Kumpalume says Malawi ready to hire 51 medical doctors

Malawi’s minister of Health Peter Kumpalume says the government has now a budget that can employ 51 medical doctors but has ruled out enticing those that have found jobs in Lesotho to rescind their decision.

Kumpalume:  We can employ the doctors

Kumpalume: We can employ the doctors

Twenty one of the 51 doctors have found jobs in Lesotho attracting criticism and uproar from the public as government said it failed to employ them due to budgetary constraints.

“I am disappointed, as a medical doctor myself, this is very disappointing indeed. But we cannot reverse their decision if they have been offered jobs elsewhere, they have a right to work anywhere they want to,” said Kumpalume.

it is estimated that the doctor patient ratio in Malawi is 1 to 80000 and it takes close to K31m to train one doctor at the Malawi College of Medicine.

“The government trains doctors but it is not automatic that it can hire everybody. Others have a choice but we are in the process of recruiting more staff in the ministry including the doctors,” he said.

If government fails to recruit the doctors. It means K620m of tax payers money has gone down the drain.

President of Malawi Medical Doctors Association Douglas Lungu said the government should have its priorities right, arguing is a waste of public resources to spend 25 years preparing for the setting up of the college yet the same government is now reluctant to hire the doctors it trained with public money.

It is estimated that there were more Malawian doctors in Manchester, UK than they were in Malawi as both the doctors and nurses leave Malawi enmasse for greener pastures.

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Moya Jombajomba
I wonder with this government, does a doctor become a doctor without a teacher? Thank a teacher if you can read this. There are thousands and thousandr primary teachers trained two years ago and not employed and you are talking of the thirty remaining. The same week no money the same week you have money, is it not cashgate you are keeping for 2019 as we know you, shame on you mr minister as you will also reveal “nthawi imene tinali pa chinyezi” Asakunamize andunawa boma lilibe ndalama anzanu akunyanyala kale ntchito moti sungawapeze akugwira ntchito masana coz of ndalama… Read more »

Government can employ all qualified personnel from its colleges.These guys need a bit of entrapreneurship lessons for them to start their own business as soon as graduate. Dont just cry, ngw’engw’e here.


I don’t agree to this biased decition. our tax money is also used to train students at Poly, Chanco & LUANAR. Will the doctors work without laboratory & pharmacy personel? what about medical equipment in our hospitals? will a doctor work with malfunctioning equipment?doesn’t he need an engineer? the lasting solution is for government to employ all UNIMA graduates as they are all using the same tax payer’s money not only doctors.

Pa Nyasa pano pali ma Doctors,Engineers,Business Administrators,Lawyers many of you were being sponsored by your parents and sublings,uncles, you mean those people gave you education for you to remove mamina m’mitu mwanumo. Read this Dialogue between DAD and SON SON:So you say dad i will be working in your construction company. DAD:Okay my son i will love to work with you however,how much should be your salary? SON:Dad if you can offer me k350,000,a car,house, and a wife. Dad:For the meantime how are we going to afford giving that amount of money having in my mind that you are just… Read more »

Guys nonse ma comments anu ndiomveka…koma fwe fwe fwe n’gwe n’gwe n’ge yu ndi chiyani.Have only one question are these said doctors be working for free?people do miss the obvious in Malawi that is the reason why we are living in failed state full of zombies….chiphokoso n’gwe n’gwe n’gwe basi.

My brother Dr. Kumpalume…. The MOH need to have a clear strategic plan on how you will absorb the newly trained graduates. Each year, you need to put in place funds that will help to take in new staff in the health delivery system. Its not only doctors but all cadres. We need to deploy doctors in all strategic health facilities across the country sufficient to handle many cases from diagnosis to treatment at the lower level instead of creating congestion at referral level. Our health system need to move to this direction. Referral centres should focus on specialist treatment… Read more »

What are 620 million Kwacha? This we spend nowadays to go to UNGA!
Please members of the press, there is a similar scenario with teachers in the ministry of Education. If nothing happens there, we will never be able to set our priorities right!
To the hon. Minister : It is so disappointing to see academics, engeneers, scientists , people like you , to have such a week stand when it comes to power and politics!

ben phiri

kodi kumpalume angatani poti ali pa yes bwana.kodi mukufuna mudziwapatsa k50 kwacha more fire Doctors go as far as Namimbia and Botswana kuti atenge Ma cadets awayike mipandomo nanga chilichonse si politics basi


A Mr. “The Objective Person”, koma muwelengeso nkhaniyi modekha ndipo mumvesetse bwinobwino.

Tete Zirimushe

Very disappointed with Kumpalume, well educated person but now he has joined the band wagon of yes bwana. Not there to serve but to loot. Now behaving as if never held a big position in UK. Making big decisions. How can you protect theft of drugs by installing CCTV. Is that what u were doing in UK. Installing more cctvs. Disappointed. No wonder we are a laughing stock.

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