Kholiwe Mkandawire granted bail

One of the country’s strongest and valiant female voices, Dr Kholiwe Mkandawire, has been freed after Lilongwe Magistrate Court granted her bail on Friday.

Mkandawire was arrested on Thursday for allegedly obstructing police officers in the due execution of duty.

Police officers stormed her pharmacy and wanted it shut down suspecting that it is operating without a valid licence.

Dr Kholiwe Mkandawire:  On bail

Dr Kholiwe Mkandawire: On bail

Appearing before the Magistrate Court, Mkandawire who denies any wrong doing, made a bail application which was granted by Magistrate Chisomo Nsomela.

The Magistrate imposed bail conditions that Mkandawire should be reporting to Lilongwe police every Wednesday and a bail bond of K50, 000 cash.

She was also ordered to surrender her travel documents.

Mkandawire is a politician and executive member of United Democratic Front (UDF) and one of the few renowned veterinary surgeons.

She  rose to stardom during the blood-spattered 2004 elections as spokesperson of the defunct Mgwirizano Grand Coalition as fought the UDF then tooth and nail through her daring orations during meetings and media interviews but went into oblivion after the coalition failed to get into government.

Mkandawire re-emerged in 2011 after an eight-year-out-of-politics period when she was noticed attending UDF meetings.

During the party’s national policy conference held in October Last year in Lilongwe, she was among the key organisers as chairperson of policy sub-committee.

Her elder sister, Gertrude Nyamkandawire, a pharmacist, represented Mzimba Sosola as Member of Parliament between 2004 and 2009 as an independent then under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but did not seek fresh mandate (in 2009) when she withdrew from the race and Patrick Akim Mwanza became the eventual winner.

Kholiwe is next due to appear at the court on October 20.

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43 thoughts on “Kholiwe Mkandawire granted bail”

  1. Zachisoni says:

    Ndale! Manyani kuti mama uyu ngwakusambira. Ntchito iyo wakuyimanya. A police ntchifukwa uli mukulimbana na munthu wambula kwananga.

  2. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    No politics here. Why do people link most issues with politics? Somebody already explained that Dr. Mkandawire was obstructing law enforcers to do their job. Try it one day even if you haven’t done any wrong, you will be locked up. The issue was simple requiring her to answer questions and show documents to the Pharmacy and Poison Board officials. She decided to be above the law. If police stops you to check COF or insurance, do you shout and threaten them and get away with it? I was expecting her to be exemplary as she is a woman of dignity.

  3. Ma says:


    PAJA in Malawi everyone can be anything. Kaliati behaves as minister of information and later as dpp spokes person then as Peter spokes person then as gender minister. ..

  4. Let the law take its course on both parties.

  5. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    There are many Pharmacies which are being run by un quailfied personel.
    Why are are you targeting her. Why osatseka ma pharmacy ambiri angoti mbwee!!
    What has she done wrong ? Za zii . Osamanga mbavazi bwanji. The lady is qualified and earning an honest living.

  6. malawi police imeneyo kulimbana ndi zazii

  7. redgi palasa says:

    talimbikitsani chitetezo thanani ndi umbava wavutau not kutumidwa kuti muzikalimbana za ndale

  8. olira weniweni says:

    Kholiwe ndi mayi olalata kwambiri, khalidwe lake silisiyana ndi la galu. Mzimayi ochititsa manyazi. Akafuna kulalata amayima pachulu…..shame

  9. apolice aku malawi nkhani zake zazi kusiya milandu yeniyeni paja ulamulilo wa nkhalambau

  10. Apa ndiye zopusa zenizeni zoona mukutaya nthawi kumagwira anthu oti ali harmless yet you fail to apprehend the real criminals pena pake a police desist from being used like condoms by your political masters . Ma armed robbers akukanikani koma inu mukusokosa kuti mwagwira Kholiwe zoona.

  11. gringo mikwana says:

    eeeeeeeh kholiwe ndiwokongola guyz,

  12. mmihavani says:

    Most of you ranting nonsense here do not understand anything about the law. Police are law enforcers and as such they can cross check issues concerning the law. They can check say whether one has a liquor licence or not. If you have a motor cycle licence you cannot operate a tractor. Similarly if you are an animal doctor you can not treat a human being. Do not politicise everything. No where is written that when you are a politician you are immune from observing the law. Nobody, including Peter Mutharika or the Chief Justice, is above the law.

  13. MUNTHU NDINU says:


  14. Mbuchindele says:

    Dr Kholiwe alipo? Very brainy

  15. Mayi aliwone lamulo.akhoti agwirepo ntchitowo

  16. Nkhani iyi ili very simple-koma kukokomeza apolice. Apa pali za ndale osanama

  17. drakes says:

    No body is above the law as a Christian which she confesses she needs to check her behaviour and conduct. You dont abuse people in authority and ecpect to get away with it. Poison and drugs board have the authority yo inspect any pharmacy or drug store. Its not politics koma kuziyamba dala ndiye mukhaula nazo

  18. Wawaman says:

    Kutumidwa………. Chani?Kukanika Kumanga Anthu A Cashgate Kulimbana Ndi Dotolo Wa Agalu.Zaziiiiiii!


  20. john k black says:

    Is this another crosstitute?

  21. Shangwe says:

    Apolice you are becoming more stupid nowadays!Its good to trust my dog than police!!!coz my dog is better than police!

  22. Quota system says:

    Kaya. I doubt if she really operates without a licence.

  23. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Malawi Police service, fighting for a licence of MK150,000.00 and leaving Mk92.0b.
    That’s upside down or personal grudges….But who is sending you????

    It’s good, she didnot give up.

  24. A police akonda kuofya panyumba pamene sipawo. Macende yao ati kupusa.Where was Pharmacy and Poison Board . Leave the enlightened woman alone.Mapolo yanu amambala.

  25. Really? You can’t fight the real criminals but you are going to fight a defenseless woman?..classic example of excessive use of power!!! This is gender bias and violence against women !!!! Where is Patricia Kaliati??? What does she have to say? Isn’t she responsible for women and gender issues??? I know there are a whole lot of men with shady businesses but because our police is so soft they cannot stand up to them they would rather deal with a defenseless woman

  26. Kwanunkwathu? says:

    Ayi amapanga zimenezo chifukwa choti last week anakapereka petition yoletsa mowa wamuma sachet, paja makosanawa mowa umene amakwanitsa ndiwomwewo komanso inu a ndale watani mayiyu

    1. Chemjambe says:

      Komadi man, fanz imeneyi ikapanda kupeza ma sachet imakwiya heavy

  27. Lesbian says:

    To be Doctor of dogs does not mean you are a doctor of men so you sell human medicine. Mankwala akugwidwa ku Karonga aja akumapita kuti? Foolish Malawians.Bunch o f lesbians

  28. Kalanga says:

    I feel she must have a licence this decent woman. As police link up with phalombe police and investigate a private non medical person operating a clinic which z nt licenced. Find out where this nyambalo person gets the drugs.

  29. zamani khoza says:

    m’malo momakalimbana ndi mbava terrorizing us in the cities you are busy struggling with an innocent woman, police brutality, zitsiru zotheratu inu ndi amene amakutumaniyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. kholophethe says:

    The DPP machine has started its work, victimizing innocent people. But watch out, some of us will not be intimidated.

  31. Is it the duty of police to be checking pharmacy licenses or that of the pharmacy and poisons board?

  32. Jabulosi says:

    Police! Fight real crime which is rampant beyond comprehension NOT these Petty issues!!! If this lady didn’t have a valid license, Why not just tell her to have it renewed!!! Is this really a big issue to the extent of carrying Dzibonga, Unyolo etc!!!!!!!!

  33. aeiou says:

    mukanafunsa kaye kuti a police wo anafika bwanji. Some policemen amafuna kukupanga embarrass mmalo mofika ndi ulemu, she did well. Bravo Kho!

  34. Nathan Mtema says:


  35. Atilla says:

    We want to know whether she was realy operating without a valid licence. Or is this the genesis of political victimisation.

  36. kukukuki says:

    I think she smokes too much and dhe falls in the same category with Jessie Kabwira ‘ mad women’

  37. Kanyimbi says:

    Kupanga zinthu ngati mbuli. Why blocking the police?

  38. Cashgate 1 says:

    Koma a Police, eeeish!

  39. Kharupa says:

    Politics here?

  40. Alungwana says:

    Welcome Dr

    1. Chilungamo says:

      Please find out the truth before commenting. Medicine and poisons board members came to miss kholowes pharmacy at xroads. She started insulting them shouted at the them. Even continued shouting at them and following them to there car. The people left and complained Ku police for her non compliance behaviour. It was quite a scenario at xroads yesterday. She even challenged medicines and poisons board members that they cant arrest her. Fact is she was very rude ask anybody who witnessed scenario

      1. Mr.Bambo says:

        She can be terribly rude and diabolic at times.Nchifukwa chake a Malunga ankangomumenya.

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