Kumwembe enters defence as Kasambara accuses Judge Mtambo of embarking on ‘vendetta’

Suspected shooter of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo, Macdonald Kumwembe, on Wednesday entered his defence in the case, denying shooting the former budget director, saying as a trained solider he could not have missed Mphwiyo at the range he was during the shooting.

Kasambara taken to prison on remand

Kasambara taken to prison on remand

Kumwembe: Denies shooting Mphwiyo

Kumwembe: Denies shooting Mphwiyo

Kumwembe, a former Malawi Defence Force soldier, was found with a case to answer on charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

But during cross-examination on Wednesday afternoon, Kumwembe told the court that he knew Mphwiyo from way back in 1999 as a friend and that Mphwiyo was a Personal Assistant to the late Dumbo Lemani, a former influential minister in the UDF government.

Kumwembe said he has been friends with Mphwiyo all along and could not have any inspiration to kill his old pal.

He also said the one who shot Mphwiyo was an amateur trigger man and not a trained solder like him.

“As a former trained soldier if given a gun to shoot at the range Mphwiyo was at that fateful night, I don’t think I could miss a target with a bullet. So, it means the one who attempted to kill Mphwiyo was not fully trained personnel to use the gun like in my case”, said Kumwembe.

Mphwiyo was shot outside his Area 43 home on September 13 2013 and his shooting led to mass arrests of civil servants and private sector businesspersons linked to Cashgate.

He also corrected some information before the court, saying he was not married but remained single and accused police officer Chilinda who carried investigation into his arrest and his testimony of him being convicted for robbery charges in Machinga as fabrication and malicious..

Kumwembe tendered a clearance letter from his former employer the Army which was read in the court that he was not convicted by any court of jurisdiction in the country.

He told the court that Chilinda falsely testified against him because while Kumwembe was working with the secret government agency, he uncovered Chilinda’s illegal gun scam.

However, Kumwembe failed to produce details of names of the lodge where he spent the night in Mozambique on this fateful day per claims saying as a foreigner in that country could not bother keep on memorizing names of rest houses, guest houses, lodges and bars.

“My lord, on this fateful day, I was outside the country, in Mozambique as my business demands travelling. However, it wasn’t in my mind of keeping the names where I spent a night. So, there is no basis that my passport stamp was tampered with due to this minor issue of unable to remember the name of bar was relaxing”, wondered Kumwembe.

Bail revoked

Earlier in the morning, Judge Mtambo revoked Kumwembe’s co-accuse, former justice minister Ralph Kasambara’s bail due to perceived security reasons on the part of the judge himself and delaying tactics by the duo’s applications that the judge must opt himself out of the case alleging bias and that he has demonstrated to have a personal vendetta against Kasambara.

Kasambara has since described the curtailing of his freedom as confirmation of Mtambo’s alleged plan to embark on vendetta against him.

“We have personal issues between me and the judge, it’s laughable, akuti ndinamuyalutsa za CV” said Kasambara in a Facebook conversation

Kasambara, however, said he will take the motion to Supreme Court of Appeal.

He said it is not the prosecutor but the Judge’s own motion that has revoked his bail “because of the CV and I will take it to the Supreme Court of Appeal.”

In court affidavit, Kumwembe attached Judge Mtambo’s curriculum vitae (CV).

Judge Mtambo’s CV indicates that he volunteered to represent an impregnated woman who sued Kasambara when he was Attorney General, when all lawyers were afraid to take on a senior government official – the client Rubina Alibaba Kaonga, believed not to be in UK, lost the case.

The Director of Public prosecution, Mary Kachale submitted to court through Enock Chibwana who is among the prosecution team that in the interest of justice and the security of judges, the court could move a motion for bail revocation.

“We feel there is enough evidence to warrant bail revocation. The presentation of the purported CV of the trial judge and the application for recusal of the trial judge by the first accused indicate that it is a joint enterprise between the first and third accused person.

“The first accused person could not have authored the document. He is semiliterate and not fluent in English. The legal flaming of the document belongs to the third accused,” said Chibwana.

He added that the security of judges should be taken seriously and ability of the third accused to obtain private information about individuals was a threat to the security of the judge.

Kasambara queried if it was possible for the high court to revoke bail granted by the Supreme Court and whether there were enough grounds for bail revocation.

“I have been cooperative with court proceedings. The issue of delaying the case assuming that is what I am charged with can be dealt with by the court by among others ordering a stop on applications. It is an issue of management,” argued Kasambara.

But Mtambo ruled:“The court has found that there are sufficient grounds for bail revocation for the third accused and therefore his bail is hereby revoked and must be remanded in custody.”

After the ruling Kasambara applied for a stay of the judge’s ruling until Friday to allow him deal with some private issues which was denied.

Judge Mtambo  described Kasambara’s request as “strange”.

Said Mtambo: “Madam DPP help me. I am getting strange applications”

Judge Mtambo adjourned the case to October 13, 2015 for further cross-examining of Kumwembe and Pika Manondo the third accused.

Four days have been remitted for the court to finish the cross-examination proceedings from October 13 to 16, 2015.

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68 thoughts on “Kumwembe enters defence as Kasambara accuses Judge Mtambo of embarking on ‘vendetta’”

  1. Nyatwa says:

    You mean you didn’t kill him? Coz you did hit him. So you are not an amateur…… Hmmmmm that means you have done it many times before. Think before you speak, your own words will convict you fool

  2. Kamwendo says:

    Kuphonya mkwina inu mumaitha munalunjika ndithu mphavu yambuye m’bale mphwiyo akanamukondabe

  3. Yeah says:

    Kumwembe you didn’t miss Mphwiyo, you shot him but he survived. Out of the three bullets that hit him, how many did you fire to justify you not missing him?

  4. Musamanyada says:

    How does one miss a target by hitting it.

  5. Mphwache says:

    Kasambara wants every High Court judge in this country to recuse himself from handling this case, and he will fabricate every damn excuse for every unknown reason to ensure so. Unfortunately Judge Dr. Mtambo is quite aware of this trick, and he will ensure that Kasambara is rightly brought to justice. Its high time, the courts of Malawi also put their efforts and support one of their own. Kasambara ndi mwana, Dr. Mtambo graduated Chancellor College Law School 12 years before Kasambava. Usova

  6. chigwere says:

    Kasambala alibee mlandu apa

  7. gogoda says:

    We have seen professional footballers like Ronaldo and Messi missing a shot at goal. Messi even missed two penalties yet he is a professional footballer. So Mr. Kumwembe when you say you are a trained soldier and you cant miss the target, what are you talking about?

  8. Kavuluvulu says:

    Ralph, just oblige.

  9. kingsley bwanali says:

    Amangeni ayiziwe ndende

  10. zebron henry banda says:

    This judge should stop abusing the law.He appears not to know what to focus on.All he should have done long ago is to recuse himself as per applicatIon launched by the accused.He is desparately trying to nail Kasambara.Where is the evidence that Kasambara penned his CV?He’s gone bananas.IF you can’t handle the heat get. out of the kitchen,BAMBOO!

    1. Hd says:

      Ohenry banda nthawi yakasambala yatha akasambalatu anawamanga ndi a joice banda ndiye chilungamo chioneke apa basi

  11. Boyd Kilembey says:

    This is the high court. If Mtambo will be biased, Kasambara will appeal to the Supreme court on points of LAW. Fabrications can not be a good basis for the judge to recuse himself. We will be setting a bad precedent. Kasambara is just trying to tarnish the good image of the judge unfairly.
    Let justice take its course.

  12. Boyd Kilembey says:

    If Mtambo offered to represent the lady for free over a powerful” minister, what is Ralphs problem? If I were Ralph I would actually be commending the professionalism of Mtambo for doing his social responsibility.
    I am sorry Kasambara is behaving like a headless chicken. The more he says things the more I am convinced he is guilty.
    Mtambo was right to revoke the bail…….It is NOT only money which should motivate lawyers to represent clients.. Kasambara is definitely trying to create side shows.

  13. KUNO KU MAULA says:



  14. donnex says:

    i really dont see Kasamba losing the case..Because of what he is and not what he did..He lives in the Law but at the same time he had a hand in cashgate… Kalanga mai Malawi dziko lokomera olemera…

  15. Prodigalson says:

    Mr Kumwembe,why traping yourself?Ngati mukuti anaombela Mphwiyo ndi munthu wina wake wosatrainer bwino,ndiye munthuyo mumutchulatu.

  16. Likatuluka says:

    I feel the judiciary is right to revoke the bail,,,,by now Kasambara should have been ready on how to go about this case ,,,,,,,he is full of excuses and I sincerely believe that he is reaping what he sowed before. As many have said said it always comes back ,,,this is very true because l remember that he had a partnership of a law firm with one deceased Lawyer (Senior Advocate) Babezelenge Mwafulirwa, who made him to be what he is today. When he died he never thought of supporting Mwafulirwa s family of which the wife died too ,,living children on their own,,,to me l feel he should have been custodian to this family since Mwafulirwa was a very good man and he had a large share of the partnership in Lawson & Co. From this story I think many of you can understand my concerns about his attitude towards other people. Let the judiciary do it’s job or l prefer the old system like how You call chiefs in the village kuti apereke chigamulo pa munthu ngati ameneyu!!!!!!

  17. Malawi says:

    what a weak defence? Does Kumwembe not know that people kill their children, father, mother etc. I am talking about close relatives here. secondly, even if u are trained soldier, u can miss yo target. what are u talking about. musova

  18. Stan says:

    That is how intelliget people act. Thare is no one who fit in in Kasambara case, even Judge Mtambo deep down in his heart he know he will not convict Ralph. Even if he really committed the crime, he will go away with it — Sukulu not vinyau or mulakho.

  19. Peter Bwampini Watitola says:

    But in all fairness why do Malawian professionals find it difficult to step aside each time there is conflict of interest in the discharge of their duty.

    We have Justice Cry-Baby, who despite bringing MEC into disrepute can not voluntarily step aside from national elections commission.

    Here it has been shown that Mtambo and Kasambara have along standing issue between them. Surely Mtambo’s judgement in this case will be seen to be biased.

    Why is it too difficult for Mtambo to step aside but too easy for Mathanyula to travel with the whole mudzi to UN? Oh no what a country, I will never come back to that fourth world, worse than Afghanistan country!!!

    1. Hd says:

      Khalani konko sitoyowa thandizo lanu, malawi mcholowa chathu zopusa basi anthu azikonda inu

  20. tz says:

    ralph munthu osakhutitsidwa,usova

  21. Inu a Kumwembe or kudzidefender beyond reasonable doubt ko apa ndiye mwalephera .1 Munthu amene umadya naye pamodzi ndiye amene angakupweteke . Zoti ndi nzake zonse chabe zimenezo. Ndani ananena kuti ukakhala wodziwa kuombera siuphoya. Ndipo ukaphonya mmayesa umaomberanso paka ufike pa target. 3 Siufuka popanda Moto Malawi yonse kuloza inu nokha kuti mwapanga chiwembu mumsfzowa kuombera ndinu nokha? 4 kukana chinyezi mbafa bwanji. Mwina mukukana kundikira Joyce Banda pakuti akumudziwa wa mbandayo eti?

  22. Pika Manondo paja anathawa. Interpol was involved to bring back. Mutha ngati chipani cha UDF. Ngati nsalu ya makatani.

  23. Man inko says:

    Still looking at the overview of the story you can see personal attacks by Mtambo. No man is perfect, Mr. Kasambala its time to retire we have heard of you since high school. Koma the trueth is Kasambala anthu admires how you have made it in your career. It takes a man to say Bravo intelligent Lawyer.

  24. Jamison Lungu says:

    Justice is fair, balanced and based on law. I do not see any regardless of whether the men are guilty or not. Who is in charge of adjournments?

  25. Napunch says:

    Just kill anyone who is involved in cashgate/connected to cashgate starting with these two idiots,thank you

  26. Nyachi says:

    Justice Mtambo should not recuse himself. If he does so, this case will never come to an end. Its clear Ralph Kasambara has developed a habit of asking judges to recuse themselves with a view to delay trials and oust the jurisdiction of the court. He did the same with Justice Esmie Chombo in this same case, and Chombo ended up bowing up to pressure and recused herself. The same Kasambara asked Justice Kachale to recuse himself in another case. And this time around he wants Mtambo to recuse himself as well? Are all these judges bad? Why should the judiciary always dance to Kasambara’s tunes? Is he God? Asatibowe. After all enafe anatitopetsa kale mkulu ameneyu. Bravo Justice Mtambo.

    1. Hd says:

      Nyachi i second you ng’oma yolilitsa sichedwa kuphulika waona:p rafaele

  27. mwachibanda says:

    Mukunvetsetsa kwanga kwankhaniyi the trained soldier,Mr Kumwembe indirectly avomela kuti ndiamene anaombela Mphwiyo. He says that as a trained soldier he can’t miss his target at that range and indeed Paul was shoot at that distance. Lucky for Mphwiyo he didn’t die. So the case is closed via self inclimation. Yatsala ndi judgement.

  28. Melisa says:

    Kasambara mwina anthunu simukumuziwa, ma Drugs ndi womwe amamsokoneza, azafa ngati galu… his time is over. Tangompherani komweko tizingomva za mbuzi imeneyi

  29. Che Ngana says:

    Zamuonekera Kasambara.Aja Unkawaimilira Milandu Mkumawateteza Osamamangidwa Koma Atalakwa Aja Alikuti Akuteteze Lero.Mizimu Ya Anthu Okudandaula Iyi.Unkaona Ngati Chani??Lamulo Lamugalukira Olisunga Lero.By The Way Ndani Yemwe Sakudziwa Kuti Kasambala Ndi Azinzake Amangidwa??Kufuna Kupeza Ponamila Kuti Akakumangani Muziti Judge Amadana Nanu?Kulibe Zimenezo Akwizingidwe Basi.Koma Guys Ayi Inde Chabwino Sanachitire Bwino Ku Dziko La Malawi Eti Koma Za H I V Status Yakeyi Chonde Musiyeni Matendawa Siosekana Mmawa Ndi Inu Ndi Ine.

  30. Achimbuyanga ku malawiko tithile msembe kwa mizimu. Mkuluyu watisautsa angomwalila apo bi misala bwa? Kumalamuloku siziti thandiza atipulumuka ameneyu.

  31. Patriot says:

    Is Kasambara a saint? Does he ever go wrong. Is the truth equal to intelligence?

  32. Girl says:

    Wale Adenuga Production, This is super story…………..so this means mwana anakanidwa uja adzabwera kudzaona atate ake ku prison….. Enter Disk 2 continue the super story still watching!


    i donT know how ralph thinks – why should presenting a client be personal vandetta? Why is ralph threatening the legal fraternity (onse kuopa kumuchita present)Shame on you lawyers. I wish he would die in jail. Kodi mmesa u lawyer ndi ntchito nde ukaluza milandu it becomes personal? and cv imeneyi , ralph anachita doctor that is obvious!

    Lawyers please “get some balls!” and do not let this tramp tarnish your proffession. The shame of it is that you refused to present Rubina when you are supposed to defend justice and protect the vulnerable.

    And why did you allow Ralph to refuse to do the DNA test. Koma in mukayankha pamaso pa judge wa majudge onse. Get ready with your files of defence.

  34. Lero says:

    Zalowa personal zinthuzi? Wasting tax payers money intstead of dealing with real issues.

    I feel these pole cannot find anything tangible to pin down Kasambara now they will use anything. Amatelo? Tit for tat. Lost faith in Malawian Lawyers.

  35. mulopwana says:

    This is malawi, Government has never won top,criminal cases like these,you know why? it’s bcoz of political interference.DPP has deliberately corrupted Mtambo as he is from the North.A John Tembo,Kassim Chilumpha,etc were tried but amayi Malawi where are we….

  36. soha says:

    You can miss the target Kumwembe, in short you missed your target.Let me tell you this Malawi Army has limited ammunition for that you guys you don’t do ranges regularly ! And again night shooting it’s hard if you’re not trained.you are not a sharp shooter!!

  37. Dalitso says:

    La chi fourty lakwana basi, che kasambara ngati mumapemphera munalapa, gonjani basi sizikupindulirani. Instead of mugonje akupatseni suspended sentence nde poonjezera pride. It will never work, mukuwadalira ku suprime wo, akudabwitsani atakukanani

  38. nganga says:

    Maloya akumalawi zovesa chison

  39. nganga says:

    Ubwino wake kasambalayo akuziwa lamulo kuti okupha nzake aphedwe .ndiye kuti iyeyo sizivuta kuzijaja apa aphedwe bas

  40. Maximum Prison says:

    Ralphael Kasambara amazitenga ngati dolo. Fighting against the judge? You can’t win even if another judge takes over will make you feel the pinch. Matama too much. Now a warning to those Cashgaters who trusted you as their lawyer Its now game down! Hahahahahahaha the money which you cashgaters were proud of is now haunting you. There are three types of creatures you don’t play with 1. Lion 2. A policeman 3. A judge. Zitukanani boma koma anthu ndawatchulawa eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Don’t forget to get his ARVs for adherence sake. Other wise he will dye of the deadly disease which he has HIV/AIDS.

  41. kambwali says:

    the judge has personal issues with kasambara, justice will be known and government will end up paying lots of money to him for wrong imprisonment. Mtambo wake up, why fighting your fellow brother in gown?

  42. Chakwela says:

    Let the judge do his job. No one is above the law.

  43. belekiya says:

    Even a layman in the law field will know that the Judge has a personal vendatta with Kasambala. Even the acused has rights. Kasambala’s rights are to be judged by judges whom he knows will look at the issues not those who will want to settle past issues. The court has to be fair here to bring in another judge.

  44. reasonable man says:

    what is wrong with this Mtambo judge. You lost against kasambara in Rubina case becoz you were sloppy and now because you are sloppy again. munamvapo kuti pa dziko LA pansi kuti judge ndi amend amakasasaka reasons for bail revocation. u asked a good question last as why the state only revoked kumwembes bail and kasambaras. That should HV given u picture. fighting a dirty man will only make you dirty. let the law fight him abwana. kodi ndiza bodza zoti you volunteered to stand for this girl. so embarrassment yachani apa. kasambara knew it won’t be easy to get way with this and he was searching for an opportunity and now he has it as he will appeal to supreme court, where he is going to come out clean. ouch I can feel the pain for you. kapena mukwiyowu its because you don’t have fuel for this month?. we want justice and not your personal wars in the name of ……… did you say rubina?. kasambara uzifunsa Kaye uzayenda ndi chibwenzi cha president. idzakhala treason man. zako izo kukonda…..

  45. Namutezwa says:

    I dont personally know Kasambala or Rubina but I have never liked Kasambalas arrogance. He is one former powerflul figure who acted proudly because of his status. I felt the pain when he refused to provide sample for DNA in Rubinas case. I had always thought that he will pay dearly for that. May be this is the time. I applaud Justice Mtambo for the bold step to seek justice for Rubina against Kasambala although he was not succesful. Its now understood why Kasambala has applied for Mtambo to recuse himself. AT the same time i wonder why the judge is refusing to recuse himself. He was supposed to show professionalism by letting another judge take over. What he is doing is trying to show Kasambala that he is the one in control. Bg revoking a Supreme court bail the judge is showing how emotional he is towards Kasambala. If Kasambala did what he is accused of nothing will make him not go to prison. I wish Mtambo had recused himself so that the accused should have a fair trial. Mtambos handling of this case is showing that Kasambala is already guilty. We need these cases finalised ife kumalipira msonkho iwo ndikumaba. Shameless people.

  46. Chinena says:

    A Judge Mtambo muyezo umenewu nanu mudzakumana nawo osamatengera zinthu paamgong’o. Personal issues kupita nazo pa bench

  47. Mtumbuka says:

    Can someone who is a Learned Lawyer help me, i don’t understand here.
    Kodi when you have lost a case in court, the other Lawyer becomes your Enemy?
    To me Ralph assume that Mtambo hates him because he lost a case against him.
    On Kumwembe, i thought Mphwiyo was shot, only that he survived (Of course by GOD’s Grace) so why is Kumwembe saying he could not have missed since he is a Trained Soldier?
    My understanding is that he did not miss, rather Mphwiyo survived.

  48. vin mongu says:

    there is justice in malawi. akalaweko ameneyu.

  49. MaiMai says:

    Again Kasambara behaves in very strange way. Why take such serious issue like this to Facebook and make mockery to the judges? Is this not stupidity from a learned person? Does this guy has a reasonable wife who advises him?

    But tge fact that Mtambo volunteered to represent Rubina does not on its own prove that he is biased? How? If Rubina didn’t have money to hire a lawyer and found Mtambo to represent her and she accepted, so what? Again Rubina was impregnated by RK its a fact but in law RK escaped refusing DNA tests so why some misguided people here feel sorry for this NK Mafia? Judge should not recurse himself from this case finish it.

    Kumwembe ku Mozambique get hotel documents that you slept there hahaha wagwidwa. We have seen experienced soldiers missing their assassins, so this is not reason enough that you didn’t shoot Mpwiyo, so basic reasoning.

  50. nyotso says:

    the problem is kasambara is always high on drugs when going to court I hope there is no supply of cocaine in our prisons. you will see him within the normal frames of a human being. but if there drugs in the prisons this nonsense will continue

  51. M'jomba says:

    Zono kodi amene anashuta Mphwiyo anaphonya? M’mesa anachita hit target koma Mdala uja kungoti ndiwolimba. Nanga kodi Professional saphonya? Tandifunsireniko. LOL.

  52. Waaakulu says:

    hmm…..koma za padxico’zi…..aaaah

  53. NUMERI GOLDEN says:

    Apa zamuvuta basi

  54. Mbalame singauluke kuchoka kunyanja osatera!You caused un told misery to many people. Cassim Chhilumpha anavutika kut wapanga constructive resignation becoz of your kuzitukumula and came your time Bingu fired you bcoz of your selfishneess u med sure kupanga ma demo until Bingu died of heart failure. Come Amai, nde unayamba kuwapaka, apati this is where you belong if given a second chance out of penitetiary upeleka anthu ambiri osalakwa. Kumeneku nde muzimwa mowa wanji?nanga mahule mumawapitisa ku embassy muzikumana nao bwanji?u cozed unttold misery on Malawians we a suffering bcoz of your selfishness makhwala akusowa anthu akufa ngat crochroaches,ena ma salary akuwadumphisa bcoz of you stupidness. Anthu ku ndende sawola mubwerako role mmodel ndi Lucius Banda pano he is a succesful musician ali boo so heavy. You ruined Cassim Chilumpha’s political career. I cant feel for you, that where you belong!

  55. Mafikizolo says:

    Kasambara, still acting pompous and arrogant while the ground beneath you is slowly but surely opening up to swallow you. Just like a cartoon character. Very sad. For once, learn to act humble. It won’t kill you.

  56. sakhwi says:

    Aziwa lero za Rubina? Nde kuchedwetsako

  57. Truck says:


  58. Chifwede says:

    Thats typical of us northerners. We fight each other in trying to impress those in power. Chewas and Lhomwes. They use us as condoms and when the task is over they throw us away. We dont seem to understand this. An enemy to a northerner is a fellow northerner

  59. Chile1 says:

    Open Personal vandetta

  60. mbolozidana says:

    Man Kasambara mutha kupanga matukutuku koma mukalowa basi, uloya watha apa, munanyanya matama kuzitenga ngati inu mumawelenga and amzelu kwambiri kuiwala kuti page imene sunaiwelenge ija had important info imene akupinda nayo, lawyer iwe ka serve sentence basi

  61. abdul al barghdadi says:

    the judge,,firstly this is travesty of justice,,why can’t you just recuse yourself,,,after you lost that case of rubina kaonga against kasambala,,is it normal to now take a fair judgement?or is it pangs of restoration?it clearly shows that there is perceptual bias,,,for the sake of the truth and fair judgement ,pliz×1000,recuse yourself,,am not taking sides but just wants the truth,,,because the truth won’t faze someone who stands by it.kapena Rubina akukupanga influence ndi cholinga choti Uzapaone?to hell with you.

    1. Hd says:

      Iwe abudul popeza ma judge onsewa anayamba akhala ma lawyer ndiye ukutanthauza kuti nkhani iliyonse analuza ndi munthu amene walakwayo asaweruze thats lem excuse my friend mr mtambo is a judge and malawi govt employ him because he is qualified and not bias wolakwa ndi wolakwa what goes up must come down, and what goes around must come around sadyeka wadyeka ask bingu and dumbo leman no one is above the law

  62. Sure says:

    The judge indeed has personal grudges against kasambara. zaoneka apa.

  63. i miss kamuzu says:

    look at the poor policemen. no bulletproof vests, no helmets, no walkie-talkies, no armoured vehicle….munthu muli nayeyo ndi oopsya. no wonder mumaphedwa ngati ana ma polisa akuno.

  64. cheyo the real northerner says:

    The judge is right. Kasambara should feel the pinch. However I feel Kasambara is mentally deranged due to unrealistic claims. Kasambara akudwala misala.

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