Kasungu vendors protests, demand Municipal Council leadership to go

Kasungu vendors on Saturday staged protests demanding the resignation of Municipality Council leadership for failing to send fire fighters when the district’s central market was gutted.Kasungu Municipality PRO Mr Kadyakapita shows journalists the broken grasses as damaged by the vendors.

MP Nkhata speaking to vendors

MP Nkhata speaking to vendors

Kasungu Municipality PRO Mr Kadyakapita shows journalists the broken grasses as damaged by the vendors

Kasungu Municipality PRO Mr Kadyakapita shows journalists the broken grasses as damaged by the vendors

Ireen Katola mayor of Kasungu

Ireen Katola mayor of Kasungu

Fire gutted Kasungu market on Friday night till Saturday morning.

The angry vendors smashed the window panes of the municipal office block before descending onto  the stationed fire engine.

Addressing the vendors, Member of Parliament for the area, Amon Nkhata had no kind words for council.

“I have been briefed that the municipality has not assisted you since the fire started on Friday night, this is very bad because had it been that the fire brigade team arrived here in time  they could have assisted in rescuing some goods. I will also report this to Parliament. You pay tax and you were supposed to be assisted in real time,” said Nkhata.

Chairman of Kasungu Central market hardware division Daniel Banda said: “We want these people to go, they have failed to do their job.”

However in an interview, Kasungu Mayor Ireen Katola, started by apologising to the vendors for not being at the place in real time.

“We failed to go in real time because we were under dilemma. One, we had no fire engine to dispatch because the one we have is faulty. Secondly, we feared for our lives since vendors were shouting at that time,” said Katola.

The municipality is working on the broken fire engine.

Kasungu Municipality spokesperson Martin Kadyakapita confirmed that the fire engine has been grounded for long time.

Kadyakapita said  it has taken so long without fixing the problem due to lack of finances.

The municipality, despite collecting revenue from vendors, has been running without fire engine since last year.

Director of works Shupikayi Chabvundikila recently travelled to Lilongwe looking for the spare part of the engine but she was not successful.

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10 thoughts on “Kasungu vendors protests, demand Municipal Council leadership to go”

  1. Zinja says:

    You Mayor what kind of job are you doing there??????? you are laughing as if this is good news really?? you must be fired because you are under perfoming how can you together with the entire council team fail to fix the fire engine….Malawians unless we choose visionary and ambitious leaders we cannot prosper!!!

  2. Anaphi says:

    Sukulu imathandizanso! Kudikira Moto uyake ndiye akakonzetse zipangizo zozimitsira moto!

  3. Anaphi says:

    Mayor koma Chalamanda!

  4. Mashamase says:

    Everytown wofunika ikhale ndi Thumba lapadela pa zinthu ngati zimezi , otherwise mavuto ,coz DPP mapwevupwevu zizitheka Ali busy kusapota Dr Chilima ,

  5. Gwamula says:

    Council kuba kwabasi?

  6. Fumwe says:

    Sindikudziwa kuti pakali pano dziko lamawi likupita kuti,lasokonekerelatu basi,nanga mpaka kulephera kukonzetsa machine ozimitsila moto kwa nthawi yaitali choncho,aaaaaaaaaah kaya

  7. Kanchacha says:

    Come on Malawian Madam please what are your really doing in your Jobs plaese a malawi mulibe work ethics. Moto can start any time any where and the fire brigade has to be ready 24/7 mukutani kodi ntchito mumagwiradi zenizeni. ine zimandipyesa ntima looking on how Malawians oparate inu fixing a car engine can not be a problem mukufuna nzungu azakupangire zinthu please please be serious amalawi we can develop in this way. Ma vendo the really help in the economy of the country no matter how small.

    Moto mumisikamu ukuwononga kwambili why can there be an inquiry or a commit which can look for causes of these fires the find measure on how to prevent it happening again. The council need to impose some payment from vendors that should be spent on fire extinguishers and fire training not forgetting health and safely. Sad mweeeee perseption of my malawian people is sad indeed.

  8. Zoonazake says:

    Koma watche Ireen, ndiye amayi uzikazimitsa moto! shaaa, ndiwe okwatiwa?

  9. Nabetha says:

    And we expect this country to develop with such kind of excuses from the responsible people.

  10. Muzaza says:

    Azimayiwa sangayendetse boma. Ali busy ku tchena. She is responsible for all this. GET OUT. What a stupid mayor. Justifying nonsense.

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