their organisation to the public through the media. You may also wish to know that its is for this reason that many organisations (like ILLOVO, Airtel, Limbe Leaf) and world over prefer to hire trained journalists to be their spokespersons. If you check the Malawi Police Service, you will note that all their PROs have journalism background and some have been sent to MIJ, Poly, or Chanco to PR related degree or diploma programmes

    2. Leader of opposition says:

      Android kaya ndi iphone PRO amakha journalist kumene not zakoukuganizazo.

  17. Lake Malawi says:


  18. Why are many seasoned journalists leaving the mainstream to go into PR? Mwina ndalama eti. We seem to be losing a lot of talent in this regard. I’m not in any way down grading public relations, I know it is equally important but concerned about the haerrmoragining of journalism talent from mainstream media industry. Can’t marketers make good PROs?

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Of course its for money. In some organisations, they combine the job of marketing to that of communications. Eg BAT or LaFarge Cement. But I am not sure if the City Assemnly has a marketing department. I think for journalist who are stepping into PR, its a way of stepping up the ladder. he will for example craft his own communications strategy, he might get a City council house, he might get a car and very likely he has a greater chance of acquiring a good plot within the city of Blantyre. These he could not get at the Nation.

      1. nanzikambe says:

        Way to go Anthony, we work for money.

      2. Yobe boo says:

        Ndiye mwaziyankhiratu, paliponse nokhanokha kumayankha?

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