Kautsire says prophets breaking ethics on privacy

Prophet Trevor Kautsire  has lamented that prophets of God are breaking prophetic ethics on privacy and delivery but said he is not targeting at any particular Man of God.

Prophet Kautsire

Prophet Kautsire

“We have left people either offended or annoyed while the immature Christians are amused by the information recklessly being dished out. I believe it is time to strengthen, encourage & comfort the people of God,” Kautsire said in his message ‘The Purpose of Prophesy’ posted on Facebook.

Kautsire of Miracles Ministry said some online blogs misrepresented his message and the spirit in which it was presented.

In his message Kautsire pointed out that that Prophets have turned church into a circus.

“If you turn to any one of the prophetic channels on TV or pay a visit to a prophetic church you will agree with me that the house of God has become an arena for pathetic theatricals,” he wrote.

“Prophecies disclosing private to public information is put on display to prove the prophetic ability of the man of God. Whether the information offered is of any relevance to the person’s salvation, deliverance or spiritual encouragement is a whole different story,” noted Kautsire.

He stated that  a prophecy is meant for strengthening, encouraging and comforting.

“Any prophecy that leaves people in despair, weak, discouraged and discomforted is most likely not serving a Godly purpose.

“ Prophecy can discern a situation but it also has to describes the solution. Prophetic Ethics demands that the receiver must be drawn closer to God and not to the Prophet. His or her dependence on the Holy Spirit must increase and not create a need for a follow up prophecy. “

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aneneri onyenga inu, chonde siyani kusocheretsa wanthu.azimayi otengeka inu
tayambani kukhulupirira MULUNGU wa moyo.

zinazi timaziyamba dala.zotsatira zake mkunyengedwa basi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yes, we have fake prophets but that does not mean that we dont have true prophets. we have pastors who are fake and those that are genuine with calling of God. The problem that we have is that we are not used to prophets and mind you most of old prophets in the old testaments were killed because prophets are highly hated. In the new testament we have also prophets like Agba in Acts who told paul that he would be arrested in Jerusalem. One of the gift of the holy spirit is prophecy as written in 2 corithians. To… Read more »
This is a problem when man begin to believe in another man for his salvation. We try to make man of God more important than God Himself. Amakatenga nyanga kumuzi nkumapanga maula mu Church. Back in my village there was once a preacher/prophet amene amamuthamangira anthu koma iwo kumangodabwa kuti sakuwachiza. He was actually investigating about his clients by asking asing’anga za anthu amene akubwera ndi matenda and the type of illnesses. Believe in God and you will never be disappointed. Do you wonder what happens that amawabatizanso akapita ku Main stream christian churces a zikhulupiriro zochokera ku Americawa? Their… Read more »
Any one who calls himself a prophet is total liar,I do not know why many people are easly taken and deceived by this so called “man of God”in his book of Mathews 7vs15 jesus is clearly telling awarding us about this people but we still follows them just because they perform miracles,don’t we know that even Hindus or Buddhism also perform miracles?do we think that all miracle are from God?didn’t Jesus say his Kingdom is not of this world?did he drive expensive cars or dress suits or having bodyguard as we see our prophets now adays?let us follow his teachings… Read more »

Mmmmmmm amalawi tiyen tizingopemphela pa radio basi


Fake prophets have taken advantage of peoples poverty diseases lacks of godly laws to regulate who to become prophets and many human problems in the nowadays. They appear to give hope but they are just useless crooks with no aiota of faith

point blank

The bible is clear about prophets in our days. It is very important to test each and every prophet with word of God. Even prophetic messages from the devil do come to pass. These people benefit from peoples venerability no wonder their largest following are women who are probably the most venerable.


It is really high time that government start regulating such acts. Lies and theft is the order of the day. People are being impoverished by these modern time colonialists.

Nellie Maitiro

Bravo Trevor! In fact, some of these Prophets are even calling themselves senior and major and what not! where is that in the Bible? They even think they have more authority than pastors! They go about in shiny suits, threatening people not to say anything akuti “touch not my annointed..like someone has said below and I agree, if you want to go to heaven, please avoid prophets because hell is waiting for them!!!



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